Saturday, March 18, 2017

Being sick is a bitch!

I've been out of commission for over 10 days, in fact, I was sick on my return from Nashville, which is why you've heard nothing and seen nothing from me.  Being in a confined space on the ride to and from Nashville with sick Sara, ended with me getting the worst she had to give.  I hit to sofa upon our return and didn't arise fully until yesterday and that was reluctantly.  We arrived home from the market on Tuesday, March 7th.  I was without any medication as it was in the suitcase behind all the Nashville cash and carry.  So for 3 days I just lay there feeling sorry for myself, but too sick to care.  Friday I arose from the ashes to deliver the van to the store for the guys to unload.  I tried to work but the hacking, nose blowing etc., bothered Sara so much she sent me home.  Before I got to work I asked Sara to bring me her cold medicine as I didn't have the strength to get my suitcase out of the car.  So I began my medication at that point.  My other daily meds however, I just let go and couldn't be worried about as I was barely hanging on.  I really should have gone to my doctor, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of bitching at me over my never getting the flu shot so I wouldn't go, even though what I had was a nasty cold and not the flu I knew he would pile on the crap anyway.    Sara left for vacation on March 12th and I told her to leave a note on the door saying the shop was closed on the 13th due to my illness.  I felt guilty Monday morning because I felt a little better but by noon I was down again and feeling I may never recover.  Meanwhile, all this time on the sofa should have meant a great deal of stitching was taking place, but I never put needle to linen until Thursday and only then because I couldn't take not stitching any longer.  I stayed down all week, finally got my meds from the suitcase Thursday so while I was off all cold medicine I started my other meds again.  Friday I showed up for work with Pat and while I'm still hacking and bringing up all kinds of nasty, I'm back to being productive somewhat again.  I actually was able to sleep a few hours in a row on Friday for the first time since Nashville.   Before that it was an hour down, coughing, hacking and dry heaving for an hour and then a nap for a few minutes and the cycle just repeated itself.  I was never so tired in my life.  But last night I really think I sleep for about 4 hours straight.  I'm no longer sore, and while I'm still hacking more than I want, it's not as long or as violent so I'm back!  Today started with me picking more projects.  Sara, bless her heart also had a bag with things I had to have from Nashville so that was exciting.    I started Blackberry Lane's "All Dressed Up for Winter" Thursday night and since  it's over 2 it's a fun stitch, although she does change floss colors a lot with the scarf,  but he is too darn cute for words, and I love him already.  But of course I'm itching to start more of the new stuff.  Erica Michael's "By the Sea" is a must for me.  Today I cut the fabric, I'll pull threads to night and hopefully it will become my shop project tomorrow.  Ohh, the excitement mounts.

At the show we saw Blackberry Lane's new "Jingle."  She shows it on the packaging as an ornament over 1, but at the show she had it done over 2 as well and in a Lone Elm Round box....stunning does not say enough.  I like it both ways but I'm planning on over 2 and Sara wants it in a specific tray we sell that have a round opening in it.  So who knows what I'll finish it in, but I know it's going to be spectacular.  

Have a great night....hope you will join me in stitching.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Night and we're exhausted..............

I meant to give you updates, but we're too exhausted to move....almost.  Well, we were too tired to go get know I'm exhausted if I was too tired to get food!  But we had a very productive day today.  Actually we started last night when some of the designers opened for 3 hours.  It gave us a great head start.  Unfortunately this morning Sara was in line for With Thy Needle and Thread's special limited edition piece for approx. 3 hours.  The show doesn't open until 9:00 but Sara got in the line that started forming at 7:30 a.m.   Since we didn't have to both stand there,  I decided to be productive and go off on my own...hated it.  I just like hauling the stuff once Sara buys it and to have to buy it and haul it was also too much for me.  But I soldiered on and  I picked a couple of rooms on the same floor.   Because of my love of her gauze petite's,  I stopped by Erica Michael's...oh I love, love, love her strawberries, (some of her previous strawberries shown here).  Such fun pieces to stitch and don't worry about the count of the gauze pieces, because here you can see the small gauze strawberries and the larger ones which are stitched on linen and you can pick your favorite count.  Either way you stitch them, you are going to love them!  

