Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've got a headache already.....

Oh, My God...could these people be anymore annoying? The weather is mild, cloudy, but mild so I entered the shop with hopes of a good day. They were dashed this morning early on by several "groups" who entered the shop and have completely annoyed me beyond reason. The morning has almost been salvaged by one lady, new to the shop, just moved to the area a couple of years ago (yes..she moved here a few years ago and didn't know the shop was here!) and happened to jog on by this morning and stopped in. She was fun to talk to and we really enjoyed having her here, so the people that annoyed me prior to her visit were almost forgotten and then the 2 mothers arrive with 4 children in tow...challenging the no stroller rule...which I said they could have in the shop but the reason for the policy was there are sections of the store where it is impossible to get through with the strollers...I should have stuck to the policy and kept them the hell out. They've about tweaked my last nerve and certainly Sara's as I took about 3 seconds of surveying the terrain and told Sara I had to go to the office for a few minutes where I will hide now until I'm sure the coast is clear. What I love is they read about the baby stroller but let one of the kids coming with a darn drink which I'm sure will end up splashing all over stock before it drops and spills all over the floor. Mercy, my nerves are on the edge to begin with and I really need a calm oasis until after the 15th. Clearly I will not be that lucky today. Anyway, remember the Mermaids piece I finished last month...well as usual, I finished the stitching last month but didn't complete putting the eyes on (beads) or stitching the wool seahorse inside. Well, last night I pulled it out, sewed on the beads for eyes and I fell in love all over again with this piece. I finally cut the seahorse out of the Weeks Wool and ironed on the interfacing and today we're going to put it together. I can't wait, and I'm hoping we don't have annoying people in anymore today or I won't get it done. Keep your fingers crossed for that doesn't mean I don't want people to come in, I just want stitchers who love to stitch to come in. They don't annoy me at all, it's the people that stitch 1 project every 10 years and have 300 questions to ask before they can put the first stitch in....and they bought the project they want to do at Michaels. What part of "I'm not a Michael's employee" do they not understand? I wouldn't take my Dodge van into the Mercedes dealer and ask them to fix that would I? Of course not! So why is it alright to bring me something you purchased at Michaels and ask for my help in getting it started or completed in any way? Why? Of course I just smile and help them, but believe me I'm not a happy camper. Now, if you are a true stitcher (you wouldn't buy kits in Michaels to begin with) and I know you, and I like you, and you are also shopping with me, then by all means pull that out of your purse and let me see it and I'll try to help you out. But don't buy kits at Michael's and then go into any independent needlework shop and ask them to "get you started" or fix some mistake you've made, unless you are planning to spend an equal amount in the independent shop. I realize you can't find anyone at Michael's who knows the first thing about what we do, and that's why you shouldn't be purchasing needlework from them. Floss, yes, even fabric perhaps, but other than the independents or in the end you will be left with only a Michael's store to shop in. O.K., now I've given myself a bigger head ache bitching about this...I'm going next store and check out the terrain. It's getting close to lunch time and no one better mess with my food! Well they are still there so I'm back hanging out a little longer. End of the day....they left at lunch time so I had an almost peaceful lunch, but that doesn't matter because we had very few interruptions. The day was mild, though overcast, however, after lunch it started raining off and on so Sara and I sat at the back table and stitched until closing. I am doing the finishing on Mermaids of the Sea. I have the needlecase almost done...well it's more than a needlecase, but I digress. This has been exhilerating for me to put something remarkable together. I'm so excited I can't begin to tell you. I questioned things along the way, tried to take shortcuts a couple of times, but always ripped it out and did it right and I'm so glad I did. I couldn't be happier and can't wait to have it on display. If you visit the shop don't forget to take a look at it and I'll get it on the web site once it is 100% complete...hopefully tomorrow. Anyway, time to go home so I can stitch some more. Have a great evening...keep your needles moving and I'll see a lot of you in just a couple of weeks....We can't wait.

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