Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh.....

Today is a dreaded day for me...taxes...I hate them...I hate the waste I see from the governments usage of them and I need the money I send them...but it's a necessary evil so I send them and try to get the knot out of the pit of my stomach. But today...it's not such a big knot. I've been fighting for the past month with my bank PNC...who bought my old bank, Peninsula. Now Peninsula was a home bank and you just went in, said you needed your money dropped and they did it, paperwork was done and it was over. For crap sake, now that PNC owns it I'm having to jump through hoops. A few of the big guys down here switched to one of the last remaining small town banks, but those guys pissed me off long a merry a go, so I'm still struggling to get use to the big dogs but I have to tell you, it's not easy. Anyway, after having a month long struggle, then a week struggle getting them together with my insurance agent, and this morning we all came together and the paperwork gets signed this afternoon so that's a huge weight off my shoulders, combined with the small amount of tax I owe, well, this is another good day. The sun is shining for the 2nd day in a row...and while it is cool down here and a bit breezy, the sun is just lifting my spirits. I can hardly contain myself. Just to keep this shop related, I did work on my Shores last night and one more night and the 3rd block will be completed. But the even bigger news is...I found the perfect ivory button for the mermaids case and I finished it completely...I'll put a picture of it on the site tomorrow....got overwhelmed this morning and left home without it. The button came from something my mother had...I got all her jewelry and while mother had given away her valuable jewelry to my children prior to her death, her costume jewelry is wonderful...I don't wear it, but I've taken all the beads and pearls, and etc., to use in my stitching projects, fobs, needlebooks, whatever can use them. And she had a pearl something or other with elongated pearls and while the case called for a round bead, I substituted and it's perfect. Mother would have been so thrilled with this recyling. Anyway, because that was so exciting, I decided to start Ellen Chester's "turtles". I was so pumped until I realized everyone of them is over one. Why didn't anyone tell me. You all were talking about the damn turtles, many of you have started stitching them, but not one of you warned me. I was looking for something easy to just sail through. Well, that clearly is not going to happen, so I started the turtle needlebook and got the small center section done, and then went back to Shores. That's one way to get Shores finished...because I'm still loving that one. Of course as soon as the block is done I get to work on Heart of America until I finish a block on it. My stash beside the sofa is once again overflowing on to the floor. I have to stop taking this stuff home. With Renee in the shop we had to clean up all the stuff we had pulled and left on the counter...I thought it would be easier just to take it home and put it in my stash...I hate putting stuff away in the shop! Anyway, my day has improved and I hope yours has too. 17 more days stitchers and you will be here for the retreat (I think)....we can't wait. Shiela F. has been busy making a special "thing" for you and I have ordered your treats for your goodie bags...oh, yes, we're excited to get this underway. So, have a great day....I hope Uncle Sam is treating you well....and remember to keep your needles moving.

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