Sunday, October 8, 2017

OMG-I'm exhausted....but it's been fun...

I haven't blogged in a month,sorry about that, but I've been busy getting ready for events and then we had our 1st of the fall events with Jackie DuPlessis' class.  Wonderful group of stitchers and a good time was had by all.  Jackie has such interesting learn so much from the designers that if you haven't had the pleasure of attending one of these classes you should put it on your bucket list. Now we'd love you to attend one of our weekends, but if you can't, check your local needlework shop or the closest one to you and see what they have to offer.  You will learn so much, it is so worth it.  Anyway last weekend the Tangles stitchers were in town and of course, thank God, they make their way to Salty Yarns from 12th street, where they stay.  They use to come with Michele who owned a store and when she decided to be a rep and get out of retail but the stitchers decided to keep on coming as a group.  Vera Means is part of this group and it's always fun to catch up on what's she's doing.  But there are many fun stitchers in this group so it's always a busy weekend as well as a fun weekend.  Then this weekend the Delaware Valley Sampler Guild held their Fall Getaway here and I personally have so much fun with this group because they "get" me and they don't care when I cuss (sometimes it's hard to be a lady) and while they forgot to get me an eclair this time, (they have been know to get me a giant eclair from the Jewish Deli) I forgive them.  Yummo (you might know what I love relates to food).  But you should see their show and tell.  Tangles doesn't always have show and tell because they aren't  staying here, but DVSG is in the lobby just stitching away and they bring their pieces over sometimes for my opinion, and as they know if they ask me I'm giving them my true opinion, not the feel good version. But these stitchers are doing some huge pieces as well as etui's, boxes, you  name it someone is doing it.  Great stitching going on.  So for the last month I've been preparing for the events by getting models done and in the store...and except for 2 pillows and Clementine everything made it.  Hopefully the pillows and Clementine will be here for next weekends, Jamboree.  First when we got the Hand's on Design Blackboard Ornaments, I found them to be attractive but wasn't prompted to stitch them.  And then someone showed them on Facebook done on perforated paper which gives them a little dimension as you cut the around the leaves,etc etc.  I no longer go to the trouble of putting up a tree, but I do put wreaths on every inside door with my hand stitched ornaments on them.  While at home I use fresh if possible, I figured that wouldn't work here in the shop, so I got an artificial wreath and attached the ornaments to it and added a beautiful red bow and voila, it's now hanging on the inside of the front door.

Last year I saw Sue Hillis ornaments which someone had finished on a candelabra which I absolutely adored.  That stitcher stitched all six designs in "Dark Shadow" by Sue Hillis, and I did look half heartedly for a 6  candle candelabra and when I mentioned it to Sara she said, "I think I have a candelabra in the back room of Sea Trader", and out came the raven candelabra you see here."  which is perfect because I only needed to do 2 ornaments.  Needless to say I couldn't find a picture of last year's finish so I decided to figure it out myself.  Fortunately my mother was a saver of anything she felt she could find a use for.  So when Sara asked how I was going to finish it, I said I thought I could use a cork in each candle holder and somehow attach them to the cork.  Sara then said, "Oh, Nana saved corks in a bag which I never tossed so they are up in the house somewhere, I'll look for them."  And the next day down came a gallon size bag filled to the brim with corks.  So by finishing the ornaments with popsicle sticks (which we had a few boxes of hundreds/box for some thing I was going to do and never did),   I left a space to insert a popsicle stick in each ornament which I then inserted into the cork.  Voila, added some black boa around each one to cover the cork and I was done.  Easy peasy (thank God). 

Then I wanted to do one of the big stitch pieces on 16 count Taffeta (which I've been calling Buttercream) by Legacy and went to my Halloween stash and found a Brenda Gervais I've been dying to do called Scary Mouse.  I called it Boo since the mouse is only a small part of the design, and sits in one of the O's.  While I like the entire design and my intiial intent was to stitch the whole thing, I knew I could get the mouse done in one day so I went for that.  She turned out so cute I just love her and I had just purchased the Jack-o-lantern buttons so win win.  Actually I had already stitched the pumpkin but when I wanted to add something for a dimensional look I remembered the button and took out the stitching to just tack this on instead.  Then I was too lazy to put cording around the piece and it would have been too normal for this so I had black boa left over from the candelabra so I just used it as trim.  I still plan to do the entire pillow but this will suffice until I do.  

I then decided I had to stitch one of the Sue Hillis sleds as she paints the sleds white in one of her new books, Christmas in Red, and stitches on linen instead of perforated paper.  Now you could stitch these on perforated paper but I wanted try on linen so I could use the ribbon edging.  (I always buy specialty ribbons and then cannot find something to use them on so this was perfect.  These were perfect to stitch.  It is one color so that makes it easier, small design, point 2...easier, and the finish was easy as well.  Would I tweak this a bit...yes, but that's my own fault not the excellent directions in the book.  I really enjoyed using the linen on the sled and wouldn't mind making more.  And as for painting the sleds, white spray paint and you are done.  Sue Hillis has 4 or 5 books dedicated to sled ornaments, so check them out.  One that just came out is for stitchers  I apologize for the blurry pictures here....operator error.  

Then just about the time I think I'm done, we got in the skull and bones frames for Shepherd's Bush Spooky Notes.  I loved the Liberty Notes and knew this was going to be as much fun as that was, so I was off and stitching again.  Loved stitching it and the frame is so appropriate for this.  Thank you West End Frames for hooking me up.  So of course, we are now carrying these frames.  And we were late to the party getting the JABCO buttons for this and some people purchased what we thought the buttons were from open stock.  Unfortunately, after getting the button pack in they are teeny tiny buttons...just too cute for words, and the in stock buttons were too big.  They are so small I lost one of the flower buttons in the office and it is now living in the carpet since I've yet to find it.  Really fun stitch and perfect frame.  West End showed me another skull and bones frame a little different from the Spooky Notes frame so I just had to stitch something for it.  I loved Tangled Boo by Drawn Thread so I stitched it over 2 instead of one, as shown on the chart, and used a PTP purple fabric in 32 ct. and then the threads listed and another quick stitch was history.  And a perfect frame again.  

