Saturday, November 5, 2016

Another Val's Stuff Halloween ornament, "Said the Spider to the Fly", so cute and really fun to stitch.  And as I've reported after stitching the last 8 or so of these, a fast finish.  Love the series.  I think I've only got 4 more of these to go but I have started on her new Christmas Series of ornaments also done on perforated paper.  Fun stitch after a somewhat messy finish or boring stitch (I can love some pieces even though they aren't that much fun to stitch).  Now while the Quaker Basket from Mani di danna was a messy finish (thanks to my shortcuts) it was a fast and easy stitch.  But that's where the easy part ended for me.  Since I had done one of these type finishes of hers before I thought I was a pro....God what makes me even think that?  Anyway, I got into trouble early on in the process and should have gone back to the way I did it before, but I simply refused to believe I could be so wrong so I carried on like an idiot.  Yes just plowed ahead like I suddenly knew what to do. And of course this led to many screw ups as I tried to make corrections to everything I did wrong.  In the end I was thrilled I pressed on and could kick my own butt for thinking I'm smarter than I really am.  Now I have two more of Mani di danna's little totes, baskets, or whatever one calls them.  I just love these pieces and am determined to do the next one better.  I strive for perfection, or at least a finish I don't have to explain.