Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DMC news....

I wasn't going to blog today because we're so busy, but as I sit here...still in the office at dinner fact ate the dinner I left here last night by mistake tonight..cold but still good...anyway, I decided to calm any fears you stitcher's might have if you've heard DMC has filed for bankruptcy. While it is true, the French division has filed, according to the U.S. DMC Corp..they are are separate entity and the United States DMC division is still going strong. So don't be concerned if you, like I, only stitch with that's still going to be produced. Now...while I'm hear, I've been checking the weather every 10 minutes. Everyone must be looking at different reports because on-line and on the local news, they are showing rain all weekend..although I do believe that on-line it says there could be showers so that's not a definite..however, Mrs. N. just checked in and said she saw where it was going to be in the 70's and sunny. I'm not sure who's right and who's been smoking a joint (although I'm pretty sure I don't need to smoke pot to act high...I'm high on life and stitching.) Actually I haven't stitched for the past 2 nights...I've been putting together pans of lasagna...and tonight I'm cooking other things...for the I haven't got time to stitch, but I dream about stitching...does that count? Anyway, we are ready for your arrival...we are having an issue with Comcast, but Vernon has been threatening them every hour on the hour ever since we think that should move something. They keep telling Vernon they've turned the cable on and that we only have one box. If that's the case I wish they would charge me for only one box. Anyway, it's like everything else...they've taken the repair, turn on and off, etc. out of local hands and everything is run up in Wilmington or Dover or somewhere else. We can't even get the number for our local office. It's so aggravating....but Vernon gets some delight out of calling them assholes, so I say go for it. At this point they are lucky that's all we call them. Anyway, I'm off to Walmart to purchase something (I've forgotten what but I'm hoping by the time I walk through the doors it will occur to me...I have faith in myself). Have a great night and drive carefully (those who are coming tomorrow)...and remember SURVIVOR is a no talking hour. Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Glorious day but sunny....

When I first awoke this morning we were in the middle of a downpour and I was comtemplating calling the girls and telling them not to come to work. But because I've been here before, I waited and by 9:30 the sun was out and while it's cool, in the 60's, it's a gorgeous day here, and I'm sure we're going to warm up a little. For those who are in the ravaged areas of Virginia, I'm sorry for you folks and know it's not easy to clean up after a disaster (been there on a few occasions after hurricanes). So I count my blessings that all we had was rain...a little over an inch. I'm told the farmers need it so I'm happy for them, although this much at one time I'm not sure about. Anyway, I got a funny e-mail from Cynthia R. over my dog blog. And I do want to let everyone know I really am not anti-dog or anti-children. I'm anti-dog in the shop and I'm only anti-unruly children and parents. I lump parents in there because it's not he child's fault. Oh, please let's not get going on that again. Just know I don't mind having your children in the shop. Now husbands, well it's best to leave them on the porch I think, otherwise we may have to have a discussion on priorities (he and I that is). No man has ever said, "you don't need anymore of that stuff or she has enough already" that I haven't had the need to take him on. And God forbide if the man golfs or buys tools because that just adds fuel to my fire. There are a few who love to come in, sit in the chair at the counter and banter with me good naturedly. I mean no harm and they know it, and we have lively discussions. Customers have been known to join in and believe me no man can take the heat. Well, the housekeepers are cleaning the lobby so we're all pitching in putting things where they belong after a winter of dumping stuff in the lobby and hallway. And I have to tell you, my desk is cleaned up for the first time since last summer. It's a thrill to sit here. I'm sure by the weekend there will be piles again, although Mary did pick up the mail and I already sorted through it and threw 90% in the trash...that's my new system...just throw it in the trash. I doubt she will go to the mailbox again before the weekend so I'll have a couple of days to work on the rest of the office...which looks like a dumping ground. Anyway, there has been quite a transformation here at the hotel in the last few days...we almost look ready to open. In the infinite wisdom of all governments large and small, they waited until spring to block off 2 lanes of the Rte 50 bridge, so with a major weekend in front of us, Springfest, there are only 2 lanes to get in and out of town if you come that way, so be prepared. Take your will get to us eventually and when you do the fun can commence. If you are here Thursday...don't forget the golden talking during Survivor...commercials not included so we must have discussions quickly during commercials. After Survivor we can do anything we want. Don't forget to bring show and tell...I can't stress that attention span is the size of a gnat so I have to have many shiny objects to keep me entertained so the more show and tell the better. Bring any project you need help with. Don't afraid you will appear stupid...we all have unfinished we just can't quite figure out...that's why you bring it..someone in the crowd will know how to do the stitch, the finish, whatever. Use others knowledge, that's what everyone is here for and no stitcher minds helping a fellow stitcher. Retreats are great learning experiences. Oh...we're excited...can't wait to see you ladies. This year we have 64 coming to the retreat...not counting Sara and myself, Mary, Michael, Vernon or Solomon (we let the fellows think they are part of it just so they come and help with it). See you Thursday or Friday...oh, yea, weather wise, bring sweatshirts or sweaters because I'm not sure hot warm it's going to be. They are calling for high 60's, but that could be a sweatshirt isn't a bad idea and if you are generally cold...bring a parka!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I hate to get on a rant, however.....

Alright, our season hasn't really begun yet, but because there are a lot of people in town this weekend it almost feels like summer. Now, the shops got a lot of people milling around, but even if it was empty, DO NOT BRING YOUR BIG ASS DOG IN MY SHOP...O.K. I don't appreciate it, and many people are allergic to pet hair, etc., and a lot of people don't want your big dog sniffing at their crotch, do you get my drift. Why do people assume because they love dogs that the whole world loves dogs. I happen to be a dog person...most of the time...I owned a couple of dogs in my life and aside from hating it when a dog zeroes in on my crotch I don't have a problem with them. Most people ask if they can bring their little dogs in if they hold them and frankly I don't have a problem with that...but I have major problems with big dogs on leashes or off leashes in a shop. I frankly don't like to find them in stores when I'm shopping. Perhaps these dogs see me as a big side of beef with my crotch being the portal to entry, however, it isn't...I'm not....and I'd like to bitch slap the people who bring them in. Just like unruly children, I don't want them in the store. Of course, the girls looked at me and said, "Do you want us to say something?" They realized I was on bored time if I stayed in the shop so I said, I'm getting out of here. That dog was sniffing at everyone wherever it went....please, please, please, I'm begging you....I don't hate your dog, just leave him outside..that's what husband's are hold the lease while you shop. O.K., I almost feel better now but if I go over there and that dog has crapped on the floor you are going to hear more on this issue...would a sign help? It hasn't helped with the stroller issue...which sign makes people think I hate children. We ask that you not bring in strollers because there is no room to push them through the racks (and if you have been in the store you have to agree that room is an issue)...and in Sea Trader we've had children pull stuff off the displays, parents are unaware and they discover the child holding something 3 blocks down the boardwalk. Fortunately, several people have brought the stuff back (that's how we know it's happening), but of course people just don't understand this issue either. One woman said, "If you don't want children in the shop you should just say so." And even after I explained the problem, she still didn't get it. Folks, I'm not a hater...I just ask that you use common sense...please...and don't just think of yourself understand there are others in the shop who might be uncomfortable with a dog sniffing their crotch (that seems to be a major problem in my eyes), or they might have allergies. This is a people shop...not a pet shop. Have respect for God's sake! (Gosh, I was getting all fired up again). Weather Report: I can only hope next weekend is as gorgeous as this weekend. It's sunny, hot, cool in the shade, and the boardwalk's busy. Poor Sara is downstairs trying to get the Bikini Shoppe ready (must have 30 cartons to unpack now...) and the Shell Stocked ready (not so many cartons here but the racks didn't make it yet) the foyer downstairs looks like a warehouse. Vernon is getting the bookstore ready and while he's come a long way (especially since I told him to change some things)'s still in a state of unready...I realize I didn't help things when I insisted he paint the shelving so Sara started that with one rack 2 weeks ago and it never got completed so now it looks worse than ever with empty racks as you walk in plus one rack is half painted white....mercy...but once you are in and look back, his new shelving looks wonderful so I feel we have him headed in the right direction he just needs time. Renee, Connie and Pat have been working at cleaning up Salty Yarns and Sea Trader and by next weekend we should be in pretty good shape. So...things are going as smoothly as can be expected at this point, when we are down one major player. Well, my day is over...I'm heading home...have a great night and try to stitch just a little.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Isn't that always the way.....

