Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lights went out and I went home!!!!

Around 2:00 p.m. the electric went out on our block and I made the decision to take an "electric out" day...well 2 hours at least. It's always a good feeling when you get some unexpected time I was rejoicing even though I knew it meant there would be no electricity at home. But 15 minutes after arriving home the lights went on so now it's a win win for me. I decided to work from home due to a nagging guilty feeling I got (crap), so am I getting a few hours off or not? No, I'm not, but that's O.K., because I'm in my new needlework/office room and I'm drawing in inspiration. Now, in all the clean up that has taken place here in the last 24-36 hours, I came across the 3 parts of another finished project (probably for at least 4 maybe 5 years). I finished the stitching part and then couldn't remember where the pillow or buttons were. Then I found the buttons, but still no pillow (why weren't they together?) Now I've found all three and heres the result. It's a Trail Creek kit and I just thought it was cute. It's a fast stitch too (always a win win), and now it's complete and finally making it way into the shop. Isn't it cute? I loved it then and I still do. Also finished is the Shepherd's Bush Kit, "Land that I Love." This is a great kit because they give you the stitching instructions to do flags for Canada, Great Britain, Australia and France. I'm sure I'm going to have it framed with the Jill Rensell matting so when it's framed it will look like this...
This was a fast stitch because you are stitching over 2 on 18 count fabric and there are no specialty stitches, etc. They had 3 JABCO buttons to attach, however, the one lamb was all I put on it as the other buttons, in my opinion, were just not necessary. Of course having 2 pieces finished led me to wonder what to pull out next. I'm still working on my Little House "She Sells Seashells" it...but I get bored so easily I need to always have something else ready to go when the mood strikes. Well, I just picked a project to put in the "next up spot" and I'm disgusted with myself. I needed 3 colors of Gentle Arts threads and when I checked my colors in my newly organized box I found I had 5 full skeins and 4 half skeins...apparently I didn't feel like looking in this box to pull threads in the past and felt it was easier to just keep pulling skeins from the shop. It's no darn wonder the box is full to overflowing. My God, 9 skeins sitting in there, when there should be only 1 or 2 tops. And that was the same with the other 2 colors. O.K., new resolution....I will always check my stash before pulling any colors (except in an emergency situation which covers anytime I'm in the shop and want to start on something or if I left a color home. Only then do I get to purchase (O.K., I don't actually purchase it I just take it, but you know what I mean.) O.K. I think I've got a policy I can live with. I just hope when I get in the shop today I hold with the new policy. Yippee!!! after two days of overcast and rain, the sun is out and it's a beautiful Friday in Ocean City. I am truly excited and the temps are slowly rising. 7 days and we have our first Jane Timmer class...another Whoppee!!! And I've spoke to Jackie du Plessis and she and I are coming up with a finishing class for her as well. I'm excited. In the meantime, I have to get to work. So have a great day...and stop by if you are in the area. Also, keep those needles moving, so many projects so little time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My internet is back, My internet is back...

That's right, I've been without internet connection since Saturday. I was so desparate that yesterday I took my computer to work so I could post the blog....but of course once I got it connected at the office I then had 2 computers working and I can tell you I'm not smart enough for that. First there was no room for 2 so I sat my new one on top of my closed old lap top and worked in the new computer for internet e-mail, etc., and used the other one for letters, checks, etc. The only problem was I couldn't keep the keyboards (my old computer has a regular keyboard attached) straight...I kept typing on the keyboard and couldn't understand why the new computer wasn't taking the information and then realized I was on-line and not on the computer attached to the keyboard. This didn't happen just once either, this went on all day. I've never been so confused in my life..or at least it felt that way. So today I got up and cleaned up the house (can't let anyone see a mess) and left work early to meet the repairman. I even dusted...oh, yea, I was ready and mother would have been proud (well, she would be semi proud because she wouldn't have understood why it wasn't dusted and picked up normally)...Anyway, after about a 1/2 of trying to figure out why we had 6 cable lines coming into the building he got me up and running again. Whoppee!!!! What's even more of a whoppee....while cleaning out one of my old totes, I found my camera, unfortunately my Merry Cox piece nor my other missing pieces were hiding out with it. The search continues. I finished my Shepherd's Bush "Liberty" piece. But hit the wall and didn't put many stitches in my Little House Project, I don't know what it is since I do love this piece, but my mind is already wandering to "with Liberty finished which project can I start." O.K, I realized Wednesday morning I really didn't know where my phone was but since the phone is unimportant to me unless I need it, I forget about it, and then when I got to work I called my number to see if it was hidding in the recesses of my purse and was shocked when it was answered by a man. At first I thought I had to wrong number, apologized and hung up. I dialed again and was again met with a man's "hello" I said, "Excuse me but is this #########, and he said, yes it is but it's not my phone. I must have picked it up at the meeting this which I said, "no you picked it up out of my house last night when you were here working on the internet connection. At the same time you left your tool bag here." So while I was at work and had to return home to retrieve his bag (as he wanted it then and there,) and I also wanted my phone back, I at least found my phone. There seems to be a conspiracy afloat that all my stuff if walking in and out of the house....but I'm slowly getting it all back and putting in plain sight so I don't lose it again...well, so at least I know where it is before I lose it again. Vernon Update: he worked for a couple of hours yesterday and is hobbling around a little bit more, but it's still very painful. As for the other two men, well, insurance, and attorneys are now on the case so I haven't a clue. For now I will just pray for speedy recoveries for everyone. SURVIVOR UPDATE: well, last nights show was total crap...Sara had warned me that it was a recap (like I need that) of the previous weeks, but they kept saying "New" to rope us in and like everyone else, even though I swore I wouldn't watch a recap I sat there, too lazy to change a channel or move to put a movie in. Next time I swear they won't suck me in. I will say I can't wait for Coach to get what's coming to him. I've seldom seen anyone with an ego his size and there is absolutely no follow through. Has he done anything on challenges? NO! In fact on the last challenge I never even saw him compete ... where the hell was he? Anyway, I've got to get to work so I'll say goodbye for now.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Stockings are here...The Stockings are here

