Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't be surprised if gunshots are heard

Sara, Vernon and I are doing battle daily with the "Old Town apartments" on the other side of the alley. They have filled up with the June bugs and we've had hell to pay ever since. We had to call the police 2 nights ago as the noise was unbearable from a party they were throwing and we had tenants complaining. The police arrived, made the kids open every can of beer which they then had them pour out...unfortunately they poured it out on our parking lot which then smelled like a brewery. (why don't they ever do things to the property they are staying in). Anyway, they also left about 50 beer cans and a bag of trash on our parking lot (we had to ask tenants to move their cars so they wouldn't get hit with flying beer cans and cigarettes). So when I got to work and saw the mess I told Sara I wanted the young man who tends to our grounds to put the crap in a bucket and then take it around to the front of their property and dump it on their yard where the owner will have to pick it up because we all know these kids couldn't care less. Sara was more than thrilled to do just that, but even more thrilled when some of the girls bikini tops ended up in the area along with the beer cans. So she dumped them, beer, etc., into the front yard. Amazingly enough, the owner has been there and finally cleaned that mess up...but there will be more coming I know. In fact, as Sara was taking a load around to the front she ran into the owner...oops... You may wonder why we don't speak directly to the owner...we do...he doesn't see the problem! I guess not since it becomes our problem and we end up picking everything up....however, in the past we dumped it into our more! Two nights ago the boardwalk became so unmanageable for everyone due to the large number of kids out there (I'm talking wall to wall, barely able to move among them) that not only were the citizens and tourists frightened, but apparently the police had such serious concerns that they moved everyone off the boardwalk....which was a win for us, however, these kids then went and terrorized the other areas of town. We had a stabbing near me on 10th street...(I live about 100 feet from the boardwalk). Now let me assure you, these are not gangs down here...these are the high school seniors from your schools down here without parental supervision drinking and drugging until all common sense (assuming they had any) is gone. They start fights over nothing and the next thing fists are flying and in this case knives. It's dangerous to walk outside after dark while these kids are in town. Vernon has researched getting a taser to carry and tonight announced he had ordered a stun gun. I'm telling you, we're ready to lock and load here. No one is going to be safe...including our tenants. I'm sure I'll have some tales to tell on this one, because just like every other man Vernon is going to try to find a reason to use that darn thing. I shall live in fear! The folks staying at this hotel are getting an education they didn't even want by watching these rude, arrogant, ignorant kids. And the worse part for me....the girls are as bad, if not worse, than the boys. control over themselves because they are still children. Think twice before sending your children down here alone...while your children may be salt of the earth...the kids they meet and hook up with may not be. And one would wonder where are the police in all this. They are non-existent...we're not sure why, but that's the truth. And some of these policepersons look like they just got out of high school. We need burly men to handle these kids. Enough said....for today. The weather has finally toned down so we're very pleasant in the 80's and while the ocean is glistening...the beach is littered with it's not as pristine as I like to see it. We're gearing up for the firemen's convention with begins next week. Those guys will give the kids a run for their money, but the kids are so rude they'll still end up out screaming and out pushing the firemen. Two more weeks of kids and we are done for the year....yippee!!!!! Not much happening in the shop. We're unpacking (and when I say we, I mean Renee, Poor Pat who does the bulk of it and Connie), cartons as fast as we can, but more arrive every day. Thankfully Pat tells me when she likes the line it's like Christmas. But even Pat is going to burn out on Christmas I'm afraid. I know I do! It's really only fun until you run out of places to put it, and even though we gained 3 storage rooms (well, not yet, but it's not going to be long) with the Vera depletion, we still don't have enough room for all that I order. I think I see the problem's me!!!!! I've got to run, between the thrashers french fries and the Alaska Stand hot dog I had for lunch, or perhaps the cheetos I had as a system is rebelling. So I'll end for now...have a great night...enjoy the breeze, and get some stitching in.

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