Saturday, April 13, 2019

A Nashville Finish at last....

It's been a long journey for me getting back my independence, with the boot on my foot, but I'm a work in progress and I'm getting back into the spirit of stitching again. One would think that this current issue I have would give me plenty of time to stitch, however, for some reason when I'm sick or have a problem like this I sit and do nothing.  That's really how I know I'm getting out of the funk and on the road to recovery....I'm stitching everyday again.  Before I had the accident I did finish a couple of pieces but didn't post because I was in a deep funk and feeling very sorry for myself.  Nashville market didn't help because I was not feeling well so while I was able to work and get tickets done for the items we were bringing home, it was all I did.  As much as Stasi Buhrman,  who so nicely came with us to help Sara, and Sara tried to get me out of the funk, it just didn't work.  I never picked up a needle in Nashville.  I did pick out some stuff I wanted to stitch...a bright light at a dark time.  Anyway,  finally a  Nashville finish.  "You Had Me At Flamingo" much fun to stitch and I love the tray which we've had in the shop since last year with me trying to find just the right project for it.  Couldn't be more thrilled.  I still have to do what Cathy refers to as the "charms" for it, and I'll be doing them a little larger so that I can use them as smalls, scissor sheath, needle book and pin wheel, so they are a work in progress but I just couldn't wait to show you the tray finish.  I could have used 40 ct. linen over 2 for the tray insert, I chose to use 22 ct. hardanger so that I would have space around the design for the turquoise wool which I attached the design to in order to get a color in there to compliment the flamingo design, otherwise it was a little too much white on white.  If you wanted to stitch it on a color linen then I don't think  you'd need the turquoise wool...but the design just pops on white or antique white.  I also used mini black beads for the flamingo's eyes.  Other than that I used the fibers Cathy recommended.  This is going to make a wonderful stitching set once I get the smalls done.  I'll keep you posted.
A must have for this is the flamingo pin shown next to the "E" above.  Made by JABCO it is so cute and just adds such a cute note to this pin cushion tray.