Thursday, May 28, 2009

It just gets better and better...

I should be doing this on twitter, but I hate to join that revolution so please excuse me for exploding here...but honestly people...I just had what could only be one of the idiot Junebugs in to ask, "Where is the bike man at?" Now first, is English being taught in high school any more, because you certainly wouldn't know it. Anyway, I answered, "He isn't open any more because bikes aren't allowed on the boardwalk after 10 a.m." So then he asks, "So wheres he at?" So I feel perhaps I haven't made myself clear and answer, "He's home." But he isn't going to be deterred, or he simply doesn't understand my English, so he asks, "So do you know where hes at?" And again I repeat, "Yes, he's home and he's not coming in until the sun comes out." Apparently that was the sentence he was waiting to hear as he then went back out the door. It's intelligent conversations like this that keep my day moving. I have to admit the "Leave no child behind" is certainly working out well.

I should have called in sick....

For the who knows how many days it's been, I got up hacking up another lung, my stomach hurts not from eating (for once) but from coughing so much that I'm not in the best of moods, but I showed up eager (yea, believe that one) to begin my day in Sea Trader. I thought I'd start off strong by taking inventory, but lasted only about 1/2 hour before I had to sit down to contemplate my life. Sara was standing outside contemplating hers when a woman walked up and said "is that shop ever open?" Now, we've been open 7 days a week since Easter...10a.m. - 4p.m. Anyway, Sara said nicely (yea, believe that one too), "yes, it's open 7 days a's open now.) So this idiot walks in and she's been here 1/2 hour picking up everything in site and then goes next door. So I'm not sure why she cared if I was open today or not. But that's not the part I really am blogging on. Three women came in Sunday I believe when Pat and Connie were working. They gave them so much trouble, Pat had to keep running over to the office to question what she was doing since she was told by one of the women that she was cutting the canvas wrong and charging wrong and God only knows what else. But I refused to come over to handle this as well, I just didn't feel like it...I'm sick people! Well, as usual it came back to bite me on the ass. This morning one of the women came in and asked for the owner and while Connie usually shields me, she threw me under the bus. So the woman came over asked if I was the owner and I admitted that I was and then she says...."the other day I was in and the woman from this shop came over to help me with fabric, but she cut my piece wrong." I said, "Oh, my, well did you bring the piece in with you." At this point I knew this had to be the pain in the ass from Sunday, but I was determined to give her as much sweetness as I could muster today. But then she pulls the fabric out of the bag and says..."You see the selvage is on the bottom, so I can't stitch on it." I have to tell you I thought perhaps the cold was in my ears...and I hadn't heard her correctly, so for a minute (which seems like a long time when it's happening) I just stared at her, telling to figure out a way to nicely say, "LOOK ASSHOLE IT DOESN"T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE!" Finally I was able to get out, "Well, I have to tell you that it doesn't make any difference where the selvage is, whether it's on the top of bottom, so if you want you selvage on the sides you really have to ask for that at the time you are getting your fabric cut." (I think that was nice)...but I also said, "but I will gladly cut you a new piece so that the selvage is on the side." But she was not happy with that ... oh she wanted a new piece, but she was also quite adamant that I had to agree that it made a difference. So she picks up the linen and then says, "I don't know how you can stitch on this with the selvage on the bottom...the threads go over and under." I mean People...I'm not dealing with a sane person here...what was I to do? While I felt like a bitch slap was in order...but again, I said, "Madam, the threads go over and under no matter how you hold the fabric." At that point she decided I was as crazy as Connie and Pat and she decided to leave after telling me she could now start her project, The Lavender and Lace Summer Angel..... I expect her back next week to let me know that Connie sold her a piece she couldn't possible do and want a different pattern. Oh, yes, life as a shop owner is always a piece of cake. So when you feel like you can't deal with the idiots at your job...remember my idiots are even worse. Have a great day. It's only noon so I'm sure I'll be blogging all day about the idiots ...however, I might even have a few sane people in..who knows. For the latest in's foggy, the glare will blind you, but there are still kids on the beach...after all it's the first week of June bugs, which is always one of the calmer weeks and this is no exception. The kids this week are tolerable...but come Saturday I'm getting out my gun!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer has officially begun...

