Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thanks and Apologies to Joyce C!

Well, as usually happens with me kaos has ruled since I last spoke with you because of my lack of organizational skills, or should I say my reorganizing gone wrong! At our January Stitch 'n Bitch, Joyce C. asked for help with a few of her projects, just minor questions regarding our opinions, etc., and I was unable to concentrate (I have the concentration as well as memory of a gnat) on one particular project so I said, "Oh, Joyce, let me take it home and I'll work on it when I can concentrate." Those are words to heed my friend, because while I have all the good intentions in the world...my world is sometimes caotic and well, it's me...enough said. I remember taking it home, I knew I put it in a bag of my stitching stuff (but then I have approximately 50 bags of stitching stuff), in the living room (these are my most recent "have to do's"), but I remember thinking to myself, I should put it in the tote I carry with me or I might not remember what I did with it...I think you see where I'm going with this! Anyway, last month we got home from Nashville and I didn't think of it until the night of Stitch 'n Bitch and so I told Joyce I'd bring it to the next Stitch 'n Bitch. And the hunt began. First the panic when I searched my recent tote and didn't find the package. One problem was I was looking for a small bag and Joyce had handed me a large ziplock bag, which I never remembered at all. I paniced but then searched the other bags (embarrassingly more than a couple) in my living room, then the 5 large cabinets in my entertainment cabinet, then back in the "sewing/junk/master bedroom" and then I was in full panic. I spoke with Sara who just looks at me in times of stress and says, "It will be O.K. mom, you'll find it." What I really need is for Sara to bitch slap me a few times across the head to rattle the memory loose, but she's hesitant to do that since heritance is an issue here, and I dangle that carrot whenever the occasion arises, but that's a whole other subject. Anyway, each night I'd search again, then thoughts like, "What if I threw it away by mistake" starting creeping into my thinking...but then knowing I don't throw anything away that really wasn't much of a fear. I wish I threw things away. Anyway, Monday night I gave up and began stitching the project myself (I had one in my "todo" bag anyway)...and finished it in a couple of nights but then the thought of putting it together was daunting, but last night I knew the end was near as tonight is Stitch 'n Bitch. I knew I'd have to admit to Joyce what I had done, and hoped the pain would be eased with the presentation of mine to her finished. But do we ever want someone else's work when we've done the project ourselves...well maybe we wouldn't care at times but to admit such a faux pas was daunting to me. But I finished the project, Lady Scarlet, the enameled ladybug from Just Nan in which you have a stitched needle case and pin cushion, and spent an hour patting myself on the back for getting it done and it's adorable...gorgeous and then I kept thinking, well I'll certainly enjoy Joyce's whenever I find it and put it together. I also finished the last released section of the ABC Sampler until the final two sections are released, and you know what that means. I get to put a new project into rotation. So I started searching my closest totes and as I was pulling out project bags, I see something that looked like the pattern pieces for the needlebook for Lady Scarlet. I pull the bag out and my God, it's Joyce C.'s Lady Scarlet. I sat there for a few minutes thinking, Crap...now I have to put another one together, but I enjoyed the process and decided to get right on it while the knowledge of putting it together was fresh, so I spent another hour on finishing and got Joyce's done as well. Yippee!!! Two finishes on one night....but I have another needle case I'm giving to Carolyn...there is only so much hell I can endure. But anyway...I feel like a new person, almost, having Joyce's Ladybug to hand over tonight. I haven't blogged lately because Sara and I decided this weekend would be a great time to move all the fibers over to the fabric section and move the table out. I don't know why we always do these moves so close to Stitch 'n Bitch, but we do. We had really bad weather, a north easter' this weekend so we weren't really that busy. So we began the big move and of course today we're scrambling trying to get enough done that we can have Stitch 'n Bitch here. I tripped going down the hotel hallway because the boys, (maintenance crew) left a piece of carpeting rolled up there (it's been here all winter) but today I tripped, went flying down the hall and spread eagled on the floor. First....I had to pee...yes, of course slamming down on my stomach certainly didn't help that issue and each time I moved so did it. So I called Sara on my cell, cried to her that I was down and couldn't get up...so she came running. Of course I looked like a beached whale laying there and after she chuckled (which she will deny but I heard her...and she laughs whenever I fall) she asked if I was alright then suggested bringing Vernon in to help raise the ship...but I kept refusing because I knew I would pee on my self and didn't want Vernon in on that act. I embarrass myself enough around him to begin with, so I just wanted to lay there in my agony and figure out what to do. I sent Sara home to get me a change of clothes because I just knew I was going to need that...and while she was gone I struggled to my feet..you know it's not getting up so much as getting on my knees to get up. Boy, I'm telling you this weight on my knees is a killer. But I finally got up, and was none the worse for wear...I do have a bruised and perhaps a little swollen finger (the middle one no less...would you expect anything else?) but other than that....I'll live to see another day. So tonight is Stitch 'n Bitch and we're ready for it....well, the shop is a mess, the floor needs sweeping, the racks aren't done...I guess we're not as ready as I thought. But..we'll be here none the less working like a servant. By the way...I know we usually open up full time again Easter weekend, but this year we are not!!!! Folks it's just too early for me so I've decided to open up full time beginning April 11th. So starting April 11th we're open everyday from 10:00 - 4:00 pm. Well, I've got to get back to the threads....will talk if I ever get this job done....I'm in thread hell!

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