Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm officially out of sorts....

I took a nap this afternoon since I got up at 5:30 and stitched, thinking it would help my mood in the shop tonight. Well guess what it didn't work. It's slow for Friday so you would think I'd be able to relax and enjoy my stitching...but no....first of all I've had an idiot in here for 1/2 hr. talking on her phone and I can relay the entire conversation for you. She is apparently buying a home and is talking to a friend who she is explaining the entire deal to including the fact that she's taking someone with her to purchase it so they can't pull any fast ones on her. 1/2 hour people..why the hell is she in here to begin with....the reception isn't that outside for God's sake...I don't give a damn. God, if I only had Vernon's stun gun..... Then at the same time...I have Ms. Indecision at the counter as she tells me all about her Vera Bradley collection. As you well know I'm going out of Vera so I don't give a damn about her collection either. I'm over Vera...O.K...over and done! But the worse part is she can't make up her mind which Travelers Case to buy, Windsor Blue, which she already has 3 pieces of given to her by her daughter and co-workers, or the Mesa Red which her co-worker has and she likes it to, but everything she has is blue...etc., etc.,etc.,etc. I don't know how she got to this age without being able to make a decision. She called her niece to get her opinion (and told her she was in the shop below 5th street...hello...I'm between 8th & 9th lady!) I'm telling you if this bitch doesn't get off her phone I'm going to take it and hit her over the head with it. Honestly, and she is continually milling around the front counter the entire time so I can't miss one friggin word of her conversation. Jeez people, give the rest of us a break with the cell phones. Oh, for God's sake, she was about to get off and the idiot on the other end of the line started asking her about the layout so now she's describing it room by room...Good Golly, I might have to jump over this counter and you know I'm going to hurt myself doing it. Oh, wait a minute her daughter just beeped in...perhaps we'll hear all about her next. No, she actually hung up and didn't take the other call. Now she's running me around the shop...which I prefer to cell phone calls. Well as she was checking out she informed me that she has moved to Ocean Pines where she is signing the paper work on her new house this weekend. So she will now be a local...I'm mixed on this. I must inform her of cell phone etiquette while in Ocean City. The shop is once again quiet and I am at peace with the world. I forgot to tell you Ms Indecision finally, after getting her niece's opinion, settled on the Windsor Blue (I knew you couldn't rest until you found this out) and as she is leaving she thought it was approxiate to let me know she had shrimp for dinner at Shennagians and now she was having stomach cramps..but she was going to get a ginger ale and felt that would settle it down. Never once did I enter into any dialogue with this woman and yet I now know her medical issues. Do you see what I mean...I can't stop some of these people...they just have to let me know whatever they are thinking. Oh, for God's sake...another person who was minding her own business saw me typing and commented on how fast I was and wondered what I was working on. I explained about the blog and she then went on to talk computers with herself since I'm not listening at all, but the gist of it was she's on computers all day so she refuses to do anything with computers in her off time. Her daughter uses Vista and she hates Vista...even when I said I don't have Vista and had never used it that didn't stop her...she rambled on and on. Now her obnoxious children are in the store and she's screaming at them...Good Lord, where are the High School least they didn't even come in my store. Is it possible I'm too old to work here anymore? Well, what the hell is going there a full moon or what? I'm minding my own business working on the blog when I hear "will you sew my dog an outfit?" I turn around and there standing beside the counter is a man who seriously is asking if I will make his dog, a Yorkie who seems to have ears that stand up, a superman cape and mask. HELLO...what part of this store looks like a fabric shop. I just said "NO" and turned back around, but did that stop, he continued to walk around the counter to get in my face and continue talking. HELP...I've apparently entered the Twilight Zone and wasn't aware. And we have another cell phone caller. Shoot me, shoot me now, Please!!!! OK., I played a couple of computer games, I think I'm going to make it, but the woman talking about her cramps has given the idea to me...I think I'm cramping too...I need to find a 7 UP and rest. Where is Sara when I need her. Oh, the power of suggestion...I'm starting to envision the Yorkie's superman costume..oh, oh, before I know it I'll be stitching one up....God help Me! Good Lord, while my shop is annoyance free, there is a troop of kids next door in Sea Trader that apparently have no parents who have brain cells working and are letting these children aged from about 3-8 pick everything up to look at it. No doubt breakage will occur which of course they won't take responsibility for...while we don't hold them responsible it is always nice to have them offer...which doesn't always occur. God...I hope they don't come over here. Well of course they did...thankfully Sara showed up and she handled it. I'm out of here and going home to have a good stiff drink...booze only nothing to mix it with, I'm getting drunk out of my gourd and pray for a better tomorrow.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

If it doesn't fit...for God's sake don't wear it....