Yeah, it's a happy Memorial Weekend here...Sara, Brian, Mary and I all have some sort of illness (flu who knows) but the hacking and blowing of noses is driving me crazy. I haven't stitched in over a week because I'm too sick to sit and stitch...I go home everyday and just lie down and pray for sleep and a day without whatever the hell I've got. At least I don't have the Spanish speaking community using my back yard as a toilet (yet). But we are infected by the first wave of "junebugs". Sara saw them playing 3 card monte and why do they always end up in front of us. Is there a sign out there saying, "If you are an asshole, please stop here and do something to irritate Sally and Sara!" There must be because we always get them. We don't rent to them, so why the hell do I have to put up with this crap? While we didn't call the police, 3 policemen happened to stumble by on their way to get something to eat, no doubt, and broke the crowd up. So ends another delightful day with the Junebugs. And then we had the jackasses who can't count. A man came in to the desk, asked if we had any rooms for "me, my little girl, and my girlfriend." So Mary quotes a room for 3, he rents it and in walks his girlfriend and her daughter so there are 4....apparently his girlfriends daughter doesn't count? What the hell is wrong with people. Everyone needs a friggin bed for God's sake. Honestly this is aggravating when I'm well, but when I'm sick...well if I had a gun....aren't we all fortunate that I don't because if I did I swear I'd shoot him to take the number down to 3. I love the selective counting people do when making reservations. I can guarantee you that when they file their income tax every head is counted! God, I pray just let me make it through this weekend...I did get a visit from Jen R. from New York. She is so not the New York housewives shown on Bravo...and she's such a hoot. She cusses like a sailor (always brings people nearer my heart) and her extended family gives her plenty of ammo when it comes to tales. Anyway, she visited on both Saturday and Sunday and then tomorrow my two "peeps" from Chincoteague will be here to have a little stitch 'n bitch. I've had a full weekend folks, and I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll be fit as a fiddle and ready to dance. ...O.K...I didn't post this yesterday so I shall continue my saga on Memorial Weekend. I arrive in the office today to find that the asshole who rented the room with his girlfriend and his daughter..not mentioning the 2nd child...left before I arrived and when Brian went up to strip the room they found candy ground up in the sheets and the carpeting along with...vomit...which apparently flew everywhere. Yes, folks, welcome to the hotel industry....where we sit back, collect money and go on vacation all winter...or so people believe. While I will say we haven't had anyone trash a room before like this, since we don't rent to Junebugs...we have had messy tenants...but not tenants who deliberately do this to a room. What kind of pigs are these people...I mean they slept in that room with that mess...oh, My God!!! I'm too old for this crap...I really am. I'm taking the day off to stitch. Well, I'm working a shop but you can bet I'm not going to do much. I'm still fighting the coughing and hacking and today I'm sweating it out..oh, joy another lovely side to this flu. If I were a dog they would just put me down....Hope the day improves...and I hope yours started out well and ends well. Talk to you later.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life is kicking my "Ass"

Yes, I'm here and it is a gorgeous day...Sea was sparkling, and there's a breeze but people are still on the beach and in the water. There are more cars than there have been since it's Memorial Weekend, but frankly the crowds are light in my opinion (of course those who drove in last night have been shouting a different tune). Jackie J.'s daughter brought in some Traveling Stitchers Pouches to go with the Little House Needleworks designs and they are so gorgeous...and I have to say...really well made, and new colors so you can change the colors on the piece to your favorite colors perhaps. Anyway, I'll try to get a picture of them up in a few days. I can't seem to get the camera and the stuff I want to take pictures of in the same place. Anyway, Jackie...job well done...thanks so're a peach. I'm about caught up on rest (and now I get sick?) from the back to back retreats. The Delware Valley stitchers were a hoot. While they don't keep me as busy since there are fewer of them and they don't shop at night, I loved sitting with them and seeing their works of art. They were all kinds of smalls for show and tell, and you know I'm all about the smalls. There was even a C.A. Wells...and you know what I think of that