Friday, February 29, 2008

Please ring bell for service....

Have you seen that sign at Walmart? Well, may I say, don't even bother. I went over yesterday, since the bridge is open and it's such a short trip now, and I needed supplies to finish my scissor I went in, and of course since this is a department no one gives a damn about there was no one there. Now keep in mind we don't have a fabric store anywhere near here. The nearest Hancock's or quilting shop is about 45 minutes away, so Walmart is my "port in the storm." Anyway, I stood there for at least 5 minutes, ringing the friggin bell looking like a jackass and finally thought, "screw it, how hard could this be, I've watched them do this a dozen times." So I got their "gun" out of it's holder, scanned the bolt of pellon and cut off a yard and put the measurements into the gun and the white ticket shot out and I pinned it to the fabric as I had watched them do so many times. I repeated the procedure for the second iron on fusing and left the department, supplies in my cart, feeling very satisfied that for that 3 seconds as a Walmart employee I had done a great job. I had a satisfied customer in my hands, and that customer was me. So I waltz to the checkout counter trying to get together a story in case they asked how I got the fabrics and all the checker said was, "wow I've never sold fabric that expensive before." I said, "What, it was $1.47 a yard and I only purchase one yard." So she's calling over for a supervisor since she had already scanned it into her register, I'm starting to look real guilty while at the same time thinking "if they figure out what I did they certainly can't accuse me of trying to steal it." So the supervisor listens to the cashier telling her how expensive this fabric was, and me saying over her, "It's $1.47 per yard" and while I may deserve to pay the $52.50 it was telling them, I didn't want to. Anyway, the supervisor said she would have to take both fabrics over to have them remeasured and repriced and would be back. So now I'm waiting at the register holding up the line (yea, a proud moment). So I said, ring up the rest, let me pay and then I'll wait for the fabrics to come back and get back in line. Now, next time...and future reference...make sure you put in the fabric as a part of a yard. I put in 36" or so I thought, when I actually was telling it 36 yards instead of 1 yard. Will I do it again, you bet your ass, but I'll do it correctly. And...the end result, I came away with my fabric faster than if I waited for someone to answer that stupid bell. They use to have a phone in that department, but I think when we started using it to call them to tell them to get someone over to the department to cut our fabric they felt we misused the phones as that wasn't what they were there for. I can't wait to see what they do now...although my feeling is the fabric sections are going to be discontinued. Crap!!! Somehow I always end up driving to Salisbury. Crap! Moving on...I began working on the next section of my ABC can't see it here, but I wanted to prove I'm working on it. This has been such a labor of love I'll be sorry to see it end. This has been fun, even when there has been a difficult stitch, which I'm finding more of as I'm getting closer to the end however, when there is so little to be stitched you can easily get through it. I expect to get this section done by Sunday, and then...there is only one more section out and then I'll be waiting for the next 2 sections to be published. I'll be ahead of the game...whoppee...and then I will get back to Maidens of the Sea. I started the finishing work on my Scissor holder that slips into the Orleans Carpenters little shaker box. I got all my supplies together, and then cut out around the shapes and low and behold cut one of the too close to the stitching for comfort. I'm so disgusted with myself...I mean how many times do I have to do this before I get it right. This is why I should just send everything to Carolyn...however, I know it's not that difficult and I keep telling everyone they can easily do it, so I thought it was my duty to prove it.....I need to stop proving things to myself and just let it go!!!! Anyway, I'm still finishing it, hope to have it done and in the shop tomorrow and I'll be sure to take a pictorial so you too can make fun of me. Got to go...mail to open, Olde Colonial to unpack...oooh, I ordered another casket from them...just not going to be happy until I have one stitched...check with you later. Have a great day!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh My God....

Today one of the companies I deal with a lot asked me to fill out a survey form. Since I ignored their last request, which they mentioned, and felt they wouldn't move on until I had filled out the form, I decided to get it over with. Now I'm feeling older than ever. I'm almost in the last age group...the over 65. Now age to me really has been just a number, however, I've been feeling older in the past 12 months thanks in no small part to my physical pains, arthritis, and hurt from the knees down. I do realize my weight has played a large part in that pain, however, my age is certainly not helping. But I've never been in the last age group on a questionaire. I really feel that 100 is the new 80 (these numbers move as I move up the age scale), and 60 is the new 40...and if that is the case, should they not add more age categories. Or, as I suspect, does no one give a damn what over 65's think, say or do? I should start a revolution, and I would, except...I'm too tired! But...I'm still sitting at my desk working (O.K. blogging is work at times)..., I'm still making executive decisions (I did make the decision to put Sara and Mary in charge of making decisions)...I'm still a valuable member of the team (I sign the checks), so when did I become insignificant? I have a feeling when the people are looking at the surveys they check to see what the age group is and throw in the trash anyone who checks 65 & over (much like Publisher's Clearing House throws my entries for $1,000,000 in the trash when they get them). So to all those who feel we are insignificant in our 65+ years....Screw you. (the fact that I'm almost 60 is preparing me for the 65+ category...they are my future and I'm fighting for them).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good News....Bag News

