Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Those Housewives are a red hot mess!

My God, this has become my favorite passtime tracking those idiot Housewives. These women are so delusional that they actually think everyone aspires to be just like them. I watch to make sure I'm nothing like them, and if I see a trait I recognize in myself, well, folks, I'm going to make sure that trait is never seen again. The worst offenders in my opinion are Alex and Simon from the New York Housewives. Why these two don't move to Europe and get out of our lives I do not know...since they seem to think anything French is golden. Last night we were once again treated to the sight of Simon in a speedo (God help us all I almost stuck a knife in my eyes)...why this man thinks he should wear such a thing is beyond me, but in this case he goes on about what prudes we are in the U.S. and therefore he would have to put on board shorts...but if you weren't watching...he strips down to his speedo on the beach and then puts the shorts on. So we still had to see him in speedos (oh, my...not a good look). Board Shorts are just that...shorts for the water. Most men walk around in board shorts if they are going to the beach...perfectly acceptable...but no not this idiot...he wears shorts to the beach, takes them off and then puts on board shorts. All to show us his pasty white muscleless body. Simon...feel it's my civic duty to tell you that you need to keep your clothes on at all times as your body is less than ideal. You know, while I realize men wear speedos in Europe without a second thought and no one seems to notice, but when in "Rome do as the Romans" and so while in the states, you need to keep the old banana hammock in the drawer. In Ocean City our lifeguards were required to wear red speedo's and I'm telling you none of them wore them past the stand or in the water. They always put board shorts on over them the minute they walked away from the lifeguard stand...and these guys are tanned, muscular, and most of them incredibly attractive. So, Simon even they can't carry off speedo's so why do you think you can? And since he and Alex only care about status...well, they are never going to make it anyway into wear whatever and let us make fun of you. That keeps me occupied and off the streets. While Alex always wears a bikini, this pretentious jackass prances around like a show horse....and yet she's unattractive and rail thin. Her hair is always uncoifed, her makeup is bad, and her taste sucks. While I hate to agree with Ramona...these 2 are creepy. It's a good thing they are so hung up on each other because I don't think anyone else could stand them. And then we have the countess who said last week she didn't like people who thought they were better than everyone else...and yet if you forget to put Countess in front of her name she has a hissy fit. Last night she attended a Cancer Benefit in which she and her husband were honored and she had a fit because she didn't hear the hostess announce her as Countess LouAnn Delasup or whatever the hell her name is. Meanwhile she was so busy talking she didn't hear the woman announce her as Countess, like anyone else gives a damn. So then she goes up on stage and tells everyone else to shut up so they could hear that she is a countess. I mean people...what the hell is wrong with these people. I know some people who are fairly full of themselves, but in my small burg I have never met anyone like these people....I started to say ladies, but I'm pretty sure they aren't. I'm starting to like Jill, simply because she knows she's full of shit and says what she means, regardless of who gets in the way. I can appreciate honesty. While Ramona rages on about Alex and Simon, she looks like she's had a little too much work done and her eyes look like a deer caught in headlights....maybe if these women bothered to age gracefully they wouldn't have that appearance...but that isn't going to happen with Ramona. She's going to nip, tuck and suck until her family won't recognize. So I had 2 full hours to watch of these housewives and got more stitching done on the Heart's Content clamp pin cushion. Each time I pick it up my stomach does a little flip and my shoulders tighten up and my hand cramps, but after stitching for a few minutes I lighten up and I'm thrilled with what I'm getting done. I am on track...but I have to work on #6 stocking too before the end of the week...O.K., pressure is mounting. I can do it, I can do it. Got up this morning to temps in the 20's...crap it's too damn cold. But a promise of rising temps to the 50's is encouraging. When does spring start? I need at least 60's to feel human again, although tucked away in my little NR/Office is very comfortable. Well, I've got to get ready to go to the away from home I'll sign off. Have a great day...remember tonight it's Top Chef finale...oh, my this will be fun. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My friend Shiela F., sent me the following obituary after my blog rant...I had no idea it had died, but I have to say...that does explain an awful lot of the crap I've witnessed.

An Obituary printed in the London Times - Interesting and sadly rather true.

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;

Why the early bird gets the worm;

Life isn't always fair;

and maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun tan lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason. He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers;I Know My Rights, I Want It Now, Someone Else Is To Blame, and I'm A Victim. Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

I sure do miss ole Common Sense. I frankly feel we should be able to start "bitch slapping" anyone who can't recall Common Sense until they remember it and start applying it in their life. O.K., I suppose we have to go to Washington to try to get this made into a law...oops, they are part of the problem...I'm not sure they can be part of the solution until we clean them up. I guess it's up to you and I. God this is exhausting already...perhaps this will have to be put on the back burner until summer.

Lawyers...are you kidding me?