woman...but the stitcher did a beautiful job in stitching and finishing. And the stitchers presented Sara and I each with a goodie basket that had so much stuff in it they had to make it into 2 bags. Oh, my it was filled with all kinds of things, a candle, chocolate, pretzels from Philadelphia, Cherry Jam, a Boyds Bear resin box, honey, mercy I can't think of all that was in it...and to top it off a wonderful little miniature sampler done on 40 ct. gauze and while I thought I wouldn't be able to do it...I did part of it already and will have the rest of it done shortly (at least it's in my plan). Anyway, we all had a wonderful time. It's great to be around stitchers...they are a fun crowd. So thank you to the Ladies of the Delaware Valley Sampler Guild. See you in October! As we head into Memorial Weekend, I dread the crowds and at the same time look forward to them. I hate that they take all the parking on my street...don't they know I'm coming home each night? But I love to see the stitchers who visit in the shop. Some of the people we connect with only during their vacations so it's wonderful to see them when they come down. Car weekend was last weekend as some of the stitchers found out. The hotel next door had a fire alarm go off around 3:00 a.m. and the car people obviously thought it was the alarm to go out and start their engines since according to the stitchers in one of our units that's what time they started revving their engines. On my street it was pretty quiet at 3:00 a.m., but good Golly Miss Molly from early morning until around 1:00 a.m. it's go time for the cars and they do nothing by ride around the town. The idiots that run our town decided to just turn all the lights to flashing so you can't get across the streets without taking your life in your hands. I just go from 8th to 10th and no where else while it's car weekend. That's enough of a pain in the ass...but I sure wouldn't go across the bridge since it would take forever to get back. I always look forward to Sunday night of those weekends when I return to my street and there is parking...except this time...even Sunday and Monday had most of the parking taken. Crap!!!! What's that about? But finally when I left this morning it was my car and Mary & Brian's car alone on the street...Whoppee!!! A woman just came into Sea Trader...I'm telling you I hate it when people do this...She comes in yammering about how she is here for the weekend (Excuse me did I ask?) And then asks if she can walk through to the other shop...and I said, "Of course", and then she asks how much a pillow was that is above my head and clearly I can't reach it and I could also tell she's still yammering and has no intention of purchasing the pillow just wants to yammer on. But I get up, pull it down (pulling down other stuff with it of course) only to have her say, "Oh, yes it's very nice...well I'll be here all weekend" (again, who gives a crap? althought I'm secretly praying she forgets my shop) and to top it off she didn't even go through to the other side..clearly now I have to get a ladder and crawl up there (at my weight no easy chore) to replace the other stuff that fell down. Crap!!!! You know, if you are interested in something I don't mind helping you out...but when you are just walking around and clearly not focused enough to shop, then just walk through and look and come back when you are serious. But don't run sales people when you clearly aren't that interested. I hate to actually do any of the labor here...I don't mind sitting, talking, eating, you know all the fun stuff, but My I have to labor as well? I'm old! I'm feeling a little wheezy! My eyes itch, my throat is sore, and I'm bloated. Do I feel like doing manual labor? No! So how come I'm here doing it? I did find Joyce C.'s light however and I swear it's been missing for about 6 or more years. Joyce left her light here so she wouldn't have to carry it back and forth for Stitch 'n Bitch. But at some point years ago, John (one of our hotel crew) broke down the room after Stitch 'n Bitch, put the bag in the back and none of us knew where it was. So I've just been bringing out one of our lights for Joyce. Well, today, not only was I doing inventory, but I was cleaning out part of the back room. Someone had put the bag with the light in it in a carton that has been sitting in the back room all this time but closed up. I'm telling you, it might take us some time, but we get there in the end. God only knows what is in the back...well God and Pat W. She's been trying to clean out the storerooms since she started, but as soon as she makes head way I show up. And you know there isn't a clear spot that I won't fill. Well, I'm sick and contagious, but happy to be included. Talk to you later. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it just Me?

