Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's that time of year....

Yes, as summer approaches and we have more visitors coming into Ocean City I am once again astounded at the lack of consideration, respect, etc., etc., etc., the youth of today, or perhaps it's everyone has for other other people. I was coming to work one day this weekend and there was a car pulled up in the alley in front of the hotel next door with 3 people loading it with their luggage. Of course, all the doors were open so no one could pass and I pulled up to the car and sat with the motor running ($3.23/gal of gas no less)...waiting, and waiting, and waiting. No one was even using the doors on the drivers side, which was the side I needed the door closed on so I could pass. One young man was loading the trunk, the other two got in and sat in the car waiting, and no one took time to stop being a pain in my ass. Then the one finally gets done loading the trunk, comes around and stands a the door to the drivers seat, yes stands there, while he adjusts his Ipod ear phones. I hope the sob got stopped on the way home. I suppose I should be thrilled he didn't give me the finger or yell, "fat cow" which is what I usually hear from these a..holes, but then I didn't say a word to him, I just sat patiently waiting thinking, who the hell brought you up to think that you were the only one that mattered in the world and you didn't have to take anyone else into consideration because you are that important! However, after that my day got better. I don't have much time on the computer anymore because I am the only one working in the shop at this point, and even though we are still only open 4 days a week, something always comes up on one of the 3 days I'm in the office that keeps me from doing internet work. Today Sara came in to help with the mail orders as we both worked a function at our church yesterday so no one was here. It took her 3 hours to get all the more orders filled and to the post office...she was less than thrilled with me (she thought she'd be here for 1/2 hour). Since we got the Whitman charts for the tins we were in boxing tins and charts mode for the entire morning. But the good news is....most of the mail orders are speeding (I use the term loosely) their way to your door. Have fun! Now I'm back to the reality of my desk. I am going to take a picture of this mess because I know most of you can't even imagine what this looks like. I need the people from Clean House to come in and organize this thing. However, once I'm here full time in the office I should be able to do something with it....and then Mary will dump another day of mail on here and it'll look like a paper bomb went off, but nothing compares to off season and what this looks like. Unbelievable. Stitching News: I'm working like a mad stitcher on Shores of Hawk Run and Hearts of America and folks....I'm loving them both again. This is so extraordinary that I would love 4 projects in a row. Shores I'm changing so much that it's become a real project for know..finding just the color I want, etc. I'm having a ball, however, there are a few houses coming up so I'm not sure how I'll do once I get to them. I work on Shores until I get a block done and then I go to Hearts of America where I do the same thing. I can't wait to show you...I'm going to show you as I get a block done so tomorrow I will post the latest on Hearts of America. Weather news: Our weather has been typical March weather, blustery, cool or cold, overcast at times and we're just itching for spring weather, which apparently came today (although it shows possibilities of rain for the next week). Anyway, today is perfect, hot, sunny, just perfect. There are people riding bikes on the boardwalk, jackets are off, shorts are on and some even braved bare feet (a little early for that)...and the trees are in bloom on the parking lot. Yes folks...spring is here! Today! Probably gone tomorrow so we'll enjoy it while we can. It's almost 5:00 and I'm still here working (while this is not work, I consider it work related.) Haven't seen Sara since 1:00 p.m....mail room attendant is obviously not her cup of tea, but it makes her appreciate me more since it's usually my job. TV Update: I couldn't leave for the day without talking Housewives of N.J. I'm telling you people, if you aren't watching this show you are missing the biggest "hoot" on T.V. These women are so classless it makes me feel a lot better. And the couple living in Brooklyn are the biggest losers of all. Honestly, but at least they freely admit they are trying to move up in status by clinging to anyone who seem higher up on the "social ladder" than they are. Frankly, if you ask me, which you didn't but that won't stop me, these ladies, with one exception...the personal chef...are all bottom feeders. Now the chef...she's about to be informed by her boyfriend of several years that he has no intention of ever marrying her (at least that's what I'm thinking he going to say and to his credit...he has more sense than any of them...he won't discuss their arrangement in front of the cameras). So after wasting her time on him, she's got to find someone quick who wants to get married and have a family. This brings me to another subject...what is it with the unmarried woman who dates someone who clearly (to everyone else but the woman he's dating) has no intention of getting married and yet she insists eventually they will. Why wait around? We have a dear friend who's boyfriend has been telling her for years he won't ever marry her and yet she is at his beck and call. We even held an intervention (during my father's funeral reception no about class) 3 years ago trying to get her to see the light, but she keeps insisting he doesn't mean it. Meanwhile she is getting older and she wants a child. I nagged her so much Sara had to ask me to stop because she was afraid she wouldn't come over to the house anymore. It was hard (you know I don't shut my mouth easily) but I stopped saying anything, but I'm telling you it's painful to watch women humiliate themselves this way. I don't know why we do this to ourselves. Are we that desparate for a man? As a woman whose husband walked out after 31 years (I know that surprises everyone...for who would leave such an articulate and gracious person as myself) it's not so bad being alone. I love watching the shows I want to watch, cooking when I feel like it...enjoying the silence when it comes, and stitching at all hours without rebuke. Yes, it's a good feeling. It is not as if you don't miss another person being there at times, but the fun times so outweigh the other times you just don't mind. We must show our daughters that sometimes being alone is better than being with someone that doesn't love us, respect us and honor us. And on that preachy note I'm out of here. Have a great night.

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