O.K., I'm sitting here trying to work on the website and I made the mistake of turning on the T.V. They are reporting on the Pennsylvania child, age 11, who shot and killed his father's fiance who was 9 months pregnant while she slept, which led to her death and the death of the unborn child. The child has said he did it and then he went to school. And his lawyer says he is innocent and can't wait for his day in court. O.K., I don't need to go on a rant here, but perhaps I have to. I'm pretty sure when they wrote the constitution they were trying hard to keep things fair. So of course, it is necessary for everyone to be represented in court, no matter what they do. But I don't think the original intent was to excuse the guilty party. While it is certain that this young child needs mental help, he says he did it, I'm not saying strap him in a chair and turn on the electricity, but I am saying it isn't helpful when adults let a child think his actions don't have a negative reaction. He would be better served if he was put in a facility that cared for and took care of young people in trouble and serve his time, get the therapy he so certainly needs. This is, in my opinion, what is so wrong with our legal system. Instead of stating that the young man is guilty, but clearly doesn't understand the ramifications of what he did and is seeking mental help for him, the lawyer just states he's innocent, as if that makes it true. It just makes me crazy to see lawyers twist things around to get guilty people off. I realize that's a 2 way street, and I don't think that's right either...again lawyers. If we all started off on a completely truthful level, everyone would be better served. I'm so disgusted with anything dealing with federal, state, city government and now the court system. Honestly the world has gone nuts! We are replacing.....replacing....steps going down to the Bikini Shoppe...a total of probably 12 steps....that were already in place but needing replacing. The building inspector came by Friday, looked, said nothing. But he came back Monday and said the work had to stop and they needed to pull a permit at city hall. (most people do this work on weekends so they don't have to deal with this crap.) Anyway, Vernon went down to city hall and there he was told he not only needed the permit, but he needed to get an architect in on the job, etc. An architect...will someone give me a friggin break already. Now they are not only trying to screw us for $50-75, but now they want us to get an architect's bill as well. Needless to say, Vernon came back to the office, threw the check on the desk and said, "I'm done with these guys, we're going to do the work another way so that we won't have to pull the's ridiculous. It use to be that work done under a certain dollar amount didn't need a permit pulled, but the city decided they were losing too much money so now if you put in a new light figure you need to get a permit apparently. Honestly, it is just maddening. Not only that but that apartment building on the corner has completely sided their building, well not completely, but they've done 2 sides so far on weekends with no permits. Who's paying whom is what I ask. I know someone is getting kickbacks or just plan pocketing money in this town...which building inspectors are getting richer is the question. God, as if I'm not frustrated enough, they've got the octuplet mother on T.V. for the umpteenth time. Will someone please shut this woman up! Talk about a mental case. 14 kids, single, no job, living with her mother, taking food stamps as well as money for her two disabled children, but saying she's taking no tax payer dollars...please, reality check. I thank God every day this woman is not related to me...she is an embarassment to women everywhere. The right to have children is every woman's right. The right to have litters of children when you can neither afford them nor take care of them properly is not a personal right. But what can we do? This was the most irresponsible thing I've heard of in a long time. What kind of doctor would do this? Especially with her parents sitting there telling the doctor it wasn't a good idea as she already had 6 children she couldn't afford. I say if you can afford them have all you want, single or otherwise, but if you don't have a home, money, job, medical insurance, etc., then you don't have the right to burden society anymore than it's already burdened. I'm sick of women talking about their right to have children and then when they are questioned about their ability to take care of the children they ask "what would you have me do kill my children?" Arguing with her mother (who's had to help support the family she has since the first 6 were born), that's what she kept talking about. When the mother told her she had other options, the idiot just kept talking over her about killing the embros. Honestly, I'd like to pull her through the T.V. and beat some sense into her. Although I doubt anyone could do that...I think she's too far gone. I will say she is articulate....brain damaged but articulate. The world is going to hell in a hand basket people, so hang's going to be a bumpy ride. And make sure you have your needlework with you because you are going to need it. I started working on the Maureen Appleton clamp pin cushion...."Sampler Bits", over one on 40ct. God, what was I thinking. At first I thought, I'm not going to be able to do this. I'm using not only my peepers, but the Day light magnifier and light as well. I'm also using the half cross. I tried doing the full cross and it was impossible for me on 40 ct., so I'm not going to beat myself up, I'm going to do what I have it's what Maureen does, so it isn't wrong. It's just that I usually don't use half crosses even when they call for it. I love the full cross instead. But 40 ct....well I have to do what I'm capable of doing. Once I got the first image done I ended up doing 2 more before I gave up for the night. At first I thought I'd do just one little image a night, but doing 3 has given me new least 3/night and I should have it done this week. Can't guarantee it, but that's my goal. That means of course, that I haven't done my 6th stocking. I will have to do it though before the end of the month so I don't fall behind. I'm on a mission now...31 stockings to go....Well, it's almost 9:00 a.m., and I have to get to work. Work certainly interferes with my needlework joy...but I'll talk later. I need to go deal with the different governments. Have a great day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oops....not again!

