Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Joy to Ewe and everyone else and projects are getting completed!

 After much thought I decided to turn my Shepherd's Bush "Joy to Ewe" into a pillow, and I was glad I did.  I love it.  Thank you Carolyn for turning this into such a cute pillow...fabulous.   Stitched on 18 ct. linen over 2 the pillow finished size is approx. 11" x 8" (I forgot to measure it so I'm guessing. but it's a nice size).  The design size is approx. 3.5" x 4.5" on 18 ct.    I love stitching on 18 ct. over 2 because it just goes so fast.  I don't quite understand why it seems to stitch up so much quicker...I mean it's the same amount of stitching, but anyway, a one-two day stitch at most.  If I could change anything, I would have made the "o" in "to" the same color as the rest of the lettering, but I kept telling myself to let it go it was the end I would have preferred to have it burgundy, I really have to stop listening to that inner voice.  18 ct. is also so large  you get to use pearl cottons on it.  I don't think I did on this one but normally I try to use the Weeks Dye Works and DMC.  Anyway, it's a fast stitch in case you forgot someone on your Christmas list but have a day or two to get it done.  People coming into the shop have loved it and we've sold our little embellishment kits over and over on it.  The chart is free if you purchase the linen and the fibers which come to about $15.50.   I can tell we're building up to Christmas because I don't have a minute to spare in my quest to get gifts stitched in plenty of time to then get things framed or together.  Of course I'm in my usual state of incomplete, however I've managed to get the piece that needs framing done and it's on it's way to the framer and I have another piece complete and while I muddle with thinking I should really try to finish it myself, I know Carolyn will be bringing something Sara is having done back to her so I'm racing to get a couple of pieces done in case she shows up while I'm there because I know I'll save myself a lot of stress if I let her do them.  Tick Tock people....Dec. 25th will be here before you know it.  There is just no time to spare.  In fact I've got to run because there is stitching to be done.  Have a great day!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Peep, Peep

  Renee brought this in for display and I adore it.  First of all, I'm a big Peeps fan, candy and friends, and so this is really in my wheelhouse.  Incidentally, its a needlepoint canvas, which we also sell in the store.  Renee is our needlepointer and loves to find just the right fibers to work with.  She does an amazing job of matching fibers and specialty stitches.  Anyway, I love the way she showcased this one in a display frame and added the little yellow Easter chicks under the design so there is dimension in the framing.  Fabulous stitching and finishing.  Too cute for words!

The finial finishes of Halloween..................

Too many finishes but I believe these are the final finishes before Halloween this year.  The first is the latest Shepherd's Bush bag , "Grateful Heart," which I collect.  I've done every one so far and love them. Plus the bag is already finished so when you are done stitching you are ready to use it.    Great little bags to put your scissors and needles in, or for small items in your purse.  The 2nd and 3rd pictures show the "Scaredy Pail" from Noteworthy Needle and finished around one of their Rusty Buckets.  An easy finish as they give  you a template for the wrap.  So it's simply a matter of wrapping it around the bucket and whip stitching it closed.  I also added the pom pom finishing on the top and bottom but it isn't really necessary.  The next picture is "Halloween" from Lizzie Kate.  The kit comes with the linen, fabric for backing and the front, ric rac and buttons.  Easy design to stitch and easy to finish with directions for finishing in the kit.  The last two designs were in the Jamboree goodie bags.  The shoe is actually a free design from Blackbird which we used but changed to fall colors and black shoes. Love a cute pin cushion and the final piece was another spool scissor holder, which I seem to be obsessed with.  With the fall colors and the black spool it just went really well with the shoe pin cushion.  Cute set. Hope everyone got theirs done.  Easy stitch and easy finishes.  And that, I think, is the end of my Halloween stitching.  Now back to Giving Thanks by Drawn Thread.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just a few scenes from our C.A. Wells weekend.  And what a wonderful weekend it was.  Please note the monsters stitched in the last picture. This was Sara's project, which traveled with her for I swear 10 trips to Nashville.  Stitched on 10 ct. Tula I think.  It drove me crazy that it took so long and I swore every year that I was going to finish it for her.  But she finally got it done and Caroline did the finishing and it is so cute! We gathered on Saturday and the morning was spent stitching and then we had lunch and for the first time ever, we had a class after lunch.  Jackie Janovsky has asked if we would like her to teach everyone how to make a travel ort container out of fabric and of course Sara and I jumped at the idea.  So, after lunch every one picked out their fabric, (Jackie had precut fabric for everyone and warm and natural and she even had matching thread.  Sara had ordered the necessary 3" hoop that was used in the construction of the ort and off we went.  I am happy to say that everyone got their container stitched and a few of the stitchers purchased extra hoops to make one for a friend.  I actually finished mine, but at home Saturday night.  Still, I finished it and I love it.  When you twist the top you can collapse the container so it's flat.  Fabulous for travel.  Then everyone went back to eating and stitching.  Our goodie bag to the group contained the Jack O Lantern slider pin cushion from JABCO and after much discussion regarding the finishing of it, Debbie Liming actually sat there cutting and stitching and finished that.  2 finishes during Saturday is a first I think.  Anyway, around 5:00 the day ended and we all went home.  Sunday we repeated Saturday, except for me....I worked Sea Trader, when I wasn't sneaking over to the lobby for food.  But another excellent CA Wells weekend was had.  Thanks everyone for coming and for the food .... and Stacy Stinson's taco salad which I ate all weekend during the event and every evening for dinner at home.  Loved it.  We did make it somewhat of a soup and salad event, which would have been really healthy for me,  if I hadn't purchased bags of chocolate candy for dessert.  Ooops, I don't know why I do these things.  Hope your weekend was as much fun as ours.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More finishes......just in time...

