Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Golly, Heaven Help me..

I'm telling you I'm lucky not to be in jail for assault right now.  My God, I have no patience left at all...a woman came in and her first mistake was doing the "YouHoo".  I was putting our shipment of Shepherds Bush away, which was daunting because I couldn't stop pulling stuff for myself and the racks are now stuffed with their stuff....Love our Shepherds Bush.  Anyway, I said, "are you looking for something specific" and then I realized she was like a cow with cud...chomping away and smacking her lips at a loud level which I find so distracting I can't function around it.  She was chomping so loudly that I heard her when she walked over to the other store...how is that possible and she also managed to chomp the entire time she spoke with me.  Honestly ladies, this is not a good look...chomping on gum out in public.  It really about drove me crazy, however, it did make me move faster to get her out.  I was determined to find anything she asked for quickly to just get rid of her.  I moved at warp speed believe me.  And she went out as soon as she was done, but left her friend here who is also a doozie but in a whole other way.  I may survive her, not sure, but my need to strangle her isn't as great so I'll stay out of jail for the moment.  I may change my opinion on that since she had me running to show her stuff and then turned around, said, "I can't make up my mind" and walked out.  My little Solomon (age 6) has quizzed me a few times about coming over to my house.  Since I work most nights I was able to delay the visit, however, last night he wanted to know exactly which nights I didn't work.  Not being able to lie to my grandsons I told him I was off Wednesday night so it looks like dinner with the grandsons tomorrow night, I invited 3 year old Izzy and 12 year old Michael to join us...I'm hoping they entertain each other and I can just sit....I'm sure board games will be coming out though and Michael doesn't have a lot of patience with those.  Needless to say my day off isn't going to be as relaxing as it usually is, however, Sara has told me to take Friday as well, so I'll recoup then.  News on the phone issue....the tech finally said, "I think you need a new system"...ours is over 5 years old so it's out of date (really by the time I get done paying for something it's obsolete and I need new)....so before the new equipment arrives they ran a line separately for Salty Yarns so we're back to our old fashioned one line system.  So until the new phone system is in place the girl in the Bikini Shoppe won't be able to communicate with me at all.....whoppee!!!!  Every night about 3 times I had to tell her to hang up and I'd have Sara call her back and then I had to call Sara.  Wouldn't it have been easier if she just called Sara herself and leave me out of the loop?  Nothing is ever simple here.  Anyway, we're back to getting your calls directly so if you need us just call.  We'll be here.  Lizzie Kate Update:  well, I'm still working on it.  I'm at the bottom....and of course felt compelled to make a change.  She satin stitched the grass, which doesn't bother me normally, but I decided to change it to the brick stitch and loved it.  I also only did the specialty stitch using the Bullfrog color not the cadet which I just cross stitched.  Anyway, I was going to plow through the finish tomorrow while lounging at home, but since my grandsons are coming over...I guess I'll clean instead....oh, not the day I thought I'd have, but that's O.K., my grandsons are more important anyway.   And on that note I'm going back to work.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh, My God.....some mothers drive me nuts!

I really wouldn't comment on this if it just happened occasionally, however, it just happens too many times for me to let it go anymore.   As some of you know in our shops we have music playing, usually "spa type" music as I like a calmness surrounding me while I stitch.  Anyway, today I'm working the Shell Shop as Deepali who usually works it is acting as Mary's babysitter this summer on weekends as the kids just love her, and she is wonderful with them.  Anyway, I have my music on at a calming level, just like in the needlework shop.  I'm sitting here chillin'...haven't pulled out my stitching yet because I've been playing hearts when customers haven't been in the shop, but I'm finally bored with that and ready to get out my stitching.  And in walks this young mother (probably in  her late 20's early 30's) with a child who was probably around 5, so of course this child is picking everything up and saying, "Look Mommy" and each time the mother reprimanded the child in a loud voice, and I mean loud...just below a shout, "I told you not to touch anything..now stop picking things up."  