Friday morning as I was making my way to the bathroom at 3:31 a.m., I couldn't resist the call of the computer in my new needlecraft room. In fact I think the room has infused me with a new needlework mentality...I can't seem to stitch fast enough or get enough projects done, but I digress. Anyway, I went on line and low and behold another message from Milady's Needle regarding a mistake in the error message from the night before. Normally this wouldn't fill me with dismay, but knowing our Candi W. has started this project gave me pause. So when Candi showed up Friday (which she never does...she's a Sunday visitor) I didn't forget to ask her if she had read my blog regarding the Acorn Box, and she said "yes, but I got an e-mail from the designer as well, and I e-mailed you about that." I am astounded and thrilled to report that Gloria, from Milady's Needle, took the time and trouble to (I'm assuming) google Acorn Box, found Candi had written about it on her own blog and she then e-mailed Candi directly and let her know that the symbols she corrected the first time were wrong and gave Candi the correction to the correction (after e-mailing the first correction, she found that it was wrong as well.) Then I found that Gloria had also e-mailed me. So I have to say while I've always loved Milady's Needle designs, and have stitched a few, I'm more than impressed with Gloria herself. She took the time to try to reach out to anyone who had started stitching this project instead of just sending out a mass correction. That was going beyond what is normally done so I want to say Kudo's to Gloria for understanding what "customer service" really is. Now the correction to the correction for anyone who hasn't posted on line to alert Gloria....The solid square on the graph represents the Red Fox (darker color). The plus symbol on the graph represents the Rustique (lighter color). Fortunately, Candi didn't even look at the symbols, since there were only 2 colors used she looked at the picture so she was using the correct color already. Candi also brought in her finished and framed "Snapperbets." Candi is a fast stitcher, like her mother Linda W., and like her mother she is allowing us to use her pieces for samples. It's such a generous thing to do and just one of the reasons we love these two ladies. I've got to find that darn camera...Sara said she'd lend me one of hers (one of them...the girl has 2 and still won't give one up)...but she's afraid I'd lose it (don't know what would give her that idea). Anyway, as I straighten up my closets and cabinets I'm hoping to unearth it...and then I'll show pictures of all these things...but in the meantime they are hanging in the shop. Candi also brought her computer to help teach me a couple of things. We had a fun afternoon. And before she left I also had her working with a customer (I'm not above using my friends as employees). Because I was playing with Candi I didn't get to work on my Blackbird stockings, but no problem, I did work on it when I got home and managed to finish #4. Oh, my victory..... will be mine. I'm determined to get 36 done by December....oh, my Charlie Brown tree is going to be a wonder(and that's going to take some doing believe me). I am enjoying these stockings so much that I finished a 5th one yesterday and since I finished it by 2:00 in the shop I pulled one of the Lamb Bag's from Shepherd's Bush and finished stitching that by 4:00. I think these bags that they now do are cute and a good alternative for the old Easter Basket. I mean how many baskets does one need. Oh, my God, I'm getting to be like the stitchers on the World's Largest Collection web site. It's seriously exciting. I was so proud of myself I decided I could go back to working on my Christmas Quaker by ByGone Stitches. I'm loving that as much as always. But I have to tell you that Maureen Appleton's Sewing Clamp is calling my name. So tonight I'm going to work on a gift to myself for getting these stockings done. One more and I'm up to date since there are 3 per month. So if you haven't started yours, and you have your charts, come on and catch up with me. We're have our own stitch a long. Other than that, the weekend was a little slow. Weather was a little strange, bright sunshine at times and the next thing you know it was cloudy....but it was cold all weekend. Never got above 38 degrees (O.K., for those of you with a foot of snow this might be a little ridiculous, but for us this is cold). While the Northeast got hammered with snow, we had a sprinkle of rain last night. We had more of the Nashville market show up on's like Christmas for us, but it's still not all here so we're keeping our fingers crossed for today's arrival. AmazingRace update.... While I love hollywood as much as the next guy, I can't stand watching the awards shows because of the bullshit factor, although these guys don't start their speaches with thanking the guy upstairs. That amazes me at the Grammys that every rapper thanks the Big Guy upstairs, My God, whatever like that will make their records talking about tramps, whores, drugs etc., less degrading. Like God is up there listening to their songs about bitches and condoning it. O.K., I digress yet once again. Let's just say I find out on-line who won, who looked like they got dressed in the dark and who looked gorgeous. So I try to watch anything but awards. Like last week, the couple who made me just shake my head was the married couple, Linda and Steve. Was there anyone less prepared to do this race than Linda. But did Steve scream and yell at and for that they took my heart. She was crying like a baby when she took the wrong road (which we all knew she would...apparently she has never been further than her back yard before) and was concerned that he was going to yell at her. But when they finally met up, he acknowedged that he knew she did the best that she could and that she wasn't really good with directions (considering this entire show is based on directions perhaps they should have rethought getting involved). Anyway, after they were eliminated, he spoke of her with such love that I was taken back. They may have seemed like they were from the hills, but what they did know was the meaning of marriage, loyalty, and what is important in life. They never mentioned the money once at the end. So my opinion of them changed abruptly....I'm sorry they are gone and pray they win a lottery somewhere. They truly desire it. And the two stewardesses...well let's just say, for two people who thought they were going to breeze through this because they were so use to traveling that they knew all the ins and outs...these two are clueless. They've proven that they can't read directions, follow signs or anything else. When one of them said, "I really feel like a dumb blonde" she could not have expressed my opinion more. Unlike the other seasons, these folks haven't started fighting yet. But I'm sure it's only a matter of time. After that my night was a blurr of going to the needlework room and putting something away and then deciding I really wanted to stitch, so I walked a lot (oh, my own idea of an exercise program) and got little done. I really can't say that because I did get another area of my Christmas Quaker done. Anyway, I've got to get ready to go to work so I'm going to say Goodbye for now...have a great day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oops....a mistake is found

For those who already purchased "Acorn Box" by Milady's Needle (and I mean Candi W.) I just received an e-mail regarding a mistake. I'm saddened by this knowing that Candi has already done the border...and I'm hoping no more. But the chart shows a mixup in symbols.

The symbol S should be for Red Fox and the symbol + should be for Rustique. They are the other way around in the pattern.

