Friday, April 4, 2008

Ellen Chester just stopped by

What a wonderful visit we had. For those who don't know Ellen, she is a designer, "With My Needle" is her company and she was the designer of the Mermaids piece that I loved so much this winter. We had the nicest visit and since she had just been teaching in Virginia I was able to get more "stuff" from her trunk show...a good day for me...I love her accessory pieces. I'm not having that good a day otherwise as I finally called the dentist yesterday regarding my ear ache which I suspected resulted from the work he had done in March. So at 8:40 this morning I was sitting there getting 6 shots of novocaine and then the work began for a root canal...ooh, my God, the novocaine did it's job but now it's wearing off and I'm trying to decide between the pain killers he gave me. Actually I'm looking at the side effects from each and deciding which would be better, or worse. With one I get upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, headache, diarrhea, constipation (that's a wonder combination don't you think), drowsiness & dizziness. With the other there is a possibility of the same things happening but also flushing, vision changes, or mental/mood changes, as well as liver damage. Well, I can hardly wait for any of that so I'm trying to decide exactly how much pain I'm in. I'll keep you posted (because I know you care!) Now, some of you will remember our battle with Coca Cola last year and our invoices...we had a credit going into the summer of around $900 and they showed it being used on the first 2 invoices and then all of a sudden in July they said I hadn't paid any of the first invoices (which were paid by the credit according to the first 2 statements I received)...well when I called them they said that since we hadn't called them to use the credit we lost the credit and now it was too late to get now we owed them the money. After going around the bush several times with the person on the phone I got so made I told her to stick the invoices where the sun don't shine and hung up. She then called back spoke with Sara to say how rude I was and she didn't want to talk to me again (I was really upset over that...yeah right)...and said that she would credit the account back. Which she never did so our sales rep. got involved and called us to say, call the credit department this one time and tell them to use the credit which we did and yet it was never credited. So when we went to the show to order our products Sara and Vernon walked right by Coca Cola, and the rep. stopped them to ask about delivering the machines and product and Sara told him we wouldn't have coke on the property again as they are continually sending us statements saying we owe them. He thought it had been taken care of and said he's call the company again. Sara said it wouldn't matter because I had told them I wouldn't have anything to do with this idiot company ever again. Well, Sara has had at least 2 calls per week from Coke asking for an order. Each time she has calmly explained that she will not be placing any orders with them and why. She also told them we didn't even have the machines this year. Each person has told her they would see that our name was taken off the list, but apparently that is one more thing Coke is too stupid to do...just this week she received another call asking for an order. Now of course, her patience is wearing thin. I told her to let them deliver and then when the truck arrived refuse the shipment. She's not ready for that yet, but I bet by May she'll be doing something. C.A.Wells Update: Sara is moving ahead on this and the date is Friday, October 31st, 2008-Sunday, November 2nd. We're apparently having 3 classes, 2 half day and one all day Saturday, beginning Friday night. The projects are tentatively, Sailor's Valentine, Mermaid's Purse and Petite Acorn Pyramid. We're waiting for an answer from C.A. at this point, but that's what is new around this zoo.

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