Perhaps we feel it's not best to check the mirror, but ladies and gentlemen...some of us need to. Now I won't even venture out in a bathing suit, in fact the only time I've even put one on was when we went to St. John's for Mary's wedding and I rented a Villa with a private pool...that way the only people who were subjected to that unGodly site was my family and since I was paying for the entire shabang...well, that was the price they had to pay. But yesterday Mary needed to get some work done in the office so I volunteered to take Solomon for a walk (it was around lunch time and I figured I'd walk him to 3rd street for a slice of pizza....there's got to be food involved for me to walk)...anyway, as we walked down the boardwalk I was subjected to the sight of several of my fellow women who just embarrassed themselves by putting on bathing suits which, yes you will get more of a tan wearing it, but for God's sake, a roll was coming over the front, the sides and the back. That, ladies, is not a good look. I have to wonder...did you look in the mirror? But let's be honest, when you are huffing and puffing as you pull this on do you not look down and notice you can't see the top of the bathing suit? I can't get over it. I expect young girls to wear bikinis when clearly some of them shouldn't, but older women (by older I mean 21 and over) 21 you can judge fairly if you allow yourself...look in the mirror and don't see what you want to see...see what I see as I walk toward you. There are many one piece suits that hide our many flaws (when I say our I mean you since nothing but a tent can hide mine)..and we need to acknowledge that we aren't perfect, and embrace what there is out there for us to wear. No one looks great in a suit that obviously too one. So the next time you put on your bathing suit...take a reality check...look in the mirror and judge what you see. And don't hold in your stomach because we all know you can't keep that up for hours on the beach. Get a gorgeous one piece and let the good times roll, people may stare at you in a one piece but it will because you look attractive not because you look like you are wearing your younger sister's cloths. And men, don't you snicker because you are no better. We're not even going to discuss speedo's, no sir, banana hammocks, ball huggers, call them what you will but no one and I do mean no one looks good in them...they are unforgiving and only lifeguards should wear them (and I question that..but it seems to be policy). As for the board shorts, those I like and I realize that sometimes your stomach may hang over the top (cause my little Michael's hangs over so I know it happens when the suit is the right size), but that's when I believe a t-shirt is in order on the boardwalk. On the beach..well you can be forgiven on the beach..but walking around the boardwalk...cover it baby, just cover it. It's a mystery to me that it's alright for men's stomach's to hang over their pants, but a woman isn't forgiven for a 5 lb weight gain. But that's life I suppose. (I wish mine was a matter of 5 lbs). I don't think I know one woman who isn't seriously dieting 24/7...which doesn't mean they are doing a great job of it, but at least thinking about it. I don't know one man who is dieting...not one! Life is certainly strange...but I am enjoying the ride. The humidity level has gone up so of course I'm forced into the a/c. But the guests in Ocean City have had wonderful beach weather. We had an unbelievable storm the other night but after 10:30 p.m. so it didn't affect the beach goers. The shops are now open until 9:45 p.m., since I work at night I determine when I close and some nights I just can't make it until 10:00 pm so I close a little early, but I really do try to stay until 10:00 p.m. Last night we were short a girl so I had Michael take over Sea Trader...he was so cute working that shop and as long as he was watching everyone I was able to handle Salty the end the stress made me sick so Sara took over at 9:15 and went over to the front desk and sat. The stress was not only limited to Michael being at the register in Sea Trader, but UPS delivered 2 large cartons with 2 new racks and all the display "stuff" to fill the racks right after Pat W. left which meant I had to handle setting up the racks (no easy chore with no space left to put anything), but I got it placed, and most of the "stuff" priced and on the rack...but of course I didn't finish because I was pooped. I'm now in the shop and I have to tell you....some people are just born idiots and shall remain that way apparently until they die. And my tolerance for fools seems to be lessening. I had a woman in tonight who I could just sense was going to be the 60 question lady (and I use that term loosely)...however, she wasn't the first to do this so there seems to be a lot of them out there. She sees the Sun Reader rack (these are magnifying sunglasses) and she says, "what's that mean" people...they are sun glasses...what the hell do you think that means. But I simply gave her the look (around 9:00 p.m. I get that don't bother me with stupid questions look and while I answer the question I try to ward them off from asking me another...apparently her eyes were so bad she didn't notice.) and so I simply said, "They are magnifying glasses for the sun" to which she announced she wears reading glasses. So then she wants to see what strength she should she starts pulling them out of their cases and trying them on and trying to read...and it was one question after another like this..."do they go up or down" {what the hell was she talking about} and since the question made no sense I said I didn't know. Well she just one on and on shooting one stupid question that made no sense after another and I decided to ignore her at this point....until she reads the instructions for holding the chart they supply to determine the strength you need...she reads 14 inches and holds the card out with her arm fully extended. She is not the first to do this...and it so aggravates me for some reason I always have the same response..."Is that where you would hold a book to read it? Because these are reading glasses so you would hold the card the same distance away from you that you would hold a book to read." Why is that concept so difficult? The other night a woman was holding the card almost 1 yard away from you...straight out...and I finally asked her the same question. They are always shocked they didn't think of it. Anyway, after trying on several strengths tonight the woman decided she needed to go to the eye doctors and get her eyes checked (and now I might start charging a referrel fee.) And that folks was how my night went. But there were some bright spots in the shop today. We had some serious stitchers in and they are always a welcome sight and some old friends down for their usual week each summer and they were great to see again. I'm not sure why my patience is so thin...oh, I have to tell you one of the Russian girls here for the summer is getting married 2 weeks after getting back to Russia in September. (can you imagine...well wait until I tell you the rest)...anyway, Vernon (who orders everything from ebay) got a package today so I handed it to Sara, who informed me that the package from China was actually for the Russian Student it was her wedding dress. Meanwhile the package was about 15" x 20" tops, if that was bulging but it wasn't that big. Then Sara tells me it cost $20.00, yes $20. The shipping was $140 so she spent a total of $160 on her dress. I told Sara to tell her we wanted to see the dress so when she came in to clock out Sara told her we wanted to see her in her dress. She went right over and put it on and you would not believe this dress. It was a little large, and I do mean a minor amount, and it had a bodice with pearl beads and a train and it was really a nice looking dress. I really couldn't get over it. There was a certain aspect that wasn't my cup of the one side was drawn up in a decorative lace piece, but frankly for $20...and it wasn't cheap looking either. I am still trying to get over this...$20. Sara and I were more worried about the wrinkles, which really weren't that bad either...but they will take care of that when they get back to Russia. Anyone wanting to get married...I'll find out what sweat shop this came out of in China and get the ebay address for you. $20...I never in my whole life. And shipping cost more than the dress. I wish I had my camera so you could see it...because I swear to you it was a pretty dress. Oh, well, I'm going home and turn up my a/c.
Have a great night and a great time until I talk to you again...weekend coming up means new people...oh, my what will stroll through the shop tomorrow night. Always a new adventure

Friday, June 20, 2008

They Just Get Dumber.....