My suggestion for Candi would be let the border stay as it is and just change the colors on the rest of the pattern....40 ct...crap! According to Milady's Needle this chart was checked by numerous people and no one realized the mix-up. Someone stitched the entire piece and contacted them to ask why theirs looked so different. But I often change the colors on a piece so I'm not sure I'd even care....but it's something to keep in mind if you decide you want this kit. O.K., I am updating from my new office/master bedroom. I've been in this apartment since my father died...remember we all switched residences and I took Sara's old apartment as it was the smallest one (3 bedroom..2 bath). I got the rest of the apartment straightened out (just this winter I might add after 3 years?) except for the master bedroom which I couldn't make a decision about. I figure at 60 this is my last move, my last bedroom to do so I was certainly taking my time, and everytime anyone mentioned my "storeroom/master bedroom" I just kept saying, "I'm only going to do this once so I want to make sure what goes in there...I can't decide between a bedroom and a needlework/office room." While I was in Nashville, Sara instructed Vernon and John they had one week to put in the wall unit I talked, paint and install. So as usually happens with us, they built the bottom part of the unit off site and when they brought it in to place it they couldn't get it from the hall into the bedroom due to the size of the unit so they ended up cutting it in half to get it in. After that I think it was pretty smooth sailing. I spend a hour or so each morning going through all the "crap" that's been moved out in order to get the cabinet placed and it's huge. I love this unit. I now have my computer station set up and work in here each morning before actually going to my office. And seeing the shelves after I put something on them is even exciting (apparently I have no life at all). Anyway, this is making it easier to work from home on the web site, which I update now every day. Yes, I'm in heaven in my workspace and can't wait each day to get in here. Of course now I have to get new furniture to go with my new wall unit. Oh, my as soon as I find my camera I'm going to show you this baby because it's perfect...big enough to hold just about all my needlework stuff...well, almost, but I think I can at least get it out of the walk in closet and shove in these cabinets....after going through it all again. It's like Christmas everytime I open a bag. Gotta run, work is calling. Well, I hadn't been at work 5 minutes when I had to run over to the shop and check the Shepherd's Bush rack for someone....and when I was done checking I found I had pulled 8 kits for myself...yes, 8 kits for Easter and spring. Thank God I've got the new wall unit at my house, now if I could only find more hours in the day I might actually get a couple of these stitched. STOCKING COUNT: 3, yes folks, I stitched another Blackbird stocking last night so now I've done Januarys and will begin on Februarys. I'm going to get 36 done I'm telling you that now...I guarantee it...and if I don't I'm going to lie about it and say I did. So unless you see pictures (I'll have to borrow a camera if I don't find mine) don't believe a word I say. But seriously, the ladies at Stitch 'n Bitch saw the first 2 and I'll have all 3 or more in the shop on weekends so you can check on me untill I get the pictures up. I've had several people go on the automatic for these book (for those who haven't received yours yet, they are coming...I should get the shipment by the end of this have time to catch up). I was going to use the fabrics and fibers they suggested, however, last night I found I didn't have all the fibers (how is that possible?) so I just pulled what was close in color and I've done all of mine on just 1 of the suggested fabrics. I'm loving them though and plan to do another one tonight. That will give me something to do while I wait for SURVIVOR to come on. Got to watch that yelling at them from my sofa I give them strength to carry on. (God, if only that would work I could rule the world...along with a million other people). Anyway, I'm about to head out to the grocery store to get in some munchies to keep me happy so I'll talk more tomorrow unless Survivor forces me to go on-line. Keep your needles moving ladies and gentlemen(Hi Greg M.) and I'll talk to you later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you weren't here you missed another Stitch 'n Bitch

