Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stepping out of the box

Yes folks, I've been doing this more and more and with the "Shore of Hawk Run Hollow" I've not only stepped out of the box, I've gone way around the bend. Of course you wouldn't know that because I've yet to take a picture but last night I finally finished the sun and began working on the rocks under the lighthouse and I'm loving this. This is fun is a whole other way than the Mermaids of the Sea or the ABC by Drawn's picking different colors and making decisions that will make this a collaboration with Carriage House Samplings (not that they know anything about my collaborating with them) a truly exciting experience. I spend a good deal of time just searching for that right shade, which I've never really worried about before. Now will this happen on every project? Hell no..I'm not that anal...and most of the designs I love just as they are. I also love Shores of Hawk Run too, or I wouldn't have picked it out, but I'm loving my subtle changes as well. Living at the beach, with a stone jetty right in front of our building, I've looked at rock formations in the sea for over 50 years, so our stone jetty has remained more shades of gray, so that's what I'm talking about. Subtle but make all the difference to me. So tomorrow, yes I swear tomorrow I'm going to start posting the pictures. Also thanks to Ellen S. up in New York (held hostage in her apartment) for telling me how to fix my link from St. Patrick's day blog. If I had known she was going to be that helpful I would have requested that she be held hostage much earlier. Thanks also to Stasi B. who while visiting her daughter has offered to pick up more tins for me. Yes, before I'm done I'm going to have more tins than brains (not really a contest is it?), so I will be the go-to for tins by summer as this particular tin is a spring only offering from Russell Stover. Did you see the "show"...Housewives of New York" last night? Honestly, these people are just "One Hot Mess." The only semi-normal person is the female chef and I'm still questioning her, but I think Meredith is almost normal...but then she's not trying to impress anyone except her boyfriends family (and then who doesn't). I loved when Jill facing the camera actually said, "I don't talk about money, it's just crass." That's crass but going on national television and putting your stuff out there isn't? What the hell are these people thinking. They all look like idiots...and I'm going to love the next one where the countess' children get head lice. Oh, yes, how we like to see the mighty who brag fall. This countess is so stuck on her name she feels she has to mention the fact that she's a countess on every show. Get over yourself already. This show proves one can buy you "crap" but it can't buy you "class" since there isn't a classy broad on here. Well, the verdict is still out on the chef, but I don't hold out much hope for her....after all she's on the same show with the other group of harpies. I was so busy watching "The Biggest Loser" I missed major parts of Dancing with the Stars. Oh, my God, I'm going to have to put multiple sets in my living room so I can have each channel set to one of my reality shows...I'm missing too much. (does this seem odd to I starting to seem pathetic to anyone else beside myself?) Anyway, I did see Priscilla Presley and Kristy and I found them to be amazing. I really thought Kristy, as a professional ice skater, would do well and did she ever. I was worried about Priscilla (we're on a first name basis now ... not sure if she realizes it...but we should be) but she did really well at 60...I look at her, look in the mirror, look at her, look in the mirror...I must be God's funny little joke...but that's O.K., I'm willing to play along with him as long as he opens the door when I arrive. I just wish I could do those dances...don't they look like fun? And the exercise...oh, wait a minute, maybe I don't want to do those dances. I just played the show on my computer so I could see the first 3 dancers...(am I getting more pathetic as the day wears on?) so now I can really say it's a crap shoot on who is going home. I hope the height challenged Broadway babe doesn't go because she is a hoot and a half. No one should be having that much fun, or should they. I've been to the dentist this morning, my mouth is now killing me...I'm going home to heal...catch you tomorrow. Have a great evening stitching and watching Top Chef.

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