First of all, the child was picking up a shell, not a breakable item.  While I think kids hands should stay in their pockets while in a shop, in this shop it's perfectly acceptable for them to touch the shells because.....they are shells for god's sake.  My problem with this mother is she was wasting time...not shopping...she had to purse, no bag, no pockets in her swimsuit...she was wasting time.  You don't take a child in a store if you are wasting time and then tell them to stop touching.  They don't know about looking...I've never had a child come into any shop I've been in where they don't touch everything in sight.  So the solution might be....if you aren't looking for anything, gift or otherwise, perhaps when you have children with you just stay outside the stores.  Upstairs on Thursday I had a kid carrying around a Halloween item while the mother went in the opposite direction saying, "Now don't touch anything"...I guess carrying something around wasn't the same as touching...anyway, as the kid started to leave she just threw it on the floor right in front of me and headed for the door, however when she saw me glaring at her in disbelief, she actually went back, picked it up and then proceeded to put it back where she got it as her mother once again said, "Now don't touch anything"...honestly you don't tell a child not to touch and then head in a different direction.  When I had to take my children into a store, there was one rule...hands had to be behind their backs.  I also never went into a store without the knowledge that I might have to purchase something for them.  I had Sara so trained that when I went into Baileys Drug Store one day the clerk said, "We love it when Sara comes in with the Ayres (my cousins) children because she always tells them to stop touching and keep their hands behind their back."  It use to be embarrassing when Sara was little as she would report on any children touching things in the shop.  She would call them out.  It's too bad that parents are no longer parents...could be why this society is kind of screwed up.  Anyway, yesterday was another day off....whoppee....I just can't have enough.  I stitched all day....from morning until I went to bed.  I'm now on part 3 of the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery sampler from last fall.  I've had a lot of fun with it and yet somehow managed to screw up the second section and I'm a row off...but I'm working around it.  I decided not to take any of the stitching out but to just proceed and try to work out the border so it will be even. I didn't reach my goal for finishing it though, as I wanted it done by Sunday.  Yet when I got home Sunday from work I nevr picked up my needle.  (oh, my God, I can't believe I didn't).   I've already cut the fabric for the Winter Quaker by Rosewood.  I think I'll finally get around to stitching one of those...I've pulled Quaker Diamond, Spring Quaker but still haven't started either one.  And she's told Sara Summer Quaker is on the way as well as Fall Quaker, so I've got to get a move on here.  Oh, my so many stitches need to be done....I need to cut down on sleeping to get it all done.  IMPORTANT NEWS:  Along with all the fabulous upgrades, thanks to Hotel Impossible, we finally got everything connected (software and hardware) in the hotel...however....there seems to be a glitch now in the phone system.  After getting everything working we noticed the phones would go into a sync pattern periodically and sometimes it lasted several hours.  We've had the tech guys over here for about 3 days on and off and again today we are "waiting for sync"....you know sometimes technology is a pain in the ass.  Anyway, should you try to call the shop and get "no answer" we are still here with phones syncing...keep trying and eventually they will hopefully stop...if you have an emergency e-mail us at saltyyarns@aol.com...that's still working.  We are so aggravated by all this, but at the same time not having to run for the phone while I'm cutting fabric is somewhat liberating.   I usually get 4-6 calls every night from the girl in the Bikini Shoppe looking for Sara so not to have to deal with her is a relief, but I'm worried about others who are trying to get us.  Jenn Ryan called last night wondering why we hadn't been answering our phones....sorry Jenn.   Anyway, keep on stitching and I'll keep you updated on what we're up to.  Oh, yeah, Sara wanted me to remind you that Jamboree is coming up in October so if you want to come we'd appreciate hearing from you asap so we can start getting our numbers finalized.  Hope to see you there

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stitching like a maniac...............

