Friday, February 28, 2014

I was wrong...winters apparently not over....

I was suppose to go to the framers Tuesday, but since I finished the
stitching on my latest Ladies Primn Society kit, "Growing Love" stitcher's wallet , I stayed in and finished the piece (shown to the right), plus there were snowflakes coming down.    While it's taken me much longer to do the finishing than I would have preferred (I'm such a novice with finishing), I'm thrilled with the outcome.  The first picture shows back and front of the wallet and of course the second picture shows it closed.  Made a great little gift for Sara (although she paid for it so not sure how much of a gift.   Ann from R & R told us in Nashville the kits had been sent out so of course the minute I got home I was waiting for it.  It finally arrived Friday and then I was itching to get started on it.  I swore I wasn't going to just put these kits on the shelf and finish them whenever, so I am thrilled I've been able to get the first two stitched and finished right away.  Hopefully I will improve with the finishing over time.  I did finish it a little differently than they suggested.  I added the overdyed rick rack in the seam to give it a fancy edging.  Love it.  The other news is I was wrong, wrong, wrong....winter is not over it snowed a little on Wednesday and now with the polar vortex...well suffice it to say that we are freezing down here.  Thursday Sara and I went to Salisbury to take my pieces to the framer, then back to pay our real estate taxes (whew...that was a chunk of change) and by then I was too tired to go to the grocery store....meanwhile I haven't been grocery shopping since Superbowl...needless to say I'm down to mustard and relish in the refrig....getting touch to find something to eat....this could be a wonderful diet for me if I didn't have candy here I'm trying to ignore.  I do think I have a couple cans of soup....damn, it's going to be a rough dinner hour.  But on the plus side, I get to start a new project and God knows I have plenty of choices here.  But when I finally got home guilt got the better of me and I pulled out the Tulip Tray of Sherri Jones and decided I had to get started since I had just a little over a month left before the class.  As usual I thought I read the directions carefully...but as usual I missed the fact that it was a tent stitch and just the first pocket was taking me forever when I realized I was suppose to be doing tent and I was doing the full cross.  You'd think I would learn since I did the same thing last year, but noooo, I just forge ahead and start stitching and now that I've committed to a complete cross I can't stop, at least on this one panel.  However, since the other backgrounds on the other panels are specialty bargello like stitches, this won't happen again.  And by the time I realized what was wrong, I still had the swan to do in the center so it is done in a tent stitch.   Now I will "stew" over whether I will run out of floss or not.  It's always something!  But I have to say I'm enjoying the variety of stitches on this piece.  I also started the "Beekeeper" from Plum Street on Monday.  And because I had 2 days of non-stop stitching I've really got quite a head start on it.  The urn and 3/4 of the beehive are done.  Of course now I'm pushing forward with Sherri's class piece so The Beekeeper has been put on hold (unless I'm able to get some of the panels for the Tulip Tray done quickly so I can go back.  And of course there is The Cottage I'm doing with Linda that must be worked on..oh, my ... good thing I don't need a lot of sleep.  I have to get back to Nashville stuff and finish getting it ticketed.  Sara is working with a yarn salesperson and is giving me the evil eye as she knows I'm not doing tickets.  So I'll end here before she fires me...have a great day....catch you later.

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Day...Another finish

A guilty pleasure...that's what Pine Mountain pillow kits are and I love to stitch these in between my linen projects that take longer to finish.  It makes me feel like I'm getting a lot finished.  Anyway, as I'm praying for spring, it was fun to stitch with the bright colors announcing spring and I love, love, love the little blue bird in the corner.  If I was taking this home I would also have added beads, (for birds' eye and for the raindrops at the bottom).  But it confuses everyone if I add stuff and then it isn't in the kit so I made an executive decision and decided not to get off the sofa to get the beads. We're almost back to normal in the shop....not everything from Nashville is up yet, and certainly I haven't been able to get everything on the web site because I've been too busy getting prices on charts etc., but soon.  I'm a work in progress.  There is a quilt retreat in town this week so they are steadily streaming into the shop.  Nothing better than a retreat where all you do is what you love to do and eat.  It's still gorgeous and sunny here, however the winds have picked up a little and of course we have that darn forecast of snow Tuesday night.  But you know my feeling...winter is over so while the cold is returning somewhat (40's...that's not really that cold) I seriously feel we will only see rain.  I'm a little tired of rain as well, but will take it over snow now.  Anyway...I've got to finish my work so I'll say so long for now...have a great day.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We're exhausted......................but plugging on

