Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ahhh, air's finally on

Yes, I had to break down and use air conditioning in my tiny little cubby with no window to open....and it's like a rain forest in here with humidity so the air conditioner became a must. So I'm feeling pretty good, cool, calm, collected and I heard from Eileen Bennet today so that was a treat. Eileen will be teaching a mixed media class here for Jamboree so for those coming to that event, I've put a description of the class under the events page under Eileen's name. I also got the samples from C.A. Wells for her classes in November. First pictured is the Sailor's Valentine. This will be the full day, Saturday class. The top picture shows the front side and the 2nd picture is the inside...there is also a cute whale's tale on the back along with initials, etc. The third picture is the front of the Mermaid's Purse. Isn't that just the cutest thing? You can see the little acorn shaped hanging "pin cushion" hanging off the button on the right. On the left is a glass leaf hanging and the blue places you see under the button...those are pockets. A wonderful design and I think it will be a lot of fun. The final piece is a Petite Pyramid ...isn't it just the cutest little thing. Anyway, I'm trying to get the cost, etc., up on the website and will try to get this finished in the next day or two so please bear with me. But enjoy the pictures and if you happen to be coming by the shop stop in to see the real thing...but we only have them for 1 month so you'll have to hurry in.

I'm going to sign off for now because I don't want to walk away and forget to publish the blog today (a habit I have gotten into) have a great night and dream of all the gorgeous stitching that's out there. Oh, yeah, before I forget, Mary P. I found my camera so I'll be taking the pictures tonight and will send them off in the to you later.

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