We got an order of the ivory boxes in but instead of the 6,  I ordered,  we got 18 (they shipped ivory instead  of black) but I decided I love these boxes so much it wouldn't make a difference as I'm stitching them like crazy.  I did 3 in three nights.  These are Shepherd's Bush designs....they are so cute and would make such wonderful gifts.  They could be fancy little sewing boxes...a small pair of scissors and a pack of needles plus anything else a project may need would keep everything you need contained beside your stitching chair.  I always take charms or buttons out of  kits and think I'm protecting them by putting them in a safe place, but then can't find that safe place when I need the items.  But this is the perfect container and sitting beside my stitching chair...well I certainly can't go wrong....can I?  Anyway they were such fun to stitch I've got 3 more in my bag to do.  And what wonderful gifts they will make...duh, that's an idea.   I'm finished "Gratitude" by Shepherd's Bush, and took it to the framers yesterday, along with "Needleworker" by Little House.  I initially wanted to use the Crescent Colour frame however, there seems to be a problem with Crescent Colour...they can't seem to get anything off backorder status.  While I love their frames and their Belle Soie, we are slowly substituting other fibers and frames since it is nearly impossible to get their stuff.  While we've been able to get some of their silks, we've had several colours that have been backordered for approximately 6 months, which is just unacceptable to us.  So if you have a project using their silks...you may want to rethink using the threads unless they are in stock at the time of purchase.  I've already taken out the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler from last fall, which I started last year and I'm back to working on it while at work.  I'm already on the 2nd part so I'm thinking with stead work I should have this done by the end of the week...at least that is my goal.  I've also finished the first section of Little House Mystery Sampler...it's still a mystery to me, but we do have the 2nd section so hopefully that will be done before the 3rd section appears and I'll figure the mystery out.  And on the horizon the Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery Sampler which is due in the shop either in August or September I think.  I can't sleep for the amount of stitching that needs to get done.  We've gotten some really cute needlepoint pieces in and I'm dying to get my hands on some of that....but won't allow myself  to take another one until I finish my Nautical Santa which I started last year.  I was going strong on that and was pulled away to do something so it got stuck in a bag and now resides in my stitching room.  While it isn't a mystery sampler, it's a mystery as to when I'll get it done.  Oh my, too much stitching and so little time left (after all I'm 65)...my theory is that you can't die until you finish stitching your stash....I think I'm putting that to the real test and I'm not sure I want to live to be a thousand.  Sara  is wearing her Noro sweater...this is Sara who just learned to knit a little over a  year ago and have completed a sweater which she is proud to wear.  Congratulations Sara...job well done.  We'll have to get a picture of her in it up on facebook or the blog soon.  Today is really dreary here as it's been threatening rain all day.  It's not as hot though so that's a plus...yesterday it was in the 90's real rash weather for me.  I hate it.  But not complaining...I said I wouldn't complain if it ever got warm this spring,  when it was so cold, so I'm just reporting not complaining.  But what I will complain about is the rudeness of shoppers.  Honestly, whatever happened to manners.  Is "Thank you", "Please" just not in style anymore?  Well it should be.    We are open almost 12 hours a day here...10 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.  Many of us are working more than one shift (O.K., perhaps not I, but the others are working 2 shifts most days) anyway,  at 9:45 p.m. I lock the doors and if you are in the shop you can shop or walk around as late as you want, but we don't allow anyone else in, in an effort to get the shops closed and for us to get out around 10:00 p.m.  This comes after years of closing at exactly 10 p.m. and ending up in the shop until 11:00 p.m.  I just can't work all those hours anymore and it isn't fair to the young girls who work here and also start work at 9:00 a.m. as housekeepers at the hotel and then work the shops at night.  Would you go to Macy's after they close and knock on the door and say you came specifically for Macy's and expect them to open their doors?  Well for some reason it seems to be acceptable to some here.  I was letting customers out as they finished shopping and 2 young women knocked on the door.  I said, (and by now it was 10:00) "I'm sorry we're closed but we will be open tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 9:45 p.m."  To which one of them said, "We just walked here to come to this shop."  To which I replied, "I'm sorry, but we're closed and we have to get to another job...(which use to be true as I use to go over to the hotel and let the desk clerk off and I would wait for Vernon to get there (he was known to be late and I don't think it's fair to make the kids work overtime when they all work 2 shifts to begin with.)  But that still didn't stop this person.  The fact that she walked (probably from next door) she felt she should get in, regardless of anyone else's schedule.  While she may be on vacation and have all the time in the world, we don't.  We have to get some sleep so we can get up and do it all over again the next day.  I only wish I could go where she works, when she was ready to go home and tell her the same thing.  I've been in shops when they ask that you bring your purchases to the register as it is closing time.  Now in the big box stores that wouldn't surprise me, but when small retailer announces that it does surprise me.    