And the final stitch for Halloween was actually a fun stitch as well.  Sara called me a couple of weeks ago to see if I had any thoughts about what to put in the goodie bags for DVSG.  We are struggling to find new items.  I had seen the new Brenda Gervais  Spirits and
Spells and naturally I was dying to stitch it and finish it.  So I thought that would be perfect kitted up and given in the goodie bags.  And that way I could get one too.  Sometimes new stuff ordered from the distributors seems to get backordered a lot, so I told Sara to call Brenda direct and she had them to us within the week.  I ordered the oval boxes since I couldn't find them in Michael's or Hobby Lobby in that size and we had given ourselves enough time that we got everything except 2 of the Gentle Arts threads which were put on backorder.  So on Tuesday I told Sara to drop off the stuff to me and I'd get it stitched and finished in time for the weekend and low and behold I did.  Elegant Stitch also got us their pom pom finishing to go with it.  All the stitchers have to do is paint their box and while it's drying start stitching.  They can have it done in time for Halloween.   So here is my Spirits and Spells lid finished,
And another use of my specialty ribbon....

And my scrapbook paper lining the inside.  I had a metal spider web that came with something and I cut the spike off and glued it to the lid.  I was suppose to glue a little rubber mouse I had on  the inside bottom, but of course haven't found the mice (I had 3) yet so it's just got the scrapbook paper right now and around the top of the bottom I glued a lace and mini pom pom edging in black on the inside edge.  Just completes the project.  

And then to top off my Halloween extravaganza, I found skeleten pins that are perfect for my Halloween pin cushions.  I love the fancy pins, and they come 2 in a package for $16.00 so that's perfect for me.  

Well, we are gearing up now for the Jamboree next weekend and while I've taken a few things home to stitch, I'm not sure any of them will get done.  I'm about Halloweened out.  I started making the tags this morning at 6 a.m. and hope to have them here before you early birds start arriving on Wednesday.  Then it is on to cookies and then Thursday I am in court on a case that is 10 friggin years old and even though I couldn't identify the man in a lineup of 1, I still have to show up.  Damn it...who has time for this.  Anyway, I'll see many of you on Friday if not before and for those who just left....thanks for the fun, although I got no eclair it's O.K.   I think I'll survive.  Have a great week. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Have a wonderful Labor Day, relaxing, and enjoying backyard picnics with friends and relatives

Today we  honor  American workers and the contributions the workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and the well-being of the country..  The day is perfect with temps going into the high 70's...not to awful hot for those of us who can't withstand the high temps, but still perfect for laying on the beach soaking up the rays.  What you see here is the view from our shop windows....So if you aren't here, just keep your eyes on this an pretend.!  Greg Maccord reminded me that I hadn't done an update on Brian's back surgery.  I'm thrilled to announce it went beautifully.  It was amazing that he was in for the surgery and after a few hours recooperating Mary drove him home to O.C. from Annapolis.  Of course drugs made that possible and the next few days he was in bed with just periodic walks to the bathroom and out to say hello to us.  But a few days ago he started walking a few blocks each day and he's standing tall, so we're thrilled.  He goes back to see the surgeon this week and then he starts rehab, but from what I can see that shouldn't take too long as he seems to  be doing just fine.  Thanks for all your prayers and messages for his safe return.  It is miraculous just what they can do today and get it done in such a short amount of time.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I'm weeding through the finishing pile.....

Today Brian is having his surgery and we are all stepping up to the plate, some more than others.  I had 2 days off this week (whoohoo!!!!) so I felt of all people I should be here early....well not too early.  I arrived at 8:00a.m. to find Sara smiling and keeping things filled at the continental breakfast.  I would have helped her at that point, however, I got caught by the sweetest man staying at the hotel who wanted to introduce himself and tell me his life story, for the 2nd time, so I decided to go back to Sara's desk and escape reality until it was time for me to go to work in Salty Yarns.  We are fortunate in the hotel and the shops to have such loyal customers, and it  is part of our job to maintain those is not the day.  While I kept the smile on and spoke for several minutes to the gentlemen, my mind is up in Annapolis at the hospital worrying about Brian and Mary and I just can't do it today.  C.J. arrived early to take over the care of Izi and Solomon, Vernon was here by 9:30 to help Sara at the desk, so we are covering for Mary the best we can.  Michael is MIA but that could be a good thing.  He gets distracted by shiny objects at this point and gets moody so Sara is better if he isn't on site when things are rough and today is going to be rough.  Poor Sara has a double shift, hotel and shop as too many workers had to have today off....UGH!!!  I started to offer to work a double, but everyone feels that if I can get through 1 shift it's enough, especially after my breakdown of last Wednesday where I texted Sara and informed her I  was walking out whether anyone replaced me at 4 or not.  (That was a first for me in 45 years, but I had a really tough day).  While I was off for a couple of days  I did finish another of the Blackboard Ornaments from Hands on Design....on the black perforated paper.  Fun times!  All three ornaments finished are in the first chart pack, along with the precut holly leaves and the button berry.  Fast stitch, even though you do have to stitch the background. 

I showed the next piece the other day but had not finished because I forgot to leave a hole in the strawberry top for the scissor leash.  Last night I finally decided to just go for it and made a little hole which I stuffed the leash cording through and done.  Love this piece, "Coverlet Berry Scissor Tray."

I know this picture sucks, but I don't have the hanger on the back yet so I can't hang it to get a better picture, but you get the point.  ABC Needlework from Little Houseworks.  I showed it when I finished the stitching, but hadn't gotten the frame yet from Classic Colorworks.  Then of course, it sat around my house for 3 weeks after I got the frame, so last night I finally decided to just get it done. I don't know why it took so long.  I had it laced in about 15 minutes, which is the boring part....I've got a problem doing anything but stitching apparently.

 Now I just have to finish Clementine.  The real reason she isn't finished is I've been having an internal struggle over the most riduculous thing.  Stacy Nash put a button on the front of her dress and I decided to bead a necklace instead.  After beading a neklace and putting it on her I'm not sure I like it.  Here comes the stupid part....My argument is would Clementime wear a necklace or is the button more appropriate for her?  I mean really, the cat is wearing a dress and I'm worried about a button versus a necklace.  But that is just where I am at this point.  On my next day off (please God make it soon) I'm going to settle the argument and finish Clementine so I can start the next one.  That struggle is,  do I stitch the mouse or Harrison the rabbit.  I think Harrison is winning the fight.  Last night I started stitching the 2nd piece of Lesson #2, Lessons in ABCedarian from  from Brenda Gervais.  Again I'm doing the series as a set of pillows.  So I'm working on Legacy, 20 count which is actually between 16 and; 18 ct., so this is going to work up quickly.  Good thing since Lesson 3 is on the horizon.  God, I can't stitch fast enough. Got to run.  Still haven't finished Wichelt and Sara will kill me when she comes in and it isn't finished after 6 hours, since it should have been done and put away in the first hour.  (who has time for work when you are constantly checking Facebook)  Anyway, I'll catch up later.  Have a great night of stitching.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

New finishes, at least the stitching is finished!