Sara's birthday is today and she wanted a Smith Island Cake for her dessert, so I rode over to the brand new Smith Island Cake outlet and might I add it was lovely, clean and sparkling new. I walk up to the counter and said, yes, I'd like to get a cake...and I was told..."I'm sorry we are out of cakes but you can purchase a slice." Out of cakes, just opened May 4 and they ran out of cakes. I could get a slice as they had 3 cakes with slices out, but no whole cakes. I was told they didn't anticipate the crowd last week and ran out but were going to back some more tomorrow. O.K. what do you do bake one friggin day a week? Ran out last week...excuse bake another batch! I just looked at them like they were aliens(I mean from outerspace), because to me they were. So I said, can I get some of the cupcakes then (I saw those sitting on stands) and I was told I could. Of course they aren't known for cupcakes, but I had to take Sara something. So the only man in there who seemed to have no purpose as the 2 women were doing everything (that sure is a shocker isn't it?)...anyway, the man leans over the counter and whispers, "we only have cakes left to sell on-line...let me go back and see if I can take one without anyone noticing." O.K., on-line you got them, but not to sell in the store. HELLO PEOPLE!!!I'm here, it's now, I've got the money in hand...give me the damn cake. He comes back with a frozen Strawberries and cream Smith Island Cake...and I said, I'll buy it...along with the 2 dozen cupcakes and call it a day. So I brought home a frozen Smith Island Cake to Sara but at lunch we brought out the cupcakes and were they ever good. Oh, My God...the chocolate one had ganache on top and inside...oh, my I've fallen into the chocolate pit and I don't want to crawl out...let me live here. You've never seen cupcakes devoured so quickly. Of course since I got 2 of each flavor they had we didn't really know what we were eatting, except the chocolate one and the red velvet and amazingly enough...we didn't give a damn. You've never seen food disappear this quickly before. We created a breeze when we all zoomed in to get ours. Then after getting her nails done, Sara came in and said, "I don't know what we're going to do with 2 Smith Island cakes" and I said "What" and she had another one from our next door neighbor who bought one in Salisbury (apparently they understand the importance of baking and keeping their shelves stocked for instore customers) on her way down knowing it was Sara's birthday. I'm telling you it's been a day...Vernon went over to the docks as a friend was coming in on his boat after lobster fishing and let Vernon pay $10/lobster and Vernon got a big cooler full. (Truth is he and Sara haven't eatten all the lobster from the last time they got them). I'm telling you my $272 lobster (I still haven't forgotten) couldn't compare to all the lobster Vernon got at bargain prices. By the way, we went to Ruth Chris' again last night because I had promised Michael I'd take him. He ordered 2 appetizers, and a lobster dinner and still had a banana split for dessert (although we got that after Ruth Chris and he took it home and I'm sure Sara wouldn't let him eat it all). I had the lobster too...perfectly good, normal size and only $30.00. The service was excellent because we asked for Scott..our "go to" waiter...and even though he was the waiter for the 2nd level party going on...he still took on our table and gave us excellent service. He's the best!!!! A real pleasant experience after the night before fiasco. My mother always said I complained about every restaurant, but seriously I don't...but I can't stand poor service. But enough about our misadventures. Weather Report: It's absolutely gorgeous and sunny but not too hot and the ocean is glistening and beautiful...I think I'm in paradise...well, maybe when we get this Smith Island Cake thing settled. I'll get a couple for the Jamboree so you can taste them. I'll order them on-line, apparently that's the secret. Needlework News: Finally the Namaste Buddy Cases have arrived...I'm tell you they were on the slow boat getting here..ordered them in Nashville on the 9th of February and we got them on the 12th of May. Holy Crap...where the heck have they been. We've also got more interesting news for Jamboree attendees...we're having a trunk show of Roger Steinbach's Stitching Accessories. Oh, mercy...I'm a twitter over this. I'm pretty sure we're also having a Trollbead trunk show as well (I've got to do one of these a year and I know you girls won't mind if I do it then...I wanted to do it in May, but surprise surprise I didn't get my act together in time.