Monday, April 14, 2008

Alleluia...the missing is found!

Today started out really, really, well. While searching in my winter walk in closet...actually I was putting stuff away so I wouldn't be embarrassed when Vernon came in to work in my bathroom...but my clothes have slowly taken over my I went to work on the situation. As I was checking out all the crap on the hangers and putting things in the drawers I saw what looked like my missing jewelry traveling case which has been missing for 2 years. History....our home has been broken into in the summer so when I moved to the hotel each summer I started taking my jewelry with me in a leather case Sara gave me for Christmas a few years ago. When I packed it up the summer after she gave me the case I remembered that I just hid it underneath something but couldn't remember if it was the winter place or my summer room. I really thought it was in the winter house...anyway, the real problem with the situation was the case contained one of my mother's diamond rings which was earmarked for my niece. Before mother died she gave each of my girl's a diamond ring of hers and then asked if I would see that Kelly got hers at an appropriate time. I felt the best time would be when Kelly graduated from high school which she is doing in June. I took the ring out of the hotel safe (please don't ask why) and put it in the jewelry case. I've been looking for the case since last summer. So to find it this morning was such a wonderful surprise and to see my jewelry once again, yes a wonderful start to my day. Then I got to work and Renee came to work, which was a complete surprise for Sara and I as we had planned today as the big clean up at the store. Well, we got out of that easy enough. But then I had to go to the dentist for one more part of the crown replacement so that wasn't too much fun, but it didn't hurt so that's a good thing....of course so far I've paid well over $1500 and that's a bad thing, but we won't dwell on that right now. I'm still at it's a good day....the sun is shining brightly and while it's still hovering in the 50's, believe me it feels great! It's been too long since we've had a really sunny, sunny day. Now that the girls are back we are again open every day 10-4 so come on by.

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