My "to be finished" pile is getting higher (ABC Needlework-Little House; Clementine by Stacy Nash, and now Lesson #2 from With Thy Needle & Thread), so I've decided to show one without having it finished.  First is "Coverlet Berry Scissor Tray" from The Scarlett House.  Back in 2015 this was a class somewhere and the tray they show it finished in was purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I figured 3 years later that tray would be unavailable so I automatically started looking for something else to use and there was the perfect tray sitting on my book shelves waiting for a design to be inserted, which I stole from the shop when Sara wasn't looking....OMG, what are the chances (obviously pretty good).  Anyway, the only small wobble was it is a tray with a witch cut out on the side of two sides (left and right on the picture).  Sara called the folks that made the tray and asked if they could just leave the witches off the sides and they said yes so we've got them coming...whoppee.  In the meantime I'm using the tray in stock.  The large berry in the first picture is attached to the needlework as a pin cushion and the 2nd berry is a scissor fob (show in the corner of the 2nd picture) but I just don't have the scissor leash on it yet (yes, I didn't read the directions and didn't attach it under the berry top so now I'm having an internal struggle on whether to take the top off and reattach it or make a leash using ribbon.)  I have to say when I read this was done on 40 ct. Strawflower linen I was questioning my ability to work on 40 ct. linen (I'm good with the gauze but linen is different.)  However, I had no trouble at all and I was working only at night so now I'm all about 40 count.  The pattern for the strawberries is in the pattern pack and they were easy to do (even though I forgot to do a leash for the scissors) and of course the tray we carry and I happen to have one at home (funny how I have so much at home just in case).   Fun project and easy to execute.  I've talked about setting goals before. I do set goals on some projects because it's easy to divide the work up and I had set a week for this one and managed to finish it 3 days early which was another win for me.

The piece you see below was actually stitched on 20 count linen which is the color of off white, I think it's Legacy Buttercream.  So I have no idea why this photographed like this, but anyway, it is going to be a pillow about 13" x 9".  It's the Lesson #2 of the Summer Schoolhouse Lessons in Abededarian and stitched with Weeks Dye Works pearl cottons.  I'm doing the other part of Lesson #2 now to have the set.  Actually I'm stitching the entire series in 20 ct.  Love stitching on it. Don't always love having to switch all the colors out, but one must do what one must do.  Since I didn't have the fabric home for the matching pillow I started another of the Blackboard ornaments from Hands on Design.  

I think I said I was going to start  on Halloween....don't know what happened to that thought....maybe after Lessons #2 I'll get to it.  And of course, I still have my needlepoint to finish before Jamboree.  God help me I just keep putting it aside.  But I have every intension of getting it done.  (I also realize the road to hell is paved with good intensions..uh, oh think I'll get to it before September, just to make sure I get it done in time).  Well I'm at work so I'll get back to it, plus I need to cut some fabric to start working on Lesson #2's other pillow.  Hope you are enjoying your stitching as much as I'm loving mine.  Have a great day!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pre-stitch just showed up for Jamboree.....They will be coming to attendees soon...

I was thinking at this point that there wasn't any pre-stitch, so I apologize to the last stitcher to call the shop since she asked if there was and I said, I didn't think so,  since we had not seen any kits.  Oops, my bad.  The kits are from Sue Hillis Designs and contain all supplies needed to finish the stitching and button portion of the project.  Sara started sending them out last week.  Stitchers can use all or some of the buttons included and you can also use buttons that are family heirlooms, if you are lucky enough to have any.  There are at least 15 buttons in each kit, which is more than enough.  Buttons should be sewn on ahead of the class so stitchers can delve right into the easel-izing.  Finishing supplies will be provided in the class.  So get stitching on the pre-stitch when you get it and you will be taking home a finished project, and that is always a good thing.  We have also heard from Gloria (Milady's Needle) and she has decided  on a project for Jamboree and it's going to be a Halloween we're excited about that.  As soon as pictures are available I'll post them for you.  In the meantime I have had another finish...another of the Hands on Design "Chalkboard Ornaments."  Finished by stitching black felt on backs.  Easy peasy!

Two down-7 to go!

Since I finished the ornament I got to pick a new project and while I find it daunting to work on 40 ct. linen, I decided to jump right in and started Scarlet House's,  "Coverlet Scissor Tray"....and I was amazed how far I got last night.  Seems it's not as daunting as I thought.  So now I've sectioned it into 5 sections and according to last night I should have this done in less than a week.  Of course I should know better since nothing goes according to my schedule, once I state I have a schedule.   But I like to set little goals for myself, although if I don't reach the goal I don't beat myself up, I just revise the schedule.  I decided not to bring it to work since conditions must be right for me to work on 40 ct. (My stitchy chair, my Daylight with a magnifier, T.V., glass of ice water)   So today I brought Summer Schoolhouse, Lesson #2 to work on and I'm stitching it on the large 20 ct, (I call it 16-18).  I thought this series would look cute as pillows as well as pin here I go again.  Can't wait to start.  Hardest part is matching colors since I'm using Pearl Cotton, using Weeks and DMC.  In this case close counts.  I struggled with this decision as I loved them as the pin cushions they are suppose to be as well, but large count won out.  Brenda Gervais and Plum Street are my favorite designers for  designs which work on the large count linen but  I also love stitching their designs on 28 or 32 as well.  But not everyone's designs work on large count for me so I always look at their new designs as possibilities for the 20 ct. linens.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Keep your needles moving stitchers....too many designs and not enough time in the day!