What I'm about to tell you is typical down here in the Vernon went up to 10th street to speak with my next door neighbor and while standing on his porch talking and observing 2 guys who continually rode by them on a bike...(One riding on the handlebars)..they noticed them go into the side parking lot between my place and Mikes and when the bike came back out there was only one person on it. So Mike leaned over the porch to see where the other kid went and he was on Vernon's bike. So Mike said to Vernon, "Vernon, that kid is stealing your bike." Now wouldn't you know Vernon didn't have his new stun gun with him so he had to vault over the railing and grab the kid on his own. Meanwhile his back up, Mike, never left the porch. Anyway, the theft was averted but can you believe in broad daylight, right beside the house where 2 people are standing this little yutz would try something like that. I'm telling you, if brains were dynamite, these kids wouldn't have enough to blow themselves up. Bikes down here are stolen on a daily basis and what's worse, they just abandon them at some point, usually behind our building no less. Vernon says he finds about 10 bikes a summer leaning against our little "doll house". Anyway, we've made it to another weekend. Always cause for celebration. And this is our last week of high school seniors...Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! Now that is cause for celebration. I thought I'd try to stitch in the shop tonight while I work...since I'm blogging you can see how well that is working. I know I should be ticketing merchandise and getting inventory in the computer...Poor Pat and Connie worked like dogs today and could barely pack up to go home but fear I might ask them to do one more thing spurred them on. Pat is trying to move items from one storeroom into the other storeroom and an 8 foot ladder is involved in the 2nd storeroom, so she's about dead by the time she leaves. And poor Connie was trying to help with that and clean up the Vera Bradley one is sad to see Vera's too labor intensive. Sometimes I felt like I was working at the know you fit the shelves up and all the bags were lined up perfectly and then someone comes along, pulls one out and ruins the line of the shelf. I was not made to keep putting the same handles in the same purses and straightening up the same purses 6 times a day (Like I really did it that much...but you get my drift). I don't clean up my house as much as I had to clean up the Vera fact I blame the Vera area for my not cleaning my house...oh, oh, I seem a problem up ahead...I've got to find something to blame my "not cleaning" at home on....ummmm, I'm going to start working on this problem tonight. Weather Report: It has been so beautiful down here...sun shining, breeze blowing, I'm living in a false least that's how it feels. If it weren't for the seniors this would be Paradise....another week and it will be. I can't wait. However, I understand the humidity is about to make a return so that won't be so great for me. But, it's still gorgeous, not that I get to see a lot of it. During the day I'm in the office in air conditioning although I can see sunshine out the window but basically I face a wall and a desk piled with "crap" (or bills depending which side of the payment you are on.) Pat E. was just in...her son is here for a soccer game so the whole family came down and Pat was able to sneak away to come see us and of course, add to her stash. It's always so nice to see our stitching friends and catch up on the news. This blog has sat here for 3 days and now it's Tuesday and I still haven't published it. Not much going on down here, except the weather is gorgeous. Some folks told me it wasn't so hot on the beach a couple of days ago, but the sun is shining. I took Solomon for a walk to the post office and it was lovely. The breeze is delightful...but last night we had hail and the summer, have you ever? I had just gotten home when it started and it sure did cool things off. I'm still sleeping without a/c....I hate a/c, but for me it's a necessary evil. It's getting busier...staying open now until 10:00 p.m., or really I should say until 9:45 p.m., because I'm tired and by 9:45 I've put up with about all I can take. You know I love my shop, but some nights they run me ragged, and I'm not just talking about customers, I'm talking about the foreign students working for me. Boy howdy, each year I've been lucky enough to get Polish students in Sea Trader, and I have to say they are the hardest workers and best workers I've ever had. This year I wasn't so lucky...not only does the student this year barely speak English, but her understanding of the language isn't that great. So anytime I say something to her she just looks at me, tilts her head a little, get's a look on her face of non-comprehension and I end up doing whatever it is I wanted her to do myself. (perhaps she's not so dumb)...anyway, my new tactic is to get Sara to act as the translator. We'll see how long this lasts. Anyway, I want to get this post have a great day and a great night and I'll talk to you soon.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm officially no longer capable....

We have had 2 days this week where we have no one scheduled (how does this happen) for the upstairs so I end up watching (not too well I might add) both stores. The other night Sea Trader got too busy and I had to call for reinforcements, but tonight doesn't seem too busy right now so I'm multi-tasking once again...working 2 stores and, my, I am busy. Anyway, I found another thing I hate...People who walk in a room and start screaming, yes screaming for help. The man walked into Sea Trader while I am sitting at the register in Salty Yarns pricing new merchandise (which is beginning to swamp Poor Pat)...and he takes one step in Sea Trader, does wait a moment at the register, just starts screaming "Is anyone here"...which clearly there was since there were about 10 people in the store. So I calmly say, "I'm right here." And he begins...he wants to know where there is a wheel chair rental place (if you are coming to walk the boardwalk...and you have a handicapped person with you...for God's sake bring a wheelchair or scooter with you). I explained that the only rental place closes at 5:00 p.m., so right now there was no where, especially on the boardwalk. He informs me that he has been told that Mike's Bikes rents wheelchairs (so why the hell are you asking me...another bitch of mine don't ask 50 people the same question). I said, "Well, perhaps they didn't realize that Mike is no longer in business." He said, "Well what is there now?" And I said, nothing. So he asks for the phone book so he can call Mike's Bikes...and I gladly gave it to him. Then his wife comes in and he says, "We can get one at Mike's Bikes." Apparently he didn't trust what I had to say at all..lucky for me that ended the discussion and he and his loud mouth were out of here. At first he did ask about the bike rental out front. He didn't really comprehend the fact that they are open from 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. and no bikes are allowed on the boardwalk after 10 a.m. Too much information for him. I don't know why he wasn't clued in by the fact that there isn't a bike on the boardwalk at this hour. Oh, takes all kinds, and they usually find their way into Salty Yarns. If this guy is the worst that I have to contend with tonight I'll count myself lucky. I do have to tell you today was off to a good start as the mailman brought me another birthday surprise. Our Joyce, one of the founding members of our Stitch 'n Bitch club was unable for health reasons to come to my birthday party and yet, she still sent a gift, and a wonderful gift as well. She stitched a gorgeous needleroll for me. As soon as I get my camera back up here I'm going to take pictures of all my goodies and show them to's going to be exciting for you I just know it. In the meantime, I'm closing because people are now just doing the lap. They walk in...walk once around the store and walk out....that's a lap. They really have no idea what they are walking into, they just walk in and out of every single store. Can you imagine doing that? I look at a store's window to see if I'm interested, but I never just go in and out of every store...that's really quite time consuming. So anyway, I've stayed long enough..I've been at work since 8:30 a.m. and it's now 9:35 p.m. So I'm going to say so long folks...have a great night and I'll catch you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firemen's Parade...4 hours of firetrucks...oh, my!