We have had a hectic weekend down here.  The weather has been gorgeous, while not the 60 degrees (I don't think so at least) they forcasted, it has been in the 50's and sunny.  You couldn't ask for a more gorgeous weekend after the snow, etc. we've all experienced.  We were thrilled for Cynthia  and Crystal who were retreating here to get some down time from the snow of New Jersey.  They are always such fun and spent 2 days with us in the shop.  Crystal is a lover of samplers and has around 100 original samplers she's collected with at least one dating back to the 1600's.  So we had an interesting discussion about that....I'm hopeful she'll open her own Sampler Museum...we'll work on her some.  She does want to reproduce them with needle and thread and then sell the charts....but of course she has to work that in her work schedule which is daunting.  She is up at 4:00 a.m. on the phone and sometimes after 11:00p.m.  When is her down time I want to know?  No wonder she needed a retreat.  Anyway, we've seen several of our stitchers as they came through to see what's new from Nashville, this weekend.  Everyone added new stitching to their already hearty stash.  Speaking of which...I finished this little pyn cushion a couple of nights ago.  It's about a 2 hr stitch at most and putting it together was no problem.  You get all the supplies, including a piece of fabric to put on the back and the frame is also included.  Also included, the little  butterly pin.  The design is approximately 2"x2".  Makes a cute, quick gift for a stitching friend....secret santa people.  We need to get started thinking about that already.  It will be here before you know it.  In fact with all the snow it feels more like December than March.  Anyway, I just wanted to touch base and let you know what's happening here.  Will talk later...have a great day and keep those needles moving.

Friday, February 21, 2014

We're struggling................

As I reported in Nashville, Sara's back was giving her trouble and it only got worse so she went to have her back adjusted and felt a little better....whew....but then this morning I tweaked mine so now the two of use are struggling to get through a day at work.  But with all the Nashville stuff we just can't stop.  And we've almost got it finished....almost.  Of course if I would stop checking out all the new stuff and continually putting things in a bag to go home we might get there a little faster, but what can I say.  Wanted you to see the Lizzie Kate, "Song of Spring" which was actually finished (stitching) while in Nashville, but I just got around to putting it together.  I loved this piece and everything was included in the kit, fabric, backing fabric, lace, buttons...everything but the stuffing.  Last night I finished Praiseworthy Stitches Pyn Cushion...I'll get it  up tomorrow.  Cute and obviously fast since it was started and finished last night.  Anyway, I've got to get back to the job at hand.  Have a great day....around 60 here....uh, spring at last, although Monday we're back to winter, but at least it's a break.  While we were in Nashville Syd Serson was retreating here and after checking out the Nashville stuff she headed home today. Thanks Syd, it's always great to see you.  Stacy Stinson was in today to get her stash restocked and Crystal and Cynthia arrive today for a weekend retreat.  Yes we're busy here this weekend and with the weather...well it's going to be a great weekend in Ocean City.  Hope you have a great one too. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Travel day.....

Woke up at 3 a.m. not feeling so hot...apparently now that other things are clearing up I'm getting a cold....ugh!  But it's travel day so I'll get sleep in the car and we'll be home tomorrow...thank God.  I decided since I was awake to get some stitching done.  I'm working on the new  Limited edition kit from Lizzie Kate, "Song of Spring".  Think I can finish this before I get home so that makes 3 finishes since I left home...whoppee.  Once the show was over for us...we decided to take a break before I started spitting out tickets for the "stuff" we got and we stitched until about 10 p.m. and then Sara went to her room and I started working on the computer, Sara's computer.  I got one sheet of tickets done and her computer than froze, when I went to reboot I got the dreaded message that it wouldn't reboot so I was out of business.  So now I'm going home with work to do once I get there so Wednesday I'll have to go into the office to get everything priced by Friday, but  we'll have everything done before the shop opens.  Come on by.  Guess my mini vacation is over.  I've had a great time, will be returning with great books and kits and will start posting Friday.  Sara has been putting new stuff on Facebook since last Friday.  So take a look there for now until I get up to speed.  Have a great day and I'll keep  you posted.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Final Day....but we're hitting the floor running.....