Her newest berry is Eden Berry so it's all about the Garden of Eden and is really cute, whether done on linen($9.00) or gauze ($16.00)

We are also bringing home the Parts 1-3 of  The 12 Berries of Christmas...Days 1-9.  There are 3 days in each pack ($15.00/pack)  These have been out for a few months but we kept running out of one part before we had the next part and we couldn't get our act together so thrilled we will have the first 9 days at one time.  Linda modeled hers on 35 ct. Cocoa, but since linen isn't included in the chart pack, you can choose your favorite fabric.  Along with the newest strawberries we are in love with Linda's "By the Sea" ($20.00)  We were even able to get a few of the scalloped soap boxes pictured, which are used to store and display the piece.  So cute and perfect for us since we are right on the beach, and our view is of the Atlantic Ocean.  There are three parts to this project,  the mermaid pendant stitched on 40ct. gauze (included with chart), with the rest of the project needlebook and strawberry" stitched on 32 ct. raw linen.  Wonderful project!

Getting back to Sara's 3 hr in line mission, this is the piece she stood in line for....Brenda Gervais', "Ode to the Ort Basket" ($22.00) which includes handwoven basket w/lid, cross stitch chart & finishing directions.  You supply the fibers and linen.   So I'm thrilled to tell you we were able to get 12,  thanks to Sara's due diligence.  Well worth the wait, especially since 4 stitchers had already put in a request for it, but just standing in a line for 3 hours is exhausting, especially when Sara is not feeling well, and alerted me that she had to go use the bathroom so I went to hold her place in line, before going on my own again.  But we love and appreciate our customers so much Sara is willing to go the extra mile.   While coming to this show is fun, it's a lot of hard work and exhausting but I can't imagine skipping this. (although the 3 hrs in line bit did make me wonder if I'm too old to even come)  I can't be that much help since I spent the better part of the day hiding in R & R's room because they had empty seats for me to use.  In my defense I only did that after Sara was free again and would only do it when I was on their floor...once we moved off their floor I was back to working again.  Fortunately each designer keeps food in their room for us, candy mostly,  so I kept treating myself as we went through.  Anything to help me get to the finish line.  I might have to result to alcohol to keep Sara motivated.  Although when we went to lunch she didn't eat lunch and wouldn't order a drink.  She really isn't well, although she does feel like she's getting better, but with the amount of sneezing wheezing and nose blowing it doesn't sound it.  

Well, these are just a couple of the projects coming home with us....I'll list more tomorrow...but I have to get some sleep so we can do this all over again tomorrow....only there will be no standing in line tomorrow....Thank God!  
Have a great night....

Friday, March 3, 2017

We're in Nashville!!!!