Friday, August 11, 2017

The end is near....summer's end that is

I'm in working hell right now as Judy is off for a week and I'm in the shop everyday.  Mixed with this nightmare is Friday's epic work problem.  Brian has an appointment with a surgeon which is good news, however, the appointment is in Annapolis so Mary has to leave the hotel by 7 a.m.  Since Mary is the person at the front desk as well as the morning person in charge of the continental breakfast, that means that I now have to be at the hotel by 7 on Friday morning and have to take charge of the continental breakfast which is way more work than I want to do.  UGH!!!  But I'm always telling the girls we can do anything as a family, so as leader of this motley crew I have to step it up and do it, but in the future I might have to explain I'm not the one that wants to step it up, so when I say "we can do anything, I mean they can do anything."  Fortunately Mary has help coming at 8:30 so I'm only running for 1 1/2 hrs.  I feel sorry for tenants who get up early on Friday, they are in for a world of disappointment.  But at 10:00 I do go to work in the shop so that nightmare will be over, but then another one might begin with me in a shop where I know next to nothing anymore about yarns.  And of course 70 % of the people are asking me questions about just that.  I can talk circles around anyone when it involves counted cross stitch, but frankly when it comes to yarn I'm just not that interested.  But I'm going to have to get interested since it's embarrassing when someone asks me a question and I can't answer it without calling Sara.  She doesn't help because Pat knits a model,  Sara puts in on display and doesn't label it so I'm constantly complaining about that, since while I may be able to figure out which yarn was used, there's no way to figure out what pattern was used.  She finally started labeling some of them since I had a real bitchfest yesterday since the morning was filled with knitters.  When she realized rolling her eyes at me wasn't working she decided to label the models.  Mission accomplished!    With all the work I am not stitching as much as I usually do, but I did get Clementine done, (but not the finishing)  so I got to start something new.  I'm sure many of you have seen the facebook post of the ornament below done on perforated paper.  I saw it and instantly knew I wanted to stitch them.

 There is a series of these Christmas Ornaments by Hands on Design, "Chalkboard Ornaments", and since they are shown on black linen I just knew I would not do them because the darker the fabric the more I struggle to see it.  But when I saw a stitcher had done the entire collection on black perforated paper I was on board.  They really pop on black and  I love the fact that you can cut out around the leaves and the banner so you get some dimension to it.  And it's so easy to finish, just black felt sewn on the back.  Yes right up my alley.  Of course, unlike linen, you have to stitch every hole even though it's on black you have to stitch the black.  But small sacrifice to make for easier finishing.  The linen ornaments are stitched on 32 ct. and the paper is 14 count, so perforated is a tad bit larger, but I love them anyway.  I embellished with red Mill Hill beads instead of stitching holly berries and I switched out the Gentle Arts Geranium floss for Gentle Arts Buckeye Scarlet as I wanted a more Christmas Red.  My Geranium has more of a pink hue to it, but since it's overdyed that could have been just the batch here. I'm already more than 1/2 way through my 2nd ornament.  Fun, fun, fun! and I plan to keep going.  I had the cording in my stash from one of my purchases at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  Love it when I find something in my stash which I purchased before I knew what I was going to do with it.  I justifies all my hobby purchases even when I haven't a clue.    Well that's all the news that's fit to print so I'll end here and get ready for whatever comes next.  Have a  great day!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Heat is gone for a day or two and we are enjoying.sunshine!!!

Well after a hefty rain on Friday and then slight rain on Saturday, Sunday is here with sun out and everything shining brightly.  The ocean is a bit upset, but at least you can sit out there and get sun and there is a delightful breeze.  I've had a few finishes since last we spoke.  One of my favorites is the Brenda Gervais, "Patriotic Poppies" which I did on the a 20 ct Legacy linen over 2 using Weeks Perle Cottons.  Fun stitch and then I gave it dimension by stitching the patriotic swag on the sheep on a separate piece and then attaching it so it stands off.  When I stitched it originally as shown, things just looked so one dimensional so I added that, and then 5 of the flowers are the weeks wool cut and stitched in place (that's done on the original chart as well with directions included) and then I added beads for the sheep's eyes (which you can't see and the 2 patriotic quilted star buttons I used on the bottom,which are also hidden in the picture.)

 The entire pillow is around 16"x 16" so it's perfect for a chair or sofa.  While I was searching thru the racks I found the sheep pulling a pumpkin wagon for fall....I'm certain it's coming to the store this fall.  Another finish, Val's Stuff 3 dimensional bat has been in my tote since Nashville.  So it finally got it out of the tote and it was an easy stitch and an easy finish so he's now flying around the shop.

The chart comes with everything but floss, so your felted balls are in there along with the buttons for the eyes and fangs, perforated paper for the bat wings and the weeks wool for the backing of the bat wings and the cord for hanging.  You can pick either purple or green for the bats and both sayings are in each pack, "Bite Me" or "I'm going Batty",so you can pick the one you like.  Sara is always saying "Bite me" to me, so I felt it was the most appropriate for her.  

The final piece to show this week is Liberty Notes from Shepherd's Bush.  I have always loved Shepherd's Bush and this was a beautiful stitch.  I hate borders normally because they are boring, but the two small borders here were delicate and a delight to stitch.  From beginning to end it was a joy.  And I framed it in the same frame  that I used for Land of Liberty.  I should have had West End Framing cut a new frame just a slight bit taller so I had equal space on the top and bottom, but I just couldn't wait.  Love it!

So of course the best part of finishing is picking new projects.  Well, I decided to go back and finish Clementine by Stacy Nash....after all, Theodore is lonely in the cabinet all by himself.  I should be able to finish her in a couple of days.  When I was stitching Theodore I wished for more color on him because quite frankly I was a little bored using just a few colors....but I couldn't wait for Clementine because her dress is quite colorful.  Well, be careful what you wish for.  Two nights ago I had to redo so many parts I finally gave up for the night.  Then last night realized I was about 9 rows short on the dress so I had to pull out the bottom and redo so while there is more color, one color would have been easier.  But I love her and can't wait to finish her.  And then it's on to Harrison.  I realize I'm skipping Monroe for now, but I'll get back to him.  Harrison is just talking to me at this point.  Stacy has done such a wonder job with this series I intend to stitch them all.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  When I'm done with Clementine, I haven't a clue what I'm going to start next.....probably Halloween since I have the Halloween tote stuffed with projects sitting on the sofa for me to go through.  There are so many possibilities I've got too many to choose from.  I also have unfinished designs sitting here that I would also like to finish.  Decisions, decisions.  Got to get back to to you again soon.  Have a great stitching week.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 2 of Heat are people sitting out on the beach in this?

