Thursday, March 6, 2008

You have got to see this show....

If you haven't watched, "New York Housewives" on Bravo you are missing the most obnoxious nouveau money people ever, and that is not a compliment. You know with the strike (oh, hell before the strike too) I have become addicted to many of the reality shows (not all, but darn close to all..still can't do Big Brother..but I digress)..anyway, with Survivor which use to be my favorite, having no one left that I can cheer on I was floundering in the reality show genre. However, these New York women beat anything I've ever seen. First let me say this...where I am from we have those born with money and those who earned their money later on...and there is a big difference. Those born with money just do not discuss it, nor do they flaunt it. But the women on this show, hell they'd make a dress out of it if they had any skills at all, and might I add they do not. I have never seen such wastes of air in my life as these broads, and they give all women everywhere a bad name. As far as I can tell not one of these women earned their own money, they are all married to money, except one, the chef and frankly she's almost too normal for this group and it shows. So we will leave her out of the discussion and just assumed she walked into the wrong show (I also know I've seen her on another reality show I just can't pin point it...was it the Martha Stewart wannabe show?) Anyway, we're only discussing the rest...the Countess of whatever proudly spouts how she became a countess by marriage. Now that's O.K., nice explanation but when the chef and she go to get in a car the chef introduces her to the driver and I thought the Countess would have a stroke. The Chef introduced her informally...can you imagine the nerve. Now the Countess is from the states, grew up here, had no title or money prior to the "big" marriage, and as far as I can tell no skills. So she marries the count and all of a sudden in her mind she is a big deal. Too much people...she's too much! But...not half as obnoxious as the other idiot women who try to up-one each other in homes, fashion and everything else. I think the funnest pair are the two who live not in New York city, but Brooklyn and they are true wannabes...they wannabe like the others on the show and feel they are moving along toward that goal, but I have to tell will never make it. These people are so pompous....hired a French nanny so that their 2 boys would be bilingual and learn French because as she says, "It's a disservice to your children if they don't know more than one language" and while that may be true, the boys are not even old enough to go to school. And the thongs these two wear in St. Barts are not to be believed people... And attitude...while all of them have it, you have to see this team shop for clothes. He sits while she goes in, puts the dress on and then comes out and models, I don't mean show, I mean models the clothes for him like she's on a catwalk. First of all, who the hell has this kind of time? And they discuss each outfit as if it were the plot of a murder mystery. Anyway, if you haven't caught this waste of an hour, you just have to. It's just too much fun to make fun of. That's another thing. My mother always said, "don't air your dirty laundry in public" and these people air everything. They have no pride, and no shame...they depend on people servicing them and enjoy giving their workers as much shit as they can pile on them. The countess puts the luggage out in the hallway, but it's up to the poor housekeeper who is 10 times smaller than the "Countess" to haul everything down the stairs and to the car. Anyway, please watch this and we'll discuss after the next episode where the St. Barts couple make a monumental faux pas with the jet set they so shamelessly think they are part of. Oh, what fun this is. Other than that, my life is about stitching, working and yesterday watching out for C.J. I knew I would have to check his homework which sent chills up and down my spine because I've forgotten more geometry, etc than I remember. But luckily when he handed it to me it was easy stuff...Thank God. I got through the homework maze easily and then it was waiting for Mary and Brian to get home. C.J. is no problem but like all kids he channel surfs continually. I don't like commercials anymore than anyone else, but honestly C.J. was on his phone the entire time flipping channels every 3 seconds...I'm telling you I was getting seasick. Finally after about 1 hr of me wanting to hit him over the head with the clicker, he handed it to me and went into his room to finish his conversation. A conversation where apparently you didn't have to speak. After holding the phone to his ear for 15 minutes with no conversation I asked, "Is someone on the other end talking?" And of course there was someone on the other end, but apparently they were just channel surfing together. Ah, yes, youth...don't want to go there again. Anyway, around 9:15 p.m. Mary and Brian finally arrived home from the 11:30 a.m. funeral. I was never so glad to see anyone in my I could stitch again. So I pull out the ABC Sampler and I'm looking at it feeling spectacular to be almost done when I notice something. I think I spoke about tearing out a section and re-doing it the other night...I shouldn't have bothered, since now I have 2 other sections...but we're talking 1 thread here, so I've made the decision to ignore it and just move on. So I started the STU and hope to have it finished next week, because I have something else I need to finish before next week, but couldn't start it because I didn't have all the floss at home. I can't believe I don't have every color at home, but apparently I don't. Anyway, have a great day, enjoy this glorious weather (yesterday it was hot, sunny and 64 degrees), and I'll talk to you later. Don't forget Survivor is on tonight (I may not enjoy it as much now, but I'll still watch it.)


Syd said...

Sally -


Do you have an update on Mr. Roy?


Kathy P - NY said...

Love your updates!!! I am a closet reality show watcher (although I guess I'm giving myself up here!) and I am pretty sure the NY Housewife who is the chef was on an episode of a reality show called Bridezilla once. I remember her so well from that show and yes, she was a bridezilla!

Kathy P - NY (who is definitely not a NY Housewife as portrayed on the show!)