Saturday, April 26, 2008

I hate to get on a rant, however.....

Alright, our season hasn't really begun yet, but because there are a lot of people in town this weekend it almost feels like summer. Now, the shops got a lot of people milling around, but even if it was empty, DO NOT BRING YOUR BIG ASS DOG IN MY SHOP...O.K. I don't appreciate it, and many people are allergic to pet hair, etc., and a lot of people don't want your big dog sniffing at their crotch, do you get my drift. Why do people assume because they love dogs that the whole world loves dogs. I happen to be a dog person...most of the time...I owned a couple of dogs in my life and aside from hating it when a dog zeroes in on my crotch I don't have a problem with them. Most people ask if they can bring their little dogs in if they hold them and frankly I don't have a problem with that...but I have major problems with big dogs on leashes or off leashes in a shop. I frankly don't like to find them in stores when I'm shopping. Perhaps these dogs see me as a big side of beef with my crotch being the portal to entry, however, it isn't...I'm not....and I'd like to bitch slap the people who bring them in. Just like unruly children, I don't want them in the store. Of course, the girls looked at me and said, "Do you want us to say something?" They realized I was on bored time if I stayed in the shop so I said, I'm getting out of here. That dog was sniffing at everyone wherever it went....please, please, please, I'm begging you....I don't hate your dog, just leave him outside..that's what husband's are hold the lease while you shop. O.K., I almost feel better now but if I go over there and that dog has crapped on the floor you are going to hear more on this issue...would a sign help? It hasn't helped with the stroller issue...which sign makes people think I hate children. We ask that you not bring in strollers because there is no room to push them through the racks (and if you have been in the store you have to agree that room is an issue)...and in Sea Trader we've had children pull stuff off the displays, parents are unaware and they discover the child holding something 3 blocks down the boardwalk. Fortunately, several people have brought the stuff back (that's how we know it's happening), but of course people just don't understand this issue either. One woman said, "If you don't want children in the shop you should just say so." And even after I explained the problem, she still didn't get it. Folks, I'm not a hater...I just ask that you use common sense...please...and don't just think of yourself understand there are others in the shop who might be uncomfortable with a dog sniffing their crotch (that seems to be a major problem in my eyes), or they might have allergies. This is a people shop...not a pet shop. Have respect for God's sake! (Gosh, I was getting all fired up again). Weather Report: I can only hope next weekend is as gorgeous as this weekend. It's sunny, hot, cool in the shade, and the boardwalk's busy. Poor Sara is downstairs trying to get the Bikini Shoppe ready (must have 30 cartons to unpack now...) and the Shell Stocked ready (not so many cartons here but the racks didn't make it yet) the foyer downstairs looks like a warehouse. Vernon is getting the bookstore ready and while he's come a long way (especially since I told him to change some things)'s still in a state of unready...I realize I didn't help things when I insisted he paint the shelving so Sara started that with one rack 2 weeks ago and it never got completed so now it looks worse than ever with empty racks as you walk in plus one rack is half painted white....mercy...but once you are in and look back, his new shelving looks wonderful so I feel we have him headed in the right direction he just needs time. Renee, Connie and Pat have been working at cleaning up Salty Yarns and Sea Trader and by next weekend we should be in pretty good shape. So...things are going as smoothly as can be expected at this point, when we are down one major player. Well, my day is over...I'm heading home...have a great night and try to stitch just a little.

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