   Three more of Val's Ornaments and probably the last you will see from me this year, although it is tempting to finish the series, but I think I've already moved on for now.  Anyway, these were already finished by Jamboree so it isn't that I've stitched these up in the last 2 weeks.  But the more I stitched this series the more I enjoyed it, especially the finish which I have mentioned after each finish.  So easy.  Over the weekend I worked in Sea Trader and  I also searched for new stitching, but not very hard as I've been working on a couple of pieces taken from the "already started" pile and I'm almost done with one of them.  I decided to work each one alternating them  everyday.  So today I brought, Hands on Design, "Stitch Every Day" which is my  mantra.  After starting over (I started stitching the bottom section over 2 when it was suppose to be over 4-made a big difference so I tore it out) when I picked it up again, I  find that it is moving along quite nicely.  I also found after getting 1/3" of it complete that I had left out the 2 lines of stitching about the bottom border.  I was too far along, and had already started over once before, so I decided to keep going and not worry about it.  I don't think anyone will notice especially if they have never seen it before to know that the lines were suppose to be there.  Sara agreed with me when I showed it to her this morning.  So I shall carry on. I'm really enjoying the stitch.  My other project, Drawn Thread's "Give Thanks" was finished last night, however I may be pulling some last stitches out as again, I made a noticeable mistake...darn it I hate when this happens.  But I loved this stitch as well.  It is so much easier to stitch on a project when I'm loving it, don't you find that to be so.  I do start many a stitch and find after a day or two that I'm not loving it so much.  It could be for a variety of reasons, don't like the colors, fibers, fabric, it's not turning out like I thought it would....yes any number of reasons.  If I'm stitching for the shop I try to stay as true to the pattern as possible and tend not to make too many changes (of course there have been exceptions to this rule) as it throws off not only the customers but the sales person who has to know what the changes are.  Now if I'm stitching for myself or as a gift, well I do whatever the hell I want and damn the consequences. Anyway, today will be spent getting ready for this weekends event, The C.A. Wells memorial weekend.  This started out as a bitch stitching weekend for those who signed up for the C.A. Wells class which was cancelled by C.A. a week before she was due here and her reason, "It wasn't worth her time", just mad my blood boil.  It was so insulting to me, and really disrespectful to the stitchers who had signed up to come.  When we contacted the stitchers to tell them, some of them asked if they could come anyway and just have a retreat.  We called it "the C.A. Wells Memorial Weekend" and we've had more fun at this retreat that we would have with just a class with her.  Sara and whoever is working in the shop at the time, spend a couple of days getting the lobby of the hotel ready (needless to say the hotel is now closed for the winter) and we pull decorations for Halloween from our own stash, from Sea Trader, from Michael's and Hobby Lobby and just have fun with it.  We still have the original women coming to it and all of us bring food, enough to feed an army, and for 2 days we sit, eat, bitch, eat, work on joint projects, eat, shop when we are getting sleepy, eat and just have a 2 day eat a thon.  For Sara and me,  it's an easier weekend because it's not a shop event so much anymore but an event put on by the women who signed up.  Of course, now we all bring goodie bags for everyone, so it is also a goodie bag bonanza.  So today will be dedicated to getting ready for the weekend.  While we haven't seen our Debbie Liming since Hunter arrived (her first grandchild), she is due in town tomorrow for the event.  So we have a celebration of sorts as one of us is now a first time grandmother.  Most of us have had that wonderful experience, in fact most of us boast about our multiple grandchildren, but we are always excited when someone else joins out's the best club in the world.  I'll try to get pictures up of the remaining finishes I've had,  in the next few days.  In the meantime, have a great day.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Shepherd's Fold is now complete....except...

