Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yippee...our retreat has begun...

I know it's not officially begun, but the ladies started arriving at lunch time. Debbie L., Jayne D., and Sherry P. arrived and the show and tell began. Jayne brought out her christmas stockings done over one that have to be seen to be believed. She stitched the Better Homes & Gardens stocking which are filled with unbelievable detail...over one people...over one. I just drool over these and I'm trying to figure out a way to get one from her....I think I deserve it don't you? I keep thinking I could stitch one, but oh, my God the's a killer. Sherry brought down a couple of the Prairie Schooler seasonal pieces which are so attractive and she framed them beautifully and then she also had several unframed pieces she's trying to find frames for...all I can say is these ladies have been busy. Debbie was in the shop for hours trying to pick out fibers so I haven't actually seen her show and tell yet. Sara is busy in the kitchen where she will be for hours to come...Mary is stuck with Solomon so she's unable to do a whole lot, but she tried. Me, well I actually cleaned up (yes, I said cleaned something I usually try to avoid) the inner office. I've been throwing out and taking my own stuff home so it will be presentable. My desk, which looked so nice for a few days, is back to crap on it, but I'm going to work on it now that I'm here at the hotel so much. The weather looks promising for the weekend...keep your fingers crossed. Vernon fought with Comcast all day and while all issues weren't resolved, we think everyone will have cable so we'll fight Comcast tomorrow.

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