Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Weekend of the year....

It's finally hear and yet it's still hard to believe that it's over. It seems like we just celebrated the 4th. I say this with just a touch of sadness...because no matter how aggravated I get with parents, and with people calling DMC string...I will still miss the friends we've made through stitching. But, on the other hand I get to see my in town friends again, friends who can't visit often in the summer and I'll be glad to see them again. The days of rushing about are about over and we will be back to our laid back ways in Ocean City. People who move here from the city just can't understand how anything gets done here. And while it's improved greatly over the past years, you will still be scratching your head if you hire one of the "old school" people to do work for you. For down here the call of the ocean has caused even the most efficient people to take time to look at the ocean, go surfing during the day and leave work for later...after all it's not going anywhere. Someone years ago said to me, "I called the plumber and he said he would be here on's now Wednesday and we still haven't seen him." My reply, "Did he say which Tuesday." Because down here when they use to say Tuesday they meant it, but if the surf was good, Tuesday this week would become Tuesday of next week. We were use to it, but new people just scratched their head at the way we worked. I frankly miss the old days, where you knew everyone and everyone knew you. Of course growing up here that was a definite disadvantage, but as an adult it just felt good. Ocean City is no longer that sleepy little village I knew, it's become a major city in Maryland, at least in the summer, and it's a sleeping giant in the winter, with crowds on the weekends and then Mondays back to just locals. When I was growing up in Ocean City we had one movie theatre only open on Weekends and never showed anything but Grade D movies...just awful but how we loved going. Now we have multi plex theatres with all the latest movies and I haven't set foot in a theatre in years. Last time we took one of the girls and a friend and it was Rob (the jackass) and myself, it cost $40....of course that included popcorn for us and a drink...but $40. I was appalled so now I buy the DVD and pop my own darn popcorn and open my drink from the supermarket and it's a lot I don't have to put up with people talking, whispering, kids shouting at the screen and running up and down the aisles...yes, I can watch it again and again if I want, yes, I do not yearn for the good old days when I went to the movies. COMCAST UPDATE: When poor Mary showed up for work yesterday and I told her what happened with my cable she of course, blamed herself and took on the Comcast offices. She called for a supervisor who wasn't in, and ended up talking with the person to whom she had spoken regarding the disconnect of her cable. He then talked to someone, told her a supervisor would call her back and he actually did (what a shocker). The long and short, after she got done telling him he was going to lose my business...he got them to go back to my house and reconnect the cable...and I didn't have to be there. Now my question is...if I didn't have to be there in the first damn place, why the hell did I go through all that crap with that idiot on the phone. This is the type of thing that drives me right up the friggin wall. I explained the entire situation to the person I spoke to and she starts talking about her damn aunt sitting at her house for her. Honestly, where the hell did customer service go? Have you seen any lately? I hope you have if you've been in our shop. I know Barbara C. saw it today when Renee waited on her. Renee said Barbara was being very patient as Renee got hit with a return, sale and the bracelet going on all at once. In fact it wore Renee out...she had to sit a spell to get over the excitment. But I'm sure there are times when people thing we don't have good customer service. And I include myself here...I get screwed up at times and forget something I was suppose to do...or I'm too tired to really get that smile on my face when you walk in...I have good intentions when I arrive at work at 9:00 a.m., but by 4:00 p.m. I'm starting to show wear and tear, and by 9:00 p.m. forget about it, I'm done...stick a fork in me because people I am done for the day...I'm on remote at that point and waiting for the door to close, which if you noticed this year is happening 15 minutes early. It use to be that I would sit there until 11:00 p.m. if you were looking (didn't even matter if you were purchasing anything)...I would wait for you to be done. This year, I lock up at 9:45 p.m. and that's it. I don't ask you to leave, but no one gets in the door after that. And this year I've been in the office closing out things by 10:15 or 10:30 p.m. And of course in the hotel we've had our moments. Did I tell you about the women last weekend who reserved a room for 5 and then brought 6. If you have never been here our rooms are small, we're not a Holiday Inn kind of place. These buildings were built in the 1928 and back then rooms were small. So while all the rooms have a private bath, a/c, etc., they sleep just 2 or 4 (in some rooms we can put a cot or crib for the 5th person). Anyway, these two idiots came in after calling for directions all the way from New York...we heard from them every hour giving us their location...then they get to 8th Street and can't figure out where we are. There are 2 hotels on 8th and the boardwalk..we're right next to each other, but some people just can't figure this out. (DUH!!!!) Any way we talk her in and here they come with the grandson from hell who they spend the entire time screaming at. Joey don't do this, Joey don't