As you can see Carolyn showed up on Saturday with my stockings completed, one week was all it took for her to "whip" them up and I couldn't be more thrilled. She did an excellent job on them and I love them. I've shown you both front and back (I pray you recognize the difference), so you could see the Blackbird design fabric she used which she got from the website, "fat" . The bunch she picked out will do all 36 stockings and gave us a wonderful selection of patterns all for $30.00. Perfect, they are perfect. While the design used beaded hangers, I chose to have Carolyn do cording and make the cording into the hanger. I didn't realize that on the pattern they close the stocking which is why they weren't too concerned with the inside of stocking, however, I wanted to be able to put something in them...for instance, a gift certificate and use them as gifts (if I want to..not counting on it though since I just love them too much). I've seen the needlepoint stockings they sell and show with a place setting of silver in them...and I thought wouldn't these be cute with silverware in them as a remembrance of a special occasion and placed on each place setting (again, don't count on me doing that either but I might use them that way and show them what I should be giving them but will not be giving them...isn't it the thought that counts?)...anyway, I've heard from a couple of people who are well along and Phyllis has already finishing her 9th stocking. So, if you aren't on board yet, there is still time since we haven't seen April's stockings yet. To add to the delight of Saturday and the arrival of my stockings, Carolyn's husband Lou, God love him, brought me a tub of Fisher's Pop Corn...yes, life was certainly good in Salty Yarns on Saturday. Between Mary P.'s snacks from last week (yes I'm still eating them) and Lou's caramel corn...well I could just live in the shop and be perfectly happy. Saturday was a busy day beside the stockings arrival. We started out our morning with Greg M., stopping by. He is our resident male stitcher and he is so funny we love to chat with Greg. He does beautiful work and some complicated pieces. He stitches over one as well as over two. The Helen C. stopped by to see us and buy some new stash. Jennifer H, also stopped by to check on things and pick something up. Connie H. and Ellen S. were in on Friday, Ellen brought in chocolate covered Matzo for me...also a special treat she introduced me to several years ago and I love it!!! Getting on to other things, I realize things are getting really expensive...I do not live in a hole where I don't have to buy things....(having just been to Michael's and spent $100 on wicker containers for my new office/needlework room..too embarrassed to say I didn't want the set which I thought was on sale for $9.99 and it was only 1 basket...but at least all of them were on sale)...anyway, I was just on a blog and while I think what she was doing might be considered a nice gesture (to be sure), the problem with the gesture is...if everyone did it the artist would stop producing charts. O.K., now to tell you what she is doing....She posts her stitching on her blog, and of course she gets comments. Apparently many people ask her for designer, etc., and she thought it would be extremely nice if , she drew up a list of all the people who want to stitch the particular piece and then send it to the first person on the list, who will in turn send it to the next person on the list, until everyone has stitched it. While she isn't breaking any law, since she is not copying the chart, this is all well and good, however, you have to know that each person will be copying the chart for their own use before sending the chart along to the next person. Let me ask this...I don't know how many people are on her list, but I'm sure there will be plenty, that's how many charts the designer did not sell, so that's money out of the designer's pocket...which means the designer has to either keep raising the prices of her charts to make a living (since if we all did this she would sell a minimum of each chart) or stop designing and get another job. I don't want to be a bitch, but people, we have to support the designers in our business if we expect them to keep designing. If we all start giving away the charts to multiple people what is the point. I know the designer in question here and I don't want her to raise her prices anymore than they are now since we have to import them and therefore they are higher than average. So please, I realize we all let people periodically borrow a chart (well, I actually do not, because then I'd have to go on a rant about myself and I'm just not up to it), but please don't pass them around to your entire stitching group...many of the designers are trying to make a living doing this. Maureen Appleton, Heart's Content, had to return to nursing because she couldn't make a living out of designing (and her things are gorgeous so it's unexplainable to me) I'm sorry I went on a rant, and if you know the blog I'm talking about please explain that I know she didn't mean any harm and was trying to be nice, which she was ... to other stitchers, which is why I didn't mention any names here. I'm just's not a good thing. Okay having said that, I have to tell you I'm juiced and ready to stitch. I've been stitching like a maniac to begin with to get some new models in the shop. Finishing is always my biggest problem but since I stitched a Pine Mountain pillow for spring...well finishing wasn't a problem, and then the beaded Jim Shore Lamb is done, framed , since it's done on perforated paper you just put it in the frame, no lacing on perforated paper, and on the front counter....yippee. While the Pine Mountain "Spring" pillow might have be only one night...the Jim Shore Lamb was a few nights (spread over weeks...beads and I don't see eye to eye...they kept jumping out of the container and I'd lose them until I unearthed my "Tacky Bob"...oh, my God...what a life saver that was. I Love this when doing beading...what took me so long to use it. We've had it in the shop for a few years and yet, while I take everything else home, I never bothered to use one of these...oh, yea I took it but buried it in one of my stitching totes. Of course as I am now unpacking each and every tote and organizing the stash in other containers (one must constantly redo to make it even more interesting...and it's like Christmas all over again), I'm finding stuff I haven't seen since I purchased it or brought it home from the shop. I'm having a ball and between that and reading the stitching blogs...well, let's just say I don't have the time to blog because I must stitch...yes, I must stitch I tell's my addiction and I can't get enough. And because I finished 2 projects this week I've pulled a small Shepherd's Bush to do for our Spring/Easter display...and since we changed that today I have to get this done by tomorrow which won't be hard since it's one of their 10 ct. kits. And then I've got to get back to something started and not finished. I still haven't found the Bent Creek Zipper kit...the Merry Cox on-line piece that was almost completed and has to be done for finishing starting April 1st...where the hell did it go. I've lost my Emmanual which is by Shepherd's Bush and I had it completed by 2008 Christmas. I meant to go to the framers but kept forgetting and now it's gone missing and I've never found the camera...I bet they are all hiding out together....well each day I try to take something else out of the closet and put it away (yea, everyday or should I say in all honesty once every two weeks)...this job is never going to get done..and just as I think I might get it done Mary and Brian are going to bring my 31 year stash from my old apartment where they have stashed it in the old laundry room and shut the door (it's floor to ceiling in cartons and they just left it in there but keep threatening to bring it down ..which is fine with me since I haven't seen that stash for at least 8 years...just like Christmas when it finally arrives). I've got a rant people on Blackberries and texting while talking but I'll save it for another day because I'm having issues here, brother am I having issues.