Yes today is our annual firemen's parade, complete with approx. 4 hours of firetrucks...and yet I haven't seen so much as one of them...I had to work Sea Trader today. While I sat in the wonderful air-conditioning I didn't regret it at all. I have to say this week with the high school seniors has been relatively calm...I said relatively because we still know they are there by the amount of trash they have thrown on our parking lot...they seem to have endless sums of money for the necessities of Senior and alcohol. However, I've gone home each night without my usual drama in the alley and I had my windows open last night and wasn't kept up all night by their yelling and screaming. Since this is the last of the worst weeks (next week is always a milder Senior week) I am counting my blessings. However, today brought me back to the reality of families in town. The grandmothers and mothers who bring their children in with the famous, "Don't touch anything" only to go one way while their little rugrats go the other way playing with things as they go. Nothing is ever returned to the place where they found it and some gets broken along the way...yes, I remember this well now...the memory was clouded last week when I was dealing with seniors. I'll still take the kids over seniors, although the kids now playing with the JABCO buttons may not make it to their senior year if the mother doesn't get them out of here soon. And the phones...oh my God...could people be any ruder? And the ring tones, honestly it's driving me crazy. I've got spa music on to calm my nerves and one of those damn tones starting rocking the house...and you know I just want to get up and "Boogie". But then I want to bitch slap the woman and tell her she can answer that thing outside where I don't have to participate...but then I spy some kid braiding the Gentle Arts Threads and I'm off and running forgetting to bitch slap as I fly by to nab this little pain in my butt. Why do they feel the need to braid these damn drives me nuts! Oh, yes, the spa music...let me go back to the quiet..ooops they are over in the Vera Bradley bags raising hell...a Vera sale always get's them crazy and I should just wear blinders and ear plugs...that could work...I'll be at Walmart tomorrow trying to find them. In the meantime I have to get through easy chore. Why does it take women 1 hour to make up their mind on a purse. These person has been in the store holding the same Vera Backpack asking the same 2 people with her what she should do. They have both taken bathroom breaks, smoke breaks, I think one went to eat at the Alaska Stand and are still telling her the same thing they told her 1 hour ago..."We like looks good on you (what?)...we think you ought to get it." And she's still asking 1 hr later...oh, my God...either buy it or put it down but stop boring us with your whining. (Being able to blog in the shop is definitely a mistake. Now I'm going to bore you the way they are boring me.) O.K., she left the shop with no Vera only to return 10 minutes later walk over grab her Vera come to the register where her friends told her she didn't like the bag! And the saga continues. Oh, but the it was Paradise down here. The excessive heat is gone and we are left with warm weather, bright sun shining, water glistening, and a slight breeze coming off the ocean. I slept with no a/c last night and I even had a quilt (Mary's quilt) over my legs to keep the chill off. (It dropped to around 63 degrees)...and it was wonderful. Paradise people, just paradise. Anyway, I've finally made it to 9:45 p.m. and I'm closing to save my sanity. Have a great night and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Good God, They are seriously going to drive me nuts.....

A rather nice looking woman just came in and starts instantly telling me how she hasn't done this in years and doesn't think she can do it, but she just loves....yadda yadda yadda...and I was paying very little attention as I'm trying to get pricing stickers done for Renee tomorrow and get inventory in...but I'm answering her questions...while many made no sense to me...for instance..."Is the color they show the color of the background." Huh? She was looking at Lavender & Lace charts and kept telling me it wasn't stamped...I said once, "there is nothing in there but a chart and it is stamped...and she ignored that and said once again, "these aren't stamped" and again, now looking at her like...duh, what the hell are you talking about...and again I said, there is nothing in that package but a chart...there is no fabric at all, just a chart and trust me it is stamped. Then she comes over to the counter to tell me how brilliant an idea it was to put fabric over the backboard and attach the picture on top of that. That was a 5 minute discussion (yes I agree it was genius)...and then I look up and she has one of those roaches in her ear...(the blue tooth things) stitchers I have to you think that looks right? It always look like a bug is crawling out of their ear and in her case her hair or ear. Down the road I swear they are going to find that those things give you cancer. Stop using them all the time, or at all. We've become too dependent on phones, cell and otherwise, but especially cell. When I was growing up the first phone we had was a party line. Many probably don't know what that is, but two families would have the same number. And if you stayed on too long the other person might want to make a call and they would just get on the line and tell you to hang up as they wanted to make a call. I can't understand people who call and stay on a phone. I know kids seem to be under the impression that they have to have it attached to their ear 24/7, but do we all? As many of you already know the cell phone for me is for me to call others if an emergency occurs...and it never does. I seldom answer my phone unless it's my children or the shops. I got rid of my land line (well, that was because Verizon pissed me off for the hundredth time, but I haven't missed it.) Anyway, we need to be less dependent on these things and go back the way it was. Honestly, do you really need your phone in church, and yet we've all had one go off while a sermon is going on. I remember once, Mary called me during church and I opened the phone, said not a word, but let her listen to the minister's sermon...believe me it was the last time she ever called me on Sunday morning...she also hung up when she realized what she was listening to. I forgot I had the damn phone on me. Now I leave it in the car...where it sits for days until one of the girls asks if I've lost it. Then the hunt begins....Wow...a weather system has just arrived, thunder...lightning...and everyone rushing off the boardwalk...and into the store just to get out of the rain. So now I've got wet floors and people just milling around...not a good day for my nerves. I'm fighting to be pleasant...customer service...oh, crap..I'm closing. See you tomorrow...hopefully I'll have an upswing in moods. In the meantime.. have a great evening...great day...and keep those needles moving...which reminds me, I've got to get going on my stuff since I've taken new projects home every night that I've worked....the Shepherd's Bush "Scatter Freedom" is just too cute to leave here. It's jumping ahead in the pile.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm bored to death.....