do that...honestly, next time leave Joey home. Anyway, Sara sees they have 6 people so she says, (and since I was a witness I can report she was very pleasant...probably because I was a witness)...anyway she says, "I see you have 6 people so I can't put you in the room you asked for but I do have a suite which will accommodate you." They asked how much it was and then said, well that's a lot more than the other room and we want the other room. So Sara explained fire codes, etc., and said again the room will not accommodate 6 people. She looked at me and I mouthed "get them the hell out of here" so she told them that since there was no deposit on the room they could certainly go somewhere else as there were plenty of vacancies in town. They were indignant that we would suggest they go elsewhere since they thought that had a room here. Sara explained for the 3rd time that they could have a room here just not a room that will only hold 5 people. So the grandmother decides to call her daughter who actually made the reservations (the daughter back in New York). Now I've met plenty of New Yorkers in my fact Ellen S. lives in New York city and she's really lovely, friendly, goes with the flow, follows the rules, she and her Husband Sweeney both do. Sweeney is a retired New York Policeman. So believe me I know there are plenty of wonderful New Yorkers...but people, these are the New Yorkers that they stereotype in the Movies. The grandmother was a screamer over everything the kid did. She didn't know how to talk...she just screamed. And they didn't listen to anything you said to them. They were on a one track course and could seem to swerve off of it. Then the daughter calls me...and she says "Yes I have a reservation at your hotel and my mother tried to check in and you told her she couldn't have a room." I said, "Excuse me, but you mother was told that because there were 6 people they couldn't have the room you reserved but we do have a suite which will accommodate 6 people." And then this idiot says, "I forgot about 1 person, so you are going to penalize my mother because I forgot one person." Folks we at the Lankford are like IRS (who's fighting me too...a whole other story)..if you count these children when you file your taxes, then we count them too. She went on about her poor mother and the children were standed in Ocean City with no where to stay, at which time I said, "Madam you mother is not stranded, she has been on the phone outside for over 1/2 hr. calling every hotel in town, all of which have offered her rooms and she is still trying to find the cheapest alternative." She then hung up the phone and we haven't heard from them since. Yes ... these are the times I won't miss...Anyway, it's after 10 p.m. and I've got cable back so I'm heading home to watch T.V. before they cut it off again. Have a great day.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cable Companies are the new pain in my butt...

Yes, I arrived home last night at 10:30 p.m., tired and looking for to another reality program on Bravo and got the surprise when I turned on T.V. to see that I had no cable. At first my mind went instantly to "did I pay the bill" and then I knew I had since there were no bills sitting on my desk (O.K., no old bills). But since it was 10:30 p.m. I popped in a movie and moved on. This morning after arriving at work, I called Comcast and explained that I had no cable and that they had turned it off when they turned off Mary's (she's gone the direct T.V. route). Now, apparently they can disconnect without me being at home, but to reconnect, well I have to be there during their "window". So I said, "I work 7 days a week...I am not home for 3 hours at a time during the day." So she says, "Well, we can schedule it on Saturday...let me find 3 hours..." to which I replied, "Well, I believe Saturday would fall within the 7 day work week and like I said, I work." To which she says, "Well, anyone can be there, it doesn't have to be you." So I tell her, "there is no one there but me and I work." So she says, "Well, when I can't be at my house my Aunt comes and sits there for me." Now isn't that lovely...I'm not sure was she saying her aunt would come sit at my house for me? But now I'm digging in my heels.."Well, I don't have an aunt or anyone else that can do that for me." So she says, "Well we can't put in a service call without someone in the house." So I said, "Well put in for a disconnect then since you've already done that without me in the house and disconnect the internet service as well and stop sending me bill." She says fine and then switches me to disconnect who wants to know if they can forward my service to another address and have it connected before I get there. O.K., so you can connect my service to another address prior to my arriving, but you can't connect me to the house I live in and have lived in for years because I'm not home? I'm not getting this it me? Anyway, the end result...I've disconnected my cable! There will be movies in my future until I move home....or reading both of which I like. And let's face it, how much time am I really awake at home...very little. This should be an interesting process. No, my reality for the next 5-6 weeks. We'll see who breaks first...(I'm not taking any bets on this one.) It's been a couple of hours since I started the blog, I was winding down from my rant when I got the mail and what was in the damn Comcast bill. That put me over the edge once again so I sent my Comcast a letter telling them exactly what I thought of them. We all know how much they are going to care...but now I'm seriously thinking about turning to Direct TV. I just can't make up my I will be without T.V. for a few days while I ponder Direct TV and longer if I go back to Comcast (bastards that they are).