Have a great night...and keep on stitching.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another rainy day....

I'm pooped as usual...woke at around 4:15...God, having old kidneys is killing me...anyway, then I thought I'd like to stitch even though I knew I had to take a shower, eat and get to church by 8:00. But idiot that I am I didn't go back to sleep but went straight to the sofa and pulled out my needlework (it's just too much fun). I made it to church where I struggled to keep my eyes open and then on to work...where I spent the day trying to keep my eyes open. My problem is when I'm tired my eyes close automatically after about 2 stitches, so to wake myself up I'd walk around the shop which means that I started pulling new projects...and while I'd hoped for small items, I pulled a Victoria Sampler which is that's a major project and then I cut the fabric for something I brought in from home...actually I got this to do for my "special friend" with whom I exchange "ornaments" at Jamboree. I thought it was purfect when I first saw it but now I'm second guessing myself but I'm getting the supplies together just in case. So I'm pulling projects and fabric and fibers and Sara was just glaring at me threatening to pull everything back out of my bag and putting it back in stock, which meant I could not leave my bag unattended for fear she'd do just that...what to do? What to do? Finally Linda W. and Candi showed up so I spend the greater part of the day talking to them while they stitched and I talked. Sara brought me a pitcher of Bloody Mary's to try to keep me didn't work either but it sure was good going down. I think perhaps we need to open a bar at Salty times, yup, fun times. Carolyn stopped by with the Blackbird fabric for my 9 stockings and it is perfect...oh, these are going to be so pretty. And Hedy stopped by ...she was taking a walk and thought she'd stop in to say hi so she sat a while and talked to the group.....I almost called the rest of the Stitch 'n Bitch group so we could have a meeting...but that would mean I would have to get my fat rear off the seat and walk across the floor to the phone, and we all know that wasn't going to happen, in fact I didn't move off the chair all day. Candi worked on 2 different projects sitting there and is close to finishing both, while Linda is zooming along on her Sampler Casket. I do believe she's actually going to have this completed by the Spring Retreat...she's like a house on fire. Everyone left us around 3:30 so Michael entertained us and finally it was time to go home. Whoppee...nap time! Well, it's now Monday morning...I did get the rest I needed and managed to wake up just in time for Amazing Race. This season it is amazing that the contestents aren't as rude as they usually are to the people who don't speak their language. Usually they are an embarrassment to America, but they must teach them sensitivity training now before they race. And with the exception of one of the teams, they clearly don't realize they are in a race. They are waiting for other teams to help them, etc...people you are in a race. You can be civil, but you don't help other teams. Sooner or later it will have to get cut throat, but until it does....well, they just don't give me much to talk about. Except perhaps last nights running to the finish in their underwear. What the hell was that about? Training with Russian's who were fully clothed, and yet there were the idiots from America running with them in their underwear (which wasn't that interesting until you got to the stewardess who was wearing a thong). This is when you know that the show is the vision of males. There was no reason for these people to be running in Russia in the winter in their underwear. It was men hoping to catch a woman in her underwear the skimpier the better. Hope you got your thrill gentlemen! I can tell you the ladies weren't as lucky. The men's underwear was less than interesting and showed none of the men's bits and pieces, which frankly I've never found that interesting to look at to begin with. I say cover that up and keep it covered just isn't that pretty to look at. As for the time you are on a race, don't wear a thong! Have a great day stitchers....I'll talk to you later.

Housewives alert: It just gets better and that Alex McCord from 'The Real Housewives of NYC' got laid off from her real-life job at Victoria's Secret. In an interview with Life & Style, the mother of two says she's searching for a new job and will have to cut back on "discretionary expenses" and nanny hours. Are you kidding me...I don't know what surprises me more...she works at Victoria's Secret or that she uses discretion in anything including expenses. These girls are just too much fun to talk about.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It may be a little early, however, in Ocean City this is the weekend that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated and I do mean celebrated. Green hair, hats and beads were all over the place yesterday as people watched the parade and then did the "bar" crawl. They were so busy walking from Brass Balls to Shenegians that I swear they wore a path in the boardwalk. Fortunately for everyone the day was didn't start to rain, drizzle, whatever until late in the afternoon. While I usually dread this day, due to drunks stumbling into the shop for whatever reason and having to deal with their stupid questions, (that had they been sober they would never have asked), but we didn't have to deal with any of that yesterday. And we had a special visitor who showed up with food. Yes, another of my "peeps" stopped by and played with us for a while, Mary P., came bearing more "peeps" ... and I can't get enough of those...and other snacks and candy which she left with us for safe keeping. (Oh, I'll keep them safe all right). Anyway, Mary's husband Tom, was at a birthday party for friend he use to work with, so Mary decided to drive on down and spend some time with us. I talked about the Blackbird stockings so much I wore her down and she's now on the Blackbird train. I finished the 9th stocking and Carolyn will be in today to pick it up and now I'm waiting for the next leaflet. It was so nice to have the time to sit with Mary and talk, well we didn't get a whole lot of talking in as my sister, the whirlwind known as Susan, arrived with her husband Chuck to check on us and make sure I hadn't hung myself after the week we had. So she really dominated the conversation, but she's so funny that we all laughed the hours away anyway. It would have been nice if Mary got a word in edgewise but with my sister that is nearly impossible. I hope Mary had a good time, especially since her week hasn't been that great either, as she has had to deal with the death of her brother. When one of the "peeps" are sad, we are all sad. Speaking of which, I did want to thank everyone who has called, and e-mailed their concern for my family during the difficult week. Vernon is in pain, but is doing alright. As for the other two men, both are still in the hospital, but one is probably going to be going home this week with a cast