Yes, I'm in the shop (hooray, I can blog while I work...multi tasking at it's best)...anyway, I forgot to tell you today about my night from hell...last night. It's not enough we have the tension from the little high school know it all's, last night I had to deal with the dumbest, yes, if you thought it was you ... you are safe, because the dumbest woman alive was in the shop last night. Now, I've always said there are no dumb questions...well, she proved me wrong! And did she pick the wrong night to do it. I was sitting here wondering what I was doing sitting here, when she walked in with her painted nails, suntan lotioned bikini top wearing, self and started yapping right away about absolutely nothing. I tried to hide behind the counter, but nooooo, that wasn't good enough she hunted me out. Rather she went to the Russian girl working in Sea Trader fresh off the board and as my mother would say, she's as green as a gourd. Anyway, she can barely speak or understand English (yea, I can't tell you how helpful she's been) so anytime anyone asks her anything she brings them to me. She comes carry a Pine Mountain pillow and asks how much. I knew instantly I was in trouble if the woman thought she could purchase a pillow already done. But I walked over and explained that the finished pillow was a sample of what she could make, but we didn't sell prefinished items. She looks at me and says, "What do you mean?" Now I thought that I had made it perfectly clear, but again I said, "We don't sell the have to make it yourself." Now the kits are sitting in front, yes in front you actually have to move the kits to get to the model, and so she then says, "Well how do you do that?" By now I'm over and beyond helping this idiot. But not to appear too rude I said, "You have to purchase one of the kits, open it up, take the material out, and stitch it." To which she says, "Well how do you do that...what do you mean stitch it...what am I stitching." At that point I shut down and prayed for Sara to appear so I could sic this lady on her. (when I'm sick of someone I will throw anyone under the bus, even if it's my own child to get away.) But Sara was a no I tried to just walk away for fear I would find a rifle and kill this idiot. But she wasn't about to let me proceeded to a linen finished piece on the wall..."Where's this.." she asked. By now I was I said, "Madame, you couldn't possibly do that piece." "What do you mean" she asked. So I said, "You need to start with a beginners kit." She says, "I don't want to." I could see that I was in a "pissing contest" so I just said, well you have to and sat down. But she wasn't done with me yet, she finds something in the back, brings it up and says, "How do you do this." I said, "The same way you do any counted work, but you will be unable to do it because you have to start with a beginner kit." To which she responded, "I don't want to, show me how to do this." I was so not interested in showing her anything so I said we were out of it so it would do no good to show her (we were actually out of it by the way, I even went and looked because she had almost broken me down.) She mumbled as she walked off saying she'd be back in a couple of weeks. I can hardly contain my excitement at that announcement! I no sooner get rid of her when a woman comes zooming in on her scooter....actually she zoomed into a rack in Sea Trader which is how I knew she was in the stores. Now if you've been in our stores you know there is no room for a scooter. Apparently she wasn't a good judge of space because she kept racing around regardless of the fact that she didn't fit. She'd bump the rack, the merchandise (breakable) would shake and she'd pause before backing out and trying another way. I'm telling you, I have the same can't take them anywhere...and we are just not big enough. We get wheel chair people who we try to accommodate and usually they are wonderful..but scooter girl about did me in. And then apparently there is a new sport on the horizon, trying on every pair of sunglasses or readers I have and then making fun of each other. Oh, Lordy, Lordy, some woman just asked what the puzzle pieces were for. Another stitcher in the house...these are thread winders people...not puzzle pieces. Thank God I had Theresa O. in the house tonight because she's about the only sane person I've had in. Where oh where is Sara. She needs to take over before I get suicidal...or homicidal, I'm not which way I'm heading. We haven't got the stun gun yet because that may have to be used in here when I've had enough. I am so ready to "lock and load."

Goodbye to an old friend....

Mr. Roy passed away this morning at 10:30 a.m. with his family around him. Many of you met Mr. Roy when you stayed at the hotel, as he was the older gentlemen who was usually in the laundry room working or out cleaning up the property with his trusty shovel and broom, or sitting in his chair in the laundry room watching the parking lot. He was diagnosed on March 4th with terminal cancer and it's been a wild ride since that date. We'll miss him terribly and will remember him as a member of our hotel family forever. Our thoughts and prayer go out to Pat, Cathy and Roy, Jr., as they travel this road without him. I'm really too blue today to give you updates on Vernon and Sara's trauma's with the animal house next door, so I'll wait for that until tomorrow and just let this day be for Roy. I asked him a couple of weeks ago to dig a hole and pull me through when it's my time, I hope he remembers to do that because otherwise I'm not too sure what direction I may go. Have a great Father's Day to all the husbands and fathers and to all the women who had to go buy the presents and make the meals...well, what can I say but hold will be over soon, and thank God it's only 1 day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't be surprised if gunshots are heard

Sara, Vernon and I are doing battle daily with the "Old Town apartments" on the other side of the alley. They have filled up with the June bugs and we've had hell to pay ever since. We had to call the police 2 nights ago as the noise was unbearable from a party they were throwing and we had tenants complaining. The police arrived, made the kids open every can of beer which they then had them pour out...unfortunately they poured it out on our parking lot which then smelled like a brewery. (why don't they ever do things to the property they are staying in). Anyway, they also left about 50 beer cans and a bag of trash on our parking lot (we had to ask tenants to move their cars so they wouldn't get hit with flying beer cans and cigarettes). So when I got to work and saw the mess I told Sara I wanted the young man who tends to our grounds to put the crap in a bucket and then take it around to the front of their property and dump it on their yard where the owner will have to pick it up because we all know these kids couldn't care less. Sara was more than thrilled to do just that, but even more thrilled when some of the girls bikini tops ended up in the area along with the beer cans. So she dumped them, beer, etc., into the front yard. Amazingly enough, the owner has been there and finally cleaned that mess up...but there will be more coming I know. In fact, as Sara was taking a load around to the front she ran into the owner...oops... You may wonder why we don't speak directly to the owner...we do...he doesn't see the problem! I guess not since it becomes our problem and we end up picking everything up....however, in the past we dumped it into our more! Two nights ago the boardwalk became so unmanageable for everyone due to the large number of kids out there (I'm talking wall to wall, barely able to move among them) that not only were the citizens and tourists frightened, but apparently the police had such serious concerns that they moved everyone off the boardwalk....which was a win for us, however, these kids then went and terrorized the other areas of town. We had a stabbing near me on 10th street...(I live about 100 feet from the boardwalk). Now let me assure you, these are not gangs down here...these are the high school seniors from your schools down here without parental supervision drinking and drugging until all common sense (assuming they had any) is gone. They start fights over nothing and the next thing fists are flying and in this case knives. It's dangerous to walk outside after dark while these kids are in town. Vernon has researched getting a taser to carry and tonight announced he had ordered a stun gun. I'm telling you, we're ready to lock and load here. No one is going to be safe...including our tenants. I'm sure I'll have some tales to tell on this one, because just like every other man Vernon is going to try to find a reason to use that darn thing. I shall live in fear! The folks staying at this hotel are getting an education they didn't even want by watching these rude, arrogant, ignorant kids. And the worse part for me....the girls are as bad, if not worse, than the boys. control over themselves because they are still children. Think twice before sending your children down here alone...while your children may be salt of the earth...the kids they meet and hook up with may not be. And one would wonder where are the police in all this. They are non-existent...we're not sure why, but that's the truth. And some of these policepersons look like they just got out of high school. We need burly men to handle these kids. Enough said....for today. The weather has finally toned down so we're very pleasant in the 80's and while the ocean is glistening...the beach is littered with it's not as pristine as I like to see it. We're gearing up for the firemen's convention with begins next week. Those guys will give the kids a run for their money, but the kids are so rude they'll still end up out screaming and out pushing the firemen. Two more weeks of kids and we are done for the year....yippee!!!!! Not much happening in the shop. We're unpacking (and when I say we, I mean Renee, Poor Pat who does the bulk of it and Connie), cartons as fast as we can, but more arrive every day. Thankfully Pat tells me when she likes the line it's like Christmas. But even Pat is going to burn out on Christmas I'm afraid. I know I do! It's really only fun until you run out of places to put it, and even though we gained 3 storage rooms (well, not yet, but it's not going to be long) with the Vera depletion, we still don't have enough room for all that I order. I think I see the problem's me!!!!! I've got to run, between the thrashers french fries and the Alaska Stand hot dog I had for lunch, or perhaps the cheetos I had as a system is rebelling. So I'll end for now...have a great night...enjoy the breeze, and get some stitching in.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh, My God....the Dog days of Summer are upon Us!