(another Shocker). Anyway Jamboree is shaping up to be a major event. And finally to keep you posted on my banking fiasco. I went for the $32,000 for the new freight elevator and was told they were going to get me more than that (for what reason I do not know)..anyway, I opened up the bank statement on the partnership to see how much I needed to transfer in to make the mortgage payment yesterday and thought I was seeing things for there instead of the $2,000 I thought was there I saw $59,000. So I called in Sara and said "you need to call the bank...I don't know where this money came from." And then it occurred to me...I forgot to transfer the line of credit over to the other account which was so low I had to ask for the $32,000. Believe me I still went over and signed the paper work for the new line of credit which I won't ever use. I think I may be too old to be doing the books anymore. So now, I've got money I don't need...oh, did I actually say that? Well, let's just say I'm not so desparate anymore. It's always nice to have a cushion. Of course, anything I use still has to be paid back...for some reason they won't just give me the money no matter how hard I beg. I wish you could have seen Sara and I today going into the bank. When we asked for the money, Sara had actually put on her best summer attire and slathered on the make up. I had showered and put on my most presentable attire. Today to sign the papers ... Sara looked like a bag woman, and me...well let's just say I didn't take a shower. I've got to get ready for Stitch 'n Bitch and I believe I hear the Smith Island Cupcakes calling me in for dinner. Talk to you later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another dinner....another bad review...

Took the family out for Mother's Day dinner as usual and as usual we had issues. We decided our usual special event restaurant, Ruth Chris was not the place to bring Solomon as he has difficulty sitting for more than 5 we decided on Sunset Grille where Mary and I have had many delicious lunches during the winter. Anyway, we arrived 15 minutes earlier than our reservation, and were told that since Mary's family had not arrived yet, we would have to wait to be seated. was 15 minutes before our reservation....the table was ready and can't seat anyone else there since the table was ours in 15 minutes anyway and instead of letting us sit there and start ordering drinks (hence helping the waitress build up her tip) we had to wait. Now, don't get me wrong...I understand you can't hold a table for an hour while people are still waiting for their parties to arrive, however, they knew the people that were coming had a toddler, it isn't New York...we don't eat here at 9:00 p.m., we feed our children sit my ass at the table already. But, in my attempt to be politically correct, I said, "No problem, we'll wait." So Mary showed up at 6:00 and we were seated. Then the waitress arrives for drink problem yet....then takes our order...still on track...and then returns to the table after a while to announce they were out of one of their specials (which 2 people had ordered)....screech...we're starting to go off track....but undeterred Mary and Vernon found something else to order...but now everyone was done with their drinks and wanted another one. But no waitress to take the order. Now we are also struggling to keep Solomon occupied without anything, no bread, no cracker no nothing to put in his mouth. He's 20 months old and he was signing that he was hungry...well, actually he was signing that he wanted something to eat. We had ordered several appetizers as well as dinner so there was no reason that we were sitting there with nothing at this point. We did not see food, appetizers or bread or anything for over 30 fact I believe it was more like 45 minutes before we asked the waitress to bring us some bread or crackers for Solomon well, actually I wanted something as well. I was starting to complain about the service a little louder than a whisper perhaps and Sara was becoming tense for fear someone would hear me and me...I couldn't have cared less...if you don't want to hear what I have to say bring me some damn food. It took Sara close to 20 minutes to get a 2nd drink and I decided at that point to forgo another drink since it would probably arrive sometime after we were done dinner. Of course Solomon gave up on food far before the rest of us and kept leaving the table to go outside which was fine as someone always went with him and he was perfectly happy doing that. We were there for at least an hour before we ever saw dinner. We got our appetizers about 10 minutes before that. While the food was excellent, the service was so bad I cannot begin to tell you. We are not a demanding group...we order and that's basically it. Not one glass was ever taken off the table, we actually had to ask them to take any of the empty appetizer plates off the table...I'm telling you the service was terrible. While some might say, "So what if there were empty glasses on the table"...the truth is dirty plates and dishes should be removed from a