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Lord, it's hot, muggy and I'm tired!

Yes, it is hot, humid, muggy and generally not a pleasant time for those of us who are height challenged (in normal talk that means fat). I'm telling you it's hard to breath in this weather and where the hell is the 66 degrees at night? If I didn't turn on my a/c I'd be dead! Anyway, we've started the slow down in Ocean City as we slide into Labor Day. At night I've been able to stitch some (that's exciting for me since I haven't finished Theresa's little surprise), but I do have a hard time staying awake, and pleasant, forget about that...if I even acknowledge you at this point it's a mistake. I can't smile anymore...don't know where that went, perhaps when I heard the 3 millionith person call the DMC threads ... string! That is, and I do not lie, what I've heard people call this for the last 3 days. Where are my stitchers I ask? String...obviously not stitchers. And the questions..oh, my God and then my favorite question..."Do you do O.K. here?" I just love that, like they really give a crap whether or not I do alright...I'm not talking stitchers, I'm talking about people who have no interest, walking through, and felt that was an appropriate thing to ask. Needless to say, they don't get much of a response...I do acknowledge them however, under my breathe I call them assholes...that's acknowledgement isn't it? And because I'm such a lady I do it under my breath instead of out loud, at least I don't think it's out loud. I'm starting to have a stage whisper (translated that means normal talking voice) like my mother had. I always had to watch what I said around her because you never new what she was going to say and while she thought she was whispering, she said it out loud and then if I said, "Mother the entire store can hear you." She always answered that no one could hear her because she was whispering. (God love her, she was clueless when it came to this). We once went into a store and I noticed that an ex-neighbor's wife was working there. Now this girl was crazier than a "bedbug" so I was warning mother not to say anything about her. So as we approach her things are going well, we both say hello and chat for a second and I'm thinking, Great we made it without mother saying anything to embarrass me and then she struck. As we are about 1 foot away from her mother says, "She doesn't seem as crazy now does she?" I'm telling you I could have put a muzzle on her at that point and yet she thought she whispered it while I could have been standing in the next room and heard her. Well, I have become my mother after all. In some ways that's great and in others...well, let's just say it's not great! I just wish I'd gotten her cleanning gene...that woman would make your bed if you got up to go to the bathroom...while I sleep on top of the bed so I don't have to make it. And you know my theory on's protective covering for the furniture, only to be discarded when company's coming...which I won't invite over because I don't want to take the protective covering off the furniture. It's a vicious cycle! Yesterday I was in Sea Trader hell from 10-4 and then Salty Yarns from 4-10..long days putting up with White Star Tours...yes they are in town again and looking for their ever elusive bargains. They must think Ocean City is an outlet...they don't even bother to come in, they open the door yell, "Anything on sale?" and if you answer no they just close the door and move on. I'm not sure they even care what you sell, but then does anyone. We've been asked for cigarettes, band aides, well, you name it we've been asked.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Old Friends and new....