We've never told anyone they have to leave...although there are times when we'd like to, but never have.   That means if they are just walking around the store for 1 hour until 11:00 p.m. we just smile and find something to do,  (and we've had that happen)  but we never tell anyone they have to leave.  Anyway enough said!!!!  Fortunately we don't get many of those types...we get more of the "What time do you close?" types.  I've had many ask me that at 5:30 and when I said, "9:45" they are shocked because they all think I close at 6:00.    Boy wouldn't that be nice...going home at 6:00 p.m.  But I'm not complaining since in the off season we go home at 4:00...more stitching time in front of the T.V.  Love it!  But I'm starting to worry Sara and she told Mary after that incident that they needed to get me out of the shops.  (you don't have to ask me twice...I'm ready to go.)  I will say I'll miss it when I'm no longer needed here.  I'll miss the stitchers, but not the non-stitchers.  I'll miss seeing the stitching everyone does.  We had a lady from West Virginia who brought in her mermaids to get beads.  She started stitching last year when she began with the Mirabilia mermaids.  She was doing an excellent job...first stitching she's done.   It was amazing.  I usually start people small and inexpensive.  Just the beads alone for the 3 pieces is going to run around $125.00 if not more.  But she was so excited and that's exciting for us.  I love to see  how stitchers interpret a pattern...the changes they make in them, the additions to the patterns, the finishing the use.  I have copied what many have shown me....and love the changes they made.  So that I would miss...but I wouldn't miss "how much is your string?"   I worked the Shell Shop on Saturday for Sara and it is located right beside the Bikini Shoppe.  To get to the Shell Shop you have to walk right by the Bikini Shoppe...(One way in you enter through a foyer in front of the Bikini Shoppe which is how this couple came in)...anyway, I heard her say, "I don't see any."  So I said, "Excuse me were you looking for something specific."  And she said....(hold on to you hats)..."I was looking for bikinis'".  I waited a moment thinking she had to be kidding...for God's sake they are hanging in the window she just walked by and the door to the Bikini Shoppe is propped open...mine isn't....but I could tell after a few seconds she wasn't joking so I said, "The Bikini Shoppe is where they would sell them and you walked by it...it's through the open door in the foyer."  She responded..."Oh"  and wasn't even embarrassed.  People....some I won't miss.  I have to tell you Sherry Prutzman came in this morning.  She's down for a couple of days....has never been here in season before...she's one of our stitchers from Pennsylvania who comes for events...which are always out of season.  Anyway, she was commenting on the amount of people in town...whew...never saw it so crowded.  Then she said, "You are so right when you talk about how people don't look at themselves before leaving their rooms."  She sat out on the porch last night and marveled at the sights.  She just came in and said she was going to the Cottage CafĂ© for their crab soup.  I said, Sherry, you don't want to get out of the roads today...overcast...not beach weather...everyone gets in their car and gets on the highway...it will take you forever to get to Bethany.  She said, "Oh, probably 20 minutes"....and I said no...at least an hour...but she is disbelieving so she's on the road.  I just pray we see her again before midnight.  Instead of lunch this may become her dinner.  Live and Learn.  Out of season and in season are two entirely different things here in a resort.  I think she has patience though so she will be alright.  Well, guess what just arrived....the day after I take my pieces to the framer...Crescent Colours Frame...damn.  However, no Belle Soie's in sight.  But at least we got the frame now.  Only my piece won't be in it....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh, My Gosh.....have you seen one of these?

The projects people take on...it's amazing to me.  This is the afghan Jenn Ryan is working on...well over halfway completed.  It's a map of the United States.  Have you ever seen this?  I found  it amazing that anyone would even attempt this, let alone finish it.  But Jenn is a "doer", and a "doer" of many talents...she hooks rugs, does counted cross stitch, knits, crochets, and God only knows what else, but I was definitely fascinated with her States Afghan.  Free chart on line somewhere!  Go Jenn!!!!  Things are back to normal...or what we call normal here since the 4th has come and gone....more people in town which means more business, however, the heat index is also up.  While it might be hotter in the city, it's still hot down here and most of the time no breeze..although some say down by the water it is O.K.   But we're here and we're busy ordering and checking new things into inventory.  There's really nothing we love more than ordering new stuff...but with some of the folks walking through the doors I don't know why.  Honestly they are just walking through it doesn't even matter to them that they haven't a clue what we sell.  Jenn Ryan was only in the shop for 1/2 hour the other day and couldn't get over the strange request we got in a needlework store...do we have batteries, cigarettes, fishing wire?  But that isn't even the strangest thing we've been asked for but tonight alone I've had requests for: (1) can you sew the strap on my dress...uh, no we're not a fabric store nor do we do alterations.  (2).."I forgot my chart but it's probably around 8x10 and it's got flowers on it and I need fabric for it."  Duh....what was the count?  What was the color it called for?  Where is the brain that was suppose to be inside your head?  If you don't bring me the chart I can't figure out anything for you.  Well I could but you would have to know what chart you purchased so I could look it up. 