I've had stitchers on hold forever it seems waiting for the linen for the "My first stitching box" project and Diane B. finally gave up a couple of days ago, called and said, "Have you forgotten me? I ordered the linen over a month ago?" To which I responded, "I haven't forgotten you..and I apologize, however, we are still waiting for it." She had heard that Weeks Scuppermong was a suitable substitute and Thank God we had that so I cut her a piece and shipped it off and then e-mailed Dale W. as she was also waiting and told her what Diane had said and asked if she would just like a piece of that....she said yes. I shipped the linen pieces off only to go over to the shop after it closed and guess what arrived! The darn Jabco overdye linen...drat! I'm thrilled it arrived, but it couldn't have done that a couple of days ago. And the difference is BIG!!!! Scuppermong is dark and JABCO is a spring green. However, I have to say, I think Scuppermong does go with the box so that wouldn't be a problem for me....but it's so not the same color. Todays been a busy day. The girls have been hoping in the shop and I'm doing my usual. Placing orders and begging the vendors to ship 3 day priority so I have it next weekend. I've know for a year I would need to place orders...waited until Monday of this week so I'd see what we were out of and each day I'd say tomorrow...well tomorrow is too late so now I have to pay extra to get the stuff here (no wonder I can't afford a new car.) Anyway, once the vendors realized that I knew I'd have to pay the extra shipping they were all over the idea. Now let's hope they do it. I've had these come the Monday after the event before...but this time I specified it had to be here by Friday. The girls in the shop are going to love that. Pricing and dealing with 60 stitchers at the same time....yes, life can be busy but it's a test for the beginning of the summer. Those who manage to get through the weekend in one piece....get to work for the rest of the year. Anyone who falls...have a nice summer at home, sitting by the pool drinking margaritas (wait...this was not what I meant). Sara's had her painting hat on all week, painting decks, etc., while Mary and Solomon have had yard duty. Fortunately Solomon has spent the better part of 2 of the days home with his father so Mary could get the work done. She has finished the parking lot and now moves to the rest of the property. Me., well, I'm still shuffling papers in the office, however, the pile isn't as high and Mary's due in the office next Monday to start the real clean up in here ( I have to get organized) so I'm thinking by next Friday I'm as organized as I intend to get. I keep getting distracted...went over to the shop to do a button inventory, asked where they put "Stitchopoly" only to have two customers pipe up and say, "They are over here we've just been talking about them." And there were Stacy D., Marcia M., Marna C. going through the racks. They picked up a couple of the new A Mon Ami Pierre Quaker pieces and took the time to talk Connie into doing one as well. One of the ladies had her Quaker class piece from the Louden County event a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. We love the show and tell ladies, so for those packing already to come down for the retreat next weekend...pack some show and tell. Also for those not, and I do mean do not..lug your suitcases, etc., up the back stairs of the hotel. We have the lift which we can use to take your luggage, lamps, food supplies, whatever, up to your rooms. So don't wear yourselves out...we have to pace ourselves to get through the weekend. We will also being doing what we did last year...dinner around 5:30 (I can't remember the exact time) last year we had a miscommunication (one of many I might add) and Sara was not really on board my train and it almost derailed. However, at Jamboree I got her straightened out, she understands why I serve the dinner (anyone who was here waiting for the welcoming reception certainly remembers the rush for food) and then have the welcoming reception but just for the newbees...We put the dinner out (and we're bringing back our homemade lasagna...there will be some made with beef and hot sausage and for those who don't eat beef (my Mary) there will also be a ground turkey and turkey sausage lasagna (really can't tell the difference)...and for those who are vegetarian, we're also have the pasta salad for you, as well as a garden salad...among other things. But the dinner is only out for 1 hour, then we take all the food away, and then set up for the reception as there are some stitchers who can't get here for the dinner. Sara is already deciding on hors d'oevres, and I'm starting my preparations tonight (I hope I do better with this than I have with the orders)...anyway, we can't wait to see you stitchers and we're looking forward to having a wonderful time. Weather wise it's warm down here and most of the time it's sunny...hope it stays that way. Survivor Report....I don't know how many survivor shows we have had but the woman have finally awakened to the fact that they have strength in numbers and can run the show. I think I've started getting back into it. Each year I would marvel at the stupidity of the women on this show. If I was on it (and I couldn't even if I wanted...too fat and old) I would be figuring out how to get the men off first. I know they do most of the work and I'm not saying I'd get rid of them right away, but they would be a target. Men always run the show because the women are so anxious to fall into their shadows. The men are always promising to take the women to the final four (it amazed me that final four isn't the end...what the hell good does it do to just reach the final four...the final one is where you want to get and you have to make sure you are with people you can beat). This season the women get it (makes me proud to be a woman) and they are taking over the show, and they are loving it. Now I realize this is going to get nasty as well because once the men are gone...the women have to start getting rid of themselves. But at least one of the women will be the winner and it's women in the final four. Good job ladies. Of course the game isn't over and James could still figure out a way to stay in...but it isn't looking hopeful for James. Anyway, remember....Thursday night is Quiet night in the lobby ladies....until Survivor is over....then we can jump, shout, and knock each other out....or stitch. Got to run...I'm staying late and I've had it. 6:30 p.m. and I don't pay myself, let along give myself time and a half...who do I speak about that?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's lovely once again in Paradise....