Didn't get any stitching done last night as I was busy fighting the printer and getting all the new stuff ticketed.  Did pretty well and until the whole thing went to hell and I went to bed.  When I got up this morning I fought with it another 45 minutes and then decided to let Sara deal with it.  I've ceased to care whether tickets get done here or I stitch after the show.  Seeing everyone's models and picking up all this merchandise, well I'm like a child in a candy store.  But this room is such a mess...bags all over hells green acres in here.  It's not condusive to stitching it's so messed up, but I suppose I could start taking some of this down to the that would just take away stitching time and I wasn't able to stitch at all yesterday so stitching is a priority today.  But picking a project is the problem.  Forget all the projects I brought down here with me.  I've been pulling projects as I go through the bags and so far I've got 2 small Shepherd's Bush that are  1 night each...Spring Box and Winter Box, oh another one, Count Your Blessings.  Then I also pulled The Beekeeper which won't be a one night project but is a kit so I'm able to start right away, and then the 2 limited editions by Lizzie Kate which have all supplies, including finishing supplies included.  Everything else I want has to be supplied with everything so they will have to wait until we get home.  This is the fun part of owning a have a huge stash (called your store) to pull from...the not fun part is the amount of money that stash costs mother spent a few years trying to get me to understand that it would probably be cheaper for me to buy my stuff from someone else and not have a shop....I understand I'm still paying for everything so in theory she's right, but it sure wouldn't be as much fun.  I'd never get to a market and I love coming to these. And the friends I've made through stitching...well it just wouldn't be the same without Salty Yarns.  In fact, I've seen several of the participants in our retreats this weekend.  Ran into Pat Eaton, from In Stitches, who comes to our retreat.  Melinda from The Stitching Post was running past us on every floor...don't know how she does this show alone.  All the designers I love seeing...Oh, my and when we were in the Shepherds Bush room  I was mystified when they started talking about seeing us until I realized they were talking about our segment on Hotel Impossible...they even said they wanted to come down to stay....hummm you know what I'm thinking.....we're hoping we can convince them to come and stay with us and in their down time teach (yeah, downtime...I can hear them laughing from here.) But what a dream I'm having about that.    Oh, My God...shoot me's noon and I'm praying I don't die before we're done.  I always fade on Sunday but with Sara's back tweaked I can't do that so I'm marching forward bravely.  I'm just thrilled she had to go to the Great Model Giveaway and I have a chance to get off my feet.  Mercy...this is for younger people with less weight hanging around them.   Well, it's now 3:00 pm and we are officially done for the weekend and not a minute too soon.  I actually stopped about 1 1/2 hours ago and just sat in with Inez of Adam Originals and talked.  But we've had a great time and I'm thrilled that many of us feel the same about this Market and there is a rumbling that someone else will get a show going here again regardless of TNNA's decision, which today I found out from one of the board members is really made regarding the wishes of the  needlepoint industry and the yarn industry and with little regard for the counted cross stitch community.  I'm mistified why they purchased INRG in the first place.  Why take over a market you aren't interested in preserving?  Well, hopefully someone can get it together for us.  Let's keep our fingers crossed..  Damn, Sara got the printer working so I'm done stitching til later.  I'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