Yesterday I received Good News and Bad News both relating to the same issue...C.A. Wells. The good news, we've booked her for 2008 & 2009, and the bad's in November. Why is that bad, well because it's too close to Jamboree and I know many of our home stitchers would like to do both and the cost with each will probably prohibit that, but we had no choice, so I apologize to all those who have to make the choice, but at least we're on board now and perhaps will be able to change the month in the future. Sara is looking into projects and we'll be picking something soon so keep checking back. I am pleased to say that after approximately 4, if not more, hours I finally conquered one type stitch on my ABC Sampler. It was called the "Maltese Cross" was the bain of my existence for 2 nights and if I never see that one again it will be too soon....however, I moved on last night and I should be done with this section this week and then 2 more sections and I'm caught up. I can't believe how far behind I was only to almost catch's a great piece...but since I've been working so diligently on it, I've fallen behind on my Mermaids of the Sea so I'll need to get back to it this weekend and finish it...I'm so close. Of course in the finishing department I'm also backed up with several projects waiting for finishing. And as we all know, I seriously hate to finish my own work...but think it's necessary at this stage in the game just to prove to everyone else (who I keep saying can finish their own) that it can be done by a novice. Today it's overcast, dreary and cold here and a perfect day to stay home and stitch, unfortunately, in my world that's not possible as I sit here in the office working on the financials to take to the bank to beg them to give me, oops loan me some money. I really think they should come to be and be excited to hand me the money because I've got a sparkling personality and I have a great sense of humor...all qualities the bank does not care about. Yea, that sums me up perfectly...I'm filled with the qualities that no one needs....why oh why wasn't I born rich? (something my girls are probably asking themselves right now)...anyway, I've got to end this for now to get back to crunching numbers...have a great day and try to work in a little stitching.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Weekend Gone By...

Another weekend has come and gone and what did I get done? I worked the shop since Sara had the nerve to ask for one weekend a year off...what the heck is the matter with that child...but I preservered and worked the shop all by myself. And...I was able to handle it. Unfortunately, Saturday I checked out all the new stuff and ended up taking a shopping bag home filed with new projects, fabric and fibers....and that's why I shouldn't be left alone in the shop. I don't have the sense God gave a billy goat. And it never seems to matter to me that every closet, drawer and cubby hole in my house is filled with bags holding projects to be done, or projects started and not completed. No, this is my addiction and my sponsor took the weekend off and I fell off the wagon. On the plus side I did work on my ABC Sampler (I keep meaning to take a picture to show you my WIP (work in progress)...perhaps tomorrow. Anyway, I've run into a couple of difficult stitches (it was so much more fun when I was able to do a stitch first try, but now I'm doing one, tearing it out, doing it over and tearing it out again, however, this is also making me learn new stitches, but honestly, some of these are just too hard, plus I found another glitch in the chart (where the diagram doesn't match what she's telling me to do). That's when common sense takes over and I do whatever I think the correct way is...perhaps I'm making up some new stitches myself. I tried to blog while I was at work, however, couldn't get on the site. Kept telling me my password didn't match my sign in. I just hate it when that happens because I know I was using the correct password and couldn't get it to take...Crap!!! So that's my excuse for not blogging over the weekend and I'm sticking to it. I look at the weather map and I still see snow in places, but here in Paradise it's sunny and brisk. No parkas for us down here, just a light jacket at this point would work. It sure is lovely in the neighborhood, except for that friggin seagull who keeps getting in our trashcans. I can't tell you how distressing it is to arrive home and find your trash strewn all over the street. It's a game this damn gull and I are playing and little does he know we have a gun and I'm about to use it. (just kidding, I hate guns and won't pick one up, but perhaps I could aim it at him and scare the bejesus out of him...stinking little flying rat). Got to later...have a great night!

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Ugly in Paradise

I do mean's rainy, overcast, not snowy and pretty, wet and damp like a dog's coat..yes I do believe it smells doggy here (or could that be me?) Anyway, I'm trying to find a bright side of the day....forgot it there is no bright side here, I'll just try to get through it as quickly as I can. Anyway, Survivor happened, Yauman got kicked off and he was the person I was rooting for so now I'm aggravated at the entire program. But on the upside....I finished the Sampler Scissors Box...or should I say I finished the I have to put it together (a whole other issue for me)...anyway, that was exciting. And I will finish another section of my ABC Sampler tonight...oh, I'm on a roll. We uncovered the "Hearts of America" kit, which Sara said we didn't get in Nashville, but apparently she was wrong because I found it in a bag this morning (we're still unpacking...actually Sara finished this morning) so Joyce, we have it in house now. Sara just called over to say, "Guess what just arrived from With My Needle?" and I said, "The basket" at which time I heard a gasp, a sign and a big NO MOM, the turtles. When I said to her, look, stop with all the noises when I don't guess correctly, I'm going to be 60 in a few months and I can't help it if I don't guess correctly. She informed me I was guessing wrong much more than I use to and it was annoying her. So for all the daughters out there....I am you in a few years so get over yourselves and treat your mother as you would like to be treated when you can't remember her name or where you parked your car, or whether or not you put your underwear on before you left the house. We are all headed in the same direction. It's not as if your mind is going to move that quickly when you get to reach 60...know that, and resolve to have a little more patience with us as we did with you when you were young and stupid, (not so long ago). We're trying and we're here, count your blessings. And Sara remember when I left for France and you had to do my work? Remember what you said when I got back? You didn't realize how much work I did and you didn't enjoy having to do it all. Well, perhaps that's why I can't remember everything because I'm still keeping 100 balls in the air on any given day. Give me a break. But the good news is...We got the Turtles in...and are they cute!!!! By the way, I think I told you that the Route 50 bridge was open again. I feel like a free woman now and try to find things to do that makes me go across the bridge just so I can said I did. It's strange how dependent we are on having that bridge open. There are 3 ways off this island, Route 50 bridge, Route 90 bridge around 62nd street, and drive through Delaware. Route 50 is the closest to me so I never use the other two routes so closing one of them would not have bothered me. That's why they did it...all to get at me. Yes, I'm sure that was the reason...and it worked. Not having that bridge for a month sucked the joy out of my life, but the Joy is back and I'm grateful.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's gorgeous in Paradise but colder than "a witches tit"

