Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not a big finish, but a finish none the less.  Lizzie Kate's latest mystery sampler, "A Little Mystery" part 1.  As you can see it's an easy stitch so it was fun and fast (just what I needed).  It was suppose to be stitched on 30 ct. tea dyed sand linen, but of course I changed it to Lakeside Linens, 28 ct. Mourning Dove, which is such a gorgeous color.  Before choosing my fabric, I put the overdyed flosses on a few colors but Mourning Dove definitely won out for me.  I didn't even realize we had the tea dyed sand but after seeing it I would have still picked the Lakeside Mourning Dove.  But that's just me, you pick out your favorite linen or aida.  That's the fun of working with charts instead of kits.  You get to change everything, floss and linen, so it's really geared toward your taste.  Anyway, I also chose to use the embellishment pack and put the beads on it.  I love a few beads on a piece to give  it a little dimension.  Can't wait for part 2.  Oh, the scissor fob designs, front and back, included with this design is so cute.  While I may like the bonus patterns, I seldom stitch them as I always feel the need to move on to the next shop sample.  But I'm actually going to stitch the cute. In fact, I'm looking at the design differently and wondering if I could finish it as a type of  huswife to hold the bonus pieces instead of a mind is twirling.  It would mean a lot more work invested thought wise and I'm not sure I'm up to it, but I've got a couple of weeks to go before Part 2 is here so I have a little time to decide.  Good job Linda, as usual, Lizzie Kate has done it again.  Of course, as I've been working on smaller finishes, my obsession is still in the pile but isn't getting the time it should.  I try to work on it a couple of times each week and I was certainly hoping to get part 6 done before I got part 8, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  But I still love the stitch and know I will at least finish this one and not stuff it in a bag for eternity.  Sara handed me the Jackie DuPlessis class kit so I've got to start on that next week.  I pray it's an easy stitch, although I know it's not going to be that easy, and I'm certainly distracted with so many other things I want to stitch.  By now you are all aware that Prairie Schooler is closing down as of the first of 2016.  Sad day for us all.  They gave us so many wonderful designs and their yearly Santa was a must have.  This is a company that will be missed by us all.  Thanks for the many years of exceptional designs loved by so many.

Monday, July 27, 2015

It's been a while I know...