 I'm thrilled that at least one series is completed...except I now have to finish the inside of the box, but I'll get to that later when I have time.  Just to have the stitched pieces completed is a thrill. I've done many of Shepherd's Bush needlerolls and they were fun and fast to do so this was a joy to do as well.   Remembering how to finish them was a challenge for me, even though they have excellent directions in the kit but I finally  had to look at the ones I'd already done to see that I was moving in the right direction.  I'm always so unsure of finishing so even if I know mentally what to do, I just have to keep checking myself as I'm always sure I'm doing something wrong.  Anyway,  "Fear Not Needleroll" turned out to be an easy finish, even with my hesitations.  "Reach" which is a ruler case was even easier as it is a nun stitch finish and I'm so use to that finish I don't even have to read the directions anymore...Thank God! Finally a finish I'm quite confident in.  This is such a cute piece as well with stitching on the front of the case as well as the back of the case.  As with all the pieces, I did leave the words off of this piece.  Remember I didn't understand from the beginning what the words had to do with the pieces until I was on about the 3rd or 4th piece.  But by then I had already changed the wording on the lid and so it made no sense at that point to put them on any of the pieces.  I still love each piece and love that I now have a project box from one of my favorite designers.   Now that the season is over, my work at the shop is almost non existent and will be until Thanksgiving when I once more go to work 4 days a week.  Right now I'm in retirement heaven.  Get up, stitch, read, stitch some more.  I have become so lazy I barely pick up after myself but I'm hopeful that this attitude will change and hopefully sooner rather than later.  I look around and my stitching seat (on the sofa) is surrounded by these huge oversized tote bags filled with stitching projects or stitching stuff, and under the coffee table are mesh bags filled with projects to be done or started and in the corner beside the sofa more bags stuffed, honestly it's no wonder I don't sleep well, I can't stop thinking about all the stitching I still have to do.  And this doesn't even take into account the closets I've got stuffed or my stitching room.  I need to stay awake for the next 20 years and then may still not be done.   But such joy just to be stitching.  I wonder what people who don't stitch do with their time.  I have the T.V. on whenever I stitch so I'm hearing what is happening and I do look up now and again, but I'm stitching the entire time.  So, I'm living life and loving it and hope that you can say the same.  Right now I'm trying to finish 2 pieces I had started as they were lingering under the coffee table and I'm on a mission to get these pieces finished and out of the living room.  That's my mission to clean out everything that I can see from my seat so it's not so overwhelming to me.  Well, I best get back to it.  A couple of hours on the internet and my fingers are looking for a needle.  Have a great day. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This is just one of my finishes....Shepherd's Bush Pumpkin Box Kit.  Small design, not even 2" x 2", but it has a lot of elements.   But because of it's size it was easy to stitch and easy to finish.  So a one night project.  My problem became what to do with it.  I've stitched all of the "Box" series (so fun) and I've put some in the Retromantic Box, and I've framed some using Jill Rensel's mats but I wanted to do something different.  So while in my stitching room I noticed an old, and I do mean old shadow box I had constructed for Halloween probably 20 years ago.  It was looking a little old and tired so I decided to take it apart, update the shadow box with a new glassed in model and then used a skeleton from Michaels, the blocks are from the old box, the skull was a bead from Michael's and the mouse was on a cupcake from Kay Fletcher that she brought to one of the events.  (everyone left the mice since they weren't edible and I scarfed them up because I knew sooner or later I'd use them).  I got the bottle of bones from Hobby Lobby in their scrapbooking section.  I had so much fun making this and the Spooktacular sign is a sticker.  I stretched my stitched pumpkin around a canvas that was approx. 2x2 or a little smaller and just glued it to the back of the shadow box on which I stuck the spider scrapbook paper.  I stay in the box so much of my life, I loved stepping out to make this.  Something a little different and a cute decoration for Halloween.  You can find all kinds of things to use at the hobby shops I never go in one that I don't scour the scrapbook aisle and bead aisle.  I've got all kinds of stash and I love it when I can go to it and find something I need.  Anyway, that's one of my finishes...I'll send more your way tomorrow.  Have a great day!