I have no idea what that means or if the witche's tit is even cold, mother always said it and it's stuck with me (this sticks with me but I have no idea how to do algebra mind is a wasteland). Anyway, I'm in the 'clean up this crap' mode today and have been packing trash bags with all the paper work I've ignored since October (I did at least open a great many pieces to make sure the bills had been taken care of) but I'm tired of working on piles of mail. And catalogs, I wish I had a dollar for every catalog I get in a year's time...I'd be a millionaire. Around the middle of November I start saving catalogs just in case I need a gift I can just order on-line. However, every February or March I then start taking the catalogs to the dumpster and it's taking 2-3 garbage bags to get it all out. And that means me doing the hauling, and you know how opposed I am to physical labor (I think by looking at me you knew I wasn't a jock.) Honestly, with everything on- line why do they bother to send the catalog in the first plea Everytime I move it falls on the floor which is giving me exercise so perhaps I should leave well enough alone, however, it's just too much. Of course I have to keep stopping to look at something on the web. Stasi B. just e-mailed me about the Abigail Basket. Unfortuntely I knew it looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I saw it so I called my dear sweet daughter Sara who acted like I had just asked her to carry a baby for me. I got that "Mom..don't you remember..."(if I had remembered I wouldn't have called her for God's sake)...anyway, it's part of the life cycle. My mother aggravated me because she couldn't remember her own name after the age of 50 and she passed that wonderful quality down to me. Just remember Sara...I'm passing everything down to you. Speak to me as you want Michael to speak to you (and that's so not going to be pretty). Anyway, I'm not putting it up on the site yet because, of course, they didn't have all the supplies or something at the show so they are suppose to send it when it is ready, but I just have to show you...isn't it fabulous. It's called Abigail's Basket and it comes with the basket and all the smalls instructions...ohhh, I can hardly wait. Honestly, I'm going to need a room just for all the smalls I'm planning to stitch. Of course if I never get them finished I won't need anything but a basket to put them in. I may have to call on Carolyn as I get some of these done. I'm just too lazy sometimes to do it, although I'm going to try. I think it's important that we all know how to finish, and I do, but knowing and doing have turned out to be two different animals all together. Uh, oh, it's 4:30 and tonights a Survivor night. You know I'll be talking about this I'll talk to you soon. Have a great night, bundle up folks as it's freezing out and they are calling for snow...great weather for staying in a stitching.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome Home Judy

That was the theme of last night's Stitch 'n Bitch as Judy T. returned for 1 night from Colorado. Tom, her saint of a husband, brought her down from a visit with his mother in Arlington so she could attend our monthly meeting. I really feel very privileged that Judy would go out of her way to attend, as well as Jackie J. and Kay F. who come every month from Baltimore, which is 3 hours away, and that's the only reason they are in Ocean City. Judy left us to drive back to Arlington around 9:00 p.m. and while Jackie didn't drive back last night, she goes home today. So to you all....thanks for being part of our group. We love ya. We missed Kay F. last night as she is currently recooperating from foot surgery...we thought about you though. It was market night in the shop and the girls were checking out and purchasing the new "goodies" we brought back from Nashville. Everyone had their personal favorites and surprisingly enough, no two were really the same. Added to the excitment was the show and tell brought in by Jennifer H. and Jackie J. Jennifer brought in her 100% completed Peacock Chair and she did a spectacular job on it. I will give you one hint...our group had trouble with the legs, and Jackie suggested that we purchase legs with a flat base and use them and Jennifer did just that and they worked out perfectly. She really did a professional job on the chair, scissor sheath, and fob and it shows. Kudo's to Jennifer. She also brought in one of the first "goodie bag" gifts from one of the first events we had, finished. It was a Ellen Chester stitching ensemble consisting of an envelope bag, needle book and a wooden pallet with a needlework insert...(Cherished Works ...With My Needle) and I have to say this is the first one I've seen done even though it's been about 8 years since stitchers received the charts and supplies. This is what gives me inspiration, as it does many of us. Jackie J. brought in several items, a Bent Creek specialty piece purchased at our first Jamboree event, the knitting fairy piece finished on a pillow and she used fabric drawn from colors in the knitting fairy...a wonderful piece..which she stitched for a friend, Sweetheart Tree's tooth fairy pillow all ready to give to her granddaughter (precious), a little basket with a seashore design from The Sweetheart Tree that was so cute. When I asked her whose design it was (I'm an idiot) she said, "I bought it from you." However, when she purchased it from me the design was for a fob and I never thought of it any other way...and that's why seeing how others step out of the box is important. It makes you look at designs other ways. I know she brought in other finished products and I'm sorry Jackie, I can't remember what they were right now. But when I talk about stepping out of the box, it's something I don't do easily. Last night I got home and went to sit down to stitch when I realized I didn't have my stitching bag. I went back out to the car and it wasn't there and I realized I put it down after Stitch 'n Bitch to get my purse out of the office and I left it there. I stood there for a few minutes thinking should I go back to the office when it occurred to me I had plenty of projects home (no kidding), extra needles, extra glasses, extra scissors so I thought I might as well pull a project out of one of my stuffed bags. I reached over (I have a few totes in the living room) and found the Orleans Carpenter button box with the Jane Timmer chart and thought I might as well. The was actually a project given to the stitchers at a May retreat as well. Many of the stitchers finished this and brought it in to show me. Everyone's looked so wonderful I wanted one myself. It was small, over one though, but doable in a few nights. I have always loved this project, although I didn't love the colors. There are probably 4 or 5 colors, bright no less, in it and I kept putting it back in the to do bag because I couldn't come to grip with the colors. Back when I pulled this monochromes weren't the rage. So last night I looked at it, thought it would be my cup of tea if it were a monochrome piece and used one overdyed skein of Gloriana and started stitching. Well, by this morning I'm almost done, and I'm loving it too. I love the one color with the different shades that come from using overdyes and couldn't be more thrilled...not only did another "older" project come out of the bag, but I really enjoyed stitching it and it was over one. Now if I can only get it put together...that's my downfall, but maybe like Jackie J., I'll just sit down one day and do all my finishing (yea, like that's going to happen). I now have a goal...let's hope I achieve it. Another plus last night, Pat W. brought in the food (Salty Yarns can't have any event without food) and while we have always had great "eats" provided by our own Renee, she has grown weary after supplying us for years so we decided to take over the job and the ladies that attend offered to take one month each. Pat brought in not only a visually appealing cake, but a delicious one as well. It was a vanilla cake which she added pumpkin and spices to and then she make a filling of cream cheese and cool whip (I believe that's it and could you even go wrong with these two things)..and sprinkled walnuts and a caramel syrup on top...on, my it was delicious. She also brought in a cheese platter and a fruit platter...thanks was greatly appreciated by one and all. I also want to thank Renee for all the years she supplied the group with the refreshments....we have always had the most delicious food at Stitch 'n Bitch. Cake is considered a dinner isn't it, at least in my world it is. I never get dinner on Stitch 'n Bitch nights because I never leave work so whatever is brought in is my dinner...thanks ladies. The ride into work today (a full 2 blocks) was uneventful but gorgeous since the sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day today hovering around 35 degrees. A slight breeze...and they are forecasting rain, but it sure doesn't look like it right now. A great day in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't ask me how I know!

