Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Quiet Once Again...

"Hot Rod" weekend has come and gone and quiet is restored to Ocean City for a brief moment. And I have to add...the price of gasoline may be at a record high, but you certainly wouldn't know it by the cars that road around and around and around all weekend. I swear I heard the same horn every 15 minutes all day long. While I don't see the thrill in it, many people did. They have crowds cheering them on from the porches and when they do the car parade down the boardwalk people start picking their place to sit and watch early in the morning. I usually start watching but after about 15 minutes I can't figure out the difference between one car and another and give up and come back inside. We do love this group though. Most of them are wonderful folks just enjoying life. The cars that they have restored are beautiful, not a bit of rust, not a dent, in perfect condition...I should keep my car that well. But, while the quiet has been restored, it will end soon as high school graduating seniors start what has become known as Hell Month down here. It seems like we are the destination point for high school seniors from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and of course Maryland, when they graduate. And unlike at their homes where there is some parental guidance, for some reason parents don't mind sending their children to this drug and alcohol induced mind numbing parentless destination for a week where their usual normal teenager becomes a drunk, disrespectful of others pain in our ass. Please folks, know that the teenager you went through hell with at home during the teenage years, has not magically become an adult upon graduation. They are still the same teenager and will remain the same until they graduate from college. That is when you should give them a well earned vacation, not from high school. And if you are wondering about my two girls...neither of them were ever and I do mean ever allowed to go away with a bunch of their friends. I battled this from the time they were sophomores and their friends went to Nags Head during spring break and when they graduated they went to the Bahamas. But I would not allow Sara or Mary to go with their friends because I would not inflict the bahavior I see down here from other children, on another town. So they moped and pouted, but they did not go. Did they hold it against me...perhaps in the beginning they didn't speak to me (but I considered that a plus). But today they are perfectly well adjusted (well almost) women who could care less. We need to discipline our children and help them find their way in life as they become adults, and not let them do whatever they want just to have them as friends. If you discipline them, you make them better people and when they are adults you have plenty of time to become their friend. I tell you this from experience. Raising children today is a struggle for everyone, and I suspect anyone who says they didn't have a bit of trouble from their teenager is either not being realistic or is living in denial. Anyway, I am sure I will be ranting during the entire month...please forgive me. On a brighter note, for Sara's birthday on the 12th, I gave her a stitching retreat as one of her gifts. It's a Moss Creek retreat in October and of course, I thought I'd also join her. So we will be going to Hilton Head for a 2 days stitch-a-thon. We can't wait, and I just heard from Rae Iverson (in charge of the retreat) and she has informed me that a few of you stitchers are also going. I'd love to know who we will be seeing there so if you feel like it, please e-mail me. I know Sara and I are counting the days, and I can't wait to see the projects. And we can go into Savannah and you know who we can find there...Paula Deen. Well, that will be enough to make Sara's world complete. Speaking of projects, C.A. Wells finally got back to us...and...she is sending the projects to us that we are going to be doing in her class and as soon as I get them I'll send pictures along. We are going to do 2 half days and one full day. We've discussed what would work for us and we came up with the Sailors Valentine for the full day and the mermaid's purse and cottage access. as the half days. You can sign up for all classes or you can pick and choose which classes you would like to take. There will be no pre-stitching, as we first suspected, as C.A. doesn't like people to that's a win win I suppose. Anyway, as soon as I know more I'll let you know. We were fortunate this weekend, while Friday brought us rain in the morning, it cleared up and the afternoon was alright. Then we had sun on Saturday and Sunday (although we saw a few sprinkles it never amounted to anything), so the weekend was wonderful...the temps were not real hot so I survived nicely. This week seems to be running cooler, but the sun is out and the sea is sparkling, I do believe I'm in Paradise again. Sorry you can't be with me because we'd have a ball. I went to the bank this morning and encountered something that irrates me so I almost said something to the teller. First of all...gum chewing should not be done in public...period! Smacking of lips, blowing bubbles, chomping on gum like a cow chewing whatever should not be done in public. But when you are in the banking industry, whatever your position, it should not be done. I don't allow gum chewing in the shops because it just doesn't look nice. And if I am working and someone is chewing and cracking their gum I about have a hissy fit. It drives me to distraction, I'm telling you GET THE GUM OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! Anyway, the entire time the teller is waiting on me she's chewing gum. It isn't professional and it's not pretty to watch. So, the lesson here...if you want to be taken seriously, don't chew gum in public, and if you want to stay off my nerves, never and I do mean never, come into my shop cracking your gum. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It doesn't take much to send me over the edge but that does it quicker than just about anything with the exception of cell phones and you don't want to get me started on that. Have a great day...hope to see you soon.

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