No pictures today, just letting you know I'm still here and still stitching but I've had some grandmother duties to perform and they took up several days.  Two weekends ago Brian took Solomon to Camp Woodward for a week of skateboard instruction and fun.  Add to that the child care provider wanted four days off and we had all the makings of a bad weekend for the rest of us.  So I took over child care on Saturday and Sunday.  I had planned on taking the kids out but after Mary dropped them off on Saturday,they wanted to stay here so it became a lego and playdoh day.  It helped that Anya, Mary's stepdaughter was here with Izi because she did play with us and that helped.  But I was thrilled when Mary arrived around 4:30 to take them home.  Love my babies, but my Izi is labor intensive.  Sunday I chose to arrive at their apartment by 6 a.m. so Mary could go to work (the option was for them to spend Saturday night with me-I needed time off from the day so I chose option #2).  They woke up around 7:30 and played with their IPads while Izi multitasked by quizzing me for an hour.  Then I told them to get dressed and I'd take them to IHOP before hitting Toys R Us (I figured that would waste some time).  So I took them to Salisbury, we did IHOP and then the toy store and while I was figuring 2 hrs in the toy store (we had to be done to be back for the movie theatre by 1:25) we were in and out in an hour.  Amazing!  Anyway, Anya the 8 year old asked if she could shop by herself with her own basket to which I said absolutely buy what ever you want while I rush Izi through.  So it wasn't too painful there.  We were back in Ocean City early but went on to the movie theatre.  Now, I haven't been to the movie theatre since Sara was 14 and I took she and a friend and remembering this was over 30 years ago, it costs me over $40 for 4 of us and I said, that's it...we'll watch movies at home.  So I wasn't really looking forward to this, not because of the money now, but just the annoyance of people being so disrepectful talking, etc while the movie was playing.  But Mary said  the movie experience was really changed and the seats were fabulous and she thought I would be alright.  I figured I  would just sleep through it and that's how I'd get through it.  I simply couldn't imagine Izi sitting there not talking for 2 hrs, but anything was worth a try.  So we got our snacks and found our seats (how wonderful you can pick out your seats when you make the reservation).  As I was trying to get situated,  everytime I went forward in the seat, the seat went back.  I finally looked over at Izi who had his back and he was lounging and I said, "Is the seat activated by your movements?"  Like he would know what the hell I was talking about, but he said, "No nana, you just push on the button."  Like an idiot I had to declare that my seat was acting on it's own before I realized my fat thigh was moving the seat as I moved forward it was pushing the button to move the seat back. I finally got myself situated and  I managed to sit through "Inside Out", not fall asleep, did cry a little and enjoyed the entire experience.  The fact that I paid around $80 for the experience didn't seem to bother me so much because there were no people talking, I think I had the youngest kids there and I was totally comfortable.  I think I see more movies in my future.   When it came time to pick up Solomon from camp I volunteered to do it because Brian really is needed at the hotel.  After great discussion (I think they were concerned about my driving that distance without one of them the wheel since I usually sleep all the way to Nashville because Sara drives) but I assured them I could do it as I was going to go up on Saturday and pick him up on Sunday and drive home.  The drive was suppose to be around 5 1/2 hours but with going home traffic tie ups we arrived at the hotel at around 8:00p.m. instead of 6:30p.m.  Michael wanted to come with me so he and I made the trip.  I thought it would be easy to find something, but apparently I gave very little thought to the fact that not everyone is heading to the beach.  I checked the first 2 hotels and they were booked solid (that's when I got concerned) but after calling the 3rd and being told all their rooms were booked, the reservation person said, "we do have a suite open for one night."  I didn't care what they were charging I would have taken that darn suite, but when I was told it was only $200 a night I really was thrilled.  I initially was looking for 2 rooms with a door that opens between them and I was figuring at least $150 per room so $200 and I got 2 rooms anyway...a win win for me.  We left to pick Solomon up on Sunday at 9:00 and he was waiting outside his cabin for us.  So we were off to Ocean City by 9:30 a.m.  I knew we would run into traffic but mercy at the Bay Bridge it was ridiculous.  Now I have a major rant about inconsiderate drivers.  As we are lining up to go through the toll booths, and this starts on weekends miles back from the toll booths.  Anyway, about the time you can see the toll booths in the distance some people are switching lanes like crazy.  But some jackasses are flying by in the ez pass lane and then try to get into the cash lanes about 3 cars from the toll booth.  Meanwhile the rest of us are sitting in lines waiting to get to that point.  With these assholes crashing the line it just takes the rest of us even longer.  We were about 6 cars back when some assholes came breezing in and then started aggressively trying to cut in.  The car ahead of me was adamant about them not doing it as was I.  After all we had waited about 1 1/2 hours at this point.  So I was riding his bumper and he was riding the bumper of the car ahead of him, however, the driver trying to crash kept trying to edge in even more and at that point, windows when down and words were being screamed and I swear if one of them had a gun,  shots would have been fired.  It was getting scary as I was caught witnessing this and nothing I could do.  As this is going on a comes breezing in from ez pass in her porche  and sits there trying to get in and I'm telling you the driver in front of me was about to kill so she got a mouth full from him as well.  What really irritated me even further was she said, she didn't know she couldn't do it.  Let me tell you it is clearly written on the road that the lane is ez pass only, for miles.  There is no way you didn't know that open lane where no one is sitting isn't ez pass.  What the hell do these people think the rest of us are sitting in lines for.   Neither even tried to get in front of me after that, but when I looked back about 5 cars back someone let them all in.  We had been sitting in that line over one hour, at times not moving, so I understand the anger.  They really need to put cement barriers between the EZ pass lane and the rest of the lanes.  One car that could see they weren't getting in went through the ezpass, but stopped and knocked on the door for the toll taker in my lane (of course it's while I'm going through so I have to wait for that jackass) because the toll booth collector opened the door on that side to explain to this idiot he couldn't take his money and he would just have to continue on.  Can't wait for that asshole to get his EZPass ticket for $100.  Anyway, in todays world that really is a dangerous situation.  I mean it's at the same time when road rage in Florida resulted in one man following a family to their home and shoots the male driver and holds the rest of the family at gun point.  Really people, what the hell is that about.  We will all get there sooner or later and if you have to be there early, leave your house earlier than expected. But no one has the right to try to by-base rules made for everyone.  I should have been home by 3 p.m. but because of the Bay Bridge and then our O.C. bridge which also was backed up I didn't arrive until 6:30 p.m.  Anyway, poor Sara had to work a double on Sunday because I wasn't there and Judy needed off so as soon as I arrived back home and dropped the Gus (Solomon's friend) off and took Solomon home (and then  to the O.C. skate park) I went in to let Sara off for dinner.  But when she came back to work I went home and just collapsed.  Since Michael didn't get to do anything on the drive (I think he thought we'd have time to shop somewhere), I've promised him I'll take him to Christiana Mall so he can shop next week.  At least it is only about 3 hrs each way and there is a Cheesecake Factory, plus I said no way to going on a weekend.  Meanwhile Solomon did such a great job at camp he was tapped by the camp counselors to come back on a specific week with other campers who were also tapped to compete for a free week next year.  If he decides to do it (which he already wants to) then he goes back at a discount as well.  So I've got another weekend to look forward to and perhaps two if I do the driving both ways.  I did manage to finish part 1 of the Lizzie Kate new mystery sampler.  I'll have it up tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another Day of Stitching..........another finish..........whoppee!!!

