Thursday, April 10, 2008

Biggest Hurricane Season Ever?????

Are you kidding me? I just came on-line and that was my welcome. I don't know how weather forecasters have the nerve to walk out of the building and face people, especially when they talk about something so far in advance. They can't get the day to day weather correct and yet they have the audacity to tell us we're going to have the busiest hurricane season this year. Well, I've got news for everyone...that's what they've said for at least the last 5 years. And while I hate to jinx us...we did even come close to a hurricane last year...north easter's yes, but hurricane's! Well, to be honest they don't say where in the hell it's going to hit, but of course when you are in an area prone to hurricane's you think they are talking about you. But I still don't listen to much they say. I look outside and see what it's doing and go by that. The only thing I listen to them for is the temperature and that's only what they say it is when I'm walking out the door. Even that is questionable at times. I've always said, "I'd love to have a job where you don't have to be right, are often wrong and yet you still get paid and don't get fired." Anyway, don't listen to their doomsday forecast, open a window and look get a better idea of what is going on.....2008 Jamboree...We're up to 32 returnees...and Tuesday is the day reservations open up to new if you intend to come but haven't let me know, please e-mail me that you are coming so you don't lose your spot. Thanks so know I got in trouble with Sara last year...don't want that happening again. Spring Retreat: 22 days and counting. I'm busy trying to get the goodie bag situation straight...not an easy job apparently. The companies are just not coming up with interesting ideas for me. Thankfully the Jamboree goodie bags are getting done as we fact the first 25 are finished and being shipped and then he will start on the next 25 and so on and so on until I have all I need. But a retreat 22 days away and I'm still in a holding's driving me nuts. That and taxes and the mortagage...crap, I'm a mess down here. Everyone is working against me...I'm getting paranoid...come on now...let's work together! On-line needlework show: If you haven't done this yet you might want to check it out. It begins April and it has many designers showing. I don't think you can buy but there are prizes I believe and you will get to see some companies that perhaps you haven't seen before. I know I find it interesting and of course end up bringing some new companies into Salty Yarns. So if you have time, go in and take a look around. We are in full throws of trying to get the downstairs stores open...usually we are all open Easter weekend, however, Easter came too darn early for us this year. Sara has taken over the Shell Stocked store from me (thank God...I just can't do this many things anymore and do them well...perhaps I should say do them at all.) Anyway, the cartons are arriving daily, they tore up the shop and moved everything out to paint it and poor Sara is struggling to get displays and merchandise back in the shop (including the cartons which I never unpacked last year but left in the foyer of the downstairs some point I threw up my arms and said, I'm done in 2007). But the reason I'm telling you this, besides for a pity party, is what Vernon typical Vernon I can't even begin to explain...however, he replaced all the decking out front of the Bikini Shoppe. We had one section raised in the center but Vernon didn't really see the need so he just replaced the entire deck but kept it a few inches higher than the old decking in case the water came up during a storm. I saw the deck and gave it no more thought...after explaining the one reason for having the higher deck in the center of the area only. Anyway, Sara asked if I had seen the decking, said I had and how nice it looked but mentioned that they made it all one level, although I guess that was alright. (I'm a creature of habit...change doesn't do well for me and this is why) Sara then said, "Mom, how are they going to open the doors to get under the hotel steps. I look and yes, they built the deck and where the decking last year was low so that the door could swing out...this deck is raised and covers the door so it can't be opened. Meanwhile Vernon and John were the ones who had already used the space earlier to put the storm doors under the steps for storage. So now, options...tear out the decking and start over putting it back the way it was before, or just saw through the bottom of the door and there will be a short fall to get into the storage space...of course I'm not sure that would allow enough room to get the storm doors back out...Geez, Louise, we go one step forward and two steps back. These kids always think they have a better way...and then this. I never use to let them change stuff because we've been doing things here the same way almost since 1924...but I allowed computer systems in, then got a reservation system and threw away the hand done chart...and slowly I brought us into the 21st century (well maybe we're still back in the 20th century). Everytime I question something they are doing I think...why not let them do it...just because we've done something for 100 years doesn't make it a better way...however...apparently when it came to the decking we were better. It will be interesting tomorrow to see what he does since Sara is going to ask him to put something under the steps to see what he does. Anytime we can make fun of, or annoy Vernon we're having a better day. He's last one here so he takes the brunt of our jokes and I thank God he's a good sport. And I thank God I've got patience when he does something this stupid.....Have a great night stitchers...Survivor is on tonight...don't miss it.

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