My mother always said I would know when it's time to get out.....well I think the time is now.  I have no patience left even though I'm working less than ever.  Most of the days I only work 1 shift...that's right 1 shift.  Although on Sunday I did come in to do payroll and pay bills, so I got here around 11:00 a.m. and left at 10:00 p.m.  But normalling  I stroll in around 3:15 for my 4:00 shift.  Yes I'm living large.  I am so thrilled to have time home....but have a cleaned anything...no sir, I've been stitching and reading.  It's a good thing I still have to work because if I didn't no one would ever see me again.  I love laying around in my P.J's and reading and stitching and I don't get dressed until I'm forced to for work.  I've given up my desk to Sara, even though they keep calling it my desk (and I keep correcting them and saying, "it's not mine, it's Sara's).  Last week Sara said, "Mom you don't have to work on Wednesday and I'm going to be at the desk so don't come in early."  I said, "Oh, I won't be coming in early you can bet on that."  I already knew I wasn't showing up at all.  She finally called at some point in the evening to say, "I can't believe you didn't come in...are you all right?"  They think I can't do the retirement thing, but they are soooo wrong.  Now, the truth is, I can't be retired fully because I would never get dressed, never take a shower, I'd never leave the house except to get food.  I have to have somewhere to go periodically just so I keep up with hygiene...can't understand why, but that's me.  I love, love, love to lounge.  And I do feel bad for the girls as each of them has had to take on more work and both are working long hours.  But really, I did it for years so I know they can both do it....and it's only in the summer and really then only in the months of June, July, August and part of September and then we're back to winter rules.  So if you come in and I'm not here....just envision me in my underwear of my sofa kicking back...ugh, maybe just envision me home in my p.j.'s would be a better image.  Anyway. we're alive, well and looking for you to stop by

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The end to another beautiful week.....and now we're heading to the 4th....

Happy July 4th everyone...it's hot, sunny and crowded down here so if you are enjoying a lazy day in the peace and quiet of your own backyard....you may be better off.  The water is invisible to me because of the haze hanging over it, but I suppose with it so darn hot down here it must be refreshing to one and all.  I'll have to take their word for that since I haven't been in the ocean in about 49 years...  I'm thrilled to be inside in a/c today and yesterday I actually got a day off, yes right here in the summer I got a full day off.  I had every intention of going to Salisbury to get some framed stuff that's been lingering at the framers, however, I never actually got out of my nightgown so decided if I didn't want to get dressed it was best if I stayed home.  I sat on my porch in my nightgown (felt decadent) and read the rest of my latest book...yes another one down...and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  When I came in I did needlework.  I'm enjoying the latest Shepherd's Bush "Gratitude Sampler" and am almost done with the second scene.  There sure is a whole lot of stitching on this sampler, but I love, love, love it.  I actually leave this home each day.  The other night, while at work, I started stitching Little House Needleworks Mystery Sampler at work.  You know at first glance this didn't really inspire me too much as I just couldn't see what it could be.  But I love Little House and have faith that anything they do is going to be fabulous, so I decided to try it.  I'm using the recommended 30 ct. Straw, even though at first glance I thought this was too close to the color of a couple of the threads they used, but still I decided to go for it.  As usual, getting the initial elements on the fabric was a little boring...border and the enormous sun, but then I started putting in the branches and then the musical notes.  That's when inspiration hit.  I changed the musical notes to black and used beads as the actual notes.  Then I changed the single brick stitches to single beads to resemble berries and I can't tell you what a difference this made to me.  It makes those elements pop and puts pops of  brighter color on the darker fabric, which is making it come alive.   This is going to be so cute...and I can't wait to see what comes next.  It hadn't occurred to me...duh....but when Greg was in and asked what I was working on he said it will probably be the 4 seasons....and I think he might be right.  Many can't believe I would work on something when I have no idea what it will look like...but I have great faith in the companies that do these samplers, loved Brenda Gervais Mystery Sampler a couple of years ago and the Lizzie Kate piece....loved them both.  Would I do one from a company I'm unfamiliar with...probably not!  In the next week I'll send a picture of my work in progress so you can see for yourself.  In the meantime, I'm posting pictures of one of Renee's birthday gifts.  It's the Olde  Colonial Lollipop....cute, cute, cute.  Stitching was relatively easy, and the finishing...well it was O.K. too, although I ended up changing a couple of steps....to make the finishing easier...but it went together quickly.  I learn each time I put something new together...I think I'm getting better, but have so much more to learn.  The other piece I did for her was a reproduction of the pin cushion that Jean gave me.  It was a bear to put together for some reason.....I never got it together as nicely as Jean did and that made me mad....I've got to learn how she did it.  Anyway, I'll try to get it up on the blog also later.  In the meantime...have a great holiday...stay safe.