Now that the summer is winding down, I want to say thanks to all the stitchers who stopped by the shop and introduced themselves. When you came in and asked if I was Sally, "the writer of the blog" my first instint was to lie because I'm a bit embarrassed by my rantings, but in the end I did admit who I was because I do take responsibility for what I write, good and bad. But it's a wonderful feeling to have people tell me they get a laugh, because that is what I hope you get out of it. I'm not bashing anyone or any group really, just pointing out the reality of what I experience. So thanks to Kathy C. who was here over the weekend for stopping by. Kathy actually stays at the hotel to be closer to the can't get any closer than that unless we start putting cots in the shop for you to sleep on (and don't even suggest it or I might do it.). I can't believe in 2 weeks it's Labor Day and summer will have ended as far as I'm concerned. We'll still be open at night for a while, but the crowds are already gone as families are preparing to get their children back into school. Last night in the shop it was so lonely, very few people came in...well, people came in but only to stop me from playing with my DS..they weren't really shopping. And might I add, I've had people coming behind my counter lately and I have to tell you that annoys me. One woman last night while paying was closer to the cash drawer than I was...I'm not kidding she was standing over it as I was trying to get her the change. And she saw nothing wrong with it. Most people come out of the fog and realize they are behind the counter, apologize and move away, but this woman...she was there until the transaction was over...and I was really annoyed, so if you come in to the shop, please don't do that or I might have to open a "can of Whoopass" on you (I just had to say that...I love that saying). Oh yea, let me ask that you please don't try charging 10 cents in our stores...yes, 10 cents. In the shop, Shell Stocked, someone actually charged 10 cents. Sara about passed out when the bag came upstairs and she found that little surprise. While we have never put an amount on what the base level charge should be...I'm pretty sure no one would allow anyone to charge only 10 cents and people if you don't have 10 cents with you...then don't shop for anything small that would cost under $5. For God's sake give the merchants a chance to make some the time the bank takes their cut, and the charge company takes their cut...there's nothing left from 10 cents. It's been a few days and I'm back and madder than a wet hen. We have watched the building next door slowly turn a corner of their property into a dumping site...and I do mean dumping. Since June they have accummulated 3 sofa beds, a toilet, a stove hood, and several wooden platforms. We've waited for the city to do something, especially since the sofa beds were not partially sitting on city property. We watched city workers drive by everyday and still in 3 months no one made a move. So this week we went into action. Sara started by calling city hall (a crap shoot if ever there was one). They passed her to waste management (right department but with a glitch) who told her to call to have it picked up. The glitch...if you call the city to pick up your trash they charge you. So Sara explained that we didn't own the property, we wanted the city to come and speak with the owners and get the situation taken care of. Now before you think.."why didn't you just go to the owners of the property"...they are not people that we have been able to deal with in the past...they own all the Sunsation T-shirt stores on the East Coast and couldn't care less about anyone but themselves..and they certainly don't care what their properties look like,"...hence we have to contact the city. So the waste management rep then connected us with the building inspector's office...which makes no sense since it wasn't a building problem. But we went alone merrily thinking someone would do something (how foolish of us). So they said they'd send the building inspector out and we knew it was a dead end since this is the same man who let the building on the other side of us put in windows which weren't up to code. But we went along, after 2 days I called and went through the same bull crap! We waited another 2 days and then I really got mad and e-mailed every council person, the mayor and every head of every department in the city telling them I had enough, and someone better do something. Well, we got action people...however, having said that only two of the council people responded, the only women on the council and two heads of departments, Hal Adkins and Sam Villani, and I'm grateful for them all. Hal got his men on it first thing this morning and had the whole mess cleaned up in no time. Meanwhile the mayor e-mailed me telling me he had riden his bike past it several times so he knew all about it. What a jackass!!!! Knew about it but didn't deam it important enough to do anything....unbelievable. And who was he contacting...Director of planning and that's the right department. Honestly, this guy doesn't have a clue! He did give me a slight reprimand (like I give a crap) over my remarks regarding the building inspector who I suggested was on the take...perhaps I didn't suggest it but just down right stated it. I'm sure that remark will come back to bite me in the ass...but I don't give a damn. Anyway, I serious believe several people are on the take down here but I can assure you not Margaret Pillas, Nancy Howard , Sam Villani, or Hal Adkins. Governments are no longer for the people or by the people but have become more "them against us." It's time we took it back....from local to federal. Needless to say I'm feeling a little better not having to look at the dump out my back door. Yes, it's returning to Paradise once again...the air is cooler, the breeze is back, the ocean is churned up but lovely and sparkling...the beaches aren't as crowded...and I got my car back (o.k. I'm $900 poorer, but my car is back). Life is grand once again. I hope it's great for you too...have a great to you soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's almost over.........