While I no longer have a significant other in my life, I still got a Valentine gift.  Sara gave me the Tristan Brooks "Sweet Heart of Mine."  I couldn't be more thrilled.  While I said we weren't going to purchase any more of these gorgeous specialty kits until we finished some of the multiple kits we've already purchased...several Merry Cox, Several Jackie DuPlessis, approx. 20 Moss Creek making fun of us daily, at least 5 of the Just Nan Limited Edition Kits...well you can see the list just goes on and on so I made the declaration in the fall when Stasi Buhrman asked if we'd seen "this" and sent us a link.  Stasi gets us into all kinds of trouble showing us the fabulous specialty kits being offered.  I am proud to say in the fall I stayed firm....but Sara got me into the 2 clubs offered through R & R and when I saw Tristan Brooks design I said, the hell with my declaration, I want that.  Then I justify this with..."I don't smoke, I don't really drink (I may have a drink when I go out which isn't that often and then I don't always have a drink so I probably only have about 12 drinks a year), I don't go on vacations anymore and I work a lot so I deserve it.  Yes that gives me the go ahead....and then I read about the group that has made the declaration that they can't buy anything new during the year except I think they can spend $15.00 / month on supplies to finish what they already have.  I read about this and then told Sara about it and we both said, "Well that is just impossible...."  And I have to say I couldn't do that.  I see designs and can't imagine not having that in my collection (since my stash is so enormous it is no longer possible for me to ever finish it all so it's now a collection.)  I'm extremely lucky as I have Sara who loves needlework as much as I do so I have someone younger to pass it on fact her eyes light up a little to much when she is in my stitching room and sees all that will be coming her way...uh, oh...should I be watching my back?  Just kidding...fortunately for me Sara is a mini me and takes wonderful care of me, especially when I'm not feeling so hot.  She returned from her "The How-To's of Counted Canvas" taught by Debbie Rowley and while she's glad she took it, she ranted for about 20 minutes about the others in the class.  You would think as shop owners they would have seen and used many of the fibers, etc., however that wasn't the case.  While Debbie was very patient and understanding and Sara feels she certainly deserves a happy hour after that class, the retailers taking it needed a class on threading needles and help figuring out how to use perle cottons.  She was ready to walk out after 15 minutes because the other students questions were grating on her nerves.  Meanwhile, I lsleep all afternoon.  Again  didn't touch a needle, but now that I'm back up...I'm feeling good again so we are about to go shopping the floors early.  Having fun in our last Nashville...will keep you posted.   We're done for the night.  Sara's back is killing her (fortunately I brought my meds which I haven't needed but at least I can let her take them for pain, etc.)  Anyway, once we had eaten we started hitting the vendors who were open tonight.  I had made a list of the vendors who were offering limited edition stuff so we could hit them first, but things got a little testy with Sara (she isn't feeling well I understand) and I could see it wasn't going to end well so I said the hell with it and we headed back to our rooms hopefully so her back can get some relief.   The rooms are so damn hot I was about to have a heat stroke and we had to stand in line  in a couple of rooms...and Sara was so testy everytime I went to order something she didn't want there were words...but really I've tried to get her to order the Lone Elm shaker boxes since this summer and she just wouldn't do it so when I saw their room....well let's just say, we will have the Elm Street boxes in the shop as soon as they ship them.  I got several colors and several sizes and their charts for them which I think were very well done.  But as downhill as things were going I'm so excited with what I've got at this point I'll be going through it all night.  Picking out what I want to work I don't have enough to work on.
It's finally time and the last Nashville market has begun.  While I'm sad it's the last one...crushed really, I am excited about this one.  In preview I've seen a few just "have to have" tonight Sara and I will start our shopping.  Sara actually has a class today.  She signed up for a canvas class since she's never had one so I'll be on my own for a few hours this afternoon.  I plan to sleep and stitch.  Speaking of will see that after a week of trying, I finally finished stitching Barbara Ana's Spring Biscornu last night...and I added a scissor fob besides.  This should have been a 2 day stitch and it's taken me over a week....darn!  But the good news is I get to start a new project...and that is a big whoopee!!!  I wish I had brought my finishing supplies so I could put this together, but at least the stitching is done.  Obviously I am on the road to recovery.  Thank God!  Sara  has discovered that her Halloween piece was making her allergy's flare so she's had to stop working on it.  I begged her to let me finish this piece as I don't want to have to look at it for another 10 years....please already but she said NO!  And we will be leaving here without it finished again.  This is really the project that will not die.  But she's now working on Sherri Jones so we'll see how that goes.  I'll keep you posted...Have a great day.
Spring Biscornu

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We made it......