Honestly, my butt just wasn't designed to withstand the heat and this heat is hitting even thin people. I'm not sure what temperature I'm really built to withstand (problem the Antartic), but summer just kills me. By the end of the day my feet and ankles become ankles are so swollen you can't find them and the thong sandals are buried in a sea of fat. It takes all night for the swelling to go down and then I'm up and out again. Tonight is Stitch 'n Bitch and Sara and I are trying to figure out where to hold it so we will have a/c because without the a/c I won't be attending. So...for those wishing they were by the sea...wish no more...there is no breeze...the beach is filled with hung over high school seniors who couldn't care less if they are disturbing you so you are better off holding up in your house in a/c. The water is still lovely however and in a couple of weeks we will be the destination du jour. The seniors this week have been a nightmare and the police are invisible to us all. Calling them to quiet partying seniors is futile and we are all ready to kill the little buggers. We pray daily for the ability and patience to get through the next 2 weeks and then we're home free. The event weekend went really well and Lauren was an absolute delight, as usual. Debbie L. & Phyllis Y. left yesterday around 3 after being treated to the practice air show. The actual show was today and frankly it was too loud. First I'm putting up with the heat and then I was trying to work with a sales rep..(who was distracting to begin with) and then the noise from the planes dive bombing...honestly....heat and noise...too much. Now, of course, mentioning the sales rep has distracted me (child with shiny objects you know) anyway, ladies...this is for you. Don't be ashamed to wear the proper size...don't squeeze into clothes 3 sizes too small because you do nothing for your appearance except bring attention to the fact that you've gained weight apparently or you borrowed your smaller daughter's clothes. This rep's blouse was not only being pulled apart at the buttons so you could clearly see the girls...but she couldn't even begin to button the very bottom button so there you saw her muffin top hanging out over her slacks. Now, let me say this...this particular sales rep. is new to us. So I didn't know what to expect, so while she was probably younger than I am (most assuredly)..she would have been considered (in my opinion) attractive, perky, cute...something but certainly not ugly...but all we discussed was her blouse, stomach hanging over her pants. I may have been the only one who actually looked at her face...although Mary said everytime she looked at me I was staring at her stomach. If she had worn a loose blouse or top no one would have even seen her stomach or boobs...and her pants weren't too tight. Anyway, wear something you fit in comfortably...I don't know how she could be comfortable. Honestly, she was one red hot mess! Weather here is almost comfortable...a little warm for me so a/c is absolutely necessary, but I'm alright with that. The sun is shining...people are getting burned....everyone but my crew is happy. We, of course, are having too much interaction with high school seniors. Last night, which was a late night as we're now open at nights which means I'm on night we walked to the parking lot...I have that long 2 block commute...and I say to hell with gas prices...2 cars of kids stopped at the parking lot sign, read it...Lankford Parking all other towed at owners expense..and still pulled in to park. One car had already parked when Sara, not too politely asked if they had a permit to park. This is when they act considerable more stupid than I really think they are (and I think they are stupid so keep that in mind)...and said they didn't realize that...(so now we know they can read...but they cannot comprehend what they are reading) Sara told them in no uncertain terms they had to get off the parking lot, and then of course she had to stand there while they threw obscenities at her, the little jackasses. Then I pull out of the parking lot only to be stopped by another high school senior checking in next door. She pulls her car into the alley in front of the hotel and parks it in the middle of the alley. Meanwhile there are seniors everywhere around me in cars acting like I was the problem, so I moved to the side and let them get by me at which point they realized I wasn't the problem. Then Sara walks up to me and says, "Mom lay on your horn." To which I replied, "I never do that Sara, I'll just wait but it is so rude of this girl." Then the girl finally appears outside and then stands there looking out over the parking lot surveying her options to park...but still not moving even though there are 3 cars waiting for her to move her car. That's when I said, "O.K., I'm revising my plan" and I laid on the horn. Then seniors walking by said, "Hey, dude, there's no reason to blow your horn." Well dude and dudettes, I've had it with you, your entire class, and your partying...stay out of my way or I will go to Walmart and purchase a gun, which I protested against their carrying a few years back. Ocean City is going to be the next Dodge City with citizens arming themselves and Vernon with his stun gun, which thank the Lord hasn't arrived yet. You can only take so much before you blow...and I'm almost there. Thankfully the firemen arrive this week and I'm pretty sure they will take on the seniors in a manner I can agree with....beat their little behinds until they run home crying. Moving on....the first night open since last September went well. I played games, read my book, and had to interact far more with the foreign student working Sea Trader than I wanted to. I do not train the girls normally, because I don't have the patience. I tend to do the job myself and let them watch (it's faster). I give them credit for coming over here to work not knowing the language...and believe me, regardless of how they tell you they are fluent in English...they either don't understand the concept of fluent or they don't understand or the other..but they are anything but fluent. It takes me 3 weeks to even understand how to pronounce their names...there are no Sally's or Sue's in this group. But if I do it phonetically by the end of the summer I'm getting close to what it is suppose to be. I'm sure they just look at me and figure at my age I'm lucky to be standing upright and not drooling and so they tend to ignore me. All the foreign students think Sara owns everything so they ignore me often and go to her. They won't even hand me the money bags...which always has amuzed me....until I want them to do something and then I have to go through Sara who tried to tell them they have to do what I tell them to do....and they smile and nod but we all know what that means...they aren't fluent in English and haven't a clue what Sara just said! Michael is out of school as of yesterday and thank God we have kids staying here that play with him, but every 5 minutes he's bored. I remember it well but honestly, less than 24 hours out of class and he's bored, and dragging the tenants child in it with him. Oh, it's going to be a long summer.....By the way, I know you are just dying to hear about it, but I'm having an issue with the camera and the pictures so hang on...wait until you see what I got....I have wonderful friends who treated me really well...but you'll see....hopefully next week. But I haven't forgotten. We got some new things in the shop this week, but nothing that screams "I have to take this home." I'm still working on finishing Renee's gift as her birthday is coming up, and then I'm working on something out of the stash bag which has been started...yes I'm making a promise to myself to get some of this mess cleaned up. I love these pieces but just didn't finish them, and of course, I have to get back to my ABC Sampler to put in the next section and also my Shores of Hawk Run which is sitting there waiting for me. Summer sure does have a way of making me get behind on things...which seems impossible since I'm working in the shop 7 nights a week. But there you have it. Have a great day....stay cool....and enjoy your stitching.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer has arrived and so have the June Bugs!!!

