Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Yes, it's spring in Ocean City, the sun is shining, the sea is glistening, people are walking the boards, surfers are out in force and shops up and down the boardwalk are starting to open up for the season. Why, just yesterday the Alaska Stand opened next door so you know we had to have our first hot dog and french fries of the year....ummm goood! Yesterday turned out to be a play day for us here in Salty Yarns. While we did manage to serve a couple of customers, Pat W. came by for a play date. She and Sara were working on a kit Mary gave me for Christmas which is felting. I wanted to try this, the kit was on sale so I showed it to Mary and said, get this for me for Christmas please and she did it. Pat came to Stitch 'n Bitch Tuesday night and said she had tried felting so we set up the play date. I handed everything over to Sara so that if it didn't turn out I could blame her. She took the bait and ended up felting all afternoon. I still don't have my squirrel and for a while it looked like she was making a felted penis, but as the day progressed the form became less penis like and more squirrel like so I do believe we may see a squirrel yet. But it's an interesting art form, reminds me of punch needle, repetitive motion of up and down with needles. Although with punch needle the design is outlined and with felting you are actually trying to form it into a design. O.K., perhaps it's nothing like punch needle, but I'll let you know if we ever get it completed. (notice that if it's completed it will be done by us, and if it never progresses any further it's because Sara didn't complete it.) Yesterday I went home directly from work, sat on the sofa and finished Maidens of the Sea...well at least the stitching I've got to try to put it together....I'm excited! And since I finished both projects, plus the Just Nan Ladybug, I pulled out the latest collaboration between Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours, "America" and started stitching that. But I need something else in the rotation, so I think I'm going pull out a UFO and also put "Barnabee's Bride" in the's exciting isn't it when you get to start a new project, even if it's an old project the thought of getting something else out of one of my totes is too exciting for words. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I've got to get some more scanned onto the site so I'm leaving for a while...have a wonderful weekend, and I'll talk to you later.

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