Summer is winding down and for Sara and myself that comes with a mixed blessing, while we are all exhausted and short tempered by this time of year, in the off season our finances are not as free flowing as they are in summer, but if we have to choose one or the other, Sara chooses less money, while I choose summer. But at 60, I'm definitely tired and looking forward to sleeping in and going home early. What I won't miss, people sitting on my steps and arguing using every cuss word in the English language. You know, my mother always said "Don't hang your dirty clothes out for other people to see, " and I've some what lived by that rule. Now you may be thinking..."I don't think so." But I do because while I will reveal what I think is funny or aggravating in my life, I don't reveal everything...really I don't. but listening to men scream at the women in their life has always aggravated me, and is what prompts me to say to the men, "you need to keep each other in check, and when you see one of your fellow men abusing verbal or otherwise, a woman you need to step up and say, that is no way to talk to someone you care about." I listened to that jackass scream at that woman for about 45 minutes on my steps. I kept thinking, I'm going to have to go out there (the only thing that stopped me was I was not dressed as I just got ready for bed). I've got to tell you, I don't know why women let their men talk to them like that. Walk away ladies....just walk away and tell them quietly that when they can compose themselves then they can speak to you. That woman just sat there taking it not saying a word. God, it's too much for me. I can't imagine sitting there taking that. But anyway, that I won't miss. Or the people that rent from us and then get here and say, they were told that it was on the lower floor...or that the price was different...or we had a folks, the way we cover ourselves in this is each reservation clerk has to mark on each reservation what the person has been told, (rate per night, location of room, # of steps, no elevator, check in and check out dates, what the bedding is, etc.) and yet they still come and insist that they were told we had a pool, or they were told they would be on the first floor when they are on the 3rd goes on and on.) We even remind returning guests of all these things...we take no chances. But what happens is that people call many hotels, don't take notes and then pick us because we are less expensive and then tack on everything they liked about 100 of the other hotels they called. So they convince themselves that they are getting the best room in Ocean City with all the amenities of a Hyatt Regency, with the cost of the Lankford Hotel. For those who aren't familiar with this hotel, we are the oldest hotel still in existence on the boardwalk. Our rooms are small, but clean and everything has a private bath, but we don't have microwaves, refrigerators, desks, private balconies in our rooms. We tell everyone that calls we are not the modern day hotel, but quaint and well preserved. So will I miss the people who don't listen and then bitch and complain? No I will not, I say good ridance to you folks and next listen to what people are saying to you. I also won't miss the folks that has used our parking lot as their toilet all summer...that I really won't miss at all. This winter I'm going to learn how to tell them in Spanish to zip it up or pull it up and get away from my property. Now, what will I miss....the people who treat the Lankford as the gem that it is...the customers from across the bridge who visit us in Salty Yarns only in the summer. But in the off season we can spend a lot more time with our customers talking...and you know I love that. I won't miss the men that adjust themselves anywhere they are standing, although I'm sure I see this off season as well. I'll miss the Thrasher's French Fries and Alaska Stand hotdogs. I won't miss the heat and humidity which we've had most of the summer but have had a break from it in the last week. I won't miss second shifts...I'm too old to be working from 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. until 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. So while I'm looking forward to the off season, I leave summer with a few regrets. O.K., I just went down to the laundry room to help the kids fold towels, and there was a man standing in the parking lot, not 5 yards away from me, facing me, and had to adjust...what the hell is that about? And he had a smile on his face the entire time, not even embarrassed that I was there. Geez...this I won't miss. We haven't had a "pee" sighting now for at least a week...thank God! But that also means Vernon has been unable to use his stun gun...I'm not sure if he's going to be satisfied going through the entire summer without using it...we might have to just stir up something just so he can zap someone. With my luck it will be 'yours truly'. Oh my God, I just heard the front desk clerk call Sara to tell her someone got locked out on their own balcony. Honestly, it isn't rocket science people...first of all to keep your balcony door locked on the 3rd floor, with no stairs or any other balconies near you so there is absolutely no way for anyone to get to your balcony is ridiculous. We've gone through this at least once a month this summer with the same unit. One family locked themselves out so much we went up and unlocked their balcony door and told them not to lock it again. I may do something this stupid once, but 3 more times...come on people...get those brain cells going. I'm not sure who is up there today, but last time it was the grandmother...3 times the grandmother. Perhaps they should have left her butt home. And with that I'm going to drag my butt home... Good Night and Have a great day tomorrow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Paradise once again...