O.K., today is Stitch 'n Bitch and here's how my day started...I woke up at 8:30 a.m. which is really late for me, but I woke up during the middle of the night so that might account for that, however, I'm already behind in my mind. Anyway, I go to get dressed, put on a pair of underwear that definitely was left over from 20 years ago as that is how small they were, but didn't let that daunt me, put them on anyway and when I stood up I knew I'd never make it in those all day so decided to change them. I had already attached the Kotex pad to the underwear but since I hadn't worn the underwear decided to just transfer the pad to the other pair of underwear. About this time I apparently got bored and didn't pay attention. Went to work and worked until Mary called me about lunch. I had to run some mail orders to UPS so I decided to use the bathroom (as my mother taught me) before leaving. But when I sat down I felt something was wrong and realized I had put the Kotex pad on upside down so it was now stuck to a very sensitive area and to get it off I gave myself a Brazilian bikini waxing without really meaning too....OUCH! Now I'm sure there are some who are thinking..."She's almost 60 what the hell is she using one for anyway...don't ask!" O.K., so when that starts your day you have no where to go but up! And we had a very nice lunch/dinner (for me it serves double duty since I don't get home between the end of work and Stitch 'n Bitch). Anyway, as I was saying we have our meeting tonight and I'm excited to be seeing everyone and showing off what we brought back from Nashville. This serves as our Nashville night as well. I've tried not to say too much about Nashville since our ladies had not been in yet, but I put the Nantucket Seaman's chest up on the site today and I have to tell's one of my favorite things carried back from Market. I really think I'm going to shove it ahead of all my other "need to stitch" projects and start on it as soon as I'm done with the 2 pieces I'm working on now...because...I Love It! I know it's daunting, but I Love it anyway. I'm still catching up on paperwork from Nashville, oh, hell, who am I kidding, I still trying to catch up to October's paperwork and not get anywhere close to finishing. I swear the minute my desk top is almost showing, Mary dumps another crate of mail on me. Of course, I haven't seen the top of my desk since October, God I hope I didn't leave any food under there. My tree is still in the living room. That's a picture just to prove I don't make this stuff up...the red bag over it is what I purchased to put it in, however, they failed to mention that the tree couldn't be a prelit in one piece....I'm not sure if the tree will still be there next Christmas or if I will one day move it into the junk room (master bedroom I still don't have a bed in)...anyway, if you need a tree let me know...I've got one if you will pick it up. (I've considered just throwing it away and buying a new one next year, but it seems to wasteful). See the little stocking in the background...that's the darling stocking Teresa W. made for me last October. It found a home in my living room and I'm not taking it down. It's not's got a mermaid, seahorses, fish, etc., so nautical works all year. I Love it! Still working on Drawn Thread's ABC Sampler...I'm up to JKL and I've got to say, it took me a while but I finially found a few stitches on this one I don't like. But...I just hurried through them to get me back to a place where I was enjoying myself...I'm there and again just enjoy this project. But I've got all those new projects in my tote so I'm itching to get these finished before I start new ones. I've read a blog in the last couple of days where the stitcher must be working on about 10 projects at one time, and I'm not talking about little projects so I'm wondering if that is something I should try although I think it's too many for me and I'd just get confused and stop stitching everything. I've got the mind and attention span of a gnat. Anyway, I've got a ton of work to do before the meeting tonight....I'll catch you later. By the way....It's a gorgeous day in paradise today...temps hovering around 50, suns shining, the water is sparkling and while I wouldn't go sunbath...I think you could in the sun it's that pretty. Have a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

And that's music?