Regardless of the murder the other night where Connie lives (what the hell is going on here people?) really is lovely in Paradise this week...the sun is out in full force, the sea is glistening, birds are chirping and the smell of paint and repairs being done is all over Ocean City. I came to work yesterday and of course Connie and Pat were talking about the big "murder" at Misty Harbor. It's a retirement village, well it use to be but now there are children being raised by grandparents, etc., but it started off not so long ago as a retirement village. Anyway, apparently the woman who lives across from Connie refused to pay the man who did some home repairs because he was charging too much so he stabbed her to death. Meanwhile, come to find out, he had also murdered someone in Hondorus (which is where he is from). I'm telling you people...lock your doors and don't go out's not safe here anymore. Fortunately, the man confessed to the crime and so there isn't a murderer (at least not this one) running amok all over town. But it's just not safe anymore anywhere....even in God's country. Connie doesn't seem to be the least bit fazed by it, except for finding humor in the fact that she waved good morning each morning to the man. A week from today and we'll be welcoming our first wave of stitchers. Just remember ladies, Thursday is Survivor night and just like last year there will be no talking while Survivor is on. I believe it was last year during Survivor that the age old question, "Where and how do the astronauts go to the bathroom in the shuttle" was posed and created much discussion until I looked it up on the internet (and it was there...can you believe that?) Anyway, we'll have none of that foolishness ladies...quiet is key during Survivor. I many not like it at this point, we all know I was for Yeoman, but it's still Survivor and it's one of the highlights of my week. (Yes, I consider this a highlight, so that gives you a small window into the quality of my life.) I tried not to mention "Housewives of New York" but I can't contain myself any longer. Did you see the reunion? Honestly, Alex and Simon need to know that "denial" isn't a river in Egypt. First that she would think Playboy would even consider her for their magazine...HELLO...have you ever seen the magazine? You don't even come close to the advertizements in the magazine let along a pictorial. Now I must say, as a feminist I am really not pleased with the whole Playboy thing....and I don't buy them...but I know what's in them from visiting Kenny in my youth...he firmly believed in them and his wife didn't seem to mind him having them. I always wondered what the parents of those girls thought about their being nude for the entire world to see. I know what my parents thought...I've never been comfortable with my sexuality (whatever that means) I guess I'm a bit of a prude and I'm not making judgements...if you have posed for Playboy I say, Good for you for keeping fit enough to do that. But back to Alex and Simon...apparently they got a lot of bad press, forcing Simon to come on the reunion show to bitch and whine. Honestly, these two need to get a life. First she spent every episode trying to climb the social ladder and then in the reunion show both she and Simon said they didn't care about being a member of the upper crust. HELLO...did you two watch the show...every episode had you caring, dying, spending more money on clothes etc to try to meet the elite, clawing your way up the ladder. Jeez, Louise, if you do the crime you have to do the time. You talked the crap now walk in it! Bethany was really the one and only person on the reunion show who said, "I may not like everything that they showed about me, but I said it, I did it and it was who I am." Of course Ramona just kept saying what a great person she was and how misrepresented she was and Jill was saying she was everything they said, except she left the runway show because it was Ali's first day of school (oh, Jill...why didn't want to sit behind Ramona). All in all, it was a great night of crap last housewives fix for a while but "Workout" started so I have another show to become fixated on. But no one will give me more of a chuckle than those housewives. Survivor on tonight...oh, my I'm misty over Yeoman once again..but I'll still watch and hope Cerise gets her just reward....getting her ass kicked off the island. And now, I'm going back to work....Sara keeps popping in and out and it's getting too hard to keep minimizing the screen. This is exhausting! Sara just came in to update me on next weekend....because this is a retreat and not a class weekend, we're all about the ladies enjoying their time here so when Stacy S. spoke with Sara about another retreat where she went and they had a masseuse there for the stitchers to hire, Sara decided that was just one more thing we could do for the stitchers. We're not sure what she's going to charge yet, so I can't give you that info, and we told her neck, shoulder, arm, and hand only...we're not going to do full massages anyway, if you feel like that is something you'd be interested in...hopefully this will work out. Well, it's the end of the day....I don't want to answer this hotel phone one more time so I'm going home. Have a great night...see you tomorrow. This time next week some of you will already be here....YIPPEE!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grey Skies are going to clear up...put on a happy face

Well, I'm trying, but I'm telling you this grey sky is killing my mood. I'm feeling down, and I don't know why because my taxes are paid for another year so I can breathe again, the temps are in the 60's so I'm not freezing anymore, although I hate to complain but my office is a little on the warm side... but the grey sky, well, I need sun to grow (well, perhaps I should live in a cave because I seem to be growing in the grey sky as well.) My mood is ugly in the greyness of the sky...I need sun to be my warm and peppy self. O.K, apparently all you have to do is wait for a while because 2 hours later and the sun is shining. I went over to what has become one of my favorite restaurants, Sunset Grille, and had a softshell crab sandwish and a salad for lunch, my day has improved 100% and the Stitchopoly games came in...yes..good times..good times! My dear friend Stasi B., finds the neatest stuff and then hooks me in on it as well (more stash, more stash) anyway, the other day I got an e-mail to go look at Judy O'dell's Treasures Workstation which was just about filled, but Judy said they had one more spot open so of course I jumped on now I have pressure to finish this before they start the instructions to put it together, and I also got the Weave and Whine piece which I have to get done before June when they start putting that one together and with that piece we are actually weaving the fabric..taking linen and weaving an overdye fiber through it to create a new fabric before stitching...HELLO people, when am I going to get other things done or sleep...oh, I don't suppose that's so important, but don't blame me if I get down right bitchy. I have to apologize I'm getting calls from stitchers who order the JABCO overdye for those Stitching Boxes and I've been in backorder hell now since February. Today I got a call and the stitcher asked if I'd forgotten her, and after explaining the problem she asked about Weeks Dye Works Scuppermong, and aside from not being able to pronounce it, the concensus in the shop is it will work fine in the box. It's a lovely green and so we're replacing it for JABCO so stitchers can get their boxes done. If you've found a color you think works well, please e-mail me and let me know. Well, I've about had it for the day...I'm weak from all the work I'm thinking about doing. Don't forget tonight is the reunion show for New York Housewives and it will be the last chance to see these idiots make a fool of themselves, except Bethany who we feel shows promise....but the others, Pleeeease...stay in N.Y....I can't imagine anyone else wanting to know you! Have a great night....try to get in some stitching...and I'll catch you in the morning.

Friday, April 18, 2008 are here...

O.K., I'm an old dog and I'm struggling with the new tricks regarding the internet, but after 3 days of it is...the first pictures of my newly completed, "Mermaids of the Sea" needlework case. I couldn't be prouder, not only that I finally got the pictures on the web site, but also did the finishing from start to finish by myself. The directions which come with the chart are wonderful and do make the job so much easier... the mermaids are on the front, the ship and the lighthouse are on the back and of course the other picture shows the inside of the needlecase. As I said several times while stitching this one, I did change colors on just about everything (mainly because I didn't have the colors in stock at the time that the chart called for, however, I loved the colors I picked). I changed the flag color on the back to red and I think it really made the flags pop. With the open picture you can see the seahorse cut out from Weeks Dye Works wool, and there is a pocket on the inside where you see the mermaids and the inside of the pocket also has stitching on it. This is also where I have put the 2 bone fish thread winders that come with the chart.. A wonder piece...kudos to Ellen Chester the designer. Last night I went home and worked again on the Turtles piece and found in the end I am one stitch off...can't figure out how, trying to figure out if it's going to make a difference (and I did love stitching on this)...tonight I'll decided if I have to take out stitches or just leave know what I'm voting for. And then I still have to get going on the Heart of America...oh, my never enough time is there? Did you watch Survivor last night? That was one of the best yet. As you know I haven't really being feeling Survivor since they voted off Yeoman, but to see Ozzie get his due, well that made watching it worthwhile. I can't stand to see someone who thinks they are untouchable and like everyone else I just wait to see them fall. Good Time...Good Times. Weather Report: Paradise is's in the high 60's, suns out, beach is pristine, the ocean is blue and twinkling in the sun...people are on the boardwalk,'s a wonderful day in the neighborhood. In two weeks from today...that's 14 days, the retreat will have started and we can't wait. Of course we're working like demons trying to get the hotel straightened out, and pulled together, but we'll get it done. We're going into overdrive as we speak. I'm going to post this now as I've lost it once already and I don't want to have to redo it. So enjoy your weekend and get some stitching in.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh.....

