Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's been over a month, but I'm here today who knows about tomorrow

I am so far behind, in case you didn't know it, and I won't be catching up on the 3 back to back events today, but had to tell you a funny story. Apparently on Saturday no one felt the importance of telling me about the clocks being turned I didn't see the news on Saturday as my house is a news free zone due to the elections which about did me in. But I digress...anyway, Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn getting ready for church (I go to the 8:00 a.m. service) and ran out of the house at the last minute hoping church was running late as I didn't want to go in after it had started. I arrived at church at 8:00, felt there was low attendance as there were only a few cars on the street. I climbed the stairs and found the doors locked which gave me pause and then I thought, "could this be the turn back the clock Sunday." I went around to the back door and it too was locked so I figured it was and decided to turn the day around by going to Dunkin Donuts ...yes I can always turn my negatives into a positive if food is introduced. Since I didn't like the slacks I had on as they were too long I decided to then go home and change. An hour later I returned to church, no one the wiser. Although the minister did mention he was glad to see that everyone remembered to turn their clocks back (I acted like I was one of the wiser ones and didn't mention my earlier arrival.) Since my day was so traumatic by 8:00, I decided I would take a day off and sit at home and stitch on my Christmas gifts. So I returned home, got into my P.J.'s and slippers, turned on a movie, got out my stitching and then mentally thought about calling the shop at 10:00 to let them know where I would be. As I'm thinking about the shop I remembered I hadn't done payroll, so I put on a jacket and went to the shop in my P.J.'s. Pat happen to be there so I felt I had to explain my attire. In fact I told her about the morning I had so we could all laugh about my stupidity. I then went home and had a day off...oh my, you know it felt good. Monday I got to work, worked a little while in the office and then went to open the shop. Sara had said she would open, but I noticed she hadn't shown up so I decided to just do it myself, secretly cursing her and mumbling all sorts of negatives as I put the flags out, etc. I'm standing behind the counter thanking my lucky stars I had come into the shop since Sara hadn't bothered, when I noticed the clock said 9:00 a.m. It took me only a moment to realize that I again looked at my kitchen clock which hadn't been turned back and came to work. So again, I was an hour early. So I closed the shops back up and went to the office. An hour later I arrived back at the shop and Sara also arrived (I take back every nasty thing I was thinking and some I said.) As I opened up Sea Traders door Pat was walking up the ramp. I said to her, "You are not going to believe this, but I did the time thing again this morning and opened the shops at 9:00 thinking it was 10:00" I'm laughing that this could happen to me twice when Pat said, "Well, that's why I'm here. I wanted to tell you that we forgot yesterday and Connie and I closed the shops at 3:00 p.m., thinking it was 4:00 p.m. When I arrived home I wondered why Bill wasn't ready to go out to dinner and found him in the shower. He asked what I was doing home and I said it was 4:00. He said it is not, it's 3:00. So I ran back to the shops to open them again." After she had said that much I said, "Pat, I can't believe you came back. I would have just said the heck with it." And then Pat informed me as she was putting the flags out 2 women came up and said, "Oh are you closing?" And then Pat said, "No actually I'm opening." Then she told them the story so they had a good laugh. Then Pat called Connie who went directly to her rug hooking retreat from work and as soon as Connie answered she said "it was your fault Pat." Apparently Connie found out while sitting at the tea served at the Dunes Manor from 2-4 everyday (I think those are the hours.) Connie turned to the lady sitting beside her and said, "They must have extended the hours of the tea today." To which the woman said, "No they serve until 4:00". After a little confusion Connie realized she had arrived around 3 instead of an hour later. So, as you can tell we are not working like a well oiled machine as yet, but at least we're here trying. Now that I'm back, I'll give you reports on our events later. Right now I have to get some office work done.

Have a great day and a better evening.