on his leg and perhaps on his foot as well while the other more seriously hurt gentlemen will probably be in the hospital a while longer as they deal with his injuries. Your prayers are gratefully received and we are so grateful for all your kind thoughts. It helps to know there are people there for you in times of stress and we all thank you for that. I felt so alone when it first happened, even though the girls were here and dealing with it as well. I went through a lot of "why me", and then felt guilty since I wasn't the one hurt and in the hospital. But with the days going by, I feel a little better, although we won't feel good again until everyone is fully on the road to recovery and out of the hospital. But we are moving forward as best we can. Vernon even took Dad's scooter out yesterday to get out of the house. We've kept the scooter charged in case Renee and I took another spin around the neighborhood. While we haven't gone out on the scooter...apparently we need to keep this charged because you never know who's going to need it. Stitching report: Since I finished the 9 nine stockings, I decided to pull out some of the UFO's I've been unearthing as I struggle to get all of my stitching into the new wall unit the boys built me. And have I found some UFO's. Anyway, the first one I have finally finished stitching (but now I have to put it together) is the Quaker Alphabet Band with pin cushion and scissor fob. The band has actually been finished and we put it around a Nantucket basket and it has been on display in the shop for some time, at least 2 years. And while I had completed the fob in 2007 as well, I never got around to finishing it. And the pin cushion was 98% finished...I had completed the alphabet and one of the designs but not the second it didn't take me more than an hour to complete it (it's over one so for me that is stressful). So now I've got the entire project stitched and now I need to do the finishing. I'm taking it in today in hopes that I'll get off my butt and do it while at work with the encouragement of Sara , Linda and Candi. We'll see how far I get. I've also been working on the beaded project, Jim Shore's lamb which is colorful and I like it, but my God, how many beads does a project need...and since this project is a Mill Hill bead kit a lot apparently. I'm about beaded out...and then we got in the Jim Shore snowmen which are adorable...but more beads...I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge. These are not quick stitches (and you know those are my favorites). Anyway, it feels great to get some of these UFO's completed and out of the totes, or as the case is my shelves. I've got to start getting ready for my day so I'll just sign off. Have a great day...stay safe and try to get a little stitching in.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My week just got a lot worse!

Yesterday I left work early (3:30 pm) so I could get the mail orders and mail in on time and then went to my favorite store, Walmart. I left $200 lighter but thrilled I had new movies, etc. (I am proud to say I purchased only 1 piece of clothing on sale for $5.00 ..can't beat that). Anyway, I noticed my phone was missing...thought I left it at work and thought hell I don't need it so I went home. I was back in my bathroom getting out of the sweater I wore to work, thinking a cold spell was coming (didn't they say it was going to get cold again), and I was down to bra and pants (such a nice look on me) when I thought I heard someone say Sally. (I've got to get the keys to my apartment back from everyone.) Anyway, I ducked into my closet grabbed the first thing I saw (yes, even prettier than what I wore to work) and went out to find Brian, Mary's husband. He said, "Mary called to tell you that you need to call Sara...It's an emergency." Now that could have meant she was out of onions and needed to borrow one, or we had a full blown emergency. Having never had that call before I thought I'd better respond. So Brian allowed me to use his phone and I couldn't get her to answer either phone. So I redressed into something I wouldn't mind being caught dead in (summer clothes with flip flops this time since I was in a hurry and it was 75 degrees here). Anyway, Brian called Mary to see if she knew anything and all she would say was "accident, fell through the roof, 3 people hurt, 4 ambulances, MOSH and police on scene." My heart just dropped as I imagined the worst case scenerio. I rushed to the hotel to find Sara and John standing beside the police taped off area around the luggage lift. One man was air lifted to Shock Trauma in Baltimore while Vernon and the other man were taken to PRMC in Salisbury. Apparently, Vernon and the 2 inspectors were on the luggage lift on the third floor when it fell to the ground. While I'm thankful no one died, and I'm hopeful everyone walks away from this eventually, I feel heartsick, concerned, anxious and disheartened. There is no joy right now and I don't know when there will be again. Vernon was the luckiest only sustaining one broken bone in his ankle. The other gentlemen in PRMC had a broken leg and broken bones in his foot. The gentlemen in Shock Trauma was sitting up last night for which I'm relieved, however, he does have bleeding in his brain and something going on with pain in his side and a leg issue. The gentlemen involved, the owner and family of the hurt men, has been extremely nice to us and not screaming and yelling, and threating to us, for which I'm grateful, but 2 days of MOSH is draining and we're not done with them yet (will we ever be), to say nothing of the rest of the insurance crap we will now have to be faced I'm sure lawsuits will follow. Oh, and when I saw Sara on the way to the hospital she informed me that after trying to get me on my cell numerous times, the girl behind the customer service desk at Walmart answered to say I'd left the phone in a cart (it fell out of my purse apparently but I'm surprised I didn't see it), but anyway I picked it up on the way to the hospital so that was a plus. But today isn't a great day for us, as we are all concerned about the 2 men injured...we not concerned about Vernon since he is home and on the mend, and I'm not sure when we will have a good day after this. On the plus side, I did visit with Renee who was sitting up and taking notice after her back surgery and she feels that she doesn't have as much pain in her leg, however, her back pain has not been lessoned. Greenie, her husband fell and broke a bone in his ankle and a bone in his hand 2 days ago so they are now both laid up in the living room. I went over it was likethe scene from "Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory"...Renee's got a bed in the den where they sit, and Greenie is laid back in his chair. But at least she's feeling better and thinks she will be back at work next month, when we open 7 days a week again. So I'm trying to just focus on that today and let the rest fall where it may. So I can't be funny today. FYI: Survivor is on tonight.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Those housewives get crazier by the minute.....