Today is a dreaded day for me...taxes...I hate them...I hate the waste I see from the governments usage of them and I need the money I send them...but it's a necessary evil so I send them and try to get the knot out of the pit of my stomach. But's not such a big knot. I've been fighting for the past month with my bank PNC...who bought my old bank, Peninsula. Now Peninsula was a home bank and you just went in, said you needed your money dropped and they did it, paperwork was done and it was over. For crap sake, now that PNC owns it I'm having to jump through hoops. A few of the big guys down here switched to one of the last remaining small town banks, but those guys pissed me off long a merry a go, so I'm still struggling to get use to the big dogs but I have to tell you, it's not easy. Anyway, after having a month long struggle, then a week struggle getting them together with my insurance agent, and this morning we all came together and the paperwork gets signed this afternoon so that's a huge weight off my shoulders, combined with the small amount of tax I owe, well, this is another good day. The sun is shining for the 2nd day in a row...and while it is cool down here and a bit breezy, the sun is just lifting my spirits. I can hardly contain myself. Just to keep this shop related, I did work on my Shores last night and one more night and the 3rd block will be completed. But the even bigger news is...I found the perfect ivory button for the mermaids case and I finished it completely...I'll put a picture of it on the site overwhelmed this morning and left home without it. The button came from something my mother had...I got all her jewelry and while mother had given away her valuable jewelry to my children prior to her death, her costume jewelry is wonderful...I don't wear it, but I've taken all the beads and pearls, and etc., to use in my stitching projects, fobs, needlebooks, whatever can use them. And she had a pearl something or other with elongated pearls and while the case called for a round bead, I substituted and it's perfect. Mother would have been so thrilled with this recyling. Anyway, because that was so exciting, I decided to start Ellen Chester's "turtles". I was so pumped until I realized everyone of them is over one. Why didn't anyone tell me. You all were talking about the damn turtles, many of you have started stitching them, but not one of you warned me. I was looking for something easy to just sail through. Well, that clearly is not going to happen, so I started the turtle needlebook and got the small center section done, and then went back to Shores. That's one way to get Shores finished...because I'm still loving that one. Of course as soon as the block is done I get to work on Heart of America until I finish a block on it. My stash beside the sofa is once again overflowing on to the floor. I have to stop taking this stuff home. With Renee in the shop we had to clean up all the stuff we had pulled and left on the counter...I thought it would be easier just to take it home and put it in my stash...I hate putting stuff away in the shop! Anyway, my day has improved and I hope yours has too. 17 more days stitchers and you will be here for the retreat (I think)....we can't wait. Shiela F. has been busy making a special "thing" for you and I have ordered your treats for your goodie bags...oh, yes, we're excited to get this underway. So, have a great day....I hope Uncle Sam is treating you well....and remember to keep your needles moving.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Alleluia...the missing is found!

Today started out really, really, well. While searching in my winter walk in closet...actually I was putting stuff away so I wouldn't be embarrassed when Vernon came in to work in my bathroom...but my clothes have slowly taken over my I went to work on the situation. As I was checking out all the crap on the hangers and putting things in the drawers I saw what looked like my missing jewelry traveling case which has been missing for 2 years. History....our home has been broken into in the summer so when I moved to the hotel each summer I started taking my jewelry with me in a leather case Sara gave me for Christmas a few years ago. When I packed it up the summer after she gave me the case I remembered that I just hid it underneath something but couldn't remember if it was the winter place or my summer room. I really thought it was in the winter house...anyway, the real problem with the situation was the case contained one of my mother's diamond rings which was earmarked for my niece. Before mother died she gave each of my girl's a diamond ring of hers and then asked if I would see that Kelly got hers at an appropriate time. I felt the best time would be when Kelly graduated from high school which she is doing in June. I took the ring out of the hotel safe (please don't ask why) and put it in the jewelry case. I've been looking for the case since last summer. So to find it this morning was such a wonderful surprise and to see my jewelry once again, yes a wonderful start to my day. Then I got to work and Renee came to work, which was a complete surprise for Sara and I as we had planned today as the big clean up at the store. Well, we got out of that easy enough. But then I had to go to the dentist for one more part of the crown replacement so that wasn't too much fun, but it didn't hurt so that's a good thing....of course so far I've paid well over $1500 and that's a bad thing, but we won't dwell on that right now. I'm still at it's a good day....the sun is shining brightly and while it's still hovering in the 50's, believe me it feels great! It's been too long since we've had a really sunny, sunny day. Now that the girls are back we are again open every day 10-4 so come on by.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've got a headache already.....

Oh, My God...could these people be anymore annoying? The weather is mild, cloudy, but mild so I entered the shop with hopes of a good day. They were dashed this morning early on by several "groups" who entered the shop and have completely annoyed me beyond reason. The morning has almost been salvaged by one lady, new to the shop, just moved to the area a couple of years ago (yes..she moved here a few years ago and didn't know the shop was here!) and happened to jog on by this morning and stopped in. She was fun to talk to and we really enjoyed having her here, so the people that annoyed me prior to her visit were almost forgotten and then the 2 mothers arrive with 4 children in tow...challenging the no stroller rule...which I said they could have in the shop but the reason for the policy was there are sections of the store where it is impossible to get through with the strollers...I should have stuck to the policy and kept them the hell out. They've about tweaked my last nerve and certainly Sara's as I took about 3 seconds of surveying the terrain and told Sara I had to go to the office for a few minutes where I will hide now until I'm sure the coast is clear. What I love is they read about the baby stroller but let one of the kids coming with a darn drink which I'm sure will end up splashing all over stock before it drops and spills all over the floor. Mercy, my nerves are on the edge to begin with and I really need a calm oasis until after the 15th. Clearly I will not be that lucky today. Anyway, remember the Mermaids piece I finished last month...well as usual, I finished the stitching last month but didn't complete putting the eyes on (beads) or stitching the wool seahorse inside. Well, last night I pulled it out, sewed on the beads for eyes and I fell in love all over again with this piece. I finally cut the seahorse out of the Weeks Wool and ironed on the interfacing and today we're going to put it together. I can't wait, and I'm hoping we don't have annoying people in anymore today or I won't get it done. Keep your fingers crossed for that doesn't mean I don't want people to come in, I just want stitchers who love to stitch to come in. They don't annoy me at all, it's the people that stitch 1 project every 10 years and have 300 questions to ask before they can put the first stitch in....and they bought the project they want to do at Michaels. What part of "I'm not a Michael's employee" do they not understand? I wouldn't take my Dodge van into the Mercedes dealer and ask them to fix that would I? Of course not! So why is it alright to bring me something you purchased at Michaels and ask for my help in getting it started or completed in any way? Why? Of course I just smile and help them, but believe me I'm not a happy camper. Now, if you are a true stitcher (you wouldn't buy kits in Michaels to begin with) and I know you, and I like you, and you are also shopping with me, then by all means pull that out of your purse and let me see it and I'll try to help you out. But don't buy kits at Michael's and then go into any independent needlework shop and ask them to "get you started" or fix some mistake you've made, unless you are planning to spend an equal amount in the independent shop. I realize you can't find anyone at Michael's who knows the first thing about what we do, and that's why you shouldn't be purchasing needlework from them. Floss, yes, even fabric perhaps, but other than the independents or in the end you will be left with only a Michael's store to shop in. O.K., now I've given myself a bigger head ache bitching about this...I'm going next store and check out the terrain. It's getting close to lunch time and no one better mess with my food! Well they are still there so I'm back hanging out a little longer. End of the day....they left at lunch time so I had an almost peaceful lunch, but that doesn't matter because we had very few interruptions. The day was mild, though overcast, however, after lunch it started raining off and on so Sara and I sat at the back table and stitched until closing. I am doing the finishing on Mermaids of the Sea. I have the needlecase almost done...well it's more than a needlecase, but I digress. This has been exhilerating for me to put something remarkable together. I'm so excited I can't begin to tell you. I questioned things along the way, tried to take shortcuts a couple of times, but always ripped it out and did it right and I'm so glad I did. I couldn't be happier and can't wait to have it on display. If you visit the shop don't forget to take a look at it and I'll get it on the web site once it is 100% complete...hopefully tomorrow. Anyway, time to go home so I can stitch some more. Have a great evening...keep your needles moving and I'll see a lot of you in just a couple of weeks....We can't wait.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Biggest Hurricane Season Ever?????