The Halloween stitching continues....Val's Stuff "Spooks of the Month", April's "Frankly, My Dear"...done.  Again, easy stitch done on perforated paper and equally easy finish.  Chart comes with perforated paper, backing felt, hang cord and specialty buttons. You supply the Weeks Dye Works fibers (DMC listed as well)  Taking a brief reprieve from Halloween today and will be working on a new project that utilizes the little trays in last year's Jamboree goodie bags.  So stay tuned for that.  Supposed to rain today so it's the perfect time to get my stitch on (of course I've been getting my stitch on every day rain or shine.)  Have a great day..

Monday, July 13, 2015

Let the Halloween fun begin!

I still have to "Pink" the edges but finished the first of many new Halloween ornaments from "Val's Stuff", spook of the month club  "Charmed, I'm Sure" is May's chart and I just loved this witchy frog with the fly on his tongue, along with his frog eyes...  Stitched on perforated paper using Weeks overdyed floss, it was  a fun stitch.  Took a little longer than if it was stitched on linen, but the finish was so simple who cares.  The chart comes with specialty buttons (eyes and fly) and the hanger as well as the perforated paper and backing felt.  All you supply is the Weeks fibers....a great way to use up some of your stash!  Sara said we need new ornaments on our Halloween tree so this gives me a reason to stitch the monthly ornaments from Val's....(like I need a reason).  Last night after finishing this one I instantly started the 2nd one of Frankenstein.  Hope to have it to show you tomorrow.  I can't seem to stitch fast enough.  Have a great day

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Progress on Serenity Harbor.......