Sara's just kicking back with a drink after we finally arrived at our destination Wednesday.  We left Ocean City at 8:30 am and headed for the Cheesecake Factory in Annapolis and a short stop at Nordstrom.   2 1/2 hrs in Nordstrom and another hour at Cheesecake Factory we were on our way. The weather was perfect for driving,  although it wasn't important to me since I spent the drive time sleeping.  I knew since April 2016 that I would be leaving for Nashville on the 28th of February, so I vowed to have everything done before Monday the 27th, so I  could just stitch and go to sleep without my usual all nighter getting packed and cleaning the house up.  And as usual, that just didn't happen, so I was cleaning the bathroom, doing 2 loads of wash, cleaning out the refrigerator, etc. all night.  I even cut up veggies to take on the trip so we would have healthy snacks. ( Even I couldn't believe I was doing that.)  Thank God at 8:00 am on Tuesday,  Sara showed up to help load the car and then we were off.   We usually drive until dark the first night on the road and this time was no different.  Poor Sara who was also up late Monday night plus she got a cold and wasn't feeling so hot, drove the whole time because I was sleeping 90 percent of the time. In fact, I only really woke up when the car hit the gravel as Sara started to nod off and veered off the road a tiny bit.  That woke me up for the rest of the drive.  I'm a terrible passenger if you are tired, because I'm so busy nodding off myself, but once I realized Sara was having difficulty herself,  I snapped to attention and then my mission became keeping her awake and on the road.  The rain began to come down in torrents so we pulled over for the night.  I took my overnite bag and one project with me to the room.  Sara offered to get my needlework bag but I didn't want her to go back out in the rain to get it and after all I brought my one project in so I was certain I was all set.  About an hour later I realized I hadn't put needles in my project bag which aggravated me, but I thought I'd just get on my IPad and check out news and websites, but then noticed I didn't have a lot of life left on it and....I didn't have my power cords.  CRAP!!!  Worst night ever.  I spent the night trying figure out what to do to occupy myself because I also left my book in the car.  I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep but wow glad to get back on the road.  The weather on Wednesday started out O.K.,, but boy did it take a turn.  We rode right into tornado weather.  The torrential rain was so bad you couldn't see ahead of you.  I thought at first we were coming into a really bad fog bank......but we quickly learned that wasn't the case.  The ride remained dangerous until we got about 1 hour outside of Nashville.  The sun came back out and we were able to ease into Franklin and our destination hotel.  It was good to be home.  While checking in we were given keys to rooms on the 4th floor.  Sara commented that it was the vendor's floor and I exclaimed that we'd never been on the same floor as vendors, but the desk personnel just smiled so we were off to the 4th floor.   For the first time ever...I got busy getting food put away, getting my things hung up and things put away.  Usually I just leave it in the bags we brought it in for a couple of days or just leave it in bags the whole time.  But I wanted to get situated ....  Thursday morning we get up and we noticed the floor was lined with the tables they put in the vendor's room.  I tried to get the iron out of the holder and when I was unable to get it out I called for Sara to come help me.  She managed to pull the iron and the holder right out of the wall.   Apparently my room's iron was too big for the holder and it was impossible to get out.  However, Sara's room had a smaller iron so I was able to use hers.  But we called the desk and reported what happened so maintenance could fix it.  I was astonished when the front desk said this wasn't the first time that had happened.  You would think that if they had irons too big for the holders they would change the irons instead of waiting for us to pull them out of the wall.  Before we left the hotel, a woman who is in charge of events stopped by the rooms and was astounded to find Sara in the room as she wasn't aware anyone was there.  Sara and I just looked at each other and we both felt something was strange, but eventually we left the hotel to hit up a breakfast place called The Egg and I.  Before we left the hotel Sara questioned me about not putting on makeup since our stop at Nordstroms was for me to get a make over.  I've been using the same makeup for over 20 years and since I'm looking at 70 in a
year I felt I should be upgrading the makeup. (not that anyone sees me in makeup since I only use it infrequently), so I decided to go ahead and figure out what all this stuff was.  Sara uses Bobbie Brown makeup so we went to them.  I had never seen so make layers but I do like the fact that you can't really tell I've got makeup on.  Things have certainly changed in 20 years.  Anyway, I open the first jar and it was almost empty.  You could tell it did at one time hold product, but it was empty now.  So I said to Sara, "Is this suppose to look like this because I know it cost around $50 and this isn't worth it." Of course she said, no you can use mine and we'll call them.  The rest of the make-up session went smoothly and then we were ready to go after a call to Nordstrom who couldn't have been nicer.(excellent customer service...could give lessons to the Embassy Suites).   Each year we find restaurants we like and some we don't like, but apparently Franklin has the same problem as Ocean City.  The restaurants come and go quickly.  Last year we found our favorite dinner restaurant was gone and this year the Egg and I was gone.  Thankfully a new restaurant had arrived.  While it wasn't the same,  it was a farm to table place so we decided to give it a try.  Sara always eats fresh and healthy while I eat whatever comes across and I obviously don't care about healthy.  So imagine my shock when the menu was all about healthy eating.

