Friday, April 25, 2008

Isn't that always the way.....

I've had stitchers on hold forever it seems waiting for the linen for the "My first stitching box" project and Diane B. finally gave up a couple of days ago, called and said, "Have you forgotten me? I ordered the linen over a month ago?" To which I responded, "I haven't forgotten you..and I apologize, however, we are still waiting for it." She had heard that Weeks Scuppermong was a suitable substitute and Thank God we had that so I cut her a piece and shipped it off and then e-mailed Dale W. as she was also waiting and told her what Diane had said and asked if she would just like a piece of that....she said yes. I shipped the linen pieces off only to go over to the shop after it closed and guess what arrived! The darn Jabco overdye linen...drat! I'm thrilled it arrived, but it couldn't have done that a couple of days ago. And the difference is BIG!!!! Scuppermong is dark and JABCO is a spring green. However, I have to say, I think Scuppermong does go with the box so that wouldn't be a problem for me....but it's so not the same color. Todays been a busy day. The girls have been hoping in the shop and I'm doing my usual. Placing orders and begging the vendors to ship 3 day priority so I have it next weekend. I've know for a year I would need to place orders...waited until Monday of this week so I'd see what we were out of and each day I'd say tomorrow...well tomorrow is too late so now I have to pay extra to get the stuff here (no wonder I can't afford a new car.) Anyway, once the vendors realized that I knew I'd have to pay the extra shipping they were all over the idea. Now let's hope they do it. I've had these come the Monday after the event before...but this time I specified it had to be here by Friday. The girls in the shop are going to love that. Pricing and dealing with 60 stitchers at the same time....yes, life can be busy but it's a test for the beginning of the summer. Those who manage to get through the weekend in one piece....get to work for the rest of the year. Anyone who falls...have a nice summer at home, sitting by the pool drinking margaritas (wait...this was not what I meant). Sara's had her painting hat on all week, painting decks, etc., while Mary and Solomon have had yard duty. Fortunately Solomon has spent the better part of 2 of the days home with his father so Mary could get the work done. She has finished the parking lot and now moves to the rest of the property. Me., well, I'm still shuffling papers in the office, however, the pile isn't as high and Mary's due in the office next Monday to start the real clean up in here ( I have to get organized) so I'm thinking by next Friday I'm as organized as I intend to get. I keep getting distracted...went over to the shop to do a button inventory, asked where they put "Stitchopoly" only to have two customers pipe up and say, "They are over here we've just been talking about them." And there were Stacy D., Marcia M., Marna C. going through the racks. They picked up a couple of the new A Mon Ami Pierre Quaker pieces and took the time to talk Connie into doing one as well. One of the ladies had her Quaker class piece from the Louden County event a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. We love the show and tell ladies, so for those packing already to come down for the retreat next weekend...pack some show and tell. Also for those not, and I do mean do not..lug your suitcases, etc., up the back stairs of the hotel. We have the lift which we can use to take your luggage, lamps, food supplies, whatever, up to your rooms. So don't wear yourselves out...we have to pace ourselves to get through the weekend. We will also being doing what we did last year...dinner around 5:30 (I can't remember the exact time) last year we had a miscommunication (one of many I might add) and Sara was not really on board my train and it almost derailed. However, at Jamboree I got her straightened out, she understands why I serve the dinner (anyone who was here waiting for the welcoming reception certainly remembers the rush for food) and then have the welcoming reception but just for the newbees...We put the dinner out (and we're bringing back our homemade lasagna...there will be some made with beef and hot sausage and for those who don't eat beef (my Mary) there will also be a ground turkey and turkey sausage lasagna (really can't tell the difference)...and for those who are vegetarian, we're also have the pasta salad for you, as well as a garden salad...among other things. But the dinner is only out for 1 hour, then we take all the food away, and then set up for the reception as there are some stitchers who can't get here for the dinner. Sara is already deciding on hors d'oevres, and I'm starting my preparations tonight (I hope I do better with this than I have with the orders)...anyway, we can't wait to see you stitchers and we're looking forward to having a wonderful time. Weather wise it's warm down here and most of the time it's sunny...hope it stays that way. Survivor Report....I don't know how many survivor shows we have had but the woman have finally awakened to the fact that they have strength in numbers and can run the show. I think I've started getting back into it. Each year I would marvel at the stupidity of the women on this show. If I was on it (and I couldn't even if I wanted...too fat and old) I would be figuring out how to get the men off first. I know they do most of the work and I'm not saying I'd get rid of them right away, but they would be a target. Men always run the show because the women are so anxious to fall into their shadows. The men are always promising to take the women to the final four (it amazed me that final four isn't the end...what the hell good does it do to just reach the final four...the final one is where you want to get and you have to make sure you are with people you can beat). This season the women get it (makes me proud to be a woman) and they are taking over the show, and they are loving it. Now I realize this is going to get nasty as well because once the men are gone...the women have to start getting rid of themselves. But at least one of the women will be the winner and it's women in the final four. Good job ladies. Of course the game isn't over and James could still figure out a way to stay in...but it isn't looking hopeful for James. Anyway, remember....Thursday night is Quiet night in the lobby ladies....until Survivor is over....then we can jump, shout, and knock each other out....or stitch. Got to run...I'm staying late and I've had it. 6:30 p.m. and I don't pay myself, let along give myself time and a half...who do I speak about that?

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