Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tin Saga goes on and on and on

I got a call a little while ago from Mary saying that Jackie J. (one of our Stitch 'n Bitch members) was trying to get in touch with me. I looked at Sara and said, "This can't be good...something has happened to Kay F." (Jackie's best friend and also a member of our Stitch 'n Bitch group). So I called her right away and Jackie is in Florida on vacation, but she and her husband stopped at 2 Russell Stover candy stores to check on the green tin situation and they found a treasure trove. So she asked, "how many do you want?" So Jackie is bringing 3 dozen green tins back to Maryland for me (she may eat the candy because that isn't so important to us) but we'll have green tins when she gets back people...crisis averted for now. And the other good news is...this is a tin that has been in their line for the last 5 years and they expect it to stay in their line, however, it is a spring tin only...so if you don't get your tin this year...don't distress...you can get the stitching done this year and pick up your tin next year. Thanks Jackie...you are a prince! oops that would be Princess. I just can't let the day go by without commenting on "Dancing with the Stars." You know I love a lot of these reality (?) shows and my Survivor is just not that exciting yet (although with another person volunteering to leave it's getting there) so I'm searching for a show I can get excited about. While I didn't watch Dancing for the first 2 years, I'm on board now and love to watch the struggle. I give each of these stars credit for showing up, feeling the burn, and taking the comments from the judges...it's such a "hoot." Apparently it is also a great way to lose weight (perhaps I should start dancing non-stop.) Anyway, the first night started last night with the men and tonight the women take their turn. Now Priscilla Presley is the oldest woman, she's 60. I looked at her and I know what I look like and since I'm 60 I just have to ask, "What the hell happened to me." I have to say I've seen pictures of her in magazines and thought she had gone under the knife perhaps one time too many, however, last night she looked wonderful. I can't wait to see how she does, although how can a 60 year old compete in anything physical with a 20 year old. Really, let's be honest even someone who is fit at 60 I would think would find it a terrible challenge to compete one on one with someone 20. And the match ups are interesting. This years contestant men are really tall and when matched with a female dancer who is a lot shorter I'm not sure the dance works. The winner from last year who is short is paired with one of the tallest stars and I don't know how he can be expected to keep the proper stance when he has to bend over practically to dance with her. Last night they told him to keep his shoulders back...well that will only happen if he lifts her off the floor and carries her. Also, in the 3 years I've been watching men have always won. While we all know I'm behind the women's movement to a point...look at the techical stuff the women have to do as opposed to the men. It's the woman who are executing the move moves while the men swing them around, do the lifts, etc. But the fancy footwork is always the woman. So the men working with the professional women have such an advantage. As usual we woman have to fight harder. While I love the show now I do wish they would cut out all the bullshit. I don't want to have to sit through 40 minutes of crap to see 20 minutes of dance, but inevitably on that 2nd night that's what happens. But it's still a "hoot". Sara told me to remind people that because Easter is falling so early this year we will not be open full time again until April 15th...or until I get the office cleaned up which ever comes first (I think we can count on April 15th cause you know this office is never going to be cleaned up). Debbie L. took off this morning amid tears from Sara and I, and we both wish her well as she goes in for foot surgery in a couple of weeks. The good news...she will be out of work and sitting on her behind for at least 3 weeks stitching. Just think of all the projects she is going to finish. Why she might even get a tote empty of projects. Good luck Debbie...keep us posted.

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