Sara loves the healthy drinks for breakfast and even makes them herself.  I've purchased the ingredients a few times but never actually made one.  So Sara ordered the Kale drink and I decided on the carrot based drink.  Sara loved hers and I complained constantly about mine until Sara drank it for me.  Live and learn.  The rest of the breakfast was fine and I enjoyed it....apparently I'm  just not into the veggie/fruit drinks.  After breakfast we decided we didn't feel like shopping and just wanted to hang out and stitch.  So we returned to the rooms.  When Sara went into her room she came back to mine and informed me that there were tables in her room. These are the tables that the vendors use to set up displays in their rooms.  So she called the front desk (they should have given us the direct line to the maintenance departments) and informed them that they needed to get them out of her room as she wasn't a vendor. We proceeded to  get our stitch on and around 2:30 my room phone rang and Sara answered it and I heard her say, "no I wasn't aware of that" and I knew there was trouble coming.  She gets off the phone and announces that the front desk called to say we had to move rooms.  They were sending bell hops up to move us.  Meanwhile I had unpacked my stuff and Sara had brought up to our rooms the trunk shows we were returning to 2 vendors as well as Pat Yergey's  Nashville show cash and carry yesterday.  So now to have to move all of this...too much.  And the bell hops arrived about a minute after the call.  I looked at them and said, for God's sake I haven't got my things packed up yet.  So then we're just throwing stuff in bags and we were bitching and complaining the entire time.  There was no apology from the management team, and I really think they thought they could just pass this off as our fault somehow.  But as a hotel owner, I also know there are times when things happen where you have to get a tenant to move rooms.  This has happened at our place. And when we make a mistake, we apologize profusely, also help to make the move less stressful for the tenant and then we compensate them in some way...usually free nights.  Now I don't care about the free nights, but I do think an apology was in order.  God knows we mentioned this wasn't our normal floor when we arrived, and called about the tables, and the event manager knew we were there and yet it wasn't on her list.  How many clues do you need?  Anyway, we were moved to the 8th floor which we like better (that's not the point at this time.  Something tells me I won't be happy until I discuss this with the management team.  We weren't the only ones with issues as Fern Ridge's Peggy and Pat went out to get groceries and wine and when they got back they couldn't get back in their room.  The new key system which was put in place last year during our stay wasn't working for them.  Maintenance came up and this new system uses batteries which you apparently can't replace unless you are inside the room.  So he was using a wire coat hanger to try and gain entrance.  Really?  What kind of dumb ass system is that?  Anyway, I'm assuming eventually they got in the room.  At this point it's everyone for themselves.  Sara is still fighting this damn cold and was about to drive me crazy with her sneezing,coughing and nose blowing, so she ran out to the pharmacy while I stayed in the room.  She also ran to Puffy Muffin and brought back 3 delicious desserts as a special treat.  Oh, yes, there is something positive happening as well.   I'm pleased to say I didn't eat all three, in fact just took one bite of 2 of them and called it a day.  We had a wonderful dinner at Sperry's and then came back to the rooms to stitch.  I did manage to finish one Shepherd's Bush piece,  which was a free chart from Nashville a few years ago.  I found the chart along with the buttons in my stash at home and realized the buttons were suppose to be put in the shop when we got home from Nashville that year but they never made it and I never stitched the now that's done.  Then I decided to do my Betsy Morgan pre-stitch from the class with the Delware now that's done.  Yes, I'm stitching as much as I can because tonight we start the show...can't wait.   We're hopeful that today will be without any problems, but no matter what at 6:00 pm we get to do early shopping so whoohoo tonight the fun begins.  I've had a good nights sleep so I'm ready.   Let the games begin!  Have a great day.   

Monday, February 27, 2017

OMG, another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  This is my view which today only reminds me once again that I live in a wonderful neighborhood.  The sun is glistening off the Atlantic Ocean, the temperature is going to hit 60's today, no winter coats in sight and it's so nice there are people sitting on the beach.  Stitchers it just doesn't get any better than this!  Well that was suppose to post on Friday, but I got busy...pulling more supplies and forgot.

Today it's not as warm or as bright, but its still a good day in the neighborhood.  We leave tomorrow for Nashille so today we are busy today getting the shops straightened and cleaned up before we leave.  Well Sara is busy,  I'm busy pulling supplies for me to take to Nashville.  My stitching, always the first thing in the car.  I might forget my underwear (God forbid) or my toothbrush, but my stitching will be there.  Have had my suitcase in the living room since last week, sorry I didn't get around to putting anything in it until last night.  All through February I kept telling Sara I was going to have everything ready before today so I wouldn't be up all night cleaning and packing.  I had the best intentions, however the road to that is paved with "could have, would have and definitely should have.)  But this morning I started at 4:30 and finished getting all my stitching projects bagged with linen, fibers, etc. so the most important packing is finished.  Underwear and socks are in the suitcase, so I'm almost finished packing clothes.  The computer bag is packed and label maker in with it, along with the office supplies I need.  Oh, I'm feeling ever if I would just not sit on the sofa when I get home I may be able to get some sleep tonight.  I usually don't get on the  computer until we land in Franklin, so I'll keep you posted from there.  Can't wait.....Have a great week..

Monday, February 20, 2017

Uh, oh....I'm not having a good morning....