That's right, Stitch 'n Bitch was tonight and we had some new faces, Eileen, Cindy and Brenda came down from Rehoboth and joined our crew, Jennifer, Hedy, Pat, Kay, Linda, Candy, Joyce, Connie, Sara and yours truly. We have so much fun at these meetings, we really do solve all the world's problems and at the same time get some stitching in (O.K., I've yet to pick up a needle at one of these meetings, but my stitching is there if the mood strikes.) Jennifer brought in her show and tell...Lauren's Jamboree chair from last year finished and put together, as well as a Sajou tin with a stitched top (over one no less)...beautiful. Beth brought in her Eileen Bennett piece and she was almost finished with it. Candy had already finished her Bent Creek Alphabet piece and it's at the framers, so tonight she brought in her Shepherd's Bush piece which she has just started and during the evening worked on a new piece, Acorn box, from Milady's Needle, over 2 on 40 ct. (oh my aching eyeballs)...and she got the border done on that at the meeting...on 40 magnifier or light...oh, to be young again. Hell I not only use peepers now, but I also use a dazor light and a magnifer. Mercy, getting old is a bitch. Since this was the first time the girls had been in since we returned from Market, we had a market night. It was so much fun seeing what the girls picked out and getting excited over the new things from market all over again. I had my two Blackbird Stockings at Stitch 'n Bitch and are they cute.....and one night per night people...I know I'll have 36 done by Christmas...they are easy and cute. Now putting them together may just drive me nuts, but I'm determined and if I give in I've always got Caroline who will take care of the "assembling ", she is my port in the storm. And Pat W. supplied the strawberry shortcake, as well as cheese and crackers for the snack...yummm! I have to say, our food is always good and well can't be a meeting without food, can it? I know for us it can't be, in fact I think we just bring in our stitching to work on while we eat. We are missing a few of our ladies, Jackie J. is still recuperating from surgery...we miss you Jackie, and Ellen was back up in New York...we can't seem to coordinate the meeting with Ellen being here...but perhaps next month. The meeting broke up a little early since American Idol has the ladies in a's always some show and if 2 shows are on Tuesday that they want to watch...well watch out! Sara rushed out thinking she would miss the 1st of the Housewives of Orange County, however, I arrived home in time to see it and I left 1/2 hr later. Speaking of which, these broads are a red hot mess and the New York housewives which followed at midnight are in even worse shape. What I love is Ramona on the New York housewives was saying how she would never have spoken to a reporter and make a negative comment which would end up in the New York papers because it would be rude. However, that idiot has no problem making an ass of herself on national t.v. which goes out to a much larger audience than a New York paper. I mean, need a reality check. Not only do the rest of us, who are truly ladies ...O.K. I realize my membership in the Ladies Club is perhaps in danger of being cancelled however I shall still speak for us all...never ever want to be like you....we have the sense to stay off away from television cameras that follow your ever move. I mean we aren't ladies all of the time, especially in our own homes....but out in public we at least try. The Housewives, and I speak about all of them, are so egotistical, they think what they have to say is of the utmost importance. You know ladies, we are laughing at you...not with you. Now if you haven't tuned into this fiasco yet, Bravo folks on Tuesday night for the greatest laugh of the week. It will make your world seem so much better seeing the crap these girls throw around. I'm sure the real ladies of New York are embarrassed and cringing everyweek but I'm also certain their T.V.'s are turned to the Bravo channel....not that any of them would even admit to it. That's where we differ....I'll admit to it, roll around it, relish it, and then report to you on it. This is too much of a "hoot" to miss. When the reality shows started I was one who booed the trend. "Who wants reality?" I said...."I want to escape the problems of my life with mindless T.V." well, the worm has turned and if it's reality vs. regular programming, well I may be embarrassed to admit this, but I'm tuned to the reality show, and I come away feeling so much better about myself and my life. Oh, for instance, Vicki on Orange County housewives last night telling the entire world she bought herself a Rolex (like who gives a crap but Vicki)...not her husband, mind you, but she bought it for herself. And she was telling and showing everyone at the party (like they gave a crap)...and Tamra showing the diamond bracelet her husband purchased for her (for her birthday 3 days earlier but he just gave it to her coincidently when the T.V. cameras were there at a party for the housewives..yea that's a big surprise), to everyone telling everyone what a great guy he was...and then when Gretchen, the newest housewife, gets a gift from her dying fiance at the party and wants to show it to everyone, Tamra and Vickie don't want to go see it (a pink Harley) because as they said, "Gretchen has to be the center of attention everywhere she goes and it's ridiculous..." and yet they were doing exactly the same thing. Vickie is so bad at having to be the center of her universe and everyone elses, that people are now telling her that. God, help these women....they really do get more obnoxious every year. I have to wonder....when they watch these episodes (and we know that they do love to see themselves on T.V.) do they see what the rest of us see. Frankly since this is on the 3rd or 4th season, they apparently do not, because they've only gotten worse. While I know my mother looks at me and shakes her head, I know she is thankful I have not chosen to join up with one of these crews. While we all need money to survive, at least it is not the central theme in my life, although my bank and my accountants wish I would put more emphasis on it, but it's just not that important to me. I was in business for at least 10 years when my accountant asked if I was using Salty Yarns as a write off. "What" I asked, and he said, "Look, you haven't made money in 10 years, you have to be using it to write off money you are making somewhere else." As stupid as I was I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, but it was at that point that I knew I had to get serious about the business and buckle down or I had to give it up. I chose to buckle down and I would like to think today that the accountant (if he was still with me) would think I was doing O.K. However, my new accountant wants me to give up the shop as well because it doesn't make enough. And you know telling the bank and the accountant that I wasn't interested in putting thousands of dollars, or millions (like that would happen) in the bank, I just wanted to pay my bills, save a little for vacations and live my life. Somehow that does compute with them...but I'm doing it my way anyway...until my friendly IRS agent comes to the door to take me away. Yes, and that could be any day. They are now contacting me on a weekly basis looking for past tax forms which they say I haven't filed. While I couldn't find one from 1998 and finally just sent a check and said get off my back, I've been able to find all the rest along with the cancelled checks...but I'm sure I'll get 10 more notices on each one before the end is here. Crap...and my tax dollars pay for this harassment...I find all of this hard to take. Well, I've got to run and get to work to find more tax forms to copy, so I'll end here with a "have a great day" and try to fit some stitching in.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Survivor time again!!!!!

I've got the T.V. on, and I'm excited to have Survivor back, but while I wait for it to come on I thought I'd fill you in on our activity...we've been working like dogs getting the Nashville "stuff" out for the weekend. It's exhausting...and fortunately we priced almost everything in Nashville (I lug printer, computer, etc., and do the tickets and Sara gets the tickets on the "stuff" while we are in our rooms at night), well we priced everything Saturday night, but on Sunday I wanted to stitch so we have been doing that here. And orders are coming in everyday, we've gotten our Bent Creek automatic, Homespun Elegance auto, Weeks Dye Works, oh, I can't think what all we've received but now that's combined with what we brought back. But we should be done in a day or two so I look forward to that. One of the problems we have is we unpack a bag and then we have to look at everything again, and then of course we are busy stuffing things into bags to take home. Honestly, I don't know what I think I'm doing with all this, every other piece I say I'll sample that and we all know I haven't done all the samples from 3 years ago, let alone getting them done for this year. Sara just looks at me and laughs each time I put another chart in my bag. I did finish another one last night, that brings it to 3 since Saturday, but of course they were all easy. I've abandoned, yet again, my big pieces, but I'm seriously praying I get back to them soon, as I love them. And as soon as I locate my camera again I'll show you my progress. Honestly, I should hang the camera around my neck and never take it off I lose it so often, but Christmas I was just throwing stuff in cabinets before people arrived so God only knows where I'll find it. I've had several calls about the Little House Needleworks Travelers Stitching Case which was sold out at market, they didn't make enough (no big surprise) and we never got any to begin with. I've contacted Hoffman who indicated they would not have more but then I also contacted the makers and they said there wouldn't be any more made.(perhaps they shouldn't have let Little House put their name on the package). They are coming out with a Spring collection and I've signed up for that. I figure I can change the colors on the chart to match that case when it arrives. I can't understand why they didn't include directions to make the bag and needlecase since the design is cute and since it's a Little House design they had to know everyone would want it. I think it was short sighted of someone, and yes, I realize you could figure it out yourself, if you knew how to use a machine, but that's like too much work for me...I need directions, and ready made would be even better. TV Alert....O.K., I'm starting to see who I believe will be going home....the coach is absolutely going to be a jackass, all knowing, of course I could be wrong, but the minute someone thinks they have all the answers I don't like them. I felt sorry for the 2 that were voted on to begin with and thrilled when they ended up being flown to the campsite instead of having to hike....I only hope they last more than 1 day. O.K., so they just did the challenge and who did good...the older lady...and I bet they still try to get her out. I have to wonder though, why the hell she doesn't know what pace means....10 paces..for God's sake why doesn't she know that? Well, will wonders never cease...Sandy is still on the team. Well, good start. Can't wait to see what next week brings. I've been busy getting product on the web site, but I realize I'm not working fast enough...if you see something you want and I don't have it up yet, don't worry, just e-mail me ....and I'll ship it because chances are it's here. I beg you not to use the response on the web site as I haven't a clue where those go. I've yet to get one...somewhere my response e-mail from the web site is definitely piling up. Anyway, have a great to you later.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh, No....I forgot something important....