Are you kidding me? I just came on-line and that was my welcome. I don't know how weather forecasters have the nerve to walk out of the building and face people, especially when they talk about something so far in advance. They can't get the day to day weather correct and yet they have the audacity to tell us we're going to have the busiest hurricane season this year. Well, I've got news for everyone...that's what they've said for at least the last 5 years. And while I hate to jinx us...we did even come close to a hurricane last year...north easter's yes, but hurricane's! Well, to be honest they don't say where in the hell it's going to hit, but of course when you are in an area prone to hurricane's you think they are talking about you. But I still don't listen to much they say. I look outside and see what it's doing and go by that. The only thing I listen to them for is the temperature and that's only what they say it is when I'm walking out the door. Even that is questionable at times. I've always said, "I'd love to have a job where you don't have to be right, are often wrong and yet you still get paid and don't get fired." Anyway, don't listen to their doomsday forecast, open a window and look get a better idea of what is going on.....2008 Jamboree...We're up to 32 returnees...and Tuesday is the day reservations open up to new if you intend to come but haven't let me know, please e-mail me that you are coming so you don't lose your spot. Thanks so know I got in trouble with Sara last year...don't want that happening again. Spring Retreat: 22 days and counting. I'm busy trying to get the goodie bag situation straight...not an easy job apparently. The companies are just not coming up with interesting ideas for me. Thankfully the Jamboree goodie bags are getting done as we fact the first 25 are finished and being shipped and then he will start on the next 25 and so on and so on until I have all I need. But a retreat 22 days away and I'm still in a holding's driving me nuts. That and taxes and the mortagage...crap, I'm a mess down here. Everyone is working against me...I'm getting paranoid...come on now...let's work together! On-line needlework show: If you haven't done this yet you might want to check it out. It begins April and it has many designers showing. I don't think you can buy but there are prizes I believe and you will get to see some companies that perhaps you haven't seen before. I know I find it interesting and of course end up bringing some new companies into Salty Yarns. So if you have time, go in and take a look around. We are in full throws of trying to get the downstairs stores open...usually we are all open Easter weekend, however, Easter came too darn early for us this year. Sara has taken over the Shell Stocked store from me (thank God...I just can't do this many things anymore and do them well...perhaps I should say do them at all.) Anyway, the cartons are arriving daily, they tore up the shop and moved everything out to paint it and poor Sara is struggling to get displays and merchandise back in the shop (including the cartons which I never unpacked last year but left in the foyer of the downstairs some point I threw up my arms and said, I'm done in 2007). But the reason I'm telling you this, besides for a pity party, is what Vernon typical Vernon I can't even begin to explain...however, he replaced all the decking out front of the Bikini Shoppe. We had one section raised in the center but Vernon didn't really see the need so he just replaced the entire deck but kept it a few inches higher than the old decking in case the water came up during a storm. I saw the deck and gave it no more thought...after explaining the one reason for having the higher deck in the center of the area only. Anyway, Sara asked if I had seen the decking, said I had and how nice it looked but mentioned that they made it all one level, although I guess that was alright. (I'm a creature of habit...change doesn't do well for me and this is why) Sara then said, "Mom, how are they going to open the doors to get under the hotel steps. I look and yes, they built the deck and where the decking last year was low so that the door could swing out...this deck is raised and covers the door so it can't be opened. Meanwhile Vernon and John were the ones who had already used the space earlier to put the storm doors under the steps for storage. So now, options...tear out the decking and start over putting it back the way it was before, or just saw through the bottom of the door and there will be a short fall to get into the storage space...of course I'm not sure that would allow enough room to get the storm doors back out...Geez, Louise, we go one step forward and two steps back. These kids always think they have a better way...and then this. I never use to let them change stuff because we've been doing things here the same way almost since 1924...but I allowed computer systems in, then got a reservation system and threw away the hand done chart...and slowly I brought us into the 21st century (well maybe we're still back in the 20th century). Everytime I question something they are doing I think...why not let them do it...just because we've done something for 100 years doesn't make it a better way...however...apparently when it came to the decking we were better. It will be interesting tomorrow to see what he does since Sara is going to ask him to put something under the steps to see what he does. Anytime we can make fun of, or annoy Vernon we're having a better day. He's last one here so he takes the brunt of our jokes and I thank God he's a good sport. And I thank God I've got patience when he does something this stupid.....Have a great night stitchers...Survivor is on tonight...don't miss it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Think I see The Problem.....

