Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DMC news....

I wasn't going to blog today because we're so busy, but as I sit here...still in the office at dinner fact ate the dinner I left here last night by mistake tonight..cold but still good...anyway, I decided to calm any fears you stitcher's might have if you've heard DMC has filed for bankruptcy. While it is true, the French division has filed, according to the U.S. DMC Corp..they are are separate entity and the United States DMC division is still going strong. So don't be concerned if you, like I, only stitch with that's still going to be produced. Now...while I'm hear, I've been checking the weather every 10 minutes. Everyone must be looking at different reports because on-line and on the local news, they are showing rain all weekend..although I do believe that on-line it says there could be showers so that's not a definite..however, Mrs. N. just checked in and said she saw where it was going to be in the 70's and sunny. I'm not sure who's right and who's been smoking a joint (although I'm pretty sure I don't need to smoke pot to act high...I'm high on life and stitching.) Actually I haven't stitched for the past 2 nights...I've been putting together pans of lasagna...and tonight I'm cooking other things...for the I haven't got time to stitch, but I dream about stitching...does that count? Anyway, we are ready for your arrival...we are having an issue with Comcast, but Vernon has been threatening them every hour on the hour ever since we think that should move something. They keep telling Vernon they've turned the cable on and that we only have one box. If that's the case I wish they would charge me for only one box. Anyway, it's like everything else...they've taken the repair, turn on and off, etc. out of local hands and everything is run up in Wilmington or Dover or somewhere else. We can't even get the number for our local office. It's so aggravating....but Vernon gets some delight out of calling them assholes, so I say go for it. At this point they are lucky that's all we call them. Anyway, I'm off to Walmart to purchase something (I've forgotten what but I'm hoping by the time I walk through the doors it will occur to me...I have faith in myself). Have a great night and drive carefully (those who are coming tomorrow)...and remember SURVIVOR is a no talking hour. Thanks for your support.

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