Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm having the worse week ever!

At least so far this month...I've been having trouble with my tooth or an ache in my head ever since the dentist worked on it, so Sara has been bugging me to call him, so today I did and we (he and I) think there may be a problem ... duh!!!..with the tooth so I have to go in at 8:40 a.m. to have it worked on. That can only mean one thing...tomorrow will start off crappy as well. And my accountant called with questions...and that's never a good thing so now I have to start answering things truthfully and you know I hate that. They don't understand my vision and suggest I sell every time...they so don't get me. Apparently others are in business to see how much money they can make, while I'm in business to pay my bills and enjoy life. If you aren't in it to make a million they are constantly suggesting that you give it up. I have to get them to realize my vision...I just have to figure out what my vision is. Can't you run a business just for the fun of it. Yea, you can't imagine the fun we've had this week when we arrived to find water coming through the Lobby ceiling of the hotel because the housekeepers broke a toilet and forgot to mention it. Yea, this is a laugh a minute! And we have to get this place open in 27 days. Good luck with that! Of course right now I'm not having that much fun, but that's beside the point. I'm in that funk you get in when the weather hasn't been sunny for a while. One day we get sun and then it will rain or be overcast (this mostly) and I need a week of sun to get straight. I know I'm not alone because Mary P. e-mailed me today to say she too had been in a foul mood due to weather....oh, mercy...the sun must shine soon, and continue to do so. They are calling for rain this weekend so that's bumming me out...but I'll get over it I'm sure. Finished the 4th block on Hearts of America last night and now I'm back to Shores again. The house block..oh, no...I'm praying I get through it as quickly as possible. Heard from Debbie L. her foot procedure went fine, she's home, foot propped up and stitching like mad. With the exception of the "foot thing" I envy her sitting at home stitching don't you? And yet we all know after about a week of that she's going to go nuts! But until then have a great vacation Debbie. Anyway, it's time to get to work...I'll talk to you tomorrow while I'm in the shop nursing my sore tooth...have a great night..don't forget Survivor is on (not that it's worth watching this time...there is no excitement this time, but I'll watch anyway because you just never know.)

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