Saturday, May 24, 2008

New up and coming stitcher?

This is actually a older post that never made it but thought the news worthy so I'm resurrecting it. This was actually written around May 15th. We may have a new convert to the fold, just got a call from Becky W. to say her granddaughter has arrived. Olivia June showed up at 10:07 a.m. at 7 lbs. 9 oz., and is 20" in length, and a full head of hair. Congratulations to Becky and her daughter who did most of the work. I just went back to see if I told you about the other arrival, and while Asher may or may not stitch, Stasi B.'s daughter presented her with a darling baby boy, Asher arrived on May 13th at 1:24 p.m. weighing in at 4lbs.9oz and was 17.5". I'm still pondering 4 lbs 9 oz., and how tiny Asher must have been. I think I had baby dolls that weighed more. Baby dolls, where have they gone. I had two girls and couldn't wait to buy them dolls and neither of my girls wanted anything to do with them. Have dolls gone out of style? During lunch Vernon recounted what had taken place in the parking lot. I'm telling you some people make me wish I had a gun and a gun permit. A tenant here for one night (not an old tenant, but a new one) cleaned out his car and threw everything into the parking lot...meanwhile there is a dumpster sitting just a few feet from his darn car. He looked at Vernon and just shrugged his shoulders like "What could I do, I had to get these empty water bottles and crap out of my car." Needless to say he's been blackballed from here as we won't tolerate inconsiderate people....but we should be able to fine him $100...don't you think? Do you ever wonder if anyone get's the fine out on the highways. You've seen the signs, "$500 fine for littering"...haven't you? Are they still there. I've seen a ton of litter out there, I just can't figure out who is keeping track...or is anyone keeping track? Oh, much for that.

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