Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Christmas has now left the building!

Sara finally got tired of me telling you how my Christmas tree was laying on my living room floor so yesterday when I got home from Walmart I walked into my living room and felt like I had been robbed. While it was great having the tree gone, I miss it sitting there. I had learned to walk around the tree in the dark so imagine last night for me. I kept walking around my imaginary tree (I feel like I'm back in grade school with my imaginary friend)...but I am so grateful that Sara did it, well, she didn't do it she called Vernon and told him to do it. And he even took it back to the workshop so it's not even in my master bedroom/junk room anymore. If I had known it would bother Sara so much that she'd take action, I'd have talked about vacumning my floors, dusting off the furniture, painting my window sills...so if you start to hear more and more about those things don't wonder why just know it's my method to getting things done around the house. Got to work this morning to find the telephone wires laying in the alley, apparently the town trash truck was being driven by someone new who didn't know how to manuver around low hanging lines...this happens every year..wouldn't you think they'd come up with a game plan here. But that's apparently too much to ask of city officials. They will wait until it happens 15 more times, then appoint a committee of 6 to discuss it for a year and comoe up with options, after which they will have a study done by an outside party and in the end, they will bury the lines under the road....remember I told you this in 2008 so when they actually get to it in 2015 you will know how forward thinking I was (I'm not sure I'll still be here but I want to be remembered as brilliant or perhaps more than likes full of crap). Weather Report: Temperature wise it's alright, near the high 50's, however right beside the ocean it's damp and that translates to cooler weather in the summer when it's so darn hot, but in the winter the air is just damp and it makes the chill go bone deep. However, the heat at home is working fine and I actually got too hot last night. Not sure if I'm coming down with something so this morning started popping the old Nyquil and it puts me right to sleep (yes, Sara I'm finally admitting that it puts me to sleep). I woke up around 5:50 a.m. took the Nyquil and the next thing I knew it was 9:35a.m. Crap...I hate it when I oversleep... throws off my whole day. Stitching Report: I finished the second block of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and now move on to the third block...a house block. This is a bit daunting for me as I've got Houses of Hawk Run started (from 3 years ago) but it's all houses, which I find boring and therefore I'm not sure if it will ever get finished. However, I'm keeping hope alive as I have a short block for block 4 so I just have to plow through this and then I've got an easy block behind it. I will say I think I've made the entire project seem harder than it has to be by changing out all of the colors. I stressed over the large fish on block two, couldn't get what I envisioned and finally just did what they did only I used overdyes. Not sure I'm loving that fish, but I'm still loving that project. I finished block 3 of Hearts of America and started on 4 since I thought I left Shores at work...found it this morning in my purse...but since I'm almost done with block 4 I'm going to keep at it until it's finished tonight and then move back to Shores. I apologize for the pictures, however, I'm taking them in the office while balancing the fabric on top of crap on Mary's desk, because God forbide I should clean off a surface to work on. And I won't iron them (God Knows) until I've completed the stitching so that's another reason they don't look as nice as they could at this point, but I think you get the drift and don't you just love them. My mind is already racing to what to work on next....and we all know I have plenty to draw from. I took two more pieces home yesterday...Sara saw them sitting in the office and asked what they were doing there....she just shakes her head everytime I say, "I'm thinking I might do those." She's just as likely to see them back on the counter of Salty Yarns next week...although I doubt it. T.V. Update: Watched Dancing with the Stars...Old Steve got the boot...he seemed to be one of the only ones really enjoying it..but we all knew he wouldn't be there until the end. Does anyone else think Priscilla Presley's face looks a little odd? Too many face lifts...I mean the woman is over 60...anyway, I don't mean to be nasty, but girlfriend stop lifting things you are starting to scare me. Do these people ever look in mirrors and see what the rest of us see? Please!!! Kristy should win this hands down but we all know in the end it's the men that walk away with the trophy and why...because their partners are professional women and they make them look good. Let's face it, the women do most of the moves in ballroom while the men are there to support them really, so the women stars just can't compete with the professional women in footwork in the end. But...perhaps Kristy will be able to do it...we'll see. Then it was off to Housewives of New York. They are still unbelievable in their attitude that we all want to be them. Are you kidding me? I want to be them? I find them ignorant, self serving, arrogant, I could go on but won't, but I would rather spend and hour with a whining baby than 4 minutes with these women....(please don't test me on that one...whining baby for an hour...that's saying a lot for me). And the one that I thought could be salvaged has decided to go back to her man even though he won't commit, won't tell her to give up her apartment, doesn't seem to be on the same track, and yet she's thinking he'll change. Ladies, when will we ever learn? If he's not willing to commit after a year, and won't discuss it, chances are he's not going to commit and when you add that to clock ticking...you need to move on. Well, I've got to get some new stuff scanned on to the web so I'll sign off for today. Have a great day and a better tomorrow. Keep on stitching...I'll race you!

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Sandy said...

Sally, when I read that your tree was gone, I thought for sure it was an April fools joke.