I have got to talk about Housewives of New York first..I'm sorry...I'm ashamed...but it's a must. O.K., after viewing their little dinner party, I think I see what the problem is for some of them. The Countess (in her mind only) believes that class is being nice to everyone...of course she is the same person who insists that everyone she feels is beneath her address her by Countess of Mrs...whatever the hell her last name is. She seems to have her terms screwed up....common decency is being nice to everyone jackass, class is how you carry yourself combined with a whole lot of other stuff, and believe me not one of these people have class or have even seen class. Perhaps the chef, Bethany comes the closest to having it, and she may even have it. She remains above the fray, doesn't discuss finances, doesn't compete with the other women, yes, I believe she comes closest. But let's face it the Countess, Jill and Ramona are so far removed from classy they can't even spell it. And then there is Alex...oh, my God...this couple is a train wreck. First she puts the spin on the "Girls night out" that they said Simon could come...she forgot to mention that in order to come he had to put a dress on. Then Simon says, well it would be rude to refuse to go....and then there's Ramona....who has a complete meltdown because Simon showed up. He's such an ass, instead of saying, "oops, sorry I had no idea my being here would create such a problem, I'll go downstairs, have a couple of drinks and meet you later," he stands there looking at Ramona and the rest of them like he had no idea what a girl's night out meant. Clearly Alex didn't understand the term..but perhaps it's because these two wouldn't know a friend if they fell over one. I've been saying all along that they didn't live the lifestyle they profess to be going after. First the Brooklyn address....then the fact that whenever you saw them in their house they were in the bedroom playing with the children and there were no drapes, curtains, furniture, etc. in the room. This is not how the "we are here to impress the world" people live. I've been in their homes (I myself don't live like that because I don't give a crap frankly, but my sister does and she and her husband have the finances to back it up so I'm use to people out to impress other people and what it looks like) So Alex and Simon spent one show shopping (and was that enough to make you barf) and as soon as he said, "We spent more than 5 figures but less than 6 figures" I knew he was the biggest ass in history. But after viewing their torn up apartment in Brooklyn I knew...these people are the biggest posers and the worst part...they are climbing up the social ladder in their mind and then let their apartment be seen in shambles...not shambles from having renovations being done recently, but they moved in 2005 and apparently having done anything since. Their floors torn up, did you see the futon...a futon people in a classy home...not a chance in hell. Take my word for it....I did put a futon (I never said I was classy) in a unit for the students here for the summer working at the hotel, but I've never seen a futon in any home I've ever been in....never!!!!! And theirs wasn't even a good futon. I really don't think these two have a brain cell working. They pay to have their makeup put on before going to the opera (of course that's to walk the red carpet and get their picture in New York Times society page..and I loved that they got a picture of her back), everything but what's family and your home. They are so busy getting Francoise in a good private school in New York (unfortunately for them anyone who speaks with them knows they have no class and therefore will never get in a really good private school)...honestly...and I loved Bethany's take on the apartment. I can't wait for Jill, Ramona and The Countess to see this show and see her apartment (and you know they are watching this crap right along with us)...this will surely blow their little panties off (I'm sure they are designer panties though so it will be alright). Anyway, Sara and I were calling each other every 10 minutes as we were watching this episode...what a hoot this is...if you aren't watching this you are missing the most fun on T.V. O.K., I think I'm on with other news. Stitch 'n Bitch was held in the shop last night. The usual crowd minue Beth J. who hasn't been there for a couple of months...we miss you Beth. But don't worry we haven't talked about you...we've too busy discussing Housewives. Anyway, Hedy C. brought in a few pieces of show and tell and it was wonderful. She did a stumpwork koi fish for EGA and did a wonderful job and then found the neatest inexpensive way to frame it. She went to Michaels, and purchased a box from the Martha Stewart collection with has a see through top and put it in there. The box is made of a sage material and it's perfect for this piece. There is also a hanger of sorts on the back so it's ready to hang. Perfect! She also brought in a Shepherd's Bush piece which she also framed using a frame she found at Michaels. It was a wire scroll frame with a poem or something in it and she took the poem out, put her picture in and it's darling. So I tell you this because you need to think of inventive ways to frame sometimes to cut down cost, but also because you can find some cute ways to frame something. Look around when you go places and really look at the different things used for framing. Joyce C. brought in her Drawn Thread ABC Sampler and got to the Mariner's Cross and had just as much trouble as I did. That one stitch is a bitch! It looks so easy but if you want it to lay the way it is shown on the picture it's a time consuming procedure and I never got mine as good as the picture but after many hours of trying I said the hell with it, I just let it fly. Joyce was almost finished with her Hearts of America piece and it looked wonderful. She really does a nice stitching job. Jackie brought in the green Whitman's tin brought back after scrounging in every Russell Stover shop between Baltimore and Florida. Bless her husband he never said a word when she spotted a shop and said can we stop...he just kept pulling in. He even got them put in an ice chest and made sure they were packed with ice the entire time so the chocolates wouldn't melt (bless his heart). On the way back they called the Virginia Store and asked if they had any since they didn't want to speed to get there before closing and find they were out. The store manager said they didn't have any because women were stitching something using them and they were sold out. (I think Stasi Buhrman hit that store for me the weekend before). Anyway, I thank Stasi and Jackie for their undying efforts. Last night was also Jackie's Birthday and Kay brought these lucious coconut bars that tasted like mounds bars...along with crackers, fruit and cheese, but honestly with mounds bars who can think of fruit and crackers and cheese. I think I detect my fat problem! Anyway, that was our last meeting in the shop until November...our next Stitch 'n Bitch meeting will be in the hotel lobby so we have plenty of room should anyone wish to come join us. We'll have plenty to discuss then because it falls right after the Retreat....speak of which....23 days and counting. Kay, Jackie are having a stitch 'n bitch day in Kay's condo and invited everyone from Stitch 'n Bitch. Jennifer and my Sara have gone up to spend the day and stitch. I know they are having fun, but not as much as Jackie and Kay who didn't even get out of their P.J.'s. Have fun ladies. Well, I've got to get on with office work...the pile never goes down...take care..keep stitching and I'll talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I hate to complain but....