    Here is my obsession, Serenity Harbor....just starting Section 6 and still loving it.  I worked yesterday and was sitting in Sea Trader reading when Sandy Jones came in and asked if I brought the obsession in so she could compare my progress to hers.  She has also started part 6, and then while she was there in came Judy Brunclik for work with hers.  There are so many of us stitching this piece, on different counts and using different fibers that it really is fascinating to see what they all look like.  Judy is stitching on 28 ct, while Sandy and I are stitching on 36 ct.  I've seen 40 ct gauze and 40 ct. linen....the possibilites are endless, as well as the colors being used.  But one thing is universal, the design is fabulous on any count.  I have found that some of the colors are rather close to others that butt up to them which makes some of the images harder to deferentiate,  however, that was addressed  today on facebook.  We are being told that on those parts, #730 is too close to what is stitched beside it and we are told to change the color to 732. In my opinion there are 3 colors which are next to each other on parts 5 & 6 that are really too close to see a difference, but I realized that as soon as I started stitching the colors and went ahead with them anyway, so apparently it wasn't that big a deal to me (or was I just to lazy to go through my stash of fibers to find a different fiber.    Since I'm now almost 1/2 way through I don't think I will get bored with it, which was a concern at the beginning with all late water and land that had to be filled in.  I was ceertainly glad when the water was done, but would have done more had the pattern called for it.  When I got bored I just looked ahead at what was coming and it kept me motivated.  Other than that not much is new down here.  It's hot, it's humid, I'm loving retirement, even though I did work at the hotel for the last 2 days and had to go in today....but then I'm off for the weekend and really don't have to go back to the hotel until next win!  Yes, this life would be perfect if I never had to go outside.  I love just my little box.  I was lucky this week I didn't have to grocery shop because I handed Sara my little list and she shopped for me when she went shopping.  This limits the time I am aggravated by what I see when I walk outside.  When did I become so aggravated by everything.  The way people dress, really?  It's as if no one owns a mirror anymore.  Half the time just walking the 2 blocks from my house to the hotel I see enough ass and boobs to last me a year.  What happened to wearing a nice coverup, hell what happened to wearing a bathing suit that covers your whole body.  I can tell you now, the girls are stressed out when they see me arrive and they are silently jumping for joy when I depart and I think I understand why.  I often voice my opinion and apparently my whisper isn't so much a whisper anymore.  In other words, I have become my mother in every way.  I wish she was still alive so I could have shown more tolerance for her "whisper" and her "suggestions."  Perhaps this is a lesson to all those who still have their mothers with them.  When your mother does something you really find annoying, could it be her age and if so, show some kindness because you two will be walking in her shoes before you know it and wouldn't you want your children to show that kindness to you.  There are a couple of things Sara is experiencing which I've had going on for several years.  Each time I say, "welcome to my world" she laughs a little harder.   As you get older that's about all you can do as each new "thing" enters your world.  Getting old is certainly entertaining, as long as you aren't the one getting old.  Got to get to stitching...Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Right on Schedule.........................

I finished part 5 of Serenity Harbor (I forgot to take a picture but will do it and get it up here by tomorrow.  Anyway, a few days ago I mentioned that I was going to pull some of the old projects where the stitching was done but they were not finished yet out and work on 1 piece a week to get it completed.  Last week I completed the Lori Birmingham tin and this weeek it became the Traveling Quaker Roll.  I actually finished the Quaker Roll itself months ago, but found that I had stitched the fob over 2 when it was suppose to be stitched over one. So I then stitched it correctly over one but put it down to work on class pieces.   I had remembered stitching it but when I pulled the pieces out of the bag they were stored in I didn't see the fob pieces so I started over one again and after about 1/2 hour could see I just wasn't in the mood, so I decided to take one of the motifs from the roll that would stitch up small enough over 2 threads to still fit with the roll.  I finally decided which motif would work, stitched it twice (one for the back and one for the front) and as I got up to go iron the piece, I found the original pieces all stitched.  (are you kidding me?)  I decided since they were over one I would rather keep those so I interfaced them and finished the fob and you can see the finished result in the pictures.  Two projects, last weeks and this weeks, done and on display.  So you can see I'm getting things done, as long as I don't have to go outside.  Now I can start part 6 of Serenity Harbor and pull out another small project.  I decided to start a couple of the Val's Stuff "Spooks of the month."  I started one last night, didn't have one of the fibers (I'm not kidding, I still don't own a complete set of any companies fibers), so today I started another one...this time I do have the fibers.  They are stitched on perforated paper, which is a challenge for me since I pull everything so tightly I've been know to rip the perforated paper, but I'm really trying to watch my tension this time.  While these aren't complete kits, they do come with the perf.paper, backing, and any specialty buttons they use and each month they will be using buttons.  The designs are really cute, I'm working on April's "Frankly, My Dear".  You know how I am about beads...well this design has dots which would make perfect places for beads, but I haven't decided if I want to use them or not.  I might just wait until it's finished.  I'm not sure if the beads with "fancy" it up and I don't think these ornaments should be fancy.  I also need to pick a small project that will be for me, not necessarily a shop model.  I haven't gotten there yet.  Anyway, I've got to get my stitch on....I'll talk to you later!

\ l

Monday, July 6, 2015

A little gift from one of my peeps....