I walked to work this morning and by the time I arrived I needed another bath...honestly you would think this would be a weight reduction plan for me, but so is not.  Thrilled to be in Salty Yarns in the a/c.  We have all heard the power of social media, but we actually saw it first hand yesterday.  Sara and I had a  miscommunication when I spoke with her regarding a knitted shawl in the shop and what yarns were used.  (I'm not as familiar with the knitting section so I always ask Sara).  The customer purchased the yarns along with a great many other things and when Sara came to work I was still so uncertain about the yarn I asked her again.  We realized we(, but I'm making Sara take the hit since she hasn't labeled a damn thing)  had sold the wrong yarn to the customer.  Thankfully the customer has been in the store every year when she's here on vacation, however we didn't have a phone number or e-mail so Sara posted a plea on Facebook asked anyone who knew her to please reach out and ask her to get in touch with us.  The customer was in this morning...she got a call from a co-worker from about 8 years ago.  Needless to say I was greatly relieved to get her the correct yarn and amazed it turned out so well.  Still not a fan of all the crap on social media...too much info on people that no one should have..Facebook certainly serves a purpose.  Last night when I finally got home from my shift, sat on the sofa, laid my head back for a little nap when the damn phone buzzed to let me know I had a message.  I checked and it was Michael, at work. asking me to bring him his shoes (he got new shoes while I was at work so he immediately changed into his new shoes leaving his other work shoes in the shop).  So I headed back to the shop to get the shoes and get them to him, got back home, found a parking space again (which is incredibly hard in the summer which is why I normally walk to work) and got back into the apartment and a/c, sat back on the sofa and started to nod off and about 15 min. later the phone rang and it was Michael asking me to pick him up.  While I'd love to have that shift...about 30 min since he got to work..this meant leaving my parking spot again.  But it's Michael so there's no question....I went and got him.  When I got home after that my parking spot was gone but I did find the last one on the street by my house so I parked,  went back in to the apartment and then took a stitching.  I woke up around 1 and tried to stitch a little but after finishing one motif I went back to sleep because today is my 10 hour and then hotel so I knew I'd need more rest.  It's killing me I'm losing stitching time, but family first!  Brian got an MRI and he needs surgery so we are in crisis mode for the summer.  What could go wrong?  God help us!  Anyway, I wanted to show you a finish I had which I never posted because I changed several things including the verse because I was stitching this for a gift.  This design came mostly from Plum Street "Mariner's Drum" which I feel in love with.  I experienced a few difficulties (of my own making) so had to change the top from a stitched piece to wool, but that was alright with me.  Let me point out a couple of things that really impressed me with this design.  The  band around the drum was fully designed, no blank areas, it had the sand on the bottom of the scene as you would have in the water and the anchor you see on the first picture...that chain extended onto the top which had a ship on it....little details mean so much.  And the mermaid's mirror...the mirrors usually appear on stitching with just grey or silver as the mirror, but this one has the mermaid's image on it (done over 1)...and while you may not realize it at first I find thats the kind of detail I appreciate.  This also allowed me to add some little embellishments.  At first I was looking for tiny shells to add, but then Sara brought up the smallest starfish I'd ever seen and in perfect condition (while I added 3, you can see one on the 4th picture at the bottom)  and the tiny seahorse....OMG, needless to say I attached starfish and the seahorse to the piece.  Then I beaded pearl beads I had and made a necklace which you can see in picture 5 coming out of the treasure chest.  I have to confess I did change the face of the mermaid so it was more rounded.  Then the verse I changed to "Remember me when this you see, forever friends we will be."   When I could see I was having some difficulty with the top I changed it to the wool, went down to the shell shop and found the perfect real sanddollar that was the perfect size  and attached it to the top.  Please know there was nothing wrong with the verse originally on this piece, but I was trying to customize it for my friend.  This is a fabulous design and a wonderful stitch.  I plan to stitch it again as charted.

Well, I suppose I should be getting back to work.  I'm trying to get all our yarns on the web site....UGH!  This is a necessity but more like work so of course I'm not having any fun at all.  Perhaps while Sara's not around I'll sneak in some stitching.  I have the July 31st deadline quickly a project that must be done.  Talk to you later.  Have a great weekend.  

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

OMG ...What a great time to sit in the a/c and stitch..............

OMG...the heat is turning up and we've had multiple events that have put me back to work full time...UGH...  Brian's out and can barely move due to a sciatic nerve problem.  Thankfully his main management job in the laundry room is being handled by staff that have worked for us for a few years so they know exactly what to do, but he backs Mary up at the front desk and so I worked there yesterday, but I'm a red hot mess there since it's nothing like the years I ran the desk.  The verdict is still out on whether I'm helping or in the way.  Brian's son, C.J., the marine who came home from Japan last September afer serving our country for 4 years, was at a party on Saturday night and was blindsided by a hit to the jaw which put him in PRNC where they decided he needed to go to Washington for surgery.  So on top of everything else we've had that drama.  He is home now recuperating but the family is unnerved at this point.  But I will be helping out in the hotel whenever I'm not in shop.  Judy has family coming down for the weekend so I'm in the shop....and that's an area I'm a lot more familiar with.  Although, I still struggle there since Sara and her crew have moved everything so I have no clue where to look for stuff.  This will cut into my stitching, however, I have 2 finishes...obviously quick ones, to show.   First is "To The Beach" which is a freebie when you purchase any of the "To the Beach" Series from Hands  on Design.  I actually framed this the way I now want all of them framed with a small border in our new Boardwalk Frames.  I did this on 18 ct. linen over 2 because I initially wanted this hanging on the front of the tin bin I was putting all the designs in for display and wanted it bigger than the pieces inside the bin, however when the display idea changed so did the finishing on this.

Land of Liberty is a Shepherd's Bush kit done on 10 ct. and so it is fast and easy, really a one day job.  All supplies were in the kit and the patriotic frame is from West End Frames.  My favorite frame for anything patriotic.   


Both pieces were fun to do and fast...two of my favorite things.  In the meantime I brought in Liberty Notes to get framed...and that was also quick and easy but so delicate.  I hate the repetition of borders but the border they used on 2 sides of this were so beautiful I didn't mind at all.  So while this was done on 32 Count I couldn't put it down so it became a 2 day project.  I'll post it as soon as it's framed.  Aside from stitching and annoying the girls my days all seem the same.  Eat, sleep, and stitch.  Thank God for Netflix and Acorn- my companions while I stitch.  Life is good as long as I've got my stitching, ice water with lemon (yes I barely drink diet sodas anymore), and the T.V.  I can ignore anything happening outside which is at times a good thing.  Have a nice weekend and I'll be blogging soon

Friday, July 14, 2017

No bail needed...........

Sara just called over to let me know that her mail order shipping has been successful.  New system seems to be working fine so she is not going postal.  We do not need bail, and thank you for being with us if she did.  Now we can all have a nice weekend.

OMG...what could go wrong?