This weather is seriously getting me down. We've seen overcast skies for about a week now, or maybe more. Sometimes sun peeks out, but lately I'm not sure it still exists. We've had drizzles, overcast skies and rain, not necessarily in that order. My mood is being affected by it and now I'm just plain old aggravated by everything. First, as you may remember I had a tooth problem, which I went in on Friday and they took care of...somewhat...and by Sunday night the cap had fallen off and now I'm sitting here on Tuesday and have to wait until Friday for some resolution. What kind of crap is that? First, when I called the dentist at 8:00 a.m. on Monday to explain the problem, the receptionist relayed the problem, and came back with this...."Dr. ____ said, that sometimes part of it will come out and that's O.K. and he'll start the root canal on Friday is that O.K." Now, that would be O.K., except...part of what. A cap is part of is one thing so it's not a part that will come out (of what it sits on) of anything. But as usual, since it was not hurting I said, O.K., and thought I'd wait until Friday to give him a piece of my mind...and then some (which more than likely will mean I'll sit there like an idiot and say nothing). Anyway, so my cap is in a ziplock in my purse and I have this jagged ass mess in my mouth with a taste that can only be described as bad! And my day travels on. The accountant asked for reasonable information which I was unable to find (no surprise to anyone who looks at this office), but I gave him enough to get him off my back...and then I called the bank to tell them if they didn't give me the loan before Monday I was going to another bank...and suddenly they felt they could probably get their act together by Friday....but I'm still sitting here wondering. I had my grandsons Saturday night, both Solomon and Michael. It proved to be not so great for Michael since Solomon dominated both our times so he went to bed at 8:30 p.m., which is unusually early for him. Solomon was bored enough that he went to sleep at 9:00 p.m., however, he would look his pacifier and cry out about every 2 hours, however, he'd go right back to sleep as soon as I gave it back to him and he did this until 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Gratefully for me, both sets of parents picked their children up by 9:30 a.m. Sunday and Sara said to take the day off since we were having a north easter', so I went back to sleep and slept until noon...ahhh, what a wonderful experience that is. I then sat on my fat behind and stitched on Shores of Hawk Run, and took little naps all day long, another great experience. Since I had straightened the house prior to the children's arrival, I really had nothing major to do cleaning wise (or what I'd call major) so I was looking at a cleaned room, T.V. and just doesn't get any better. I didn't care what the weather was, however, today is another story. I need sun people and I need it now. Tonight is Stitch 'n Bitch and I had hoped for better weather for the ladies. I had for them to have to travel through rain and muck...but I give them props because they do. It could be raining, sleeting, snowing, and our girls always make their way to the shop. Stitchers will do anything to get together! Go girls! Sara is successfully on her second Lauren Sauer piece, and I'm well on my way to finishing the 3rd block on the Shores piece. I am enjoying this more than I thought I would, although some of the fiber colors are starting to get sketchy to me. I'm using a salmon color (suggested by Cathy Cambell) and it appears to bright to me, but I'm hesitant to change it. I should have brought it with me to get others opinions, oh, well! Perhaps next time. Spring Retreat Update: O.K., if you haven't signed's too late...we're filled to overflowing on this event..Sara's at the "Mom, if you take one more reservation I'm taking over" stage so it's time I called it quits on this one. So I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do but put you on the waiting list, as there is always a chance someone will cancel. But as of today, spring retreat is full. It's always interesting to see the interaction with the hotel guests as we are open to outsiders during this event (Unlike Jamboree where we close the hotel to anyone other than retreat people). Our stitchers take can't find a seat in the lobby and yet this has never been a problem for those not taking part in the event. And last year it was the husband's of guests who found the stitchers fascinating in the morning and sat in the lobby listing to them. (of course if the wives knew what they were doing they might have come down sooner to keep an eye on their husbands mingling with all the ladies). Anyway, we can't wait....24 days and counting.... Also keep in mind for those wishing to come to the Jamboree, we open up those reservations on the 15th of April. So if you want to attend that event, you need to call us, e-mail, send up smoke signals, but let us know so you get on the list....this year there is a cut off on that event as well and I seriously can't go over the limit this time, so please, get on the list before the 15th. And then your deposit will be due on May 15th. I certainly wouldn't ask for money on the 15th of April....unless I was asking Uncle Sam, but he and I aren't speaking right now because he wants my money and I soooo don't want to give it to him...but we all know who will win this battle. We still haven't opened full time yet with the weather being so yucky but those who call and ask for hours are told the same thing..."if you are in Ocean City, and would like to get into the shop when we're not open, give us a call and we'll met you in the store so you can shop." Today we had a customer who called yesterday to say she and her husband were only going to be in Rehoboth one night and wanted to know our hours. We asked her when she would like to get into the shop, she said around noon, we had the shop warmed up, lights on and Sara was waiting. She leisurely shopped until after 4:00 p.m. when she felt she had enough. I'm telling you this for a reason....if you are going to be in the area and want to get into the shop on a day we are closed, just give us a call and let us know you are coming into the area...or e-mail me which others have done...and I'll open the shop for you and you can stay as long as you want. We always have work we can do while we're in there so that's no problem, and the only thing you are taking me away from is work...and I really don't mind that at me...I'll go over. It shouldn't be too much longer before we are open full time again. I was planning on Friday being the day, however, I have to have weather cooperation. I'm not dragging Renee, Connie or Pat in here to sit and watch the rain drizzle...they get bored and cranky. As soon as we change the hours I'll let you know. TV Commentary: O.K., I watched Dancing with the Stars last night and as usual I thought Kristy was magnificent. I don't know what the judges want out of her when they keep telling her she isn't feeling the music...strange. I think Adam is amusing,but is that what the program is about? If you amuse you get to stay on? Of course I love his partner and would like to see more of her, but Adam must go. So I think we are all in agreement that his turn is over? Right? Of course I thought that when Master P was on and he must have had the hip hop world calling in because he stayed far too long. I still say the women are at a disadvantage and will continue to feel this way until the end. If Kristy doesn't win than no one will win and it will go back to the men. Tonight is New York Housewives, and that is still the biggest "hoot" on T.V. When Jill announces that everyone envies them and wants to be them I'd just like to march up to New York, bitch slap the tramp, and tell her she's an embarrassment to women everywhere and no one, and I do mean no one wants to be like her or in her time zone except ignorant tramps just like her. (does that seem harsh to you?) But I get such a kick out of her I'll be glued to the T.V. tonight at 11:00 p.m. (I miss the earlier showing as I'm at Stitch 'n Bitch). Wednesday night I still haven't picked who I'd like for Top Chef...there are a couple who I think are pretty good and don't seem to be obnoxious, but perhaps time will tell so I'm holding all bets. These shows are so much fun. Men have their sports, I have my certain reality shows...I still don't like and won't watch Big Brother....can't pinpoint the problem I've just never liked it. But enough of reality. I worked like a dog on my Shores last night...I'm still having fun! Well, I've got to set up the shop for the have a good night stitchers. By the way, Debbie L's operation on her foot went well and she's already attending her local Stitch 'n go girl! We'll see you in a few weeks for the Spring Retreat. Have a great night stitchers...keep on working the needles.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ellen Chester just stopped by

What a wonderful visit we had. For those who don't know Ellen, she is a designer, "With My Needle" is her company and she was the designer of the Mermaids piece that I loved so much this winter. We had the nicest visit and since she had just been teaching in Virginia I was able to get more "stuff" from her trunk show...a good day for me...I love her accessory pieces. I'm not having that good a day otherwise as I finally called the dentist yesterday regarding my ear ache which I suspected resulted from the work he had done in March. So at 8:40 this morning I was sitting there getting 6 shots of novocaine and then the work began for a root canal...ooh, my God, the novocaine did it's job but now it's wearing off and I'm trying to decide between the pain killers he gave me. Actually I'm looking at the side effects from each and deciding which would be better, or worse. With one I get upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, headache, diarrhea, constipation (that's a wonder combination don't you think), drowsiness & dizziness. With the other there is a possibility of the same things happening but also flushing, vision changes, or mental/mood changes, as well as liver damage. Well, I can hardly wait for any of that so I'm trying to decide exactly how much pain I'm in. I'll keep you posted (because I know you care!) Now, some of you will remember our battle with Coca Cola last year and our invoices...we had a credit going into the summer of around $900 and they showed it being used on the first 2 invoices and then all of a sudden in July they said I hadn't paid any of the first invoices (which were paid by the credit according to the first 2 statements I received)...well when I called them they said that since we hadn't called them to use the credit we lost the credit and now it was too late to get now we owed them the money. After going around the bush several times with the person on the phone I got so made I told her to stick the invoices where the sun don't shine and hung up. She then called back spoke with Sara to say how rude I was and she didn't want to talk to me again (I was really upset over that...yeah right)...and said that she would credit the account back. Which she never did so our sales rep. got involved and called us to say, call the credit department this one time and tell them to use the credit which we did and yet it was never credited. So when we went to the show to order our products Sara and Vernon walked right by Coca Cola, and the rep. stopped them to ask about delivering the machines and product and Sara told him we wouldn't have coke on the property again as they are continually sending us statements saying we owe them. He thought it had been taken care of and said he's call the company again. Sara said it wouldn't matter because I had told them I wouldn't have anything to do with this idiot company ever again. Well, Sara has had at least 2 calls per week from Coke asking for an order. Each time she has calmly explained that she will not be placing any orders with them and why. She also told them we didn't even have the machines this year. Each person has told her they would see that our name was taken off the list, but apparently that is one more thing Coke is too stupid to do...just this week she received another call asking for an order. Now of course, her patience is wearing thin. I told her to let them deliver and then when the truck arrived refuse the shipment. She's not ready for that yet, but I bet by May she'll be doing something. C.A.Wells Update: Sara is moving ahead on this and the date is Friday, October 31st, 2008-Sunday, November 2nd. We're apparently having 3 classes, 2 half day and one all day Saturday, beginning Friday night. The projects are tentatively, Sailor's Valentine, Mermaid's Purse and Petite Acorn Pyramid. We're waiting for an answer from C.A. at this point, but that's what is new around this zoo.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm having the worse week ever!