It has nothing to do with needlework, although I did forget to bring my fibers with me so I'm here with my Selfie Sampler by Lizzie Kate and no fibers....not that I couldn't pull new ones, but I'm trying to act like a grown up and use what I have first....just no fun at all.  But my problem this morning is with people.  I really have tried not to go one one of my rants, but honestly people....people coming in are just driving me crazy.  First woman in this shop today (I'm in Sea Trader trying to mind my own darn business) says to me as I'm holding my needlework trying to figure out where my threads are..."Oh, are you knitting."  Honestly, I was so dumbfounded I couldn't speak for a minute, but then managed to say, no, it's counted cross stitch.  I mean how could you mix the two up, not even close.  And if you  know so little about it why not just ask me what I was doing, I don't think I'd have a problem with that, but knitting.  So I said to Sara, "I'm not sure I'll make it to 4:00 if this is how the day is starting.  But I calm down, go back over to Sea Trader when a woman walks in and says, I see Thrashers is not longer opened so they not here any more?  Again, I was like deer in headlights...are you kidding me...this can not be happening is running through my mind...or am I being punked.  But no one came running in to say "we were just trying to drive you crazy."  So in the end, I pulled up my very big girl pants and said, "It's winter here so they are closed for the season, not gone for good."  I realize that today it feels like we're in the 60's but folks it is still February and that's winter for us.  So summer businesses are not open in February.  I went back over to Sara who was at the cutting table and said, that's it, I'm not sitting in there any longer and she was just laughing because she heard the woman ask me that question and knew I'd go crazy.   And just now a woman came up to me with a card from here and wanted me to read it because she loved it.  I don't need to read cards here because I put them out and believe me I've read them all.  But of course I read it and laughed and commented, but again, it's causing me to go around the bend a little bit at a time and I'm not sure if this keeps up if I will make it to noon, let alone 4.  The card woman reminded me that I finally went to our Super Walmart, which I hate so I don't go often, and I was looking at Valentine's Day cards for my grandsons when a woman walks up to me and showed me her cards, proceeded to read them to me and wanted to know which one she should buy.  I then had to hear all about her life choices before I could give her my opinion.  When she was yammering on all I was thinking was "why the hell did this woman accost me instead of all the other people who are in this store?  What is it about me that to me...ask me stupid questions because that is why I came into Walmart!"  Well it will be another 6 months before I walk into that store again.  I'll just have to walk quickly and not loiter more than a second in any one spot.  On the plus size, no one has walked by in a bathing suit today that doesn't fit them properly so at least that's one rant I won't go on.  But honestly, nothing else is safe.  I really thought I was not going to have a clothing melt down, but I just can't let this go.  A rather bottom heavy young woman walked by wearing leggings and a short let me just advise women about leggings.  I am an expert on the look, even though I don't wear them, and I don't because I'm fat!  Putting me into a pair of leggings would just be asking too much of those leggings.  But if you are heavy and you want to wear leggings, then for God's sake put on a tunic top which covers the stomach and the butt.  But this isn't really just a heavy set girls issue.  I've seen older women, with really remarkable figures, and even they shouldn't wear them without a longer top.  Just because you can fit into something, doesn't mean you should wear it.  And that goes for us all, young or old, I don't care what the fad of the moment is...when you are out in public cover your jiggly bits for all our sakes.  And now I'm  done.  Back to stitching.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Better Late than Never?

I'm all about recycle/reuse(Sara says I'm a hoarder),  so one day sitting in Sea Trader I came across one of the trays we used during our Troll beads days.  We use to carry the line a few years ago before it drove me over the bend dealing with it and so we stopped carrying it.  I was thrilled to carry it in the beginning because I wanted a bracelet, but after several years, and several bracelets later I had had it with customers and those darn beads and charms so I decided I didn't want to deal with it anymore.  I loved needlework far more.  But we were left with approx. 20 trollbead trays which have been sitting in the back room waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.   I used one at home as a stitching tray to hold my scissors, a pin cushion, etc.  Well I finally figured out a use.  I stitched the new Lizzie Kate "Love" from her Celebrate with Charms series.  Of course I went to Hobby Lobby and tried to find things to put in the tray, but couldn't find just the right things, so I decided to stitch "I Love 2 Stitch" by Hinzeit in red and white to add to the display and then Stasi Buhrman gave me a gift which turned out to be the Rovarias scissor fob in red with a heart shaped metal finding....perfect.   I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends who stitch and gift me beautiful pieces.  Usually I wouldn't use them in a display like this unless it's home, but I just needed that other piece and this fit in beautifully.  Then I punched some hearts out of scrapbook paper and my tray was finished.   My tribute to Valentine's Day.  Thanks Stasi for helping me finish this, but also for this beautiful fob.  I love it.   Once I dismantle this display, my gift will return to my display cupboard at home.
I think I mentioned before that I was stitching  another Block Party pin cushion, "Mend".  It's  the 4th one I've stitched and I love this series.  They are so much fun to stitch and this one was even more so and now I've declared it my favorite to stitch (I know I said that about the Snow pin cushion but I've changed my mind).  First of all, there is nothing I like to do more than add a bead, a button, perhaps a charm, or even all three.  But it must make sense to me.  I won't just throw a bead, button or charm on a piece I'm stitching, it has to fit in perfectly, in my  mind at least.  That is called, making it your own.  I love the artist's interpretation who designed it, but put my spin on it.  Mend just gave me so many opportunities I could hardly contain myself.  It bit me in the butt on finishing, as the needles, pins and threader kept catching on my t-shirt while finishing, but even so I still had a great deal of fun stitching and planning embellishments on this one.