Keep your fingers crossed in hopes Sara does not go postal this morning while dealing with the post office.  They introduced a new system for mail orders in which you put no postage on your packages, and the post office will deduct the postage from your account.  So she has her mail orders ready to go this morning and this will be the first time she's trying the new system.  But she's also ready to do battle with the postman in Salty Yarns.  I mean really, what could go wrong with this system.   I'll try to keep you posted or open an account for you to help me bail her out of jail.  In stitching news I finished all embellishment of Patriotic Poppies and will have it up on the blog as soon as the pillow is completed.  Yea!!! New start ahead.  I went through all my WIP and will pick out one to work on along with a brand new piece, as soon as I get home.  It's so exciting, isn't it, when you go through stash and see all the charts you loved, and so hard to pick just one (which is part of my sickness), but I shall give it the old college try.  I'm thinking Halloween....if I start now I'll be sure to have it done.  I'm also working on a piece along with Stasi and Debbie.  I don't know how far along they are, but I started it a couple of weeks ago, worked on it for about 2 hrs and put it in a bag and forgot about it.  I unearthed it yesterday, recalled that we were suppose to have the lid done by July 31st, so I'm back on it again.  I'm almost half way done the lid (do you hear me Debbie and Stasi) and feel certain I can keep up with this time line.  Then yesterday I ordered the special kit from Down Sunshine Lane.  If you haven't seen it, they have it under new on the website and since it's beachy and from Hands on Design, I just had to have it.  So it's on it's way to my house....whoppee!  Beth Jernigan was in the shop this week and we were talking about Theresa Baird's "Cottage by the Sea Sewing Set" and since we both love it and have it in our stash we were thinking about a stitch along for our Stitch 'n Bitch group.  Well, I don't have to worry about that since we don't meet in the summer, but I'm wondering how many challenges I can handle along with shop models.  God, I'm not getting any younger and I'm going to bed earlier, and of course there is the IPad situation I'm dealing with....I'm not sure I can handle this.  Well, since I'm suppose to be working on payroll this morning in the office, I best get to it.  Have a great weekend, hopefully with some stitching thrown in and I'll talk to you later.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer has officially started in Salty Yarns....

Events are a thing of the past until September, the heat is turned on and we are, Thank God!, through senior month...  Our last round of classes went well.  As always Betsy Morgan is a treat and the stitchers were a good group with no drama and Paola was here from Luxenburg and brought her friend Molly from Indiana to join her so we had a good time.  Paola, as always, delighted our stitch group on Tuesday night with her show and tell.  Exquisite, both front and back.  Honestly you had to get up close and personal to see which side was which, she takes such care to finish her stitching on the back so no color runs into another color when ending her threads.  And her pieces this time were big pieces, as opposed to her smalls....unbelievable.  It is such inspiration for all of us...something to strive for...perfect stitching...and of course she worked on counts which defy the eyes...45, 48 and I believe a 52 might have snuck in.  While she didn't have smalls to show the group, I still had my beautiful box, a gift from Paola, to show and of course, it was gorgeous.  The Ohio Girls were down Monday and reminded me I hadn't blogged in a while so I thought I'd dash a message off just to let you know I'm still alive and breathing and stitching as much as I can.  Damn that IPad much as I hate the time suck machine, there are times I just can't force myself off.  I now keep it in the bathroom to limit my time on it, only now that has taken the place of my reading...that's not a good thing.  But for now it is a necessity, until I learn to control my IPad urges.  On the stitching front I've stitched 3 of the Hands on Design "To the Beach Series" which I had a specific plan for and cut the material based on that plan, but when we got a new framer that plan went out the window.  Instead we decided to frame them in what we call "Boardwalk Frames" which come in green, grey, and blue.  The colors are muted just like the colors in the series, as if this series was made for this I had no choice, but it did create problems for framing.  While my finished version is framed right up to the design, I'm now doing the rest of the series on larger cuts so there will be a border between the design and the frame.  I still love the series and these three even if a border would perhaps look nicer.  "  As Sara loves to say, "it is what it is."


"Scatter Freedom" was actually stitched many years ago and sat on the cutting table at home in the Hinzeit frame since then, never really finished.  (Don't Ask!) But with the framer here I decided to redo the framing and here it is.  I've always loved the scatter series and have done a few of them.  But I can't take credit for getting this stitched in 2017...I can take credit for once again starting the clean up of my stitching room, a job which will never be completed I fear.

"There's No Place Like Home" was stitched by our Judy Brunclik for her grandson, Jason, who is currently laid up with a broken bone and now can't play.  So...cute, and perfect fabric for finishing.  It is a Sue Hillis design and Judy stitched it on 16 ct. linen.  There are other designs so far in this series, "Shoot the goal,"  "Play Football," and "Play Soccer!"

And finally I added this to the finished list last night after struggling with the finishing a little.  The long side goes together beautifully, but for some reason, after doing several drums with no problem, I'm experiencing difficulty in getting it done to my satisfaction.  But after redoing it a couple of times, I couldn't be happier.  This is "Lady Liberty" by Blackbird Designs.  I can't say enough about the design.  I love a design which is chuck full of stitching and this certainly fits the bill.  Stitched on 36 ct. Ligonier Latte linen and finished with Weeks wool on the bottom.  I filled it half way with lizard litter, which makes it really heavy and then topped it off with polyfill.  Blackbird filled theirs with sawdust which is also a good idea if you happen to have a boatload sitting around.  Love the colors, love the design, and now love the finish.

And the final picture is actually the key fob to the Lizzie Kate summer tote I showed before.  I had stitched the bee but screwed up the tassel, had to redo and then forgot to bring it back...well I carried it around in my tote before I realized it was still there last night.  So now the Summer Tote is officially finished....although I was going to do a scissor spool so perhaps it's not finished yet.  

