Thursday, March 27, 2008

Springtime in Paradise!

It's absolutely beautiful today...the sky is a beautiful blue with a few white clouds, the sun is shining brightly and while it's a little on the cooler side in the shade in the sun you can feel the warmth on your body...yes, it's gorgeous. I'm hoping the rain they keep talking about stays away, but even if it doesn't, we've had a touch of spring and I'm excited. Or perhaps my heart is racing because my accountant is calling and I'm late in giving him my books which I don't want to do because I know what he's going to say. Oh, Lordy, Lordy, I hate April 15th and the weeks leading up to it....tough time, tough time. Anyway, moving on ... Here is the picture of the 2 blocks I've managed to stitch on "Hearts of America" from Little House Needleworks. I just love this piece and it's so easy to stitch as are all Little House projects which I think is what makes them really appealing. Their designs are full of interest and yet there are no fancy stitches or fiber work to be done so it's a nice rest between stressfilled projects. The colors are good on this one and it's been a fun fast stitch. I can't wait to get to the third block, however, I have to finish the second block on my "Shores of Hawk Run" first. With my "Shores...." piece, I have created a monster in myself by changing so many of the colors. I decided to use colors I was using on my Mermaids piece on this piece for some reason which makes me change all of the colors on the second block of this piece. I did want to change some, but for some reason I've run amuck. Since we in Ocean City only think of the "blue crab" I just had to change the color of the crab. Sara suggested red, but I reminded her they are red after you cook them and since this is undersea the crab would still be the blue/green. So right now the second block looks too blue/green with the crab, seaweed and now the blue fish, however, the red coral is going to make this block really pop. Please excuse the wrinkled linen...I don't want to iron it until I'm finished. The differences between mine and the chart that I think are obvious are the difference in some of the colors, of course, but also on block one I make the seagulls smaller. To be honest, I wasn't sure if what was shown were seagulls or clouds, but Sara felt they were seagulls and I wanted it to resemble seagulls more and God knows if there is one thing I've stitched a lot it's seagulls and the water. Other than that, I didn't outline the sun in a third color and I make the rocks all shades of grey. So far on the 2nd block I've used greens on the seaweek I already had, and changed the crab to blue/green. I am changing the blues on the fish to blues I already used in the mermaid piece. But I'm loving this piece and it could be just because it's bringing out the creative side of me which I've never really utilized. Loving it!!!! Jamboree News: We are having a crisis of sorts (that comes as a surprise I know) as we have several stitchers who would like to come, but weren't here last year and therefore can't sign up until we know which stitchers from last year want to come. So I'm sending out the brochures today for Jamboree 2008 to anyone who hasn't already signed up. So..if you have already sent in your money you will not get a brochure in the next couple of days. However, if we do not have your name or deposit down, you will need to contact us before the 25th of April so we can let new people get their names in. So please, you know what happened last year...Sara about killed me for continually relaxing the policy until I had 69 (we initially stated we wouldn't take over 60) people coming. While we did reconfigure the tables and those 69 worked out fine, and Sara said we could take 69 again, but only 69 and frankly I can't go over that. I have taken a couple of reservations from new people because I knew a couple of people who wouldn't be able to attend this year. So please, even if you can't send in the deposit right away, please e-mail me, call the shop, anything to let us know you intend to come back and we'll give you until May 15th to get the deposit here. Thanks for helping us out with this....I want no problems from Sara this's painful. Well, I've got to get back to taxes, and I have a couple of stitchers who I promised I would open the shop for at 3:00 p.m., so I need to get some work done before they get here. Taking a 2 hour lunch is really working into my work schedule...well, I won't give up the lunch so I suppose I'll have to adjust the work schedule. Have a great day!

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