Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whitman Tins Emergency

OK stitchers...we're having an issue with Russell Stover and the Whitman's tin, # 7164 for the new chart "My First Sewing Box and Scissor Fob"...while these can be ordered on-line...they are sold out a lot and you really have to check back daily. Then you can't pick your color and while for me that's not such a big issue I know for some it will be, so I called Russell Stover and talked to their top dog in the shipping department and they said you can't pick colors unless you go into a store, gave me the closest store near Ocean City...its a Russell Stover Store located at 23361 Business Center Ct. in Ruther Glen, Va. (yes that's the closest according to them)...so I called old Ruther Glen, Va., spoke with someone who wasn't top dog and put me on hold for more moments than I care to be on hold, but I was on the Whitman Tin hunt and I would have waited for an hour. Anyway, I asked if they could ship me the tins and she said no it was too hot! Now I didn't want to insult Russell Stover by saying we didn't give a damn about their chocolates so I decided I had gone as far as I could go...but if anyone lives near Ruther Glen, we need tins people...we have stitchers who want to stitch this piece and can't get their green tins. Right now in house we have 2 of each color, Green, Yellow and Pink....and I'll be ordering more as they show them in stock...so if you don't mind a color other than Green, give me a call and we'll hook you up. I say other than green because I think Jean wants the 2 I have but I'll be e-mailing her to check this out....Now I'm really going back to work.

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