Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's lovely once again in Paradise....

Regardless of the murder the other night where Connie lives (what the hell is going on here people?) really is lovely in Paradise this week...the sun is out in full force, the sea is glistening, birds are chirping and the smell of paint and repairs being done is all over Ocean City. I came to work yesterday and of course Connie and Pat were talking about the big "murder" at Misty Harbor. It's a retirement village, well it use to be but now there are children being raised by grandparents, etc., but it started off not so long ago as a retirement village. Anyway, apparently the woman who lives across from Connie refused to pay the man who did some home repairs because he was charging too much so he stabbed her to death. Meanwhile, come to find out, he had also murdered someone in Hondorus (which is where he is from). I'm telling you people...lock your doors and don't go out's not safe here anymore. Fortunately, the man confessed to the crime and so there isn't a murderer (at least not this one) running amok all over town. But it's just not safe anymore anywhere....even in God's country. Connie doesn't seem to be the least bit fazed by it, except for finding humor in the fact that she waved good morning each morning to the man. A week from today and we'll be welcoming our first wave of stitchers. Just remember ladies, Thursday is Survivor night and just like last year there will be no talking while Survivor is on. I believe it was last year during Survivor that the age old question, "Where and how do the astronauts go to the bathroom in the shuttle" was posed and created much discussion until I looked it up on the internet (and it was there...can you believe that?) Anyway, we'll have none of that foolishness ladies...quiet is key during Survivor. I many not like it at this point, we all know I was for Yeoman, but it's still Survivor and it's one of the highlights of my week. (Yes, I consider this a highlight, so that gives you a small window into the quality of my life.) I tried not to mention "Housewives of New York" but I can't contain myself any longer. Did you see the reunion? Honestly, Alex and Simon need to know that "denial" isn't a river in Egypt. First that she would think Playboy would even consider her for their magazine...HELLO...have you ever seen the magazine? You don't even come close to the advertizements in the magazine let along a pictorial. Now I must say, as a feminist I am really not pleased with the whole Playboy thing....and I don't buy them...but I know what's in them from visiting Kenny in my youth...he firmly believed in them and his wife didn't seem to mind him having them. I always wondered what the parents of those girls thought about their being nude for the entire world to see. I know what my parents thought...I've never been comfortable with my sexuality (whatever that means) I guess I'm a bit of a prude and I'm not making judgements...if you have posed for Playboy I say, Good for you for keeping fit enough to do that. But back to Alex and Simon...apparently they got a lot of bad press, forcing Simon to come on the reunion show to bitch and whine. Honestly, these two need to get a life. First she spent every episode trying to climb the social ladder and then in the reunion show both she and Simon said they didn't care about being a member of the upper crust. HELLO...did you two watch the show...every episode had you caring, dying, spending more money on clothes etc to try to meet the elite, clawing your way up the ladder. Jeez, Louise, if you do the crime you have to do the time. You talked the crap now walk in it! Bethany was really the one and only person on the reunion show who said, "I may not like everything that they showed about me, but I said it, I did it and it was who I am." Of course Ramona just kept saying what a great person she was and how misrepresented she was and Jill was saying she was everything they said, except she left the runway show because it was Ali's first day of school (oh, Jill...why didn't want to sit behind Ramona). All in all, it was a great night of crap last housewives fix for a while but "Workout" started so I have another show to become fixated on. But no one will give me more of a chuckle than those housewives. Survivor on tonight...oh, my I'm misty over Yeoman once again..but I'll still watch and hope Cerise gets her just reward....getting her ass kicked off the island. And now, I'm going back to work....Sara keeps popping in and out and it's getting too hard to keep minimizing the screen. This is exhausting! Sara just came in to update me on next weekend....because this is a retreat and not a class weekend, we're all about the ladies enjoying their time here so when Stacy S. spoke with Sara about another retreat where she went and they had a masseuse there for the stitchers to hire, Sara decided that was just one more thing we could do for the stitchers. We're not sure what she's going to charge yet, so I can't give you that info, and we told her neck, shoulder, arm, and hand only...we're not going to do full massages anyway, if you feel like that is something you'd be interested in...hopefully this will work out. Well, it's the end of the day....I don't want to answer this hotel phone one more time so I'm going home. Have a great night...see you tomorrow. This time next week some of you will already be here....YIPPEE!!!!!

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