Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I hate to complain but....

This weather is seriously getting me down. We've seen overcast skies for about a week now, or maybe more. Sometimes sun peeks out, but lately I'm not sure it still exists. We've had drizzles, overcast skies and rain, not necessarily in that order. My mood is being affected by it and now I'm just plain old aggravated by everything. First, as you may remember I had a tooth problem, which I went in on Friday and they took care of...somewhat...and by Sunday night the cap had fallen off and now I'm sitting here on Tuesday and have to wait until Friday for some resolution. What kind of crap is that? First, when I called the dentist at 8:00 a.m. on Monday to explain the problem, the receptionist relayed the problem, and came back with this...."Dr. ____ said, that sometimes part of it will come out and that's O.K. and he'll start the root canal on Friday is that O.K." Now, that would be O.K., except...part of what. A cap is part of anything...it is one thing so it's not a part that will come out (of what it sits on) of anything. But as usual, since it was not hurting I said, O.K., and thought I'd wait until Friday to give him a piece of my mind...and then some (which more than likely will mean I'll sit there like an idiot and say nothing). Anyway, so my cap is in a ziplock in my purse and I have this jagged ass mess in my mouth with a taste that can only be described as bad! And my day travels on. The accountant asked for reasonable information which I was unable to find (no surprise to anyone who looks at this office), but I gave him enough to get him off my back...and then I called the bank to tell them if they didn't give me the loan before Monday I was going to another bank...and suddenly they felt they could probably get their act together by Friday....but I'm still sitting here wondering. I had my grandsons Saturday night, both Solomon and Michael. It proved to be not so great for Michael since Solomon dominated both our times so he went to bed at 8:30 p.m., which is unusually early for him. Solomon was bored enough that he went to sleep at 9:00 p.m., however, he would look his pacifier and cry out about every 2 hours, however, he'd go right back to sleep as soon as I gave it back to him and he did this until 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Gratefully for me, both sets of parents picked their children up by 9:30 a.m. Sunday and Sara said to take the day off since we were having a north easter', so I went back to sleep and slept until noon...ahhh, what a wonderful experience that is. I then sat on my fat behind and stitched on Shores of Hawk Run, and took little naps all day long, another great experience. Since I had straightened the house prior to the children's arrival, I really had nothing major to do cleaning wise (or what I'd call major) so I was looking at a cleaned room, T.V. and food...it just doesn't get any better. I didn't care what the weather was, however, today is another story. I need sun people and I need it now. Tonight is Stitch 'n Bitch and I had hoped for better weather for the ladies. I had for them to have to travel through rain and muck...but I give them props because they do. It could be raining, sleeting, snowing, and our girls always make their way to the shop. Stitchers will do anything to get together! Go girls! Sara is successfully on her second Lauren Sauer piece, and I'm well on my way to finishing the 3rd block on the Shores piece. I am enjoying this more than I thought I would, although some of the fiber colors are starting to get sketchy to me. I'm using a salmon color (suggested by Cathy Cambell) and it appears to bright to me, but I'm hesitant to change it. I should have brought it with me to get others opinions, oh, well! Perhaps next time. Spring Retreat Update: O.K., if you haven't signed up...it's too late...we're filled to overflowing on this event..Sara's at the "Mom, if you take one more reservation I'm taking over" stage so it's time I called it quits on this one. So I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do but put you on the waiting list, as there is always a chance someone will cancel. But as of today, spring retreat is full. It's always interesting to see the interaction with the hotel guests as we are open to outsiders during this event (Unlike Jamboree where we close the hotel to anyone other than retreat people). Our stitchers take over...you can't find a seat in the lobby and yet this has never been a problem for those not taking part in the event. And last year it was the husband's of guests who found the stitchers fascinating in the morning and sat in the lobby listing to them. (of course if the wives knew what they were doing they might have come down sooner to keep an eye on their husbands mingling with all the ladies). Anyway, we can't wait....24 days and counting.... Also keep in mind for those wishing to come to the Jamboree, we open up those reservations on the 15th of April. So if you want to attend that event, you need to call us, e-mail, send up smoke signals, but let us know so you get on the list....this year there is a cut off on that event as well and I seriously can't go over the limit this time, so please, get on the list before the 15th. And then your deposit will be due on May 15th. I certainly wouldn't ask for money on the 15th of April....unless I was asking Uncle Sam, but he and I aren't speaking right now because he wants my money and I soooo don't want to give it to him...but we all know who will win this battle. We still haven't opened full time yet with the weather being so yucky but those who call and ask for hours are told the same thing..."if you are in Ocean City, and would like to get into the shop when we're not open, give us a call and we'll met you in the store so you can shop." Today we had a customer who called yesterday to say she and her husband were only going to be in Rehoboth one night and wanted to know our hours. We asked her when she would like to get into the shop, she said around noon, we had the shop warmed up, lights on and Sara was waiting. She leisurely shopped until after 4:00 p.m. when she felt she had enough. I'm telling you this for a reason....if you are going to be in the area and want to get into the shop on a day we are closed, just give us a call and let us know you are coming into the area...or e-mail me which others have done...and I'll open the shop for you and you can stay as long as you want. We always have work we can do while we're in there so that's no problem, and the only thing you are taking me away from is work...and I really don't mind that at all...call me...I'll go over. It shouldn't be too much longer before we are open full time again. I was planning on Friday being the day, however, I have to have weather cooperation. I'm not dragging Renee, Connie or Pat in here to sit and watch the rain drizzle...they get bored and cranky. As soon as we change the hours I'll let you know. TV Commentary: O.K., I watched Dancing with the Stars last night and as usual I thought Kristy was magnificent. I don't know what the judges want out of her when they keep telling her she isn't feeling the music...strange. I think Adam is amusing,but is that what the program is about? If you amuse you get to stay on? Of course I love his partner and would like to see more of her, but Adam must go. So I think we are all in agreement that his turn is over? Right? Of course I thought that when Master P was on and he must have had the hip hop world calling in because he stayed far too long. I still say the women are at a disadvantage and will continue to feel this way until the end. If Kristy doesn't win than no one will win and it will go back to the men. Tonight is New York Housewives, and that is still the biggest "hoot" on T.V. When Jill announces that everyone envies them and wants to be them I'd just like to march up to New York, bitch slap the tramp, and tell her she's an embarrassment to women everywhere and no one, and I do mean no one wants to be like her or in her time zone except ignorant tramps just like her. (does that seem harsh to you?) But I get such a kick out of her I'll be glued to the T.V. tonight at 11:00 p.m. (I miss the earlier showing as I'm at Stitch 'n Bitch). Wednesday night I still haven't picked who I'd like for Top Chef...there are a couple who I think are pretty good and don't seem to be obnoxious, but perhaps time will tell so I'm holding all bets. These shows are so much fun. Men have their sports, I have my certain reality shows...I still don't like and won't watch Big Brother....can't pinpoint the problem I've just never liked it. But enough of reality. I worked like a dog on my Shores last night...I'm still having fun! Well, I've got to set up the shop for the meeting...so have a good night stitchers. By the way, Debbie L's operation on her foot went well and she's already attending her local Stitch 'n Bitch..so go girl! We'll see you in a few weeks for the Spring Retreat. Have a great night stitchers...keep on working the needles.

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