We're now dealing with the heat and humidity and throw in about 3 million highschool seniors (at least that what it seems like) and we're not having fun in Ocean City. As we do not rent to them, our building seems like a retirement village in comparison to others, however, our tenants love to sit on the porch and watch the caos being created. And the noise...oh, my cannot believe the noise...O.K., imagine sitting in the football stadium...superbowl game...and a winning touchdown. Yes, that's what it sounds like with swearing mixed in. And they are using our property at times as a latrine. When did it become acceptable for boys to pull out their "weiners" and urinate with girlfriends watching and half the boardwalk and they do it wherever they happen to doesn't matter to them anymore. What have these boys been taught for God's sake. And the girls...they are no better. Pulling up their shirts and letting these idiot boys film them. Where in God's name has pride gone. Tenants, both men and women, watched from the porch and it was like watching a train wreck. Ellen, down here with the stitchers, said, "I'm really afraid for my neighbor's son who is coming tomorrow. I don't know that he can handle himself here with all these kids." As a parent, you have got to understand..letting your children come down here alone is not safe. While your child at home seems responsible...when you are not watching they are influenced by the people they find down here and that's seldom a good thing. I worry for these kids one minute and the next I'd like to slap them "upside" the head. Last night after arriving home around 11:30 p.m., I was startled around 12:00 a.m. by louds banging and cursing (of course) and went to the window and there were about 6 boys trying to beat the hell out of a soda machine in front of my apartment building, then they thought they would turn it over. I left my cell phone by accident at the hotel so I couldn't even call the police, but fortunately they were distracted by a car whose driver acted like she was having them arrested and off they went. It's hard to put up with this crap when you are tired to begin with. And the language...oh, my, the girls are as raunchy as the boys....or's scary. If this is our future...well, let me just say...we could be in big trouble in the not too distant future. These are not leadership least what I'm seeing stroll down the boardwalk yelling obsenities. I hope your children are safe at home, mad at you for not letting them come down but in a few years they will laugh about it. Sara does...she hasn't been permanently scarred by never being allowed to go with her friends on trips. And the heat...whooo lordy, it's hot and humid. I'm a dishrag when I'm not in the office with the a/c on. The Lauren Sauer class is going well...the stitchers got their Designing Ladies Portfolio put together yesterday...Yea!!! They are taking home a finished product. And then they made the cuttest little pin cushion in a walnut half and a set of counting pins....cute cute cute...and best of all Kay F. did an extra one as a gift to me (I don't take the classes, Sara does). So it was a win win for me yet again...and the party goes on.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're on the run....

The ladies arrived some on Thursday, Debbie L. and Phyllis Y. to take the class and Ellen and Nancy giving their support to Debbie & Phyllis, along with our Judy who flew in from Colorado to spend a few days with us and take the classes as well. It was so nice catching up with the girls and then on Friday Jennifer H. arrived rather weary from her dealings with Verizon (and they struck again). She awoke to no phone service I think on Wednesday or Thursday and Verizon told her they couldn't get there until Tuesday...which wouldn't be so bad except (and there is always an except) her cell phone was with her daughter several states away. She wasn't panicing though, just told her husband to call Kay F. since they would be rooming together during the weekend. But then...the police started arriving at her door to answer the 911 calls, which apparently were coming through over her line even though there was no service in the house. She put up with that for 2 days and decided to get out early on Friday so she taped a note on her door for the next policeman. While she was relaying the tale to us...I get a call from Verizon who we've (as you know) been fighting with over my phone bill at the hotel and their allowing anyone (apparently) who called them to charge our account for some foolishness. While I was blasting that poor soul who called, I realized she was talking about the needlework shop I gave her permission to look over our account to see if they could lower the bill. (Now my question...and I asked if you can lower the bill then do it. Why do you bother me with this crap. You don't ask me if I mind if you raise allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to plop charges on my bill and yet you say I have to allow you to lower the charges. What kind of bull hockey is that? Her answer, "Mam, I can't even look at your bill without your permission." Anyway, I let her and then she calls back and says, "You don't have an account with us." To which I replied, "I certainly do, I pay it monthly, and let's remember you called me. If I don't have an account why did you call me." She said, "Because you must have cancelled your account." To which I said, "I'll tell you what, I'll stop paying on the account which you say I don't have but which I get a bill for each month, and then we'll see what happens." She decided to cut her losses and hung up. Now people...what the hell is wrong with these people? I'm telling you I think there is a big office decided to driving me crazy. Anyway, Stacy arrived sometime during Friday afternoon and we still hadn't seen Lauren, Kay F., Colleen, or Jackie J., and we began to worry as it got later and later in the afternoon. Lauren always comes by way of Delaware as she is a bit afraid to drive over the Chesapeake Bay bridge. She choose this year to do that drive...and unfortunately for her there was a murder/suicide in a house on route 50 between Easton and Cambridge and closed the highway while they dealth with that all day, beginning around 10:00 a.m. and didn't reopen it until 4:30 p.m. Luckily Colleen and her mother come by way of Delaware, however, Lauren, Jackie and Kay were all involved in the Route 50 closing. When each arrived they announced they needed a drink before anything else. Lauren was on the road 12 hours, and Jackie and Kay felt like they were on the road 12 hours, plus more Jennifer's husband had been calling Kay to try to get in touch with Jennifer thinking Kay would be here by the time he called...according to Kay he called around 16 times (I think she may have been kidding, but I'm sure he called more than 2 times.) But once everyone sat down, got a drink, took a breath, we had a great evening with Lauren's show and tell (oh, my cannot believe the unbelievable things she does. She concocts really unusual pieces and they are just gorgeous. Much discussion ensues as to what class they want to take in Lauren will be back again as ususal. When we finally got her to come, I told her to slate us in every year automatically so she'll be coming back forever I guess. Lucky us! Between that and looking at the C.A. Wells class pieces we were in total class overload. And I stayed her far too long last night and had to deal with a drunken jackass on my way home. And...Sara got to kick out a couple of girls who were suppose to be a couple to begin with (liars) and they were trying to sneak in 2 other people. Sara loves it when she gets to play Barney Fife...I swear if I let her have a gun she'd shoot someone. Anyway, she was so excited to get to tell the girls they would have to leave and find a room elsewhere .... well her night was made. We rent to families and couples only which is why 2 girls are a problem for us....and the strange thing was one of these girls was wearing a wedding band which is why Sara let them register in the first place. They were in the 20's, one married...and yet...a complete jackass. Anyway...the girls and I mean the ladies at the retreat and my girls are throwing me a barbeque/birthday bash tonight (isn't it funny that I have this class so close to my birthday....birthday gifts people...bring it on!) Anyway, Sandy J. stopped in with Sali P. to pick up a load (and they did) of Vera on sale. Sandy, God love her she's a peach, handed me a box and said happy birthday! I really don't expect gifts, but mercy do I love to get them. She made me a beautiful pink scissor fob with the cutest little sundae charm on the bottom. I'll get it on the web site this week, but you know how I love scissor fobs, etc. I really do love all of these accessory pieces (have I not mentioned my desire several hundred times already). Anyway, it is gorgeous...I love it...I've already put it on a pair of pink handled scissors and it's going in the bag. While I don't use my other accessory pieces (they are really for show only for some reason) I do use my fobs. I haven't had to crawl under my sofa looking for my scissors in years. So Thank You Sandy J. I love you my friend. If you recall, on my blog after the stitchers weekend I showed you the early birthday gift from Mary P. the gorgeous blue and white quilt she made me....Love you too Mary P. Stitching friends are the Best! And the cards...well some people are even sending me two...Stacy B...thanks so much..I'm telling you 60 must be that special birthday.....people are making such a fuss. I can't thank everyone enough.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do not get me started!!!!!!!