     Had to show you the latest gift I received from Stasi Buhrmann...isn't it too cute for words? This wasn't even a birthday gift (if you remember she gave me the Tools of the Trade Needle Keep and Peep Pincushion for that)...this was just a thinking of you gift.   Pin cushions have become somewhat of an obsession apparently with me, and I didn't even realize it for some time.  But I love them!  Maybe it's because I've been given some really wonderful pin cushions. They are certainly not my mother's pin cushions.   While I have used some of them, many of them are really just for show (I couldn't stand to put a pin in them other than the decorative pins sent with them) and I've got them all over the house at this point.  I love to play with them, arrange them in different spots, remember who gave them to me and the friendship we share.  To me they are like potato chips, you can't have just one.  One thing I love about this pin cushion is how fully stuffed it is.  I'm one of those people who think you can't put too much stuffing in a pillow, fob, or pin cushion.  I like them when they are really stuffed so full they feel heavy.  And the stacking pin cushions are cuter still, don't you think?  I mean they've got a bird on the top, perfection!  Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out to Stasi and say "Thank you" for making my Monday just a little bit more special.  Tomorrow I'll iron my Serenity Harbor and show you my progress.  I'm moving on to part 6.  This pin cushion was Stasi's reward to me for getting Part 5 done.  Whoppee!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 5th and I've got a finish................Yea!!!!!

Made it through the 4th, in fact I stitched the night away and have a finish to show.  The top photo show's the lid for the Polish Potter Bowl #4 from Olde Colonial Designs.  I did it in 4 nights, working a quarter of the design each day.  So it was an easy stitch, fast and the finishing was easy as well.  This was a win, win and gave me something that I knew I could get done quickly as I trudge along on Serenity Harbor.  The middle two photo's show the scissor case I stitched for Renee for her birthday.  It's part of Blackberry Lane Design's, "Tools of the Trade (part V)."  All over one (ouch!) and Renee picked out a 30 ct. straw linen to have it stitched on using the Tulip Red fiber that the design called for.  It was touch and go as I flew to get it done in time, but pulled that off and handed it off to her on the assigned day.   Whew!!! Sometimes it is just too close to the deadline.  But once that was done, I have some time before I have to have a gift for anyone so I'm enjoying the stitch.  Of course my Serenity Harbor gets my attention every day, but I can't just work on it so I get to pick out some small designs to work along with it, like the Polish Bowl.  But I am pleased to announce, I'm almost through the 5th section of Serenity Harbor...may take a couple more nights since I work on other stuff as well, but it's good to be moving  on this piece.  Amazingly enough, even though I feel like I've been stitching the bay on it forever,  I love this piece.  At the end of the night I take it out of the Q-Snap and look at my progress and fall in love with it all over again.  (thank God since I'm not even half way done.)  In the bottom picture you can see one of the gifts from Debbie Liming, the hornbook. (That's the Polish pottery bowl sitting in front of it.  I'm fascinated with hornbooks and have a few of them now.  Debbie finished this one so that it can be displayed so easily...thanks Debbie..  I always finished mine with the handle down so it won't stand up and now I just leave them laying on the shelf.  Wish I'd thought of Debbie's method myself.  Well, I've got to get back to stitching...Serenity Harbor is just calling my name.  We had a wonderful 4th here last night.  The day was nice, sun did shine and the rain held off  until the fireworks started but was sporadic and didn't stop anything.  I hope everyone was able to get their patriotic spirit in gear.  Wonderful day of celebration!  Have a great to you soon