Got home early from Stitch 'n Bitch...apparently American Idol and Housewives of New York were calling their names, anyway, we had a productive meeting...all the girls were there and stitching did take place. And even though Connie forgot it was her month for food, we managed to find a couple of the left over cakes from Michael's birthday last weekend and salvaged the evening with delicious cake and soda. We don't ask for much...just something. Anyway, 3 of the girls were working on their Blackbird Design stockings...Joyce has finished 2 and is almost finished with her 3rd. Everyone agrees that I was right on the money regarding fast and easy. Linda W. was busy on her Sampler Cove Casket which she's determined to have done for the Spring Retreat, while Candi, her daughter, was busy with her Shepherd's Bush sampler (she's almost done) and Candi did finish her Milady's Needle acorn box top and scissor fob (done on 40 ct.) and brought that in to show and tell. A couple of the girls worked on their Lauren Sauer class piece and Sara and I talked (I never seem to sew although I bring my work in...can't figure it out). Then when I got home I tuned into Housewives of New York. these people hear themselves. I once said that I thought Bethenny was the normal one. Well, I was wrong...she's as crazy as the rest of them. Tonight we were informed that Bethenny was invited to be on the cover of a socialite magazine. O.K., it's an honor I suppose that they asked her to be on the cover...and where did they find her you ask...dancing on the table in a bar! Now that's class people...yea, real class. And the editor of the magazine looked into the camera and had the nerve to say, "If you were not in her magazine she felt sorry for you since it was the place to be." Well, I say back to you, "If I have to dance on the table top perhaps it's not the best magazine to be shown in." These ladies get cheaper by the minute. Lou Ann, oops the Countess, suggested that some heavy air brushing must have taken place which made Bethenny mad so she invited the Countess to join her for lunch to discuss the slide comment, and Bethenny must have said the same thing 30 times. Not only was the Countess sick of hearing it, so was I. As many times as Bethenny said she was over it, she obviously was not! Geez, get over yourself already! And then Bethenny looks into the camera and says she knows people are envious of her because her life is so wonderful...uhh, you are dancing on tables for attention, you are hanging out with the bitchest, self obsorbed, narcisistic people on earth and you think we are jealous. I speak for all stitchers out there who say, your life is girls need to grab a needle and start doing something productive. Speaking of which, Lou Ann (I'm going to refuse to call her the Countess since I don't feel she represents royalty the way they would want...and of course I would know what they want...the queen calls me often)...asks the girls to help her in one of her charities...a home where cancer victims can stay while getting treatment in N.Y. O.K. on the outside this looks like a charitible thing to do...however, as only these jackasses could do...they get in a fight as they are making a meal for the ladies staying there, in front of the ladies who are in chemo and I'm sure not feeling all that well, and the night becomes about Ramona telling Lou Ann her husband looks old. I mean are you kidding. There are people here (and having to listen to this crap) having life and death issues and the entire evening becomes about the age of one of the husbands of this pathetic group? Please...get over yourselves already! And then my favorites to hate...Simon and Alex who have lived in their townhouse for 3 years with the house in shambles and as they are speaking with the person they hired to do renovations finally they have the nerve to say they were "feeling the rhythm of the house" before doing the renovations. The rest of us would have said we were trying to get enough money together to do renovations...but not Alex and Simon. What I loved was when the contractor asked about the water damage on the ceiling and Alex and Simon both said, "oh it only leaks when it rains." It's that kind of brilliance I've come to expect from these two idiots. You know, my roof only leaked when it rained too...that's why we had to have it replaced. And she's insisting that they construct built- in bookcases because....she wants to load them with Shakespeare and Dickens so that her boys (have you seen these monsters) will be able to just get a book and sit there and read. O.K., Alex, let me give you a clue about those two boys you are raising...they aren't going to sit and read anything...they are precocious, obnoxious, ill mannered children who will kill you in your sleep. You should be constructing a safe room where you and Alex can sleep to insure your safety. But the real icing on the cake was Alex and Simon's pool in their backyard which they are so proud of because if you lived in New York you wouldn't have's a plastic blow up pool people. Now don't get me wrong, I'd buy one and use it in my problem...but we're talking about these two idiots that think they are the next best thing to Donald Trump. Paying $8,000 on clothes on camera (and I'm sure they return it off camera). But the pool about did it for me...I don't know who they think will be impressed with this but then that did give them one more chance to show off in their bathing suits. You know these women watch themselves on t.v. so you have to ask if they are in touch with the reality of this show. If this is what you are really like, you need professional help. The most delicious news however, is the news about the latest housewife. While on line yesterday I read about her latest this is the newest housewife, Kelly, who just joined this regal band of idiots...I really thought she was a bit reserved the first time she was on because she realized these rag tag band of idiots were idiots and was wondering what she'd gotten herself into...however, apparently she's no better than they are. She was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend. Put in jail...oh, yes...a new idiot to add to the group already in place. Now she can fight for air time. Crap....I woke up a little early, around 3:30 and decided to get some stitch time in...and so I turned on T.V. and found that as bad as early morning T.V. is (mostly infomercials) today there is nothing but the blank screen except for the shopping channels (whoppee) and the local information channel. What the hell is this about. And they tore down the building next door so everytime I go in my kitchen (which unfortunately is often) I keep seeing street lights which makes me wonder what the hell is going on (I continually forget there is no longer a house between my building and the street.) I admit I'm going slightly experiences every day, unfortunately not all of them are good.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is it summer?

