Sunday, March 30, 2008

Now I'll get nothing done!!!!

I just got on the blog site from the shop, where as you can see I'm not working since I'm sitting here blogging or playing solitare, and I'm so excited because now I can update while I'm actually sitting, ahhh, I mean working in the shop. If you are not in Ocean City wishing you were...stop's cold! Compared to Friday's 76 degrees, todays 42 (at least this morning) puts us right back into winter. I don't know whether to put on shorts (yea that's a good look for me) or thermal underwear the weather is so unpredictable, however, it's sunny so I have hopes we might get into the 50's before the afternoon is over. Guess what came in Friday....guess...alright I'll tell you. Remember the quaker basket's I told you about after Nashville, "Abigal Colby's Work Basket from Primitive Traditions...well they are here. The charts included are for the basket top, Sampler for underside of top lid, needle pocket, pin log, basket fob & 3x3 measure, scissor fob, scissor pocket, thread pocket, and a cartouche. There are directions for finishing each piece as well, and you get the Nantucket Basket...all for $118.00. There has been discussion lately about the designer having to redesign for oval baskets, but we have the round baskets in our order so I'm thinking she's redesigned for the reorders...either one is going to be terrific, trust me on this, and it's heart is doing flip flops I'm so excited, or perhaps that's the cold pizza slice left over from yesterday's lunch that I just ate for breakfast. Jennifer H. was in yesterday as was Linda W. Linda brought in show and tell, and left her Cancer Biscornu & scissor fob here for us to display. Thanks did a great job.. I'm going to have to get Linda her own cabinet shortly, so far we have her biscornu, the welcome plate and a 40ct. ruler she did. She's a fast worker and loves to stitch, obviously. Jennifer stopped by to get fibers for her Lauren Sauer class and ended up spending a lot more than that. Isn't that funny how you need one thing and end up with so many others. I can go into the grocery store for a loaf of bread and when I leave I have a cart load and I've spent $100 and don't even get me started on Walmart. I never leave there for under $100. In fact I purposely haven't been there for 3 weeks, it's killing me, but I'm staying out of the stores (I believe that is a request from my accountants). Yesterday we had spurts when we were busy and towards the end of the day (never a great time for me) we had a real push. Thankfully Sara came up from her shop to help me (for which I was grateful) because I had one customer, a local no less, who came in with her daughter and 3 other 10 year olds. Now, I don't mind most children if they behave themselves, but these kids were all over the store, pulling on stuff and then just setting it down, (who cares where they got it). I was such a wreck, and Sara thought telling me who they were would help..not really, I don't give a damn who it is...teach your children how to behave in stores. I don't blame the kids, its the parents (don't we always get the blame?) But in this case the blame lays squarely on the mother who was just looking at Vera Bradley like she didn't have any kids to begin with. And then I love it when they think they are getting them in line by saying, "How about helping me pick out a tote" as the kids scatter all over the shop. Hell, honey, I'll pick the tote for you and let's get you on your way (at least that's what I'm thinking.) The minute she stepped out the door believe me I locked it. I made sure all the kids were on the other side of course and thanked God they come in once and only once a year! Oh, yes, it's getting close to the summer when I get to experience this often. I'm excited!!!! Anyway, got home last all ready to stitch, in fact was stitching when Mary called to see what I was doing (that's her way of saying, I'm bringing Solomon down if you aren't busy) so I ended up babysitting until 9:15 p.m. which means my stitching time was limited. I did however, get the eel done on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and I ended up backstitching the Seahorse since it really didn't show up all that well (remember I switched colors). I've decided I'm more of a realist than the design is...I need things to look more like they do in real life. I think that's why I have so many problems with samplers. I just can't understand when a person is taller than the house, etc., and so I've changed colors to make it more real like, so that's where I ran into trouble with the seahorse. But I like what I've done and after is all about me and what I love and don't love, isn't it? I'm assuming everyone's life is now revolving around my likes and dislikes...please don't disallusion me by telling me you are not running your life around would just hurt too much. Sara has arrived...she closed her shop because it's too darn cold. So we are now taking a stitch day in the shop. It just doesn't get any better. A great view, good music, take out food, my diet caffeine free Pepsi and stitching. I should have worn my P.J.'s and then I'd feel right at home. I need a lounge chair in this shop....I've got a portable DVD player so we play movies...yes, a lounge chair...will the accountant O.K. that do you think? It's work related isn't it. I never thought about this, but I could right off my house as a warehouse for needlework. Now we're talking..the closer it gets to the 15th of April the more creative I become. My house is now a warehouse (well, since the tree is still located on my living room floor that isn't far from the truth and closets and cabinets loaded with needlework)...this is the kind of creative thinking Leona Helmsley had...oops..she landed in jail didn't she? Well, I may still give it a try because jail would give me extra stitching time. Can I have needles and scissors in jail? Well, I don't even really need scissors since the thread cutters would work. O.K., I'm working this out just in case. If you don't see me in the shop after April 15th, I may be in jail, but I'll be they let you have a computer in jail? That way I could keep you updated on stitching in jail. From what I've seen on the news, you can have anything you want in jail, so I should be all set. I wonder if they will let me have the tree sitting on the floor since I've gotten kind of use to it. You can come down and see me in jail and we can have a retreat.. Ooh, bad news...just got word that the Doughroller on Somerset Street is on fire as is Marty's Playland...that's a major chunk out of the boardwalk and I mean burning to the ground according to sources. Vernon's taking a bike ride down to see what else he can learn, but this can't be good. O.K. the report just came through, Doughroller is gone but Marty's was saved with minor damage. While I thank God it wasn't our building, I'm so sorry to see these old places go. We're the only ones left standing built with wooden frames (and that's why we catch on fire). While the city and fire companies would prefer we take down these wood & frame buildings and construct with cinderblock, we just won't do it. We are dinasours down here, mentally, physically and apparently structurally. It's a sad day in Ocean City.

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