Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day one and all!!!!! In Ocean City it's been celebrated all weekend so I'm about ready to move on, however, one more day won't kill me. The weather has taken a dip in Temperature so it's a good thing I didn't put away my winter woolies,, but the sun is shining and the forecast shows us getting close to 70 by Wednesday, so I'm hopeful. We had a gorgeous day on Saturday, however, Sunday turned into a rainy, blowing, wet mess of a day, just the right kind of day for stitching. Debbie L. and her husband came down for a "mini retreat" (at this point we're calling everything a retreat) and Debbie spent Sunday in the shop going over the Lauren Sauer project with Sara and shopping. She and I do a lot of the same thing so we were comparing projects. On the way down, in the car, she almost completed the border on the Maiden's of the Sea piece...the entire the car!!!! I have a hard time stitching in my favorite chair, I can't stitch in a car at all. I started the Shores of Hawk Run and since it's a bit daunting for me on 40 ct., I decided to stitch on 36 ct. and give myself a break. Then to make it even more confusing, I decided against DMC and silk and I'm using overedyed threads which I just feel this piece is screaming for. So we spent some time yesterday figuring on which threads to replace. Looking ahead I'm also seeing a few things I will be changing on the piece so I've decided that each time I get a block done I'll show it to you so you can judge me (oops I mean judge which way you like it). I did get the first block done on the Little House Needleworks "Heart of America" piece and I just love this piece. So I've got my 2 pieces in progress and hopefully will enjoy these as much as I loved the last two. Debbie is back and I wish you could see the stitching tote (one of many) she has with her today. It's a Vera Bradley Large bag stuffed with a multitude of projects, some not started, others started but not near completion and then those which are just stitches away from completion. Like all stitchers she takes many projects with her on trips so she has a lot of how much stitching actually gets done is anyone's guess, although I left her sitting at the table stitching along with Sara. Me, while I'd love to join them I'm working. Got to run...keep on stitching and smiling. I'm off and running...

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