Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Think I see The Problem.....

I have got to talk about Housewives of New York first..I'm sorry...I'm ashamed...but it's a must. O.K., after viewing their little dinner party, I think I see what the problem is for some of them. The Countess (in her mind only) believes that class is being nice to everyone...of course she is the same person who insists that everyone she feels is beneath her address her by Countess of Mrs...whatever the hell her last name is. She seems to have her terms screwed up....common decency is being nice to everyone jackass, class is how you carry yourself combined with a whole lot of other stuff, and believe me not one of these people have class or have even seen class. Perhaps the chef, Bethany comes the closest to having it, and she may even have it. She remains above the fray, doesn't discuss finances, doesn't compete with the other women, yes, I believe she comes closest. But let's face it the Countess, Jill and Ramona are so far removed from classy they can't even spell it. And then there is Alex...oh, my God...this couple is a train wreck. First she puts the spin on the "Girls night out" that they said Simon could come...she forgot to mention that in order to come he had to put a dress on. Then Simon says, well it would be rude to refuse to go....and then there's Ramona....who has a complete meltdown because Simon showed up. He's such an ass, instead of saying, "oops, sorry I had no idea my being here would create such a problem, I'll go downstairs, have a couple of drinks and meet you later," he stands there looking at Ramona and the rest of them like he had no idea what a girl's night out meant. Clearly Alex didn't understand the term..but perhaps it's because these two wouldn't know a friend if they fell over one. I've been saying all along that they didn't live the lifestyle they profess to be going after. First the Brooklyn address....then the fact that whenever you saw them in their house they were in the bedroom playing with the children and there were no drapes, curtains, furniture, etc. in the room. This is not how the "we are here to impress the world" people live. I've been in their homes (I myself don't live like that because I don't give a crap frankly, but my sister does and she and her husband have the finances to back it up so I'm use to people out to impress other people and what it looks like) So Alex and Simon spent one show shopping (and was that enough to make you barf) and as soon as he said, "We spent more than 5 figures but less than 6 figures" I knew he was the biggest ass in history. But after viewing their torn up apartment in Brooklyn I knew...these people are the biggest posers and the worst part...they are climbing up the social ladder in their mind and then let their apartment be seen in shambles...not shambles from having renovations being done recently, but they moved in 2005 and apparently having done anything since. Their floors torn up, did you see the futon...a futon people in a classy home...not a chance in hell. Take my word for it....I did put a futon (I never said I was classy) in a unit for the students here for the summer working at the hotel, but I've never seen a futon in any home I've ever been in....never!!!!! And theirs wasn't even a good futon. I really don't think these two have a brain cell working. They pay to have their makeup put on before going to the opera (of course that's to walk the red carpet and get their picture in New York Times society page..and I loved that they got a picture of her back), everything but what's family and your home. They are so busy getting Francoise in a good private school in New York (unfortunately for them anyone who speaks with them knows they have no class and therefore will never get in a really good private school)...honestly...and I loved Bethany's take on the apartment. I can't wait for Jill, Ramona and The Countess to see this show and see her apartment (and you know they are watching this crap right along with us)...this will surely blow their little panties off (I'm sure they are designer panties though so it will be alright). Anyway, Sara and I were calling each other every 10 minutes as we were watching this episode...what a hoot this is...if you aren't watching this you are missing the most fun on T.V. O.K., I think I'm on with other news. Stitch 'n Bitch was held in the shop last night. The usual crowd minue Beth J. who hasn't been there for a couple of months...we miss you Beth. But don't worry we haven't talked about you...we've too busy discussing Housewives. Anyway, Hedy C. brought in a few pieces of show and tell and it was wonderful. She did a stumpwork koi fish for EGA and did a wonderful job and then found the neatest inexpensive way to frame it. She went to Michaels, and purchased a box from the Martha Stewart collection with has a see through top and put it in there. The box is made of a sage material and it's perfect for this piece. There is also a hanger of sorts on the back so it's ready to hang. Perfect! She also brought in a Shepherd's Bush piece which she also framed using a frame she found at Michaels. It was a wire scroll frame with a poem or something in it and she took the poem out, put her picture in and it's darling. So I tell you this because you need to think of inventive ways to frame sometimes to cut down cost, but also because you can find some cute ways to frame something. Look around when you go places and really look at the different things used for framing. Joyce C. brought in her Drawn Thread ABC Sampler and got to the Mariner's Cross and had just as much trouble as I did. That one stitch is a bitch! It looks so easy but if you want it to lay the way it is shown on the picture it's a time consuming procedure and I never got mine as good as the picture but after many hours of trying I said the hell with it, I just let it fly. Joyce was almost finished with her Hearts of America piece and it looked wonderful. She really does a nice stitching job. Jackie brought in the green Whitman's tin brought back after scrounging in every Russell Stover shop between Baltimore and Florida. Bless her husband he never said a word when she spotted a shop and said can we stop...he just kept pulling in. He even got them put in an ice chest and made sure they were packed with ice the entire time so the chocolates wouldn't melt (bless his heart). On the way back they called the Virginia Store and asked if they had any since they didn't want to speed to get there before closing and find they were out. The store manager said they didn't have any because women were stitching something using them and they were sold out. (I think Stasi Buhrman hit that store for me the weekend before). Anyway, I thank Stasi and Jackie for their undying efforts. Last night was also Jackie's Birthday and Kay brought these lucious coconut bars that tasted like mounds bars...along with crackers, fruit and cheese, but honestly with mounds bars who can think of fruit and crackers and cheese. I think I detect my fat problem! Anyway, that was our last meeting in the shop until November...our next Stitch 'n Bitch meeting will be in the hotel lobby so we have plenty of room should anyone wish to come join us. We'll have plenty to discuss then because it falls right after the Retreat....speak of which....23 days and counting. Kay, Jackie are having a stitch 'n bitch day in Kay's condo and invited everyone from Stitch 'n Bitch. Jennifer and my Sara have gone up to spend the day and stitch. I know they are having fun, but not as much as Jackie and Kay who didn't even get out of their P.J.'s. Have fun ladies. Well, I've got to get on with office work...the pile never goes down...take care..keep stitching and I'll talk to you later.

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