It sure felt like it yesterday when the temperatures soared to around 70 here by the ocean, which is usually a lot cooler than inland. I'm telling you people were in shorts and flip flops. It was such a strange week with a major snow storm on Monday and 60 degrees in less than 7 days. We sure did appreciate the warm weather especially with some of "my peeps" here. Sunday started with our having to say good bye to our peeps, but Stacy S. sat with us and stitched along with 2 of our other peeps, Candi W. and her mother Linda W. We had such fun with Candi's enthusiasm and coming up with ideas of projects to put together during Jane Timmer's class in a couple of weeks. For those taking that class you can either put 2 pieces of linen together or you can bring in a 3 x 3 inch design and use it. I'd much rather stitch a design and bring it in so I will be taking a finished project home. Before the day was over we also saw Carolyn and Lou, Carolyn is my finisher, and you know I had my Black Bird stockings with me so she now has them and they are being finished. Last night, by the way, I did finish stocking #8 so tonight #9 will be done and then I'm up to date. Phyllis Y. finished 2 stockings while she was here this weekend. Joyce C. called and she is stitching them like crazy and I'm sure she too will be done her 9 this month. Janet S., who purchased the patterns while she was in on Saturday e-mailed me to give me the title for this marathon stitching of stockings, "The Biggest Top Housewives Project 36 stockings Survivor of the Greatest Race Marathon" and folks the race is on. While I may be ahead right now, I'm going to start falling behind as the summer approaches. But right now I feel like top dog, and I'm enjoying it. And for all the peeps that showed up over the weekend ... Thanks we had a fun weekend with everyone. It's always fun to get together to stitch. I even stitched with the girls...yea, fun weekend. Our Kay F. had her foot operated on again so this is a shout out to Kay and we'll miss you at Stitch 'n Bitch Tuesday night. However, we look forward to Jackie joining the group after recuperating from her operation. (Goodness we are in bad shape at this Stitch 'n Bitch). AMAZING RACE UPDATE: What I find interesting about the "RACE" is that we can see what each team does wrong so we are privy to inside information while those in the actual race have no idea if they are ahead, in the middle or behind. Each week it appears that one team just can't seem to get the directions straight or figure out a clue and I'm amazed when they appear at the end and are still in the game the next week. Last night proved no different. At the first detour of stacking piles of wood, I was certain a couple of the teams would not be able to regroup, however, they all seemed to regroup except the stunt men. Each week their continuation of the race seems doomed to failure and then someone else makes a mistake and the stunt men continue. Last night I was certain they were going home when their wood stacking talents were lacking and then they couldn't find a sign they needed to locate to finish their task. Of course we know where it is and I can never figure out why the contestants fail to locate it since it is so easy to see (especially since the camera's give us a close up of it). But last night the contestants worked together to locate it finally and the father and son team found the sign they all moved on. What really amazed me was who answered the question of Russian author. They were given the letters of his name during one of the detours and they had to put them in order. I thought this would be easy when they were given the letter, sort of trial by error if nothing else. I'm not sure when I knew who Chekov was, but feel it was in high school...I could be wrong here though and it could have been in college. But anyway, each team that said, I don't know any Russian Authors just made me cringe and pray no other countries bothered to watch this program. Do we continually have to look so stupid to anyone watching this? I have to say, for the first time ever...the contestants aren't as rude (yet) to the cab drivers in this game as they usually are. I am curious why the stuntmen didn't have enough taxi fare when everyone else did and everyone is given the same amount of money to begin with. Have they been eating out at restaurants while everyone else slept? And why do contestant's always try to give the drivers they can't pay shoes, jackets and watches like these people don't have those already in sizes that clearly fit them. The stuntmen are small people and try to get the cabbie to take their coats, which clearly wouldn't fit the cabbie anyway. I will be shocked if the stuntmen make it through next week. Clearly there are many obstacles in their way, including their size. Well good luck's been fun watching you. And the stewardess' that I made fun of earlier.....they came in first. Finally they were able to use their expertize to get ahead...go girls! I still don't think they'll make it to the end. Fun watching though. Oh, my I have to get to work....have a great day! Try to fit in some stitching.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Peeps came down, My Peeps came down,

Not only did the sun and warmer temperatures show up, but three of my Peeps came down as well for the weekend. Thursday afternoon. 3 of our favorite people arrived bag and baggage for the weekend, Debbie L., Phyllis Y., and Stasi B. Friday as I was sitting in the shop, they arrived with their Peep pins on (so cute) and carrying a box of my favorite Peeps. which will be hard since they have been named (each peep carried the name of some of my favorite peeps who weren't here), but you know as soon as the peeps get hard enough I'm going to chow down. Friday afternoon Stacy S. showed up to join the stitching party. Friday night we moved on up to Sara's to help my Michael celebrate his 8th birthday. He had a grand ole time opening gifts and we had a grand ole time eating our way through the event. Around 9:30 p.m. I announced I had to leave, as my stocking project was calling my name. I am so excited about this, even more so than usual, because so many of you have taken up the challenge and have joined me. Janet S., from the Delaware Valley Guild came by Friday and I saw the 3 charts in her hands and when I commented about it she said she too couldn't resist. Luckily I had the finished (O.K., they aren't really finished and put together, but the stitching is completed) stockings in the store to show Phyllis and Debbie since Phyllis had e-mailed to ask that I pull those for her as soon as they came out, and I believe that Debbie won't be able to resist either once she sees the finished stockings and so everyone got to see that I did indeed have 7 stockings done so far. So Friday night I came home directly after work...didn't visit with the girls..., got situated on the sofa, clicker beside soda (who are we kidding) all set....check....glasses in place...check...floss out, fabric out, chart in place....yes I was ready. I got started and thankfully, because I hadn't gone too far, discovered I had started too high on the fabric which meant it wouldn't fit. No problem, I wasn't that far along so I tore it out. Moved the needle down an inch and began again. Moving along, moving along, and found that I had missed an overdye color which I didn't have in my stash. Oh, drat...O.K., I could use the DMC substitution or I could just pick a color that is close (which I have no problem doing by the way)...however there was a major stumbling block to that solution......I would have had to get my big fat butt off the sofa and walk to my needlework oasis and well, that just wasn't in the cards. At first I frantically checked my other projects still sitting beside the sofa and just couldn't get up the energy for any of them so I decided it was easier just to watch T.V. Another night shot! You know I've take all the totes surrounding my sofa and emptied them, putting the projects neatly in my new "oasis" and yet last night there were 4 of the large mesh bags with projects in them sitting on the floor in front of the sofa. I think these mesh bags are having babies in my house and are also finding a way to walk into my living room and situation themselves beside my sofa. I keep asking myself how could these mesh bags be sitting here when I clearly cleaned up the mess and put them away, and yet, here they are. Is this happening everywhere or is it just a mystery in my house? You might suspect that I found my camera since I've posted some pictures...well, I haven't. I prevailed upon Sara to take the pictures and let me have it for one night to post my "Peeps" pictures and she relented when I promised to return the camera the very next morning. So I'm not typing on the blog on Sunday morning. I missed church (and it wasn't because of the time change either I'm embarrassed to say, but let's just say I was doing a good deed ... and not for I'm hoping to be forgiven by the Big Guy! Well, I've got to get ready for work again. I have to tell you the weather here has improved greatly. It was in the 60's when I left for work yesterday, although on the boardwalk it was decidedly cool, but it was sunny off and on and people were excited. Today it is suppose to be 70...yes, this time last week it was 28 and today it may get to the mid 60's ... oh, I feel summer approaching people...get out those shorts and flip flops. I'll talk to you later, but have a fabulous day.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My snow days have ended with a bang!