Neither sleet, snow, rain or hurricane can keep us from our appointed rounds so we arrived in Nashville for the market on Wednesday.  While the drive was drama free and we saw just snow flurries we were both relieved to arrive.  And we were greeted by several designers so that just makes it more exciting.  I'm still feeling a little off and was no help to Sara which I'm sure is making her a little nervous about the show days and my help but it's Thursday morning and I'm feeling a little better this morning....I think...fingers crossed.   I'm being extremely careful about my arm so I haven't stitched as much as I usually do and it's driving me crazy.  What I should have had stitched in 2 days is taking me so much longer....oh, my getting older is really a pain in the ass.  I did finally finish the front side of a Barbara Ana biscornu and now the back I'm hoping to have done today.  Sara is still working on a piece that I swear she only brings out when we go to Nashville and works about 10 minutes on it.  Last night was no different.  I even offered to finish it for her because at some point this project just needs to be done.  And of course we are both looking forward to see what's coming out.  I'm in love with several of the new designs and can't wait for the market to start, although not sure everyone will get here with the snow storm....but I'm ever hopeful.  But today it's our shopping day.  We stopped at the yarn shop on the way down and Sara picked up some new yarns for her projects.  Since I wasn't really feeling up to par,  for the first time ever....I just sat in a chair and looked around from that point.  They did have some looms there that caught my eye, but as Sara kept mentioning when I mentioned them to her....I've already been down that road many years ago and the loom is still sitting in the attic....but these looms were smaller than the one I remember having, and more importantly they are newer.  But we still left without my purchasing one.  And someone brought in their triangular loom which has fascinated me since Pat rented one and managed to weave about 5 shawls in as many and Pat says it was easy so you know that's right up my alley, but the downfall is you have to stand up to use it it's so large (duh, if my butt can't sit my mind won't compute).  But today I have another chance to find something fabulous around the Nashville's hoping, but if I don't....I know several things I'm picking up at the show so my time here will not be wasted.  Anyway, we're having fun so far and I'll keep you posted on what we're finding.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oops...didn't even notice...