Last night brought more of the same....C.J. on his newest toy, Rock Band. I finally called Mary around 7:30 and asked, "Where in God's name have you got that thing and why isn't it bothering you as much as it's bothering me, and why did I buy this for C.J. when it wasn't even on his wish list?" Mary was bit surprised about it not being on the list as well, which she found out when she asked him about it (of course after I bought it)...and we've decided it wasn't C.J. who wanted it as much as his father. Fortunately his father works in the evenings and doesn't get home until late (God, I hope he doesn't decide to start playing it then). Anyway, C.J. and his friends are certainly getting a kick out of it...and tonight I get to listen to 4 of his friends play with it. But after this weekend Mary is going to put restrictions on it's use (Please God!). Anyway, not a great night, except I've finished another panel on the Mermaid piece and have just one more to go. I also started working on the next section of the ABC Sampler from Drawn Thread and guess guessed it...I'm Still LOVING them both. These have been the best stitches I've ever had. I don't know what it is about them, but I'm enjoying both. I almost hate to see them end, except, my "to do" bag from Nashville alone is overflowing....and I can't wait to start "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow." It's also been the big sale here with several going out this weekend so I think there will be many of us stitching on this one. We'll see who gets done first. I've got to get some work done so I'm ending for now...have a great day!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It could be Better!

O.K., Saturday is a little better than Friday, but not a whole lot. The weather is a bit crisper, but with the bridge open we are seeing a lot more people on the boardwalk, and we've also seen more in the shop..whoppee!!!! Had a few friends in today and they are always welcome and we love to see familiar faces, however, our day started a little rocky, but Sara popped a couple of Tylenols and we continued getting Nashville out. Stacy S. stopped by to pick up some kits brought back from Nashville for Sandy J. and of course she couldn't leave without something so she bought a couple of the new charts. While she was in we showed her Sara's peyote scissor fob and she mentioned Sara should teach a class so I'm working on that...(Sara popped another Tylenol after hearing that). Oh, I almost forgot...Judy T. is coming for Stitch 'n Bitch Tuesday night...from Colorado. However, our Kay F. will be in the hospital or recooping from her foot surgery...we can never get everyone here at the same time. So while we'll miss Kay, we're really excited to have Judy back in the fold, if only for one day. One of the uncomfortable moments for me today....a gentlemen came in and asked if I was "dog friendly" which believe me I am for the most part....only unless you are willing to carry them, then not in the shop. Please if you have a dog have someone hold him outside the shop...I know your dog wouldn't pee on my floor but if I let you in then everyone with a dog will want to bring their dog in and frankly my nerves won't stand for it. So I have a "no dog walking" policy. I'm sorry if that upsets you, I pray that it doesn't, but it's a policy I have had to adopt. An observation as well as a warning: C.J.(Mary's stepson) had a birthday on Tuesday, he turned 14, and Mary said she knew just what he would like. So I went over to Walmart and purchased a "Rockband" for his Playstation 2. Now you can clearly see on the box that there are drums involved, but what did I care...they have a 6 month old in the house so how much is he actually going to be able to play the thing...also when I gave him his Christmas gifts one was a huge Karoke machine and I said "Please do not play this while I'm at home or take it up to the 2nd floor of your apartment so I won't hear it." And I've never heard it. I thought I was safe...clearly you can see that by mentioning this my plan terribly wrong. Last night as I'm peacefully stitching, watching my T.V., I heard what would pass for some as music around 11:30 p.m....that's right...11:30 p.m. Shouldn't a 14 year old be in bed by then? I think so! Anyway, I figured, O.K. clearly the machine is not on the top floor but sounds like it's on the sunporch which I would think would be too cold to use right now...therefore I assumed that it would be a short musical session. Assumed...again WRONG! The noise went on for at least 1 hr if not longer. I kept thinking Mary would wake up...but perhaps Mary and the 6 month old were playing the drums...not sure...must find out....or I'm going to have to take drastic action...not sure what that will be, but action none the less. Then I get up this morning and by God, he's back at it again. I look outside thinking Mary will certainly say something this early and her car is gone...she's left me with C.J. and his friend (I think) playing his rock band...good Lord! So the end result matter how much they might like to have the addition to their Playstation...think twice before agreeing to this one. Of course if he becomes a big rock star earning billions of dollars perhaps he will throw some of that my way...ummmm, perhaps I won't say a word but will encourage him to practice, practice, practice...preferably while I'm gone! Anyway, we've almost unloaded all of Nashville so feel free to stop on by and take a look. I'll get it up on the web site asap. Have a great night!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Crap! It just keeps happening again and again