Yes, I'm back at work after having 2 snow days which put me further behind. My office looks like I just took every piece of paper for 2 years and just threw them on my desk. I'm buried under this huge pile and feel like I'll never get out from under. But I'm going to do the best I can and hope it magically disappears, of course then Mary will pick up the mail and I'll be under again. Anyway, as many of you know I prayed to the God's of Survivor last night, one of my guilty pleasures. I haven't said much about Survivor this season, because it's a little boring right now. I felt the same way last year in the beginning but as the players started throwing each other under the bus it became a lot more interesting last year so I'm hoping that will happen this season as well. Right now they are jockeying for position, but haven't really gotten serious. Last night Sandy was kicked off, well she couldn't be surprised, or should I say shouldn't have been surprised since she was kicked out of the group before the game started. You just know that once the player looks at the camera and says with a straight face, "I think I'm in a pretty good position...I've bonded with these people" she should make sure she's packed her bag because her ass if out of there. The player, at this point, I'd most like to see go home is Coach. This is another arrogant asshole who feels he is such a joy that everyone is going to love having him on their team. Yet, for all his posturing, I haven't seen him do anything to warrant this kind of devotion. All he talks about is what a great job he would do if he was in charge, I mean that's what he does, he coaches. Thankfully, his team doesn't see it and voted for someone else to lead them to victory. Which is a good thing as Coach has yet to come up with a winning strategy except vote for him as leader. Everytime he faces the camera and talks about what a strong leader he is I want to gag and of course I know it won't be long before his behind will be walking the path of humiliation. I can't wait. But in the meantime...I need some action here people...I need catfights, dogfights, fights of any kind...I live through this (how pathetic is that) and watching people make such gigantic asses of themselves only confirms what I've known all along..."there are people more pathetic than myself," and I need that affirmation daily, especially around tax time. But enough of Survivor for now...As we go into another weekend, the weathermen are telling us we are going to have warm temperatures...which will be a needed relief after the snow and freezing temps of the past week. So I'm excited for the weekend because I know my "peeps" will be coming in. The only poor souls who ventured in last weekend was Stacy S. on Friday to pick up the "Le Petit Sampler" for the Delaware Guild, Sandy J. and Carolyn who came with her and on Sunday in the storm came Candi W. and Linda W. brave souls that they were. But with warmer temps, I'm expecting to see more of you. My little Michael is celebrating his 8th birthday tonight and I put myself in charge of the birthday cake. I purchased one of those giant cupcake pans and thought I'd make him a giant cupcake. I should have practiced this before last night apparently as I was unsure about so many things. I made the batter and then was unsure how much to pour into each part of the pan...there is the swirled top and the botton. The girls had said, "don't fill it to the top because it will rise", duh, am I an idiot? I knew that much, but just how full should I make it? Well, perhaps I was a little to focused on watching Survivor, but the first mistake (O.K., the first mistake was putting me in charge of cakes) was not moving the top rack out of the oven, since the cake rose and was cooking the upper rack inside the top...fortunately I looked and grabbed the rack so while it ripped the top, the cake was salvagable. (O.K., that might be an exaggeration)...anyway, I cooked the damn thing and then did my autopsy...I mean evaluation. I knew I would be shaving off the top anyway to make it even which is why I didn't worry about it, however, apparently I should have worried about the amount of batter in the top portion as it didn't rise like the bottom and didn't fill up the cavity enough so my top (certainly not my top but the cake top) didn't get as big as it should have. The bottom is fine (as long as I shave off the rounded part) but when you put the top on the bottom it it doesn't resemble a cupcake so much as a stubby pencil. But the even bigger problem to me is the size. This is an oversized cupcake, but it's small. And while it does contain the same amount of batter as a regular's small. Perhaps to others it would look alright, however, it's small....while this might feed 2 people...I can't see it feeding the normal family...have I mentioned it's small. Well I haven't looked at it today, perhaps overnight it's puffed out and looks bigger, but I doubt it. Thank God for bakeries....because that's where I'm headed before work. An 8 year old won't know the difference....after all he's looking for gifts more than cakes...and Sara and Mary will just shake their heads and laugh anyway, as that is what I was put on this earth for...their I will have fulfilled my destiny. Yes, I can die a happy person. And I've got bigger problems than Michael's cake anyway. I'm in the fight of my life with that damn seagull again. Honestly, this bastard is getting bigger by the day, and making my life a living hell. I don't care what strength trash bag I get, steel inforced or otherwise this rodent pecks it until it relents and rips. And when I go out there this seagull just looks at me and dares me to approach him. I'm cussing at him, he's giving me the evil eye...and I think I'm losing the battle. I mentioned poisoning him (O.K. it's illegal, but necessary) to Mary but she just looked at me like "what the hell is the matter with's a bird." so I can see she's not going to help me. I don't know why she isn't aggravated since she's having to pick up Solomon's dirty diapers out of the street (I'm hoping that if I don't do it anymore she'll get as mad as I am.) Anyway, I need a seagull repellent...if anyone knows of one please let me know...or I'm going to have a showdown with one big ass bird soon. He's the size of a dog, and I'm not saying a little dog...this bird is huge...I do believe he's surpassed dog size...perhaps he's nearing horse size, O.K., that was a bit much but he's huge, cocky, sort of like Simon on N.Y. Housewives. He's extremely confident, about what I do not know, but still an asshole. O.K., I think I might have gone too far with this bird, but I think you see where I'm coming from. Meanwhile I've got to hit the bakery. So I'm signing off for now...have a great day....get some stitching in...oh, yea, I finished my 7th stockings folks...yes, 7 and 2 more to go and I'll be up to date. Are you with me on this? I know some of you are because I've already sent out your let's do this together. I'm not sure why but let's do it and see where it takes us.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Snow Day?