I had this on the cutting table during the event last weekend, as I finally finished it into a pillow, (when I was on the finishing binge), and Stasi Buhrman said, "Oh, I did that one a long time ago...oh I put the button on it though."  Oops, since I stitched this years ago when it first came out I didn't even notice that there was something missing...and since Stasi said that... I really don't know what I thought that big empty spot was for...duh!!!!!  But fortunately I can still add the button, but damn it I thought I was finished with it.  Tuesday night at some point I realized my left arm was really painful to move so finally I put down the stitching and decided to give my arm a rest, after all I had been stitching for about 15 hours with only 2 small breaks to eat.  But I got up Thursday and it hurt to even move it so I couldn't stitch at all.  It was  killing me not to stitch and while I tried to concentrate on picking up things and cleaning....(since it didn't hurt if I let me arm just dangle and I could clean with just my right side moving)....but I keep looking at the 2 new projects, well one I started last year in Nashville but had left 2 colors home so stopped working on it altogether and the other is an Easter biscornu from Barbara Ana, which was new to me and just couldn't kick my butt in gear.  I knew with a full day off I could get the darn biscornu finished so this is really driving me crazy.  Damn getting old.  I'm sure if I was just 10 years younger I would be fine. So I managed to accomplish nothing except feeling very sorry for myself.  Since we leave for Nashville next week I thought I could start making lists of what we'd need for that....but no, I just sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and trying to stitch every 1/2 hour only to find that the arm still hurt like hell.  I finally called Sara thinking she was home and had time to listen to me whine only to find that she was out and Pickles Pub with the girls.  She was getting ready to leave and insisted on stopping by to look at me and bring me some heavy duty motrin.  I was so uncomfortable and upset over not being able to stitch that she started googling symptoms (always a problem) and started panicing over what she felt might be the problem.  She focused on it being my left arm and shoulder and heart attack.  By the time she got done panicing, I started and we decided I should get dressed (well change out of the slop I was wearing) and go to the emergency room.  They were having a slow night so I got in right away and saw a doctor who, after an ekg and x'rays decided it was arthritis and sent me home with pain pills and motrins.  Sara then wanted to spend the night but I insisted she go home so I could get some rest and we'd reevaluate the next day.  Friday I didn't come to work, but at 4:00 I had taken a shower and was waiting for Sara to come pick me up for the fiber fest.  We headed for Ruth Chris for dinner since I hadn't had a meal since Sunday and said the hell with the fiber fest as Sara wanted to go to that  on Saturday after work anyway.  I was feeling much better with just a slight twinge in my arm and shoulder.  And here I am today, Saturday, sitting at work and feeling much better except for lingering feelings of  being nauseous.  This getting older is such a pain in my ass....pardon my French.  Anyway, it's cold but we're dry here and no snow for a week so that's a good sign.  While they keep it in the forecast all around us,  we aren't suppose to be getting any...just that blasted rain...but at least that's better than snow.  I'm done, done, done with winter.  I am a bit concerned about heading to Nashville since snow is in the forecast for around there.  Crap...I'm going anyway.  The fiber fest is taking place this weekend in town and we've had some of the knitters in the store and the last two said it was crowded and they had some nice yarn.  It's a small showing as this is the first year but it shows promise.  Sara and I are going up after work and then going to dinner (whoppee)...I'm all about the dinner at this point.  I'm exhausted though and cold so I just want to really go home and go to sleep...but dinner first for sure.  Anyway, I just wanted to check in with everyone.  Have a great weekend and I'll keep you posted.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Fabulous gift......

I just have to show you one of my Christmas gifts (it seems to be never ending....aren't I the lucky one)...from my daughter Sara. (I'm having an issue apparently so the pictures are at the end of this blog).  Sara is in love with the industry just as I am so I always get such wonderful gifts from her (she knows eventually they will all be hers which doesn't lesson the gift of course, but because of that money becomes no so much of an object).  I have two daughters, no sons, but Mary, my youngest, doesn't stitch (how is that possible?).  She knows how, but doesn't really have the bug and thinks it is beautiful but has no real desire to have it hanging in her Sara will obviously be the recipient of all my stash (which is massive..both stitched and not stitched) and anything needlework related.  Anyway, we saw these shaker boxes a few years ago at Jamboree when Debbie Brotzman brought hers in to show and tell.  I about had a fit and immediately hit the computer to order one as Debbie gave me the gentlement's e-mail address.  I never heard back from the man and it was felt that he only sold these at one of the art fairs in the Baltimore area.  I just knew I'd never get one as I don't get to those anymore.  I mourned the loss of it, but of course you move on as you find more items you would love to own as imagine my complete surprise when I opened this Christmas.  Sara had contacted Debbie, who again gave her  the gentlemen's phone number, Sara called him and he said he was displaying at an event  in the Baltimore area and he would have only 4 of these boxes with him so Sara promised him she would have someone there to pick it up so please save one for her.  She then called Debbie who offered to go get it for her....thank you so much are a peach!  And it came to me Christmas morning.  I think the gentlemen referred to it as a jewelry case, but of course any stitcher looks at it as the ultimate container for supplies.  It is so gorgeous and having three trays inside to hold all my goodies in plain sight...well I just love it.  Stitchers...that is what is so marvelous and necessary about going to stitching events where you network with other stitchers.  The information you receive from others is so valuable and then of course, you get to see what lovely items others have found.   And no one is more generous of spirit than a stitcher.  We don't withhold information from each other so we are the only ones with the finds....  Did you ever have someone tell you they wouldn't share a recipe with you because it was a closely guarded family recipe.  With the exception of someone in the restaurant business I simply don't get that.  Stitchers will share ideas, why Shiela Fitzgibbons and Trudy Edwards not only share their fabulous ideas they always make goodies for me as samples of what I can do for events.  And then Debbie's kindness of spirit and energy by picking this up for Sara.    Honestly, if stitchers ruled the world we'd never have we'd have round robins, sleep overs, contests, there would never be a shot fired.  Well it's a nice thought isn't it?  A perfect example was our Superbowl weekend which ended yesterday....except for Debbie Liming who is still enjoying herself even though her partners in crime have gone home.  We had 3 groups who stayed on the property...our Baltimore group in one unit, our Pennsylvania girls in another and this year Stasy Stinson had her group in one of the units as her apartment where they normally stay ran into some frozen pipe problem and the building water supply had been shut off.  So Stasy gave Sara a call to see if her group could stay on the property.  What is fabulous about these 3 groups is this...they all bring food and cook in their units...soups, Cincinnati Chili is always on board for Stasi Buhrman and Debbie Liming, and then they apartment hop all weekend eating each others food, and stitching together, truly becoming friends thru stitching.  It doesn't make any difference if you knew each other before or not.  Why we even had a designer here, Pat Yergey, from Samplers Revisited came in to join Jennifer Humphries with the Baltimore Group.    Of course they also come down to the shop to visit with Sara and I so we are not left out of the fun.   So after 2 weeks of single digit temps, snow and rain, we were in the 50's with plenty of sunshine and had many friends to share it with... it was a wonderful, friends, lots of stitching and plenty of show and tell.  We missed those who weren't here this year and hope that next year you will be able to join us as well.  We had plenty of shoppers in to take advantage of our Superbowl Sale and we are grateful for all of you.  So thank you for stopping by.  The weekend was cut short Sunday as Stasi Buhrman heard the forecast and decided to get back to West Virginia before the first flake fell.  So while she was suppose to stay until Monday she decided to leave a day did Sherry who dashed back to Pennsylvania for the same reason a day early.  Debbie decided since she didn't have to be back at work until Wednesday she'd sit out the storm down here since we are out of the latest snow loop.  I've said no more snow....I'm so over I'm pretty sure the snow God isn't going to drop anymore on us.  We're ready to head for spring.  We're also ready to head to Nashville ....we leave next week and I'm getting excited already.  New Stitching much fun.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 2 Buperbowl Weekend Event....