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

 Happy 4th of July everyone.  Hope everyone is going to enjoy the day no matter what it brings in weather.  We're expecting rain most of the day and night so not sure fireworks are in our immediate future, but that's O.K., because most of us have the day off so that's celebration enough, almost!  Some of you have already seen the Patriotic Sampler tool caddy and smalls shown at left.  I seem to be obsessed with the tool caddy and spools...I have to admit I am!  The tool caddy design comes from the Jeannette Douglas chart, "Patriotic Sampler" and I just deconstructed the sampler and used it's parts to create this fabulous set.  I'm already thinking of the next caddy, which I think will be a summer tote....the choices are endless.  Anyway, since one of my loves is Patriotic designs, this was just a natural selection.  My first tool caddy was stitched last year for Halloween, and back then it was the caddy, a needlebook and a fob.  The spool has now been added along with the needle vial.  Fun times!  And these caddys are really handy.  I keep my tools in mine so I don't have to search out my glasses, tape measure, extra needles, pad of paper, pen and scissors each time I sit to stitch.  Anyway, I mentioned the weather is a bit iffy....right  now it's overcast most of the time but it's still warm enough so people are out and walking and the town is full to overflowing. I don't care since I'm off and sitting in my own house with my T.V. on and my stitching just waiting for me to pick it up.  I've already spent 2 hrs on Serenity Harbor this morning....mercy there is certainly a whole lot of water on part 5, but I'm determined to get through part 5 this weekend.  I'm also 1/2 way through the Polishware bowl project...whoppee!  I decided to do 1/4 of the pattern each day so in 4 days the project would be complete.  I'm right on track!   I brought home a few more charts (I worked for a few hours in the shop to give poor Sara a break since she was double shifting yesterday.  In return, I came home with dinner.....I sure got the better end of that deal.  So I'm already eyeballing my next project.  I think picking out the next project is almost as much fun as stitching the next project.  Going through all the bags, shelves, cabinets, closets....yes, I have a lot of places to look and can't wait until I find just the right project.  With Serenity Harbor as my large project, I look for nothing but smaller projects at this point and the choices are endless.  In fact, I've got to get back to the search, so have a great day.  Play safe, stay home and stitch.  Talk to you later..

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Seashore cute

 Stacy Stinson gave me this cute Jabco pin cushion, (a pin cushion I wanted but was too cheap to buy myself), along with an exclusive Blackbird small stocking design chart with 2 seashore related designs, which I had never seen before and was thrilled to have them.  I started (and I do stress started) the year long series of the Blackbird Stocking ornaments years ago.  I was right on track for about 3 months, or perhaps 4 months since there were 3 stockings per month, and I ended up with 13 stockings before having to switch off and of course, I have yet to return to the stocking project.  But this prompts me to get these two done and then go back and finish the series which will mean 36 of the original plus the  2 for the birthday for a total of 38...oh, my wouldn't that make a beautiful Christmas tree and I could leave a lot of them for a tree each month since none of them are too Christmasy.  Anyway, thanks Stacy,  you know how much I love my summer beachy stuff.  And of course, there are seashore related pins  included with the gift, simply fabulous.  I am sorry it's taking me so long to get everything up here....honestly, I've been so busy stitching I haven't had time to blog (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it..  Jennifer Humphries also gave me a goodie bag filled with wonderful items, but there was one gift that I've been using since the day I got it and I'm loving it.  I've always used a magnet board and for some reason used Loran's, I suppose because we sell them and it was easy for me to grab.  But Jennifer brought me a magnet board from the office supply store that's so much bigger, about 14" x 11".  Now it's not just a magnet board but also a dry erase board.  But I'm using it solely because of the magnetism.  She also gave me a supply of earth magnets to use...honestly I've never seen any magnet stronger than these earth magnets.  Now the reason I love it so much, I can put not only the chart on there but also the page that lists the colors and their symbols so I'm not always having to find that among the "stuff" on my sofa where I stitch.  I can also keep a list on there of any colors or beads I need to pick up and because it's a dry erase, there was also a place to put a pen so I have a ready made station for my stitching.  I use one of the magnets to hold my scissors so I don't have to fear losing them to the sofa...and my needles are there...oh, it's wonderful. I had purchased a variety of metal easels from Hobby Lobby and one of them was just the right size to hold this board.   I use this for my bigger project, Serenity Harbor, and I use Linda Wimbrow's stitchers tray for my small projects.  I work on a variety of items at one time and it's wonderful not to have to put everything away from one project in order to work on another.  Now I just switch stations and I'm ready to go.  Speaking of which, I started the Polishware bowl project today.  Since it combines over 1 and over 2 stitching I've decided to stitch at least 1/4" of the design each day and then move on to Serenity Harbor for a couple of hours and then I can start another small design if I want to.  I will only be working on small designs with over 2 stitching when I go to work, so you can see I need multiple projects going at once.  This also gives me finishing time each week, as that is my latest resolution, to finish up some of the projects just sitting there unfinished.  (God I hope I hold to this..please give me the strength and perserverance).  Anyway, I'm stitching like crazy and with very few duties this summer (no skatepark at all) I have plenty of stitching time.  It has created a slight issue however.  On the news the other day, for the medical segment they discussed tech neck, which I believe I have, however, it's not tech related but stitching related.  From bending over at the neck to stitch, my neck is killing me and I find I have to pause more often and kind of exercise the neck (they suggested this as a repair).  I'm not sure I exercise it enough and I'm hitting the motrin bottle more, but just can't give up my stitching.  It's leading me to take more breaks to, God help me, pick up more.  Crap!  I'd rather be stitching.  Have a great more later.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Roses for Sally ....