I wasn't going to take a 2nd snow day...I mean how long can I milk this...but after looking at the road, sidewalk, etc., and seeing the thick sheet of ice I had to ask myself...Can I afford a broken hip at this point?...and clearly the answer to that question is consequently...we're taking another snow day. Am I sad, hell no, I'm more than thrilled with a 2nd snow day, however, I must be productive today, something I so clearly wasn't yesterday. I did a full day of stitching...I'm not going to even act like I cleaned or anything else. I did do one load of wash, and I did make some chocolate covered strawberries and cookies...but that was selfish because I also ate them...and were they good. I started out my free morning with one of my speciaties, eggs benedict...and so my day started out perfectly. Then I put in a dvd movie and off I went, stitching and watching movies...oh, my the dvd player seems to be calling me...I must not fall pray to this again, I must get some work done. Poor Vernon is out there chipping ice off my steps and the sidewalk....too late I've called a snow day....but I will be grateful tomorrow because I can't take another snow day. My accountants are screaming for the taxes...darn Uncle Sam...I hate getting that crap together....but I will...and for what I don't know since I know 11 years from now they will be hounding me once again for the same damn records I've already sent them. But I digress....I did get a lot of work done on my stitching...oh, today perhaps another stocking....oops, I digress again...I worked on my Quaker christmas (I can't believe I haven't put this aside yet) and found that I didn't really cut the fabric large enough (I usually cut way bigger to make sure...clearly this didn't happen this time) and now it's coming pretty close to the edge so I might have to cut some of the design off....which in Quaker doesn't really matter, however, I might have no choice...and this really aggravates me, but I'm not going to throw away all the work I've done at this point. I also started the Little House "She Sells Seashells" ....this is so Ocean City. When I was a child (it's hard to remember that far back) we use to sell shells, comic books, pot holders, whatever we had...on the boardwalk every summer and thank God, parents would come by and purchase things for their children...of course I'm sure they were just being nice and I use to do the same thing when I became a parent..but kids aren't allowed to do that anymore. Merchants complained that they were drawing business away from them...can you believe that. Although I do have to say, some of the foreign business owners started sending their children out with merchandise from the store and tried selling it and the end result became no one can sell on the that charming little bit of Ocean City ended. We put Michael out there when he was around 5 with shells he had collected (not a whole shell in the bunch....)and a police scared the bejesus out of him so that was the end of that for Michael. And the kids who use to sell snow cones....the guy from the Alaska Stand complained they were taking business away from him so they were shut down. 3 kids, shaving ice (you can imagine how long it took them) would put the Alaska Stand stand out of business...unbelievable. I'm ashamed of some of the adults here...but that's the way things go here. How the heck did I get on this topic from a snow day. Anyway, I tried to be productive, aside from stitching, but I couldn't make myself do it. I moved all the stitching out of the living room wall unit, but then never got it put away in my new stitching perhaps, although I doubt it. I need beautiful containers to put it in instead of just stacking it in the bottom. Yes, I need to get to the store for some containers. (this is where I go wrong everytime. I think I can't do it until I get containers and then it just doesn't get done properly ever). The containers which I have now I used for the floss, and that makes me think containers are the way to go. It looks so nice on the shelving. Organization...that's the key. Crap...I'm going to stitch and watch movies...perhaps I'll come back later, but just in case...Have a great day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're going to need an Ark if this keeps up...

While the rest of you are getting snow, we are once again getting nothing but rain, and it's been raining for what seems like 2 days, off and on however, today it's done nothing but rain. I've had several of you e-mail me to taunt me with the news that you are getting my the rain is really becoming depressing for me. I need a day off and can only take it now if it snows...please, please, let it snow...I'm not asking for a miracle of 8 inches, I'm only asking that it snow...1 inch is enough for me, hell a dusting will satisfy me...I just want SNOW!!!! With the rain and the cold the shop was less than busy, however, we did have a morning visit from 2 of our favorite people, Linda W. and her daughter Candi stopped by to chat and let me see what they are working on now. Candi is busy with a Shepherd's Bush project, the Acorn Box from Milady's Needle and a Waxing Moon snowman while Linda is busy working on her Sampler Cove pattern to go into the Casket. She also picked up the final section of the Crescent Colour "From Sea to Shining Sea." These ladies are truly turbo charged, fast, and faster. After they left we had a couple more shoppers but most of the afternoon it was Sara and myself stitching and watching a movie. Yes, I was suppose to be working on the taxes but I kept falling asleep while I was reconciling the last bank statement and hitting the wrong keys which kept erasing the work I'd already done, so I finally said the hell with it. I took the rest of the day off and worked on the beaded project I had in the shop. Oh, by the way, finished the Heart's Content "Sampler Bits" pin cushion clamp and my 6th stocking (Blackbird) so people I'm up to date on the stockings...of course I have to finish 3 more in March (so I'll start the 7th one tomorrow)...this is a race I intent to win. (Of course with each stocking only taking 1 day it's really not that big a race) And I am thrilled to say many of you have the same agenda. These leaflets have become our best selling leaflets since Nashville. So it's a journey I'm not taking by myself but with many of you so it makes it more fun. I can't wait to start my 7th stocking. OH My God...I just walked out to the living room, noticed a rounded white object and realized it was my car covered with snow. So while I have been in here whining like an 8 year old about no Theresa W. I too will be sitting here stitching and watching movies all day tomorrow.. To hell with taxes...O.K., maybe not hell, but IRS you can wait one more day (can't you please.) Goodnight to you tomorrow while I'm sitting at home stitching.