table where people are still eating, or sitting in fine dining. It's a thing with me. I don't sit at my table with a lot of empty stuff sitting there and I'm not paying a waitress so why should I sit in a restaurant surrounded by dirty dishes. What made things worse was to see the table of 6 beside us who arrived about 1/2 hour after we got there, get their dinners in 10 minutes and they were out of the restaurant before we were even finished eating. What the hell is that about? Would I eat there bet because the food is excellent and I've never had trouble with the service...but you can believe it probably won't be on Mother's Day. Other than that my day was good. Linda and Candi came in to stitch with me...well they stitched I talked. Stasi S. stopped by as did her mother, Carolyn and other than that it was working in Salty Yarns on a beautiful day in Ocean City. The weather was, sunny, and you could smell summer in the know the scent...suntan lotion, mowed lawns...I love the smell of summer when it isn't so hot you can't function, but when there's that slight breeze blowing the smells of cut grass, perhaps a barbeque being prepared, yes, the smells of summer. When I arrived home I also had a parking place ... score....this past weekend was the usual fight for a place to park at my place since they took down the building next door to me where I use to park and they have the area closed off...damn, a large lot and I can't park there...damn it all. Anyway, I might have to walk a little this year...crap....but on the upside...I might get rid of some of this weight. Not if Linda keeps bringing me goodies...she brought a taste-cake cake for me to test and yummo...oh, I can't wait to make this for the troops...ladies when next you retreat here you will be getting this as well. Excellent. So my mother's day was filled with friends, and family and was wonderful. I hope you can say the same. And now we move forward to another weekend retreat with the Delaware Valley Guild, another group who we love to have in the hotel. A great bunch of stitchers who always bring interesting and gorgeous show and tell. Can't wait. Have a great to run.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I know I already posted one this morning, but I just couldn't let mother's day go by without wishing all the mothers, about to be mothers, and those who intend to be mothers...Happy Mother's Day. Mine actually came a couple of days early. I left work 2 days ago, came home...I think I even went on the computer for a few minutes and then went into the kitchen to wash my hands. Now, my kitchen is not huge so why I didn't notice this huge thing in there I do not know, but being oblivious to my surroundings as ususal I washed my hands, and as I started to turn around a white thing flashed in the corner of my eye and I couldn't imagine what it was for an instance, and then I noticed a huge white bow and a sign on my brand new refrigerator saying Happy Mother's Day...Love Sara and Mary. I couldn't believe it...of course the first thing I thought of was "Crap someone saw my refrigerator without my cleaning it first." The second thought was, "Thank God I threw out the old and rotten veggies and fruits last weekend before the cooking for the event started." Vernon and installed my new refrig and transferred all the food over. Wow, not only a new refrig but I found the box of Pillsbury biscuits I forgot I bought. Thanks Vernon...I've had a couple of biscuits every morning. Oh, it was a win win for me. I had been bitching (yes I said it I bitched) about the old refrigerator which came with the apartment when Sara moved after Dad's passing. I left all my new appliances upstairs with Mary. I'm not one that needs new things, but honestly, the bottom shelf on this refrigerator was broken so you couldn't put anything on it. Well, you might not want to put anything on it, but you know I always had stuff on it which made the vegetable drawer unusable. I never had enough space because of now, well I'm over the moon. The same day, Mary told me how Sally Field was on one of the talk shows and mentioned that one of her sons had given her 1 mother's day card and that was the only Mother's day item she ever received. I didn't know what was in store for me at that point, but I said to Mary, "Don't for one minute think you can ignore me." O.K., now I'm embarrassed...the girls did great, better than great. While I don't ask that they spend a lot of money, I do expect to be remembered one day a year with a little extra. I'm not looking for diamonds or furs, but you better had a small gift, no matter what the cost, ready to give me. My girls have never disappointed me.....they are the best! I hope your mother's day goes as well as mine does....Have a great one.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm rested and remembered to bring the camera home...

