Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grey Skies are going to clear up...put on a happy face

Well, I'm trying, but I'm telling you this grey sky is killing my mood. I'm feeling down, and I don't know why because my taxes are paid for another year so I can breathe again, the temps are in the 60's so I'm not freezing anymore, although I hate to complain but my office is a little on the warm side... but the grey sky, well, I need sun to grow (well, perhaps I should live in a cave because I seem to be growing in the grey sky as well.) My mood is ugly in the greyness of the sky...I need sun to be my warm and peppy self. O.K, apparently all you have to do is wait for a while because 2 hours later and the sun is shining. I went over to what has become one of my favorite restaurants, Sunset Grille, and had a softshell crab sandwish and a salad for lunch, my day has improved 100% and the Stitchopoly games came in...yes..good times..good times! My dear friend Stasi B., finds the neatest stuff and then hooks me in on it as well (more stash, more stash) anyway, the other day I got an e-mail to go look at Judy O'dell's Treasures Workstation which was just about filled, but Judy said they had one more spot open so of course I jumped on it...so now I have pressure to finish this before they start the instructions to put it together, and I also got the Weave and Whine piece which I have to get done before June when they start putting that one together and with that piece we are actually weaving the fabric..taking linen and weaving an overdye fiber through it to create a new fabric before stitching...HELLO people, when am I going to get other things done or sleep...oh, I don't suppose that's so important, but don't blame me if I get down right bitchy. I have to apologize I'm getting calls from stitchers who order the JABCO overdye for those Stitching Boxes and I've been in backorder hell now since February. Today I got a call and the stitcher asked if I'd forgotten her, and after explaining the problem she asked about Weeks Dye Works Scuppermong, and aside from not being able to pronounce it, the concensus in the shop is it will work fine in the box. It's a lovely green and so we're replacing it for JABCO so stitchers can get their boxes done. If you've found a color you think works well, please e-mail me and let me know. Well, I've about had it for the day...I'm weak from all the work I'm thinking about doing. Don't forget tonight is the reunion show for New York Housewives and it will be the last chance to see these idiots make a fool of themselves, except Bethany who we feel shows promise....but the others, Pleeeease...stay in N.Y....I can't imagine anyone else wanting to know you! Have a great night....try to get in some stitching...and I'll catch you in the morning.

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