Monday, March 31, 2008

I.R.S. here it comes....

Yes, by golly, I've handed over the records to our accountant...a lot late...but there nonetheless. I'm suppose to hand them over in February, but the only time I did that he still filed for the extension and sent them in April 15th..and he called me 16 million times with questions. I've noticed that if I give them to him at the last moment he doesn't have time to ask all the questions (which I automatically give him written down now when I turn the papers over to him..but I'm pretty sure he'd think of new questions) and he still gets them done by the 15th. So, that's my taxes..out of my hands...soon to be in IRS hands...please pray they treat me gently as they haul my fat behind to could be a weight loss diet that I hadn't thought of before...although with my luck I'd love the food in the jail house. Do they serve lobster with drawn butter? Folks I don't know where you are, but it's cold down here. The temps read 52 degrees, but I swear it's colder. I said to Sara, "I'm telling you I can't get warm, I was so cold last night I had on two quilts." To which she responded, "That's because your heat went out." Oops...I thought of that but since it's not my job to respond to that little emergency I don't. I figure Mary will get cold sooner than I will so I wait. She called Vernon this morning with the emergency and he called the plumber...each of us will call someone until someone gives up and goes and does something about it. Sure glad I turned the heat back when I left home. I'm saving a whole lot of money this month...thank God since I spent $1300 on oil last month. People need to stop taking showers and running hot water down here. Anyway, I'm almost done with my 2nd block of Shores...but I've run into a stumbling block. I don't like the last fish. Funky colors...but I love my middle tonight I'll have to tear out what I've done and figure this out. But I should have it ready to show tomorrow. I also started on the 3rd block of Hearts of America while I was in the shop yesterday. I won't work on Shores in the shop as it is 36 ct. and I need my magnifier and quiet...but Hearts I can do anywhere so I should have that block done in a few days....if only I put something together for heavens sake. I still have 2 things waiting for me to stitch them up....hate it! Fire update: The Somerset DoughRoller definitely won't be there this summer, nor the T-Shirt shop next door (no big loss there in my opinion..however, I do feel sorry for the gentlemen who watched it go up in flames and will lose out on this summer)...but fortunately with the firemen and the hoses in place the rest of the block was saved. Reminds me of the fire not so many years ago when Crab Alley here beside us went up in flames and burnt down the rest of the block, but our building not 12" away was saved because the firemen kept a water wall between the buildings. We have the best fire crew ever, and we are so grateful for them.

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