Well, it's been a week since many of you were here and we miss you like crazy. As those who attended will attest, the
hotel was filled to overflowing with stitchers which meant we were
busy, busy, busy. With 71 stitchers signed up we knew we would have a shortage of space in the lobby and the other stitching room we set up, but I have to say the stitchers performed beautifully. Here you see some of the ladies as they worked on their different projects, and our Mary P. who volunteered to cut fabric for 2 mornings and an evening for me. Stasi B. was our other volunteer but we didn't catch her with the camera. Jan B. and her group made a stitching room in their apartment and brought a book on tape which they listened to while stitching. Groups of stitchers just flowed back and forth so there was no bickering over seats, etc., which made the weekend so wonderful for us. We had several new stitchers attend and were more than thrilled when one newbie arrived carrying the Liberty Hill Stitchers Companions I had ordered. Carole got them done early so Gloria and Felice could bring them to that was a big horray for us! Of course they were gone in 15 minutes but it was fun looking at them for that brief amount of time. Barbara C. brought Mitzie M. for the first time. Barbara actually signed up last year, was here for the reception and left for her place in Delaware and we never saw her again. She did call and say she wasn't feeling well, but I always secretly thought she felt it just wasn't good enough to come back to. Well, she not only came back, brought Mitzie and they both stayed with us this year...and not to pat them on the back, but they were a delight. I had so much fun with them in the shop and before they left they signed up for October's I'm thinking they had fun too. In any event, I want to thank all the stitchers who made the event memorable in a nice way. You make working here at Salty Yarns a joy....and I really mean that. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I also want everyone to know when the going gets tough the tough get going and stitchers here pulled up their big girl pants and many able bodied stitchers (some of us weren't and that's O.K.) hauled their luggage to their rooms unassisted. If you recall we had the freight elevator which fell 35 feet with Vernon and 2 workers on it, so until the new one is in place we are without assistance getting luggage up on the floors...well we have arms and legs but not much else. Vernon pulled up his big boy pants and he did the best he could during the weekend and we're grateful he was even able to walk, so he and I thank all the stitchers who helped out. And Sara was so grateful for the help with food...Jodi K. brought an apple pie, yummo, and her pound cake both of which were eaten in short order. And Cynthia R. brought her snickerdoodle Blondie bars...oh, my another yummo. I'm telling you there was no leftovers here. So thanks sure helps out. Stasi B. brought Berger cookies for all of those who were watching Survivor Thursday night and might I ask...'Why the hell is coach still there'. O.K., we watched together during the retreat and not one of us understands this. But I was certain last Thursday that surely this asshole's time had come, but no...there he was still standing, calling himself the dragonslayer (please... what are we in high school) walking back to camp. HELLO PEOPLE...the man's an ass, I swear if he ends up winning I will never watch this show again. I swear to this (please don't remember I said that because you know I'll be there next time it's on). What I loved is when the "loved ones" of the campers were brought on who was there for coach, his mother, father, brother, sister, a great friend? No, the only person who would admit to knowing this jackass was his assistant coach. And what did they do while he was there, discuss what was happening, discuss home, what the assistant coach had been up to? No...the coach told him how everyone called him the dragonslayer because he was in command of the game...excuse me...since when? He hasn't won a damn thing, he hasn't been a force to be reckoned with...he's been a jackass telling the camera how he is the dragonslayer and the head of the tribe...while we all know he's the other end...the ass of the tribe.'s almost too much to listen to. He has got to go. Oh, before I forget, Housewives reunion is 2 hours this week because there is so much to be much bitch slapping...stitchers...get to your sets and tune in because there will be no other entertainment to match it. Oops, got to run....have a great day..