 Day 1 was filled with stitchers, catching up and to end it all
there was Sara's reception, which I missed because I made the mistake of sitting down on the sofa when I got home and fell asleep only to wake up at 7:59, one hour after the event started so I felt I shouldn't bother.  So I stayed home, popped in a movie and proceeded to stitch.  I also wanted you to see that the snow days were not in vane and I did actually get some work done.  The first finish was a Pine Mountain Valentine Topography.  So finishing that meant popping in a pillow that type of finish.  But I also think this is a very cute pillow.  It was fast, fun and easy...yes the 3 requirements when I'm tired.  The next picture is "Love Bird" which came out a couple of years ago from Just Another Button Company.  I loved him then and I really love him finished in a Crescent Color frame.  The third finish was the Colonial Candle Pocket from Plum Street Sampling as part of their Colonial Gathering Club.  I stitched it in one night (fast and easy) and then put it together the next day.  The directions they included for finishing were easy and I really enjoyed the entire experience.  Glad Sara got me this for Christmas.  The next finish was Noel House by Chessie and Me.  This came as a complete kit so I loved that I didn't have to hunt down the fibers and floss (not that it's that difficult here in the shop but at home it's having to enter my stitching room and sort through containers...ugh).  I loved this stitch on 36 ct., surprisingly as the smaller the count the more difficult with my eyesight.  The colors were beautiful, the stitches were interesting and yet easy to do.  I hate stitching houses but because this was small it didn't bother me.  And to finish it off I made the two pins you see beside it.  Beautiful little pin cushion.  I thought it would make a wonderful Secret Santa gift and actually had it stitched for Christmas but didn't get it put together and thankfully never needed it.  Our day is about to start as stitchers are coming through the door as I type so I'll end here with a Have a great day...ours is sunny, bright and suppose to be in the 50's.  Hope your is too.