The weather couldn't be more perfect....while there is high humidity with the temperatures down and the breeze blowing, we've been able to turn off the a/c's and catch some fresh air...oh, my God, it's delightful. I'm sitting here looking at the beach...O.K. there are still people out there and some of them should cover up (do they check the mirror?), but the water is dark but does look cold..O.K., so maybe the water's not warm enough but this is Paradise for me because I don't go in the water. Growing up here I use to live in the water as a child, but I hit the age of 14 was able to go to work and earn my own money and I forgot about the water. I may love looking at it, but I sure don't want to go in it. So maybe this is just my Paradise...but I'm lovin' it today. Molly and her son Justin were in today and it was so nice to see them. They both have a great sense of humor so it was fun talking to them. Well, I've done it again...I started my ornament for the "ornament exchange" (which has only been an ornament once but has since evolved into boxes, clocks, etc.) and I brought it in to match up some thread and when I took it off the Q-snap realized I had worked it on the width of the fabric instead of the length and there wouldn't be enough room to complete the project...oh, crap! If you knew how many times I've done this you wouldn't even feel sorry for me (which I'm assuming up to this point you had great empathy). The good news...I've got time to start over....but it's still an "oh crap" moment. So far tonight no one has really aggravated me, but I'm on pins and needles waiting for it cause I just know it's going to come..either a worker here or someone passing through the shops, usually not a stitcher. There do seem to be a lot of children on the loose, but I have to say the 3 young girls I had in the Vera Section without parents (they are staying in the hotel which means they get to roam anywhere on the property without supervision) and you couldn't have found 3 10-12 year olds with more respect for elders and manners. Their parents did a good job! See I don't hate children, I just don't like the ones who are precocious, obnoxious, bratty, etc., etc., etc...well, my luck just ended. A father who was suppose to be keeping the children outside entertained apparently couldn't take it for more than 5 minutes and the kids are inside. My night is going downhill quickly. And to make this more painful...we're going to have to disconnect the internet in the shop (which will take away some of the fun) because I can't keep the Ukraine students off the internet while they are suppose to be working. Darn it! Crap just doesn't cover it. Now I can't play while I'm suppose to be working. Believe me this is hurting me more than it is them.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh, God, save me from these people...HELP

Yes I said it...I'm about to throw this mother and daughter out on their ear. Frankly at first I really didn't notice them but then they came to the counter and the mother, of course, let's the precocious child do all the asking, the problem with that is the kid didn't understand a word I was saying. So I had to keep saying it over and over and I kept looking at the mother (these were American's people) like..Do you want to take over here? but she just kept ignoring me and letting the brat ramble on. And then I noticed it...this kid was covered with sand...first of all let me say growing up I was taught you didn't wear white after Labor Day (and I don't) and you don't appear on the boardwalk in a bathing suit after 5:00 p.m. and I don't. So the fact that it's after 6 p.m. and this kid is standing here in a bathing suit is a problem for me, but the bigger problem is this mother (and I use the term loosely here) brought this brat in here covered with sand...yes covered with sand. That I couldn't let pass so I said to the kid, "My God, what did you do roll around on the beach before coming in?" Idiot that I am I thought the mother (and again I'm using the term loosely) would recognize her faux pas and take the child outside at least and brush all the sand off so it doesn't end up on my floor. Well, that just prompted her to take another walk around and now she's asking the stupid questions. Actually, the first question isn't stupid...she asked where the beachy kind of kits are...but after I said, "They are right there on rack 41..and I'm not only pointing to it by walking behind her (she was too stupid to get out of my way) and she stopped at every rack (well there were only 2) and said is this the rack? Now she asked for kits and clearly the racks she kept stopping to look at were charts only...I mean it doesn't take a mental genius to figure out if its a kit or a chart...well, maybe it does. O.K. so she and the brat just came up with their items only to say, "We didn't bring much money because we didn't know....