Saturday, March 1, 2008

My security system

I have the disorder where you feel you haven't locked the door so you have to keep checking it...or at least I thought I did. There are some days where I will check the front door to the shops 2-3 times and each time I walk away but by the time I get to the back door I can't remember and have to go back again. When it happens too many times in one day I keep saying out loud, "you've locked the door, you've locked the door" until I get outside. Usually once I leave the building even if I can't remember I just go on home and pray for the best. However, while I seem to be able to function at the hotel, all security goes to hell in a basket once I get home. I don't know if it's because I'm so happy to be there or what my problem is. However there have been too many mornings where I can't find my house keys only to open the front door and there they are along with my car keys still hanging in the door. Security...obviously not a huge priority with me at home. I'm not sure if it's that I don't give a damn (so unlike me), too tired to know, to lazy to go look, or too stupid to remember (could be all of the above)...but anyway, if you hear I've been murdered in my sleep you'll know I left the keys in the door again. Last night I continued with the ABC sampler but I should have stopped...I ripped out more than I put in...damn it. I hope to do better tonight. I hope to have the scissor holder done and on line certainly didn't turn out as well as if Carolyn put it together, but it's together and while it could have been put together better, I love the color and the initials which came out of Eileen Bennett's new monogram book....the initials work up beautifully. Oops, Sara just brought over the to go. Have a great weekend...hope your weather is as beautiful there as ours is. It's 50 degrees and sunny, although there is a wind which is cooling it down.

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