I was sitting in the bathroom where I do most of my important thinking and realized as I ran through my list of "to do's" for tomorrow that I forgot the cart I roll from room to room to put all the bags, etc., in. During the show I lug the stuff, O.K., I don't personally carry the bags, I've always let the cart to that, so now I'm panicing. Then I also realized that we slept through the times where I could pick up my Kelmscott order early. Honestly, today has been a wasted day. When we got up this morning and connected (Sara and I get separate rooms to maintain our sanity)...we decided that we would have a mini retreat today and not even go outside. I mean a day of stitching and good company...well it doesn't get any better. Of course I stitched about 1 small motif before I started clacking away on the computer, but Sara stitched so I feel we did O.K. All that clacking made me tired so around 1:30 after a lovely lunch of lobster and salad I needed a nap. The lobster is of course the now famous $242 lobster from last night. Sara and I grabbed about 12 pats of butter this morning and I proceeded to melt it in a mug over a candle while Sara went downstairs for the salad. When she returned I explained that the candle went out and I needed matches...Sara said, "What are you doing." I replied, "I'm melting the butter", and then Sara said, "Well why aren't you using the microwave?" To which I said, "Microwave...oops, I didn't realize we had one." If you have never been in an Embassy Suites, let me explain that the living room area isn't huge, it's not like you can't see what's in the room, and in fact our bar is set up right under the microwave. I clearly am too old to be here. Sitting in my chair I can touch the microwave and yet I'm melting butter in a coffee mug over a candle like I'm Indiana Jones, and not getting the job done to boot. Anyway, once we melted the butter, (Sara took over the job since she could clearly see that I'm way out of my element here), and sat down to eat it was delicious, but again, it wasn't worth $242. But now we've made 2 meals out of it, really 3 because Sara ate half so we can say it was $80 per meal and I still think it's overpriced. Lesson learned....when it says Market Price ask what the hell the market price is. Tonight we are joining Linda from Chessie and Me and her friend and going to a restaurant they always go to. I think I might be safe, although tonight I plan to look carefully at the menu, I might even put my glasses on, before I order. That darn Sara is still laughing at me...and you know I can't stand that! But with today being a rest day, and I took a good nap, I'll be ready to roll out of here without a cart (but I'm thinking of taking my suitcase), and start my Nashville from room to room, checking out what everyone else is getting and making sure I get some too. There are several new companies here and several old companies not here so we might actually find something we haven't seen before. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...although there are more needlepoint companies than ever before....and I don't usually do much with them...but then again there are some yarn companies...and I intend to see them and of course all the designers....can't wait for the Petit Etui....oh, I'm excited. I probably won't be on line later on tonight because I want to get plenty more I'm saying good night for now, unless something happens tonight at which point I won't be able to resist coming back on-line, but I'll definitely post tomorrow night after running the floors. Have a great night! Keep those needles moving....

Oops...I'm so not computer savvy...

O.K., as I published the blog, and was checking all the saved blogs never published I noticed "comments" had been added. I have to tell you folks, I had no idea anyone had even commented so imagine how thrilled I was to hear from you. Thanks so much for commenting and I'll try to get more "with it" in the future. I need to figure all this out. I find it a miracle each time I learn something. I feel so stupid at times, oh, hell I feel stupid most of the time. In fact, I've gone through most of the past 24 hours with Sara behind me after we meet someone whispering in my ear who I was just talking to. Of course all the designers we've had in Ocean City I can recall, but the others, it's a crap shoot. So Sara is my eyes and my ears at this point since it's going as well, which at times I'm thankful for. Anyway ladies, we're gearing up...reading over materials and getting the computer and printer ready to fly.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Superbowl Weekend Extravaganza!!!!