Had to show you my birthday gift from my good friend, Paola.  But I also want to show you what this years gifts go with so the first picture shows the "Roses for Sally" box which was a birthday gift a couple of years ago, and the scissor fob which was a gift the next year.  This year I got three more smalls for my box which are shown in the rest of the pictures.  This project is absolutely so gorgeous, stitched on 40 ct. I believe, over one and as usual impeccably stitched and finished.  Thank you Paola for such a wonderful gift which will be cherished forever.  It gives me great joy every time I walk in the room, smell the rose scent (Paola always makes sure they smell like roses) and then get to "play" with my treasures.  Wonderful birthday, as usual, but even better this year because not only were my local "peeps" here but also Paola, Debbie and Stasi.  Great weekend!  Thanks again to everyone.    I've been really busy stitching myself.  Had a birthday gift to stitch, whew!  Got it done at 2:00 a.m. the morning I was giving it....thought I might not make it, but was able to present it on time!   So with all pre-stitches out of the way, birthday gift done.....I was able to get back to Serenity Harbor.  Naturally, I'm behind...July showed up Monday, and I'm still on May.  But I'm working on it daily now so I should be able to catch up, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Although, Jackie DuPlessis prestitch arrived on Monday as well, but I couldn't take one (thank God) as others had signed up and Sara always gives mine away in the beginning and this year I'm definitely alright with that.  I need some Serenity Harbor time.  At the same time I'm already looking for a smaller project to stitch along with Serenity Harbor.  I have 3 or 4 small Shepherd's Bush projects, including the needle roll that is part of the Shepherd's Fold series.  I also pulled out "Giving Thanks" from Drawn Thread.  I love the piece and plan to get this done for this year's Thanksgiving holiday.  Of course, I thought the same thing last year....but this year I'm determined.  However it is a little large to lug to the shop, so I need something like a pin cushion, or a small pillow so the search is on going.  I came across the Polishware bowl from Olde Colonial, so I might just start with that.  I collect Polishware so I was thrilled when Pam showed us this in Nashville.  Apparently there were pieces offered before that I missed...darn it all!  But at least I got the bowl and it's cute so I'm a happy camper for the moment.  While I was searching through multiple totes I also ran across several projects I had started and for one reason or another just stopped, "Shores of Hawk Run" (which I loved stitching at the time), and was thrilled to find "And they Sinned" which I thought I had completed the first section of and yet I didn't (funny how my mind always thinks I'm doing better than I am), and then there was a Lorri Birmingham design that was suppose to be on a tin, and while I had put it on a tin I didn't like the finish at the time and stuffed it back in the bag.  Well, I've made a decision, each week I'm going to pick one finished, but not assembled project and work to get it assembled (as I did today with the Lorri Birminham tin) and at the same time start finishing some of the partially started pieces.  Stasi Buhrman so inspired me (as she frequently does with all her finishing) when she completed her "And they sinned" and I swore then to find it and finish it.  I also saw my Welsh Cottage in there, but that got pushed back to get some of these others finished.....hopefully.  I'm thrilled to say I pulled the Lorri Birmingham piece apart and redid it using supplies I have now, which I didn't have back when I put this together in the first place, and I really love it.  I do need to finish the inside of the tin, but it looks so cute with the scrapbook paper used on the tin on the outside and I used an old plastic room key (like the credit card type) as the base instead of the old cardboard and it was the perfect size and I padded with Warm and Natural and perfection, at least to me.  One piece out of the "unfinished bag" and out on display.   I never return those credit card type keys, don't like the fact that my info is on there, but more importantly, I know I can use them in finishing and they are wonderful as the base on Altoid tin finishing among other things.  Try cutting has to be done, they fit right on there. Got to get back to stitching.  Have a wonderful day and try to put needle to linen or aida tonight