(she never actually finished the sentence)" so she wanted to know how much 2 of the items were so I rang them up, then she says, "I don't suppose I have enough for this (a $6 Mill Hill kit)..." Now I already told her the 2 books were $13.78 and she brought $18.00 before she then asked if she had enough for the $6 kit. O.K. so in your head you add $13 & $6...and if I am correct that would be $19. Clearly $18 isn't enough, but her brain couldn't do that high math apparently. Even after I told her it would be $20 she stood there fanning out her $18.00 and looking at me like I'd forget the other $2 and just give it to her. Now I'm become a charity for sandy, annoying people...I don't think so. My God, it's Sunday and there is no charity left in my bones today. But today hasn't been all bad...Stasy S. was in with her parents, Carolyn (my finisher..although without stitching lately there hasn't been anything to finish), and Lou, Carolyn's husband. So we had a good time talking and catching up before sand girl hit the shop. But now I'm forced to go sweep the shop to remove all evidence of her, although as she was leaving she asked if I'd hold the other two items and she'd come back tomorrow. Crap, if I had know that I'd have given them to her just to keep her out (well, maybe not). Well, it hasn't been 2 hours and she's back....and now she brought back another woman and a baby, but I am happy to report that the sand girl has changed out of the bathing suit. But the woman is as big an idiot was she was 2 hours ago. She lets the baby knaw on one of the Mill Hill kits all around the shop but doesn't bring it up to pay for it and tells me "I've decided not to get the chicken kit." Yea I guess not now that that kid of yours has slobbered all over it. I'm telling you it's all I could do not to bitch slap her...but I refrained simply because I didn't have the energy. Now I have to replace the 'chicken kit' packaging. Fortunately he didn't get through the bag so the kit is actually safe, just not the outside packaging.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's been a while...It's too hot and humid to function

I know it's been a while since I last posted...I was tempted the other night. Sara came through the back way and when she opened the back door to come into the shop there was a man with his pants down doing God knows what in front of the door...she just kept walking, he zipped up and joined his wife as if nothing was unusual, and you know, it wasn't that unusual for us. Actually, we're saying he was adjusting himself....yea, that's our story and we're sticking to it. I know I've ranted about this before, but ladies, we need to keep these men in check. Pulling on your underwear to get it out of your crack is one thing...adjusting the balls and penis...well that's just not public...especially if I'm there. What do you who do this usually act like no one can see it...yes, they feel there is an invisible shield in front of the crotch and no one can see them pushing and shoving...well, men...we can see the whole thing...the whole ugly for God's sake...stop doing it in front of us. It doesn't make us want to have sex with you, in fact it's such a turn off we may never have sex with you ever, not one you need to go into the bathroom and do the work, or perhaps like this gentlemen go into a public place, try to hide and then do it...did I say gentlemen...oops my mistake, I meant asshole. Now...I've got to move on...Merry Cox has had to cancel her class here, we are sorry to say, due to a health problem she has encountered. We want everyone to keep Merry in their prayers and pray she has a speedy recovery with her issue and that once she's feeling better we may be able to get her back on the schedule. We got the 2008 Prairie Schooler Santa in yesterday so if you are interested in that...give us a call. Also the next section, finally, of the Big Zipper. Don't worry, if you asked us to hold one, we have and we're getting ready to ship them... O.K., it's now Friday afternoon, and it's glorious here in Ocean City...suns is shining, cooler air prevails..humidity gone, yes it's paradise except for one thing...apparently the latest fad for the Spanish speaking population and you know who you to pee wherever it suits them and whenever it suits them. Daylight..doesn't the middle of a parking lot...they must not have a bathroom in Mexico and that is why these folks just decide to pee wherever they are standing...your parking lot, your yard, for God's sake I don't want to rent to them because if someone is using the bathroom in their room the rest of the group might decide to just pee in the room on the floor. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with these people. I don't mean to generalize, however, I haven't caught this many kids peeing on the property. It was 4:00 p.m., daylight, tenants roaming around, cars parking and this guy just decides to whip it out and pee where he was standing, unfortunately it was on our parking lot, which seems to be the latest urinal in Ocean City. Frankly I am sick and tired of this and the disrespect it shows. And when Vernon yelled at him he had the balls to say, "What? you have a problem?" Honest to God, if he had the stun gun that jack ass would have been electrocuted standing in his own pee...I'm just sorry the stun gun was in the office. I've told Vernon to start carrying it and throw all caution to the wind...just light them up. Clearly I've had it! With this being White Marlin week the town is packed and people are just nuts! Nuts I'm telling you! But I am mellowing, yes, I am. Last night our last (and she was last because when she walked out the door I told Sara to lock it behind her...I had enough)..anyway, this bimbo comes in with her husband, son and daughter. I could tell from what she was lecturing about to her family that she didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but I didn't care as long as she didn't involve