Yes, I know this should have come before the Nashville start, but I didn't have time. But as I sit here in my room in Nashville, I want to thank all those who made the weekend such a success for us. The ladies on retreat during the weekend are shown in the picture, a wonderful group and lots of fun. Stitchers started arriving last Wednesday, Debbie, L, Phyllis Y, and Janie Mae arrived first. Thursday Kay F., Kathie R., Jean arrived. And Friday everyone else pulled in. Stacy S., was hosting her own retreat with Sandy J., Jane and Marnie from the Delaware Valley Guild, and those ladies were coming down to join the retreats we had at our place. It was a retreat extravaganza....the more the merrier. Friday night we held a double birthday celebration for Kay F., and Phyllis Y. Sara and Mary and I had been cooking for days. Oh, I have to tell you a couple of funny stories...when Sara was at the funeral for Vernon's mother, one of the ladies served Chicken Salad, but told Sara she didn't put "waterchestnuts" in it because a lot of people were allergic to nuts so she didn't want to take a chance on someone having an allergic reaction. Sara still laughs everytime she tells the story. Obviously the woman doesn't have a clue what waterchestnuts are, but it certainly picked up the funeral reception for Sara. Anyway, back to our reception. Kathy R., had brought a cake she had made for Kay. It was very much Kay with quilt blocks surrounding the cake. Very pretty. But how she got the cake to the party is the funniest story. She went to pick it up (after the ice storm in her area) and the woman who made it lived on top of a hill. Kathy couldn't get her car to navigate the hill, it kept sliding down and she couldn't leave the cake as she had told me I didn't need to make the cake for Kay as she was bringing it. She finally grabbed a blanket from her car, walked up the hill, got the cake, then sat on the blanket with the boxed cake in her arms and slide down the hill. She almost slid right under her car but was able to grab it in time. I'm telling you, that's dedication...I think I would have just stopped at Food Lion and called it a day. Anyway, I had to tell you that because I still get a chuckle out of it. I think the majority of the ladies had a good time...there were a couple of hiccups, but when you have so many different personalities together there are bound to be a few hiccups. But it was a glorious weekend, the weather was wonderful, sunny and cool, but sunny. While it was hectic for Sara, dealing with not only the retreat but the funeral as well, she still managed to get through it beautifully. The weekend moved along at a fast pace, with retreaters in an out of the shop all day long, except Janie Mae who only visits us during this event each year and spends her entire day volunteering in the shop cutting fabric for everyone....thank you Janie Mae. I do the cutting for the May weekend and Jamboree and I can tell you now....I get so tired from I was grateful for the respite. And...I got gifts...not my birthday, but Debbie L., Phyllis Y., Janie Mae, and Stasi B., all brought me gifts....whoppee!!!! I'm so lucky...and they also brought Sara gifts, so she is also thrilled. But what we loved the most....the show and tell that people brought. I see what others have done and I'm inspired to work harder and longer. I am so inspired by the work of others. I've hit somewhat of a wall...only because as usual I've gotten a little bored and want to start a new project, and I'm not allowing myself to do that. I'm working on the "Quaker Christmas" by ByGone Stitches...I love this piece...quaker and almost a monotone and no specialty stitches, but my God, it's gi-normous or at least feels that way. I also started a Merry Cox piece that's over one from an on-line class....well, all I have to say here is it's over one. I'm coming right along on both pieces, in fact the Merry Cox piece is 2/3 of the way done and the Quaker Christmas...well it's not 2/3 of the way done, but I'm still itching to start something new. I brought only the Quaker piece with me to Nashville to force myself to keep stitching it to get it done....but I also brought books with me and I've gone through 1 1/2 books already in 2 can see how much stitching I'm not doing. But tonight I have high hopes for myself as we get ready to do our dash tomorrow. Sara, on the other hand, brought several pieces with her and couldn't get over my lack of projects. However, the very first night she came laughing into my room announcing that she pulled out her Valentine's Day piece which she could easily have finished in one more night, only to find that she left her directions home. (we had seen Sue Hillis on our way in so she actually gave some thought to going to her since it was her cupid, to see if she brought the pattern with her.) I suggested she pull out a different project and get on with it. So she pulled out her Teresa Layman project, one that has sat in the shop for at least 3-4 years half finished. She started the knotting and found that the greens on the piece already completed has faded in the light of the shop and now the same green she was using appeared to be a different green. With overdyed thread I don't really think it's going to make a difference so she is now knotting, or at least 2 nights ago she was, can't say what she did last night (it's now 8:39 a.m.) she was laughing so hard over the price of my lobster she decided to go to her room and stay there. Anyway, we have one more day before we start running the gauntlet...signs are going up, but for now this is what the atrium looks like. Today it will be transformed with all the designers banners hanging from the railings....and the excitement mounts. Just had breakfast downstairs (considering last nights meal costs we decided to eat free this morning)...where we grabbed unknown amounts of butter for the lobster lunch we will be having later (so now we can say it was $242 for 2 meals) and we saw a lot of old friends...Linda from Chessie and Me who asked that we join her for dinner tonight (as long as it's not the restaurant from last night I'm on board), we ran into Jeannette Douglas yesterday and had a nice chat, oh, I'm not going to name everyone we saw but it's like the Oscars of needlework and all the famous designers are here (well, almost). I must go now to get ready for the day ahead. Have a great day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Well, I just got screwed in Nashville!!!