I started to finish this when I realized it might be better to show it before I finished it.  This shows the band and what embellishments I used.  I have to admit I did change two colors on the tomato, I used Gentle Arts Buckeye Scarlett for the darker red and Weeks Bluecoat Red for the lighter color.  I also used GA Forest Green for the top instead of Green Pasture.  The first part of the band on the left shows one of my favorite changes.  The button card which was suppose to have stitched buttons, I turned into a real button card by using red buttons that matched beautifully from my stash and they were just the right size.  Next to the buttons is a pin card.  It was too small for regular pins, but Debbie Liming had given me a package of quilting pins that were short with white tops.  I just spray painted the tops black and stuck them in...perfect.  The next tomato section didn't have any areas that jumped out for embellishment so I just stitched that section, but the third section had the needle book with a threader.  I put gold petite needles in there and I happened to have a Puffin micro threader thich had lost it's top so I had it sitting on a magnet until I found it and attached it back on the threader.  It was the perfect size but  I couldn't find my top so I checked at the shop and the tops on those were a little bit to big so I decided to use a heart charm,  that I had taken home for the Valentine's Day tray and never used, and it was the perfect size.  So I attached that next to the needles.  The the spools were suppose to have needles stitched in them and I did a satin stitch over the cross stitch for thread and just stuck a regular gold needle through the stitches.  At the right end I just put a few beads on the top of the dress for buttons because it looked bare after the other embellishments.  That is why this became my favorite Block Party pin cushion.  It was just so much fun to play with.  For the stitcher who just wants to stitch, that's O.K. too because this is a fun piece no matter how you decide to do it.  This series has been so much fun I do believe I will be stitching all of them....the Bee is next.

The top of Mend.  I was suppose to put a stitch into each button as you would if you were sewing them on a piece of clothing, but after stitching one section, I decided I really liked the buttons without that so I left them alone.  I also used Moss Weeks Wool for the top.  I think the original was done with Weeks Wool in Capuccino.

All in all a great week of stitching and now I get to finish stitching something I started before Valentines Day or something Irish...uh, oh, another tray is starting to form in my mind.  I'll make Sara eat those "You're a hoarder" words.  Have a great stitching weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Tiny Stitching.....

While it has been a couple of weeks past the time I should have mentioned it....our Superbowl sale was a big success and we want to thank everyone who took part.  It was a real boost for us and we appreciate seeing you and having your support.  We especially want to say thank you to our Pennsylvania retreaters, our Baltimore and Ocean City retreaters and our Delaware retreaters who were staying on the property for a long weekend.  They were coming in and out for three days and it was joyful to have so much activity at this time of year.  Stitchers on the property always provide us with a fun weekend.  Stasi Buhrman brought her show and tell for the stitchers and I know many of you have seen the piece on her blog but honestly you can not imagine the finished size unless you really see it in person.  She stitched it over one on what turned out to be 58 ct. linen.  It is stunning.  The pattern is called Sew Scissors by I Stitch.  I would like this pattern, in fact it's in a tote somewhere,  on 28 ct. linen, but taking it to over 1 on 58 well, fabulous.  Thanks Stasi for  letting me take a picture and then putting it on the blog and inspiring me to do better.  

And then she pulled out the finished class piece from Jamboree 2016 held here.  While she wasn't able to come to Jamboree in 2016 due to her daughter's wedding, she found the kit on ebay and snatched it up.  It was so nice to see it finished....although we saw it when the class was offered here, I love to see our stitchers finish their class pieces.  So kudos Stasi...good job.   She has better pictures of this on her blog if you would like to take a

I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of other's show and tell, Jayne alwas does over one and she brought many pieces, but I was not in blog mode so never even though about it.  It wasn't until Monday when everyone was gone except Debbie and Stasi when I my brain started clicking again and my thoughts turned to blog and pictures.  So I apologize to Jayne for not getting her over one's on the blog alson with many others beautiful models shown to me over the weekend.  I will do better next time (hopefully).  Again thanks to all who were here and supported us during the Superbowl weekend.