me...but you know she just had to do that. She gets around to the other side of the counter where the Troll beads are and she and her daughter start hyperventilating over the beads and they couldn't pick them fast enough off the display. A little too fast if you asked me so I asked them if they had a Troll bead bracelet, and Bimbo looks at me, holds up her arms and points to her God awful dangling earrings and necklace and states, "I make my own jewelry." I see that you do, I said holding back my gag reflex. But I still couldn't believe she was going to purchase all that she was having us pull off the display...and the ones she wanted were at the end of the rod so we had to take every bead off and this went on for several rods and then she looks inside the display and says, "Oh, look at these...retired beads...FOR $42.00? Who would pay that." By this time the idiot that married her started paying attention and said, "How much are the beads she picked out." So I happily announced the beads were all $25 but the sterling silver beads ranged from $28 up. I thought he was going to have a stroke as he told her to put them all back. Now she comes around the counter and is standing inside the counter where we stand as if she is going to wait on someone. She couldn't imagine the beads were that expensive...she gets her beads a whole lot cheaper than that (and may I add it looks it.) So guess who had to put all the beads and charms back on their rods in the proper guessed it...I did. She gives blonds a bad name...crap..this idiot gives women a bad name. You can look at the display and see you aren't looking at cheap beads...and the charms are heavy sterling silver...get a grip lady...pull you blond ditzy head out of your butt and join the rest of us in realityville. Anyway, got an e-mail from Kathy P. and she ordered the Sewing Chest of Nantucket Sister Sailor Sarah Elliot in July, and she has already completed the lid. Congratulations Kathy...this piece is quite an undertaking and you seem to be getting it done in short order. I, of course, have it at home and have yet to put the first stitch in. It was my favorite piece from Nashville this year. Love it! It is now Saturday evening and I still haven't posted this blog...I've been on it for days now....can't seem to hit publish. Pee Report: 4:00 p.m., broad daylight, in front of the the parking lot. We always catch them at the end so they just look at us and walk away with Vernon and Sara screaming until they are blue in the face. So I need a favor...will someone please go into the Spanish district in Washington and some take on Baltimore and pull down whatever sign or banner is telling these folks to come to the Lankford if they have to urinate, and just pee in our parking lot. There just has to be a sign somewhere telling them where to go. So if you could take care of that for me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much! I have to tell you that the town is packed for the first time this summer and has been all this week and is going to be packed next week as well, but then it starts to fall off. So if you want to come down for a visit...come in a couple of weeks. The air is still wonderful, no humidity, no rain, sun during the day, the water is trying to heat up, but it's having a tough go with the winds earlier churning the cold water off the bottom and bringing it to the top, but in a couple of weeks it will be warmer. Are you watching the Olympics? Try to put the politics aside and concentrate on the youth of America who is over there competing for our country. We are struggling to find things to be proud of...we certainly can't count on the politicians who have made a sport out of bedding women (you really don't want to get me started do you...John Edwards was the last straw for me)...and the young people in China fighting for medals is a source of pride for me. I'm watching things I would never watch normally, boxing, basketball, I'm seriously not an a sports fanatic, but I'm cheering these kids on as much as possible and taking pride when they win. We can fight over the social injustice in 4 weeks but for the olympics, lets cheer our athletes to victory. Did you see the opening ceremonies...although it's played about 3 times, I've missed everything but the last part where they light the torch...could you believe that guy suspended and running .... honestly they do put on a good show...expensive, but good. Well, I'm going to post since people are now in the shop asking if I'm ill. I am sick and tired of people peeing in the parking lot, but other than that I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired. It's getting toward the end and we are all a little frazzled around the edges. Poor Sara is doing the work of 3 people and if we didn't keep her drinking booze I'm not sure she'd make it. But hand the girl a glass of vodka and she's good to go. Vernon on the other hand goes to sleep. But we can always count on Sara. Mary goes home everyday around 4:00 p.m. so that is why Sara is working so many hours. Gotta give the girl a spa break....or a Moss Creek break. We're counting the days. Our fall is going to be so busy...we have Jamboree the 2nd weekend in October, then we leave for the Moss Creek retreat and then we hoof it back for the C.A. Wells weekend, good Lord, I need a nap just saying it. Well stitchers, have a great evening...have fun stitching and I'll talk to you soon.