I have so much to report about the weekend, etc., but Sara and I just returned from dinner at the "Stockyard." Let me say, this year without our usual entourage, Mary, Michael and Solomon, Sara and I decided to step outside the box and eat at restaurants that we usually couldn't try. So...for breakfast we went to the Loveless Cafe ... a charming little restaurant with what Sara refers to as "cheesy goodness hashbrown casserole," and fried home potatoes. I was amazed to get refills on my O.J., but all and all it was a wonderful experience and certainly different from our usual Cracker Barrel breakfast (which I have to say I love as well.) Because we didn't get it together early enough, we skipped lunch so when it came time for dinner we chose The Stockyard, named one of the "Top Ten Steak Houses in America." It's a really nice looking restaurant in what can only be considered not the best end of town, however, that didn't deter us. Sara made reservations, but I can tell you now it wasn't necessary. We arrived and were impressed with the lobby, obviously upper scale.....and what appeared to be plenty of staff...and I do mean plenty. We were seated immediately, unfortunately in a room with a table of rather loud men who obviously were having a good time. This restaurant has a menu where everything is sold dinner, you order your entre, side dish..well you get the idea. Anyway, we start off with a couple of drinks, and Sara ordered the oysters for an appetizer...but I decided against that as I had decided I would have lobster's been a while (and after tonight I may be swearing off lobster forever). Anyway, the waiter takes our order and as you may be aware, lobster is never priced on the menu which usually says, "at market price". I was deciding what size I wanted as they had lobsters from 3 lbs. to 9 lbs. I was going for a 5 lb., but they didn't have one of those so we decided on a 7 lb. lobster. Sara order the 7 oz. petit filet served Oscar style. The waiter forgot to order the steak oscar style so it had to be sent back, but my lobster came and I swear it was gigantic. I could see that it was a little too large for me, so I asked Sara to help me eat it, especially since she was waiting for her dinner. She got her dinner and after a some time I decided I could only eat half the lobster so we decided to take the rest of the lobster home and eat it for a snack. After receiving the bill I looked at it and said, "I can't find my glasses but I think this is saying $442.00. Sara looked over, burst out laughing and said, it does! So, thinking there was certainly a mistake, it was just Sara and myself, we each had 2 drinks, 2 salads, Sara had the oysters and a 7oz steak and then I see it....$272 for the lobster...yes, that's what I said, tonight I ate 1/2 of a $272 lobster. You know someone should mention to the diner what the market price on lobster is before letting them order a lobster and getting a bill for $272. Then to add the tip, well our bill for the 2 of us to eat was over $500. I can't tell you how much Sara has enjoyed laughing over this. I was thinking how much I was saving by not having the rest of the group with us this year, well, that just went to hell in a handbasket. Anything I thought I was saving was just used up in lobster. But it certainly has provided Sara with something to laugh about. She says she wouldn't have minded if the bill was $442 and it was all liquor (of course then we wouldn't have remembered the bill in all likelyhood.) Moving on....Sara and I drove through periods of snow all day Tuesday, but nothing massive, and decided to stop when the snow got heavier when we were about 6 hours away from nashville. I was a bit concerned about the snow, but because it hadn't amounted to much all day I tried not to worry about it. But when I looked out the window of the hotel around 3:30 and couldn't see the tire tracks I got concerned, and then when I watched the weather and they said "don't go out unless you have to", I felt we were up the creek without a paddle. By 7:00 a.m., the snow was around 4" deep and no one seemed to be plowing the street so Sara said we'll go as far as we can and then stop. However, when we hit the interstate, it was clear sailing. The temps were around 9-12 degrees, so for us that was a bit of a shock. For some reason I thought there was no reason to bring clothes for those temperatures as we were going to be inside for the show, I guess I didn't consider the 2 days we shop in Nashville prior to the show so to say I didn't bring the appropriate clothes was an understatement. However, today it was 42 and tomorrow it's suppose to be near 60...go figure. Anyway, we arrived around 2:00 pm., rested and then hit the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. (I have to tell you I enjoyed my $42 dinner there more than my $442 dinner tonight, but that's neither here nor there.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're off to Nashville....Whoppee!!!

Well, we haven't left yet, but as soon as the post office opens I'll get the rest of the mail orders off and we're leaving this burg...and a burg it is because just as I was loading up the van (7:30 a.m.) it started to snow. As I have mentioned numerous times, it never snows down least not when I could sit inside in the warm living room, with my rather large butt on my sofa with my needlework in one hand and a diet soda in the other and veg out....while watching T.V. But let me need to get out of town and then, oh yes, and then it snows. How cruel is that? I've been up all night because even though I knew I was leaving for Nashville, I didn't pack, do laundry or anything else until around 9:00 last night. I also had to clean up the house since the kitchen and living room looked like a disaster area. My fear is always not that I'll be in an accident without good underwear on, but that I'll die and people will come into the house and just shake their heads at what they see. While it is not pristine, it is in pretty good shape and my kitchen has been cleaned, dishes done, and put away. So while my mother may be shaking her head because I didn't get behind the refrig, it's O.K. in my eyes. Now I can perish in peace, and if I must go I pray that I at least have time to get to Nashville and get my hands on the Petit Sampler Etui. Then I can die happy! Anyway, I need a vacation after the Superbowl Weekend extravaganza. Whew!!! those ladies wore me out. And of course, nothing comes easy for us. Vernon, Sara's "boyfriend" (is a man of 50 a boy?) Anyway, Vernon's mother had been diagnosed with brain cancer back in November. Poor Vernon has been traveling to Baltimore every week for a few days to help in her care. Things took a bad turn and the week before the weekend retreats we were informed that his mother wouldn't make it past Monday. Of course she did and passed away on Wednesday. We had the first group of stitchers arriving on Wednesday so Sara was freaking out (and I wasn't much better with visions of handling the weekend alone). So Vernon headed to Baltimore and Sara and I held down the fort, however, on Saturday Sara did head up for the funeral and left me the shop...with 3 retreats here and only Mary as backup or so I thought. I should have known better...all the ladies here "retreating" stepped in and showed people where things were in the shop, Janie Mae was here cutting fabric for 3 straight days without a break (a volunteer no less) so I managed to get through the day without slitting my wrists. There are no kinder people than stitchers. Of course they are all my "peeps" as I like to refer to them. Like I'm queen of something...