I've written 2 blogs which have gotten lost somehow (I know it's my fault but honestly it's really aggravating me). Anyway, I'm not giving up until my blog is updated. The last you heard from me I was still in Nashville, well, we took the ride from hell on Monday leaving Nashville at 10:00 a.m. and arriving in Ocean City around 2:00 a.m. Tuesday. Yes, we drove straight through and only stopped for gas and lunch and then just ran like hell as if our life depended upon it...and I drove all but the first 2 hours. Poor Solomon did not take well with me in the back seat with him, so I took over for Mary and she moved back and once he fell asleep I put the pedal to the metal and never looked back. It's surprising I was able to do this since the minute it gets dark for my eyes means it's time to take a nap so normally in a car my eyes are shutting, but I knew it was drive or take on Solomon and I took the road least traveled (if you get my drift). STuesday was spent with me sleeping it off and laying around the house looking like I'd been run over by a bus. The Wednesday I got up and it was raining sideways in the a.m. so I called Sara and said, I'm not coming in to work because it's raining too hard (I just love that excuse), but Thursday I was ready and arrived at the hotel, didn't see Sara so I called her only to find out that she was taking a snow day. Apparently the 1/2" snow that barely covered the ground was reason enough to close down the schools here so Sara went shopping. That, of course, meant that I too had to take a snow day (I mean it wouldn't look right if just Sara took it and I didn't want her to look bad). So we had 3 days off this week and were ready to appear in the shop this morning which we did after unloading the car. We got excited all over again as we unloaded the bags and relived seeing the designs for the first time. I also started loading another tote with the "must haves" I found. Oh, my so many things that I can't live without. The weather today was perfect, in the low 50's and Sara and I were excited to be back in the shop with new "stuff", but believe me our joy was short lived. Our first customer of the day....a woman who purchased a punch needle piece at Michael's and just couldn't understand what the hell to do with it. Now, it's one thing to purchase you stuff at Michael's (that I understand if it's cheaper which it isn't all the time) but it's another thing to come to the independents and ask them to help you figure out Michael's stuff. But anyone who knows me knows that I am always willing to help people with their "stuff"...however, she starts telling me how she doesn't understand the directions or anything else and I said, "Did you bring the kit with you and the punchneedle" and of course she hadn't brought in any of it. She was hoping I could help her without her having to do any of the work. After looking at her to see if she had forgotten to take her medication I decided to do what I always do ... I asked Sara to help her. Sara is not as willing as I am to help so she looks at me with that "Are you kidding me" expression which I completely ignore and the woman heads to her. Apparently, this woman not only didn't understand the entire concept of punchneedle she was also incapable of listening to directions when given. Sara must have repeated herself 6 times and the woman still didn't get it. Sara opened one of our punchneedles and demonstrated over and over and nothing. I did suggest to the woman that the next time she needed help with something she needed to bring the item into the shop for assistance. It took great restraint not to say, "How about taking that back to Michael's for help since they sold it to you." Anyway, we finally get her out of the shop (she purchased nothing of course) and our next customer was looking for beading...Peyote...which we are just beginning to carry (brought it back from Nashville but don't have enough yet to interest those who have done a lot of it) we ended up sending her to Fenwick and South Bethany (because we do send customers to the shops we think can help them). And that's the way our day went...all day. I can only hope tomorrow gets better for us. Note: speaking of Peyote beading, Sara took a mini class in Nashville and completed the project (a scissor fob) in a couple of days. We first saw Peyote at the Delware Sampler Guild event in October. One of the ladies was stitching a huge piece using Peyote stitch and we became fascinated. So we made plans to look into it in Nashville and thankfully there were 2 companies that showed it. Anyway, Sara is the only one at this point that knows how to do it, so if you come in, please take a look and compliment her on the nice job she did with her first project. I spent the entire time away and off working on my two favorite pieces. Well, I didn't work on them the entire time...but I'm back on them now and finished the first tier on the Drawn Thread alphabet sampler and I have only 1 more panel to do on the Mermaid piece. Fun, fun, fun and I'm still loving these two pieces. This is a big weekend for us since it's the double whammy...President's Weekend which means a long weekend and it's the annual boat show. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I can only hope things get better. Oh, yea...the bridge is open again. That's right the route 50 bridge has finally reopened and right on time. So now I'll eat a little crow and say, I apologize to all the state road workers who I insinuated never got a job done on time. I'm sorry, I was wrong! This time you did it and on time...I couldn't be prouder. I had no idea the bridge closing would affect me the way it did. It was like losing a limb. Anyway, I'm working at home now trying to get caught up so please try to stick with me as I struggle with all this. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Shoot me, Shoot me now!

My God, I'm exhausted...I've dragged my fat rear all over this hotel since 9:00 a.m. and didn't give up until 4:30 p.m. and only then because I could see Sara was in serious need for a drink and I needed her to go back at 8:00p.m. to take a class in Peyote stitch. So we went back to the room to give Mary a break since she had both Solomon and Michael since 9:00 a.m. You know I usually use this show to find my "goodie" bags and stuffers for the events, and yet I've found nothing as of day one, which really worries me, but doesn't make me panic yet (although my heart is racing a little faster). I did find something for my Stitch 'n Bitch group's Nashville gift...(I always find them a treasure...or so I bring back as a gift) that's one thing off my list, but Jamboree and Spring retreat have not faired well. But have no fear, I won't give up. Since I only go into the rooms to see product and place an order and then I leave all the rest of the crap to Sara, I spend a lot of time standing in the hallways observing the other shop owners and exhibitors and boy what a show. But today's winner for fashion disaster (beside myself) was another shop owner. She came onto the floor like she owned the world. You know the their minds they look great and carry themselves with the attitude that they are on top of the world. I give them credit...I've never felt that secure...but folks, sometimes they really should take another look in the mirror. The woman I'm talking about was probably about my age (and may I say, please dress your age)...and apparently she is really very confident in her appearance because she carried herself that way. She had on a flowing red top over black leg hugging capri's and a chunky heal shoe. I was amused when she came toward me, however, when she walked past and I got a look at the back, looked like she had cellulite on her calves the capris were hugging her legs so tightly and her skin was rippling...and she had a pony tail going halfway down her back...and may I say after a certain age do we look right with a pony tail halfway down our backs? I'm not talking about ladies who have long hair that they wear pull it up into chignons or the like...I'm talking about pony tails and pig tails (which is even worse at my age)...anyway, bless her heart she thought she looked like a million dollars....and so didn't. Now, I don't mean to pass judgement on a woman, because I'm all about women and feel we should stick together like glue and stop, for God's sake, stop stabbing each other in the back. But after saying that...I also believe we should be who we are and stop trying to be younger. What's wrong with grey hair and wrinkles...I think it gives us character. I don't want to look like my daughters (O.K., perhaps I'd like to be their weight..but I wouldn't want to be their age or dress like I'm their age). Perhaps I'm just comfortable with who I am. Would I like a million dollars, well, I'm not an idiot...sure I'd love a million dollars so I could go to Walmart and shop all day. I don't need diamonds, furs, or big cars....I'm happy being a small town girl, having too much weight, crows feet, wrinkles, grey hair, and all the other problems that go along with being 60 years old. I've worked hard to get to this age, and I don't want to be anything else. O.K...I'm coming off my high horse and now back to the show. Anyway, I've found several things that I just can't live without and I'm hoping you feel the same way. "Needlework Smalls" have been on my radar screen for sometime and this show is no different....I love them! And they are everywhere here. Just about every designer is doing a grouping of smalls so we have plenty to choose from. And needlepoint is definitely making a comeback at this show...several designers have added needlepoint to their of course we've picked up a couple of canvases...anything dealing witht the sea. The "wow" piece of the day was the newest piece of the Hawk Run Hollow Series...oh my God...we had seen this thanks to Stasi B. before the weekend, however, today we saw it stitched and framed...unbelievable, "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow". As many of you know, I started "Hawks Run Hollow" several years ago and have yet to finish it because I get a little bored doing houses (thank goodness there is no deadline on this)..anyway, I'm going to start this new piece in the series the minute I get home...I know I'll finish this one...and wouldn't it look wonderful broken up into needlebooks, etc. this is a definite winner! I'll try to get more pictures up, but right now it's 1:13 a.m. and I've got to get tickets done....I'll get back on later. Have a great night..oh, you are probably asleep by now since it's early, so you won't see this until the morning, so...have a great day folks!

