Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Glorious day here....cool but sunny....

When I first awoke this morning we were in the middle of a downpour and I was comtemplating calling the girls and telling them not to come to work. But because I've been here before, I waited and by 9:30 the sun was out and while it's cool, in the 60's, it's a gorgeous day here, and I'm sure we're going to warm up a little. For those who are in the ravaged areas of Virginia, I'm sorry for you folks and know it's not easy to clean up after a disaster (been there on a few occasions after hurricanes). So I count my blessings that all we had was rain...a little over an inch. I'm told the farmers need it so I'm happy for them, although this much at one time I'm not sure about. Anyway, I got a funny e-mail from Cynthia R. over my dog blog. And I do want to let everyone know I really am not anti-dog or anti-children. I'm anti-dog in the shop and I'm only anti-unruly children and parents. I lump parents in there because it's not he child's fault. Oh, please let's not get going on that again. Just know I don't mind having your children in the shop. Now husbands, well it's best to leave them on the porch I think, otherwise we may have to have a discussion on priorities (he and I that is). No man has ever said, "you don't need anymore of that stuff or she has enough already" that I haven't had the need to take him on. And God forbide if the man golfs or buys tools because that just adds fuel to my fire. There are a few who love to come in, sit in the chair at the counter and banter with me good naturedly. I mean no harm and they know it, and we have lively discussions. Customers have been known to join in and believe me no man can take the heat. Well, the housekeepers are cleaning the lobby so we're all pitching in putting things where they belong after a winter of dumping stuff in the lobby and hallway. And I have to tell you, my desk is cleaned up for the first time since last summer. It's a thrill to sit here. I'm sure by the weekend there will be piles again, although Mary did pick up the mail and I already sorted through it and threw 90% in the trash...that's my new system...just throw it in the trash. I doubt she will go to the mailbox again before the weekend so I'll have a couple of days to work on the rest of the office...which looks like a dumping ground. Anyway, there has been quite a transformation here at the hotel in the last few days...we almost look ready to open. In the infinite wisdom of all governments large and small, they waited until spring to block off 2 lanes of the Rte 50 bridge, so with a major weekend in front of us, Springfest, there are only 2 lanes to get in and out of town if you come that way, so be prepared. Take your time....you will get to us eventually and when you do the fun can commence. If you are here Thursday...don't forget the golden rule..no talking during Survivor...commercials not included so we must have discussions quickly during commercials. After Survivor we can do anything we want. Don't forget to bring show and tell...I can't stress that enough...my attention span is the size of a gnat so I have to have many shiny objects to keep me entertained so the more show and tell the better. Bring any project you need help with. Don't afraid you will appear stupid...we all have unfinished we just can't quite figure out...that's why you bring it..someone in the crowd will know how to do the stitch, the finish, whatever. Use others knowledge, that's what everyone is here for and no stitcher minds helping a fellow stitcher. Retreats are great learning experiences. Oh...we're excited...can't wait to see you ladies. This year we have 64 coming to the retreat...not counting Sara and myself, Mary, Michael, Vernon or Solomon (we let the fellows think they are part of it just so they come and help with it). See you Thursday or Friday...oh, yea, weather wise, bring sweatshirts or sweaters because I'm not sure hot warm it's going to be. They are calling for high 60's, but that could be inland...so a sweatshirt isn't a bad idea and if you are generally cold...bring a parka!

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