 Normally I don't work on items for a specific season or day after the day or season has passed, but this year I'm still stitching it!  I did a Brenda Gervais from last year or the year before that I was dying to stitch, but I'm having difficulties with the lack of additions on my part.  I love   dimensional add-ons...and while this design has wool flowers added I wasn't  happy with just that so I'm still figuring this out, although I had a great idea but am afraid when I try to execute it I'll run into trouble..but what the heck I'm going for it anyway.  After my "Lady Liberty" finishing struggle I wanted a fast stitch so I stitched "Land of Liberty" by Shepherds Bush and handed it over to West End Frames this morning.  He's quick so I should have it in this week.  In my bag right now are 3 projects....Stacy Nash's "Clementine" cat (which I have stitched the head at this point), Shepherd's Bush, "Liberty Notes", and "Little Blue House, " and of course I've got 10 of the Hands on Design's "To The Beach Series."  I'm ready to stitch 24/7, the only problem is I can't stay up like that anymore.  I find myself, after a day of stitching, getting tired around 11 p.m. and going to bed, but of course that means I'm up at 3:30 to visit my IPad and then I figure what the hell and pick up my stitching, turn on Acorn T.V., PBS, or Netflix and ready to go for another several hours.  I have given some thought to cleaning up the apartment, but after hanging a couple of items in the closet I take an endless break.  So I'm not getting far with that chore.  I did drive Solomon to skateboard camp in Pennsylvania so that was 12 hours of  driving up and back and 6 days later did the drive again to pick him up.  But we do for grandchildren that I'm not sure I'd do for my own...oh, wait a minute Sara went to computer camp when she was around 10 in Connecticut.  I take back my previous statement.  I finally learned how to use the GPS in the car so that was a wonderful surprise and on the way up my Sirius went out (and yes I paid the bill) which was a pain and when I got home and went online I had to be in the car to reboot it which meant I forgot it until the return trip.  Of course I was on the road before I remembered, but once I stopped I took care of it and may I say how easy that was.  I'm actually becoming proficient with this on line stuff....not that you could tell by my banking experience.  For the last couple of years I've done mobile banking with no problem.  This year they updated and you had to change your password,etc, and I have to call them once a week because I keep getting locked out so I've said the hell with that and I'm back to taking the deposit to the bank, which isn't really that much of a chore since I give it to Mary to take when she does the hotel banking, but it's the principle here that is driving me crazy.  (I'm not sure what principle I'm speaking of but I'll find one somewhere.)  Anyway, I've actually got to get to work since I have to work on the card rack (UGH!!! I'm in Sea Trader and no one else will do it.  Since I only work in here once or twice a month it means the rack is a red hot mess when I return.  An all day job and I hate it-along with all the other things I hate about working.)  But I need to get to it and get it done so have a great weekend.  I'll post again next week hopefully. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Theodore has made his way to the shop....

Well, it's been a productive week, starting with the finishing of Theodore.  Yes, stitchers, I finally got off the sofa and just took the time to do the finish and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Knowing I can barely stitch a straight line with my machine, I decided to stitch the head front and back together by hand and continued until I got to the arm and then switched to the machine and sewed the sides using it.  I encountered no problems with this at this point.  According to the directions, you whip stitch the bottom together, however, I wanted Theodore to be a stand up so I cut a piece of mat board in an oval which would fit in the bottom and then proceded to cover it with the same fabric I used for the pocket on the back and bam, stand up done.  And the best part is he does stand up.  I filled him with the favorite, lizard litter and sewed the bottom on and sat him on the table and patted myself on the back.  However 2 hours later I noticed his neck wobbling.  In fact he was looking down at the table, as the litter had settled and now he couldn't hold his head up.  Crap!  I knew this was going too smoothly.  So after cursing for 1/2 hour and saying I wasn't going to do anything about it, I finally couldn't stand it any longer, took the bottom back off and filled his head

with the litter (I wanted his ears filled) and then I started with the fiberfil and filled his neck and part of his body, then put in more litter so he would not be top heavy and fall over and then filled the rest with poly fil.  Perfect or as near perfect as I'll ever get.  I absolutely adore him.  

The back shows the scissor pocket.  Stacy does give good directions for the finishing of this piece unless you decide to make changes (like turning it into a stand up)  and in that case you are on your own for the changes.  Can't wait to start Clementine.  Then I started the thimble bag which hangs on his shoulder.  This was machine sewn completely.  She whip stitched the sash together I assume so she didn't have to turn it, but I don't mind turning as long as I can get a safety pin in it.  Then I did the pouch....and here was the hardest part for me.  It's really very simple, you just put right sides together on 2 pieces of the blue fabric, and 2 pieces of the striped fabric and then put the four pieces together and sew it.  However, apparently the light or my eyes were a little tired and when I turned everything out, the bag was lined only I had put one of the lining pieces in backwards so it was a back and a front together and therefore one side of the lining is inside out.  I started to take it apart when I remembered I was so sure of this I had already cut the groves in the bottom so it would be impossible for me to redo this and so it would mean starting it over.  After redoing the cat, I was in no mood so I have the correct side facing out and the side with the lining trim backwards on the back.  When I went to show Sara the next day, it was hard to tell that the striped fabric rim on the back was on backwards so I think I got away with this so now it is residing in the showcase in the shop.  Can't wait for Clementine to join him.  I know he's lonely.   I think I mentioned before that while working on Theodore I was also working on other small projects, which now are also done.  I've done many of the Noteworthy Needle's pails so the "Teacher's Pail" became a must for our June display.  These are always fast and easy stitches as well as easy finishes.  It doesn't take a lot of floss so I use these type of projects to use left over floss I have so while I try to use what is suggested, if I have something close sitting beside me, well I use it so I don't have to go look.  Lazy I know but I do get to use up left overs sitting around me.

  I used Lady Dot chenille to finish off the band.  Fun piece.  Then Hinzeit's "I love America" which takes one night to stitch and then I popped it in a frame which we will have in the shop for sale in a week or two so that was fast and easy.  And of course, I lost the first liberty bell charm and had to take a second chart to get another one...and I felt it was too important to leave off.  Fun stitch and now I'm ready for July 4th, or at least I'm working towards it.

 And finally the last finish is Little House Needleworks, "Needlework ABC".  This chart comes with

the floss so I used what was given.  I did pop on beads for the centers of the flowers just because I like dimension on my pieces.  I cross stitched the thread on the spool, but then went over it with satin stitch.  Judy pointed out that I didn't replace the stitched  bee with my favorite bitty bee, but in this instance, while I pondered doing that, I felt it would be too out of character with the rest of the sampler.  (Yes, I do try to think about the embellishments before using them...I don't just willy nilly stick them on, although sometimes I do get carried away).   It will be finished in the Classic Colorworks white frame shown on the chart and since it hasn't arrived yet you are seeing just the finished piece unframed (obviously).  This is the piece I told you about earlier,  I was stitching just 3 letters a day and on the last two days of the stitch I stitched 4 letters per day.  Easy to attain goals...always a good thing.  Now, with all of that off the todo list I have to pick new projects. The most fun of all.  When I got to the shop guess what was waiting for me.  A sign from the stitching God that this should be my new project....the red tray for  the American Homestead project.

