Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tipping...for service...what service?

I know I discussed this last summer, but I 'm really confused. Exactly when did tipping at fast food counters become the norm? I stopped by a fast food place on 17th street and after telling them what I wanted I noticed they had not a tip cup, not a tip jar, but a metal box with a friggin padlock on it. The box was about 12 inches wide so you couldn't miss it on the counter. Now if they thought that was going to intimidate me into putting money in that box they had another think coming. First of all...tipping is for service. When you are handing me my sandwich that's not service above what you would have to do to get me my sandwich, so what part of that should I be tipping for? I was the only one in the place...yes the only customer with approx. 4 employees...and did they get my sandwich correct, hell no, they left off the tomatoes which I had asked for so...should I have tipped. I wouldn't have tipped if they put the tomatoes on the sandwich, but if they don't meet the normal expectations can I start removing money from the tip jars, cups, or boxes? That's my question! You didn't give me what I ordered so now you have to give me back some of the money...that sounds reasonable. But honestly, while I tip 20% in a sit down restaurant for normal service...don't make me continually ask for utensils or water, etc., or that will go down and for really poor service well you are lucky if you get 10%. I use tipping to let them know how I think the service was. But when I'm standing at a fast food counter I can't understand why there is a tip jar at all. Now there I just don't tip! Now if you work at a fast food counter and can give me a reason to tip, please do. But it better not be because you handed me a sandwich or took an order because that's part of the job description isn't it? If it isn't the next time I go to get fast food I'll just yell out my own order and come over the counter (that's going to be a lovely sight for which I might have to put out a tip jar) and get the sandwich my self. Or even better the chef could just toss it to me. So if you see me coming...just get out of my way! The weather has improved since I arrived at work. The sun is shining, but the temps are still cooler than normal so that's O.k. with me. But business is slow so it's becoming difficult for me to stay awake...and then there's confusion of Solomon who is walking at 9 months and is in to everything. But he's so cute you just can't get mad and he just is so active he wears you out. He doesn't take a nap...O.K. does 15 minutes constitute a nap...Sara and I don't think so. We use to get 2 breaks a day from Michael, his morning nap (1-1 1/2 hrs) and his afternoon nap (approx 2 hours)...Solomon...15 minutes a day if we're lucky. It's exhausting! But we'll make it through the summer least I hope we will. Anyway, it's 4:00 and I'm going home. So long, good night and get some stitching in. I am almost finished Heart of America (Thank God!) so I'll have something to show shortly. Talk to you tomorrow.

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