February 8th...

It's 5:00 a.m. and I've been working for the past 3 hours getting ready to hit the floor running at 9:00. (I'm so confused with the time change I never know what the heck the time is...Mary says the phones automatically changed time when we cross the line, but I don't trust that so I'm just not sure what the hour is...darn it like I need one more thing to confuse me) I'm so excited I feel like waking up the designers and getting this show on the road. The banners are hanging, I've already forgotten to pick up product we ordered before the show and was ready to be picked up on Friday...who could remember that. I've been in Nashville for a little over 2 days, I've eaten at the Cheesecake Factory twice, I'm ready to rock and roll. I have to say, I'm grateful the Cheesecake Factory isn't in Ocean City or I would weigh even more than I do now. I do have to ask a question however....when you have leftovers you are taking home, and the dish requires a dipping sauce (we're big on appetizers)...should they not pack the dipping sauce with the left overs. I mean, avocado eggrolls absolutely require dipping sauce, don't you think? Now the cheesecake they manage to put the whipped cream on (like it needs that), but we had 4 appetizers that we were unable to finish and we did not get one dipping sauce. I hate to bitch...however...dipping sauces are necessary. We ordered dinner in room last night and I have another question. While I realize waiters get screwed at times, is it smart to add the gratuity to the room service bill. They add a delivery charge (I love that one...) and a 15% gratuity charge to every bill. Now, I normally tip 20% (having been a waitress early on I feel it is necessary) but when they add it to the bill I tip no more than that. It aggravates me that they add it, and while I know it's not the server's idea (or perhaps it is) I think it forces you to give the same amount whether there is good service or bad service. As many of you know we've had terrible service at this hotel, so bad last year I wouldn't let the girls order in house and we got carry out every night. But since the restaurant has overgone some changes I thought we'd give it another chance...and both the food and service has greatly improved so I would have given 20% if they left it up to me. Oh, well, enough of food talk. The weather here is absolutely lovely...sunny and warm although the temp. says 48 it's really warm and you don't need jackets....heavenly! The hotel is jammed now so there is noise in the hallways with all the kids running around (not my favorite thing..but since I have 2 grandchildren here I'm trying to be tolerant)...and the elevators, please don't even go there. We're on the top floor (9th) which means today during the show it's going to take forever to go up and down. I usually become the runner (and that term should not be taken as literal) we get our product and can carry no more I run it to the room and let Sara handle the check writing, etc. It's my exercise (for the year) plus I'm not standing around waiting which drives me nuts. Stairways could be used however, really, does anyone really believe that I would make it up 9 floors...seriously, think about it...I drive 2 blocks to work...while it might be better if I did walk the stairs I probably would die around the 3rd level..maybe even the first why take the chance. Anyway, I'll keep you posted today on what is happening show wise....we should see some great stuff and you will be the first to hear about it. Have a great day!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Here are a few of the pictures from Superbowl...we see Stasi B. cutting fabric in the first picture...Sara, Stasi and Carolyn N. studying fabric selections in the 2nd picture...3rd picture is Jane, our customer conceirge away from her fabric table (we do dress casually here at Salty Yarns) and the bottom picture is Ellen getting copies of Sara's reception recipes....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7th...Part 3