 So I'm off to get my fabric and fibers.  Talk to you again soon...although stitchers start arriving for our Betsy Morgan weekend tomorrow so not sure I'll be talking again before Monday....I just never know.  Can't wait, Paola and Stasi will both be here....Debbie was suppose to be here but she's become accident prone and did something to her ankle so she's on crutches and in pain.  Fingers crossed the pain subsides and she can get here anyway.  But we are sure to have fun this weekend.  So many stitchers in the house is a good thing.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Theodore is here!

Finished the stitching on Theodore on Sunday, thought I'd do the finishing on Monday and instead I stitched all day...darn it, what is wrong with me.   Excuse the wrinkled linen, I didn't even have the strength to go iron it.

 The only day off this week and I wouldn't get off the sofa.  Binge watched "Bloodline" on Netflix and stitched.  So it wasn't a total loss....I did start another project from Hands on Designs, "To the Beach" series..."Surf Life".  It's a fun stitch, nothing too strenuous, cute design, and I'm somewhat behind on getting the series done.  I have the display all ready and just sitting there waiting.  In my defense, I've had a few things I felt had to get stitched.  I started "My Teacher's Pail" which is part of Noteworthy Needle's Rusty Pail series.  It's a fast stitch, and easy finish and I think these pails look cute in a display.  I've actually finished all but a couple of the pails at this point.  Anyway, I need that for display in the shop for June so I'm on a deadline.  Still working on Little House Needleworks "Needleworks ABC" and I'm right on track with that one.  I set a goal originally of 3 letters a  night and then I switch off to something else.  So I'm up to "S" so I'll have this one finished this week and Sara has already ordered the frame that it's shown in so while that will take a while I'm sure, I'll have it in the shop unframed first.  I should also finish the "Teacher's Pail" this week and the Beach Series piece.  3 projects, one week..that's not bad.  I have Clementine, Theodore's mate already to go into rotation, but that means I get to rummage through more time ever!  Today at the shop it's a  bit slow since the weekend is over and most people are back at work.  The weather is a little gloomy, sprinkling periodically and no sun at all...ugh!  But I can always collect more stash, it's so dangerous to be left to my own devices here because Salty Yarns is too tempting to someone addicted to needlework.  I did bring my current projects with me in case I found I had nothing to maybe I should get to it.  Will keep you posted..

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Third times the charm...........

Yes, the third time was the charm, thank God because I don't think the corners would have taken another go at finishing.  So everything is done but the tassel on the fob, and I already screwed up the first one this morning so I'm waiting until I'm home again to do a second one.  But at least progress has been made.  To refresh what I told you about this yesterday, the design is a Lizzie Kate called, "Summer Smalls" and I adapted 3 of the 4 designs to create a tool tote.  All 4 designs charted originally designed as pin cushions.  I've adapted them for a needlebook, scissor fob, and needle vial as well as the decorative front on the tote (which we sell in the shop).  An easy stitch with few embellishments, which is strange for me.  I did put on a few beads in spots, but basically that was it.  I changed the needlebook lining from a cotton fabric to a felt simply because it was easier and then attached a scissor sheath with the blanket stitch and  needle pages with buttons.  Now anytime I look at this project I think of all things summer.

The last picture is a close of up the needle vial which is the only piece that is stitched over one.  This is just a small part of one of the designs in the chart pack.  I'm thinking of adding a spool which will use one of the 2 designs I haven't used fully yet.  If I actually do that I will show it to you when it's finished.  Because I was fiddling with this project, and I confess I started another new project just because I wanted to...."Needlework ABC 's" by Little House Needleworks, I got very little done on Theodore....but I'm hoping to get back to it while I'm working today.  Not sure how successful I'll be since I brought 5 projects to work with me (what was I thinking?)  I've got the "American Homestead" Sewing Set, which I haven't started yet but I know the trays are due in next month so I need to get it done.  I've got "Mermaid's Drum" by Plum Street, which came in a couple of weeks ago and is simply fabulous too, so how could I not do it.  Then there's Blackbird's "Lady Liberty" a drum which is another favorite of mine and finally there is Hands on Designs, "Good Ship Sampler".  I plan to be very busy today just stitching, while I'm at work....thank God it's my job.  Life just doesn't get any better than this!  Sara just came in and handed me a round plaque which is the size of the plaque I needed for the Uncle Sam hat which is part of the Blackbird Design pin cushion I finished.  Now all I need is a 4" round box and I can cross that project off my "to do" list.  God knows what all the guys have down in the workshop.  As they are cleaning it out we might find all kinds of useful items.  On the family side, we had a little scare with my Michael which started 2 days ago when Sara called to see if I could come in and work her shift as she had to take Michael to the hospital.  While Mary adjusted hotel schedules so Kelly could take Sara's place since she was working in Sea Trader I was able to continue my stitching at home.  But Sara ended up not only taking him over to the hospital but they admitted him in the end so she ended up staying overnight.  (She actually had the foresight to take her stitching with her.  They talked about doing surgery but in the end decided to drain the knee and if that didn't work they could do surgery next week.  So my Michael came home yesterday with a full leg mobilizer and a crutch where he has received a great deal of sympathy from us all.  We are all hoping this is the end of the drama once the knee heals/  The hope is that the abscess, now that it's been drained, will heal and no further action will have to be taken.  Fingers crossed!!!  Michael is scared to death of needles and a whole lot of that was happening at the hospital so this big 16 year old was a puddle of tears, bless his heart.  But he's out of school for a couple of days and we are on sympathy overload so that should make up for it.  While Sara was in the emergency room she ran into Renee (who worked for Salty Yarns for 40 years) who was there with her husband who they thought was having a stroke or a heart attack.  Turns out it was indigestion and while she was more than grateful by the time Renee turned up here yesterday she was ready to kill the man.  I, of course, am thanking God that two went in and two came out.  Know we are Blessed!  Apparently we are being blessed with nicer weather as well.  I see the sun is poking it's head out from the clouds that have haunted us for days.  The weather has warmed up a tad as well, which I knew it would as I broke down 2 nights ago and turned my heat back on.  And I do see 70's in the forecast for this weekend so cheers to that.  I didn't even realize it was Memorial Weekend until Elaine mentioned it this morning.  When she said she was hoping to have something by that date I asked when that was.  She just looked at me and smiled (I'm pretty sure she was feeling sorry for Sara having to deal with me every day), but you know when you don't work full time you do lose track of days, time, everything (at least that's my excuse and by God I'm sticking with it.)  Well I've got to get back to Theodore...he's longing to get his other leg stitched.  I'm n it and I'll show it when he's really finished.  In case I don't back to you...Have a safe and healthy Memorial Weekend.