At least so far this month...I've been having trouble with my tooth or an ache in my head ever since the dentist worked on it, so Sara has been bugging me to call him, so today I did and we (he and I) think there may be a problem ... duh!!!..with the tooth so I have to go in at 8:40 a.m. to have it worked on. That can only mean one thing...tomorrow will start off crappy as well. And my accountant called with questions...and that's never a good thing so now I have to start answering things truthfully and you know I hate that. They don't understand my vision and suggest I sell every time...they so don't get me. Apparently others are in business to see how much money they can make, while I'm in business to pay my bills and enjoy life. If you aren't in it to make a million they are constantly suggesting that you give it up. I have to get them to realize my vision...I just have to figure out what my vision is. Can't you run a business just for the fun of it. Yea, you can't imagine the fun we've had this week when we arrived to find water coming through the Lobby ceiling of the hotel because the housekeepers broke a toilet and forgot to mention it. Yea, this is a laugh a minute! And we have to get this place open in 27 days. Good luck with that! Of course right now I'm not having that much fun, but that's beside the point. I'm in that funk you get in when the weather hasn't been sunny for a while. One day we get sun and then it will rain or be overcast (this mostly) and I need a week of sun to get straight. I know I'm not alone because Mary P. e-mailed me today to say she too had been in a foul mood due to weather....oh, mercy...the sun must shine soon, and continue to do so. They are calling for rain this weekend so that's bumming me out...but I'll get over it I'm sure. Finished the 4th block on Hearts of America last night and now I'm back to Shores again. The house block..oh, no...I'm praying I get through it as quickly as possible. Heard from Debbie L. her foot procedure went fine, she's home, foot propped up and stitching like mad. With the exception of the "foot thing" I envy her sitting at home stitching don't you? And yet we all know after about a week of that she's going to go nuts! But until then have a great vacation Debbie. Anyway, it's time to get to work...I'll talk to you tomorrow while I'm in the shop nursing my sore tooth...have a great night..don't forget Survivor is on (not that it's worth watching this time...there is no excitement this time, but I'll watch anyway because you just never know.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Christmas has now left the building!

Sara finally got tired of me telling you how my Christmas tree was laying on my living room floor so yesterday when I got home from Walmart I walked into my living room and felt like I had been robbed. While it was great having the tree gone, I miss it sitting there. I had learned to walk around the tree in the dark so imagine last night for me. I kept walking around my imaginary tree (I feel like I'm back in grade school with my imaginary friend)...but I am so grateful that Sara did it, well, she didn't do it she called Vernon and told him to do it. And he even took it back to the workshop so it's not even in my master bedroom/junk room anymore. If I had known it would bother Sara so much that she'd take action, I'd have talked about vacumning my floors, dusting off the furniture, painting my window if you start to hear more and more about those things don't wonder why just know it's my method to getting things done around the house. Got to work this morning to find the telephone wires laying in the alley, apparently the town trash truck was being driven by someone new who didn't know how to manuver around low hanging lines...this happens every year..wouldn't you think they'd come up with a game plan here. But that's apparently too much to ask of city officials. They will wait until it happens 15 more times, then appoint a committee of 6 to discuss it for a year and comoe up with options, after which they will have a study done by an outside party and in the end, they will bury the lines under the road....remember I told you this in 2008 so when they actually get to it in 2015 you will know how forward thinking I was (I'm not sure I'll still be here but I want to be remembered as brilliant or perhaps more than likes full of crap). Weather Report: Temperature wise it's alright, near the high 50's, however right beside the ocean it's damp and that translates to cooler weather in the summer when it's so darn hot, but in the winter the air is just damp and it makes the chill go bone deep. However, the heat at home is working fine and I actually got too hot last night. Not sure if I'm coming down with something so this morning started popping the old Nyquil and it puts me right to sleep (yes, Sara I'm finally admitting that it puts me to sleep). I woke up around 5:50 a.m. took the Nyquil and the next thing I knew it was 9:35a.m. Crap...I hate it when I oversleep... throws off my whole day. Stitching Report: I finished the second block of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and now move on to the third block...a house block. This is a bit daunting for me as I've got Houses of Hawk Run started (from 3 years ago) but it's all houses, which I find boring and therefore I'm not sure if it will ever get finished. However, I'm keeping hope alive as I have a short block for block 4 so I just have to plow through this and then I've got an easy block behind it. I will say I think I've made the entire project seem harder than it has to be by changing out all of the colors. I stressed over the large fish on block two, couldn't get what I envisioned and finally just did what they did only I used overdyes. Not sure I'm loving that fish, but I'm still loving that project. I finished block 3 of Hearts of America and started on 4 since I thought I left Shores at work...found it this morning in my purse...but since I'm almost done with block 4 I'm going to keep at it until it's finished tonight and then move back to Shores. I apologize for the pictures, however, I'm taking them in the office while balancing the fabric on top of crap on Mary's desk, because God forbide I should clean off a surface to work on. And I won't iron them (God Knows) until I've completed the stitching so that's another reason they don't look as nice as they could at this point, but I think you get the drift and don't you just love them. My mind is already racing to what to work on next....and we all know I have plenty to draw from. I took two more pieces home yesterday...Sara saw them sitting in the office and asked what they were doing there....she just shakes her head everytime I say, "I'm thinking I might do those." She's just as likely to see them back on the counter of Salty Yarns next week...although I doubt it. T.V. Update: Watched Dancing with the Stars...Old Steve got the boot...he seemed to be one of the only ones really enjoying it..but we all knew he wouldn't be there until the end. Does anyone else think Priscilla Presley's face looks a little odd? Too many face lifts...I mean the woman is over 60...anyway, I don't mean to be nasty, but girlfriend stop lifting things you are starting to scare me. Do these people ever look in mirrors and see what the rest of us see? Please!!! Kristy should win this hands down but we all know in the end it's the men that walk away with the trophy and why...because their partners are professional women and they make them look good. Let's face it, the women do most of the moves in ballroom while the men are there to support them really, so the women stars just can't compete with the professional women in footwork in the end. But...perhaps Kristy will be able to do it...we'll see. Then it was off to Housewives of New York. They are still unbelievable in their attitude that we all want to be them. Are you kidding me? I want to be them? I find them ignorant, self serving, arrogant, I could go on but won't, but I would rather spend and hour with a whining baby than 4 minutes with these women....(please don't test me on that one...whining baby for an hour...that's saying a lot for me). And the one that I thought could be salvaged has decided to go back to her man even though he won't commit, won't tell her to give up her apartment, doesn't seem to be on the same track, and yet she's thinking he'll change. Ladies, when will we ever learn? If he's not willing to commit after a year, and won't discuss it, chances are he's not going to commit and when you add that to clock need to move on. Well, I've got to get some new stuff scanned on to the web so I'll sign off for today. Have a great day and a better tomorrow. Keep on stitching...I'll race you!