I get into the office this morning, bright and early since I left a little early yesterday...I'm feeling fine, my blood pressure was fine and then Sara said the one word that can always annoy me...Verizon..followed by stopped by. Apparently they were stopping by to alert us to the possibility of fraud on our verizon bill. Now let me get this straight, I can't change anything to a bill without my name on it without the authorization of every one from the janitor to the CEO of Verizon, but let some "dip shit" company put a charge thru and they just say "o.k., welcome aboard." So Sara has spent the morning calling various companies who were charging me anywhere from $30/month to $60/month for who knows what crap..internet, web, god only knows. Now you may be asking, what idiot doesn't check their bill...well, I do check it about twice a year since I can't understand why my bill is around $350 without a call being made. In my defense our phone bill is about 10 pages with so much crap on it I can't figure out what any of it is. However, if I had seen web charges I would have known that was bogus so the problem has only be on-going for a month or two, but still, I'm pissed off. They come and alert the exact problem...they know who's doing what but they don't stop it. It's up to us to contact all the companies doing this (in our case we got about 4-5 numbers we have to call) but they share none of the responsibility. I've had it, folks...I'm sick of these companies who allow frauds to occur, throw up their hands and say "what could we do." Uhhhh, how about not letting any charges to go on our bill, hard is that. If it isn't a Verizon generated charge...then don't let it go on the bill. Honestly, it's no wonder these companies make money.... oh, please, I'm feeling a little whoosie over this. Anyway Sara has straightened it all out and now that's one more thing on my plate each now I'm micromanaging Verizon, the hotel, Salty Yarns and Sea Trader...yeah, I'm having some fun now! Oh the plus side...the first wave of graduating seniors is not as bad as they have been in the past. Renee and I took our scooter parade to the boardwalk again yesterday and we had free reign as there were very few bikes out. We thought that perhaps the seniors were all still in bed, however, after looking out during the afternoon and the evening...we don't believe there are that many of them here this week..thank the Dear Lord! Well, now I've had a long time tenant aggravate not only me, but Sara and Mary as well, so you know it's bad. First of all, I've had a run in with this family before (the woman's personality is a bit bold and she feels that if she wants it she should get it regardless of rules, other people whatever she comes her mind). Last time was about 15 years ago and back then I sent them back their deposit and told them to make reservations somewhere else. Needless to say, they fed ex'ed the deposit back saying I misunderstood them (yeah, like that happened) but this time...she's in need of the elevator to get to her unit. The problem...the elevator is private...only to be used by my father (of course he's dead, so family becomes the only people allowed). It's not a commercial elevator, never has been, and we aren't insured for it to be used by tenants. Of course everyone wants to stay in the units where the elevator is located because they are huge apartments and they are ocean front. Every time one of the returning tenants has leg problems they start harrassing me, and yes it is harrassment when they keep insisting even after we've told them numerous times they cannot use it. Each one thinks their situation is different and they should be the special case. What part of our insurance does not allow tenants to ride a personal elevator do these people not understand. I'm sick and tired of having to explain this. They've been coming here for umpteen years and never have been able to use it. Honestly people, am I right? A policy is there for a reason. If I'm not insured for that I'm not insured for that. And you know if anything happened she would sue me in a New York minute. Damn...these people are starting to get my dander up. So...we'll see what happens.....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ahhh, air's finally on

Yes, I had to break down and use air conditioning in my tiny little cubby with no window to open....and it's like a rain forest in here with humidity so the air conditioner became a must. So I'm feeling pretty good, cool, calm, collected and I heard from Eileen Bennet today so that was a treat. Eileen will be teaching a mixed media class here for Jamboree so for those coming to that event, I've put a description of the class under the events page under Eileen's name. I also got the samples from C.A. Wells for her classes in November. First pictured is the Sailor's Valentine. This will be the full day, Saturday class. The top picture shows the front side and the 2nd picture is the inside...there is also a cute whale's tale on the back along with initials, etc. The third picture is the front of the Mermaid's Purse. Isn't that just the cutest thing? You can see the little acorn shaped hanging "pin cushion" hanging off the button on the right. On the left is a glass leaf hanging and the blue places you see under the button...those are pockets. A wonderful design and I think it will be a lot of fun. The final piece is a Petite Pyramid ...isn't it just the cutest little thing. Anyway, I'm trying to get the cost, etc., up on the website and will try to get this finished in the next day or two so please bear with me. But enjoy the pictures and if you happen to be coming by the shop stop in to see the real thing...but we only have them for 1 month so you'll have to hurry in.

I'm going to sign off for now because I don't want to walk away and forget to publish the blog today (a habit I have gotten into) have a great night and dream of all the gorgeous stitching that's out there. Oh, yeah, before I forget, Mary P. I found my camera so I'll be taking the pictures tonight and will send them off in the to you later.