This is my third attempt to get the chair on the blog...I swear I'm about to toss this whole thing in the toilet....but that would mean I'd have a whole new set of problems....anyway, here is my beautiful chair...thanks to Sandy Jones. The tassel is on the drawer which actually opens and is deep enough and big enough to hold needles or other small needlework accessories. The only thing missing is a small toss pillow which is actually a scissor fob attached to a pair of scissors which is sheathed on the back of the chair. Cute, cute, cute. And now I'm going to stitch the new "Friendship Chair" and put it together myself...I swear...(Sandy keep your phone handy because you know I might be calling.) I'm going to keep going with this although the other pictures aren't coming up...what the hell is this problem..honestly, I need a tech person with me. Anyway, I'll move on for the moment to Nashville. We had a rather uneventful time getting here...we missed the tornados although we did hit the horrendous rain that came with them...but we arrived and the weather starting Wednesday couldn't have been better. Wednesday it was 72 on the way down...however, today, Thursday it has gone down to the 40's-50's. We arrived and of course our rooms were not ready so we went shopping (what else is there to do). When we got back we went into the new restaurant and while I find it really odd to find a seafood restaurant in this hotel, with no water around anywhere, we ordered shrimp and it wasn't bad...but oyster Nachos? Whose idea was that I won't even begin to think about ordering those things. However, Thursday they took away the menus and went with the usual fixed menu. Now explain that to me. The hotel is packed, every room taken and they go with a fixed menu instead of an open menu. So while I won't miss the Oyster Nachos, where are the pan fried shrimp, or coconut shrimp..although they didn't serve the right sauce with the coconut shrimp..who serves cocktail sauce with coconut shrimp? (this is what happens when you serve seafood and you don't live near the ocean). Sara and Michael flew in today and we took them to the restaurant so they could see it had changed. So we're working with the fixed menu, Sara got a steak dinner, I got lasagna and Mary got the vegetable pasta. Now...have you ever ordered a dinner, and had it come with nothing? No bread..with lasagna? Are you kidding me? So I asked the waiter for bread and he looked like I had shot him in the foot. He said, "We aren't serving bread this weekend"...what? How do you have dinners on a menu and you don't serve rolls? How do you have lasagna and not have any bread to sop up the sauce? Honestly...anyway, they seem to tandum serve here so the other server who happen to be a woman stopped him and said we'll find a roll. Find it, you served them last night, go in the kitchen and just pull one out! So in about 10 minutes here he came with something in his hands covered with a napkin. He brings it over, leans over and says to me, "We aren't suppose to serve these this weekend, but I found a few rolls and I'm bringing them to you, but I've had to cover them so no one else will realize I'm giving them to you. Now the truth is, I didn't really need or want the roll, it was the fact that they didn't think they should serve them (this is definitely going to be a letter to the Hilton chain, but by now they expect to hear from me since I write them every single year and mention the disappointment in their restaurant). Then we get back to the room and I forgot Survivor was on. Oh, my God, stitching and survivor...they go hand in hand. Well, I don't have a lot to say about it, except I am thrilled Jon was voted off...I always found his lies offensive. I was glad to see Yeo Man back as well as James but then there were a couple of people I didn't even is that possible since you know I watch this religiously. Well, perhaps it's my memory is about the length of a needle if that. Anyway, I was happy the fans won since the veterans were so cocky...that just doesn't work for me. I always go for the's who I am.

February 7...part 2

Alright I'm having issues here...which I will get to next, but I have to finish Superbowl...O.K., we had a great weekend, great and I do mean great weather (if you forget about Friday) jackets were needed and the sun was out! Sara had a great reception for the 3 retreat groups Friday night at her place and the food was outstanding as usual, the company stimulating and funny and everyone had a great time. Then Saturday the ladies started pulling their "stash" for Sunday's sale. Linda W. came over from Cambridge to join the stitchers who sat upstairs and stitched (along with the girls putting the chairs together)'s so sunny in Sara's place that Linda was able to work on her 40ct. Jamboree project from Maureen Appleton. Jane, originally from Arkansas, joined Debbie L.'s group from Pa. and she became our customer conceirge (although she refused to deal with the one customer we had that was difficult)...but she did a bang up job in cutting fabric...she cut fabric for 3 days straight...never went upstairs...stayed from opening to closing...loved her for that. Stasi B. came up for the retreat and had offered to cut for us, but Jane staked her claim to the spot and Stasi wasn't able to get near the table until Sunday when she helped as well. Ladies thank you so made our day go so much easier. And last but not least, Debbie L. who offered to be our shipping department conceirge...where did you go? Sara ended up doing your Debbie...we need to work on your conceirge skills (that doesn't look right but I'm going with it) since Sara ended up doing all the shipping on Tuesday. We love ya anyway Debbie! Anyway, we all had a wonderful time and can't wait for next year. And finally...thanks for Sandy for bringing me a beautiful gift, a nightlight with a stitched shade and the stitching...a beautiful shell scene...I'm going to try to get you a picture but I'm having issues. Anyway, also thanks to Stasi B. who brought both Sara and I a Whitman's tin with cookies inside (that we ate in the first 15 minutes I might add...good, good, good and a tin to stitch a lid for...whoopee!). Thanks everyone for all you do for me, I love you all!

February 7th....

Hello from Nashville...but before I get to that I want to say a few words about the Superbowl Sale at Salty Yarns. As many of you know, Sandy J.(Jones..shown in the white sweatshirt) from the Delaware Sampler Guild came down to help a few of our stitchers put their Peacock Chairs together. As usual, I think I'm smarter than everyone, and of course managed to make Sandy's job a whole lot harder by trying to use a stronger board to make the chair, but bless her heart she pressed onward and what I thought would be a few hours became 2 days of labor for Sandy and she refused to give up on me until my chair was put together. Even though I told her Saturday evening to stop as she had put in far too much time on it and I would finish it myself, she refused to put it down. So Sandy, thanks so much for all your time, patience, perserverance and your skill in getting my chair done. While everyone chose to stitch in Sara's apartment, where the class was taking place, the ladies putting together the chair had a lot of moral support and cheerleaders. One of those ladies, Jackie J. got involved and knew what would make the job easier and drove 45 minutes to Salisbury to get the proper "stuff", which did make things go smoother for everyone. So I have to say Thanks to Jackie for getting involved and going the extra distance. It was because of Sandy and Jackie that Jennifer H. got her chair put together and was able to take home a completed chair. Stacy S. decided it wasn't for her and gave hers to her mother to finish, but she did put in a day of trying to do it herself and then Debbie L. who almost finished hers by the time she left for home on Monday. And we're all excited about the next chair which we're going to be stitching and putting together in the near future. And the chairs... they are so adorable. I'm going to post mine, but keep in mind that the fob isn't put together yet or the scissor sheath that hangs on the back of the chair...but I'll get to those when I get back from Nashville.