Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer has arrived and so have the June Bugs!!!

We're now dealing with the heat and humidity and throw in about 3 million highschool seniors (at least that what it seems like) and we're not having fun in Ocean City. As we do not rent to them, our building seems like a retirement village in comparison to others, however, our tenants love to sit on the porch and watch the caos being created. And the noise...oh, my cannot believe the noise...O.K., imagine sitting in the football stadium...superbowl game...and a winning touchdown. Yes, that's what it sounds like with swearing mixed in. And they are using our property at times as a latrine. When did it become acceptable for boys to pull out their "weiners" and urinate with girlfriends watching and half the boardwalk and they do it wherever they happen to doesn't matter to them anymore. What have these boys been taught for God's sake. And the girls...they are no better. Pulling up their shirts and letting these idiot boys film them. Where in God's name has pride gone. Tenants, both men and women, watched from the porch and it was like watching a train wreck. Ellen, down here with the stitchers, said, "I'm really afraid for my neighbor's son who is coming tomorrow. I don't know that he can handle himself here with all these kids." As a parent, you have got to understand..letting your children come down here alone is not safe. While your child at home seems responsible...when you are not watching they are influenced by the people they find down here and that's seldom a good thing. I worry for these kids one minute and the next I'd like to slap them "upside" the head. Last night after arriving home around 11:30 p.m., I was startled around 12:00 a.m. by louds banging and cursing (of course) and went to the window and there were about 6 boys trying to beat the hell out of a soda machine in front of my apartment building, then they thought they would turn it over. I left my cell phone by accident at the hotel so I couldn't even call the police, but fortunately they were distracted by a car whose driver acted like she was having them arrested and off they went. It's hard to put up with this crap when you are tired to begin with. And the language...oh, my, the girls are as raunchy as the boys....or's scary. If this is our future...well, let me just say...we could be in big trouble in the not too distant future. These are not leadership least what I'm seeing stroll down the boardwalk yelling obsenities. I hope your children are safe at home, mad at you for not letting them come down but in a few years they will laugh about it. Sara does...she hasn't been permanently scarred by never being allowed to go with her friends on trips. And the heat...whooo lordy, it's hot and humid. I'm a dishrag when I'm not in the office with the a/c on. The Lauren Sauer class is going well...the stitchers got their Designing Ladies Portfolio put together yesterday...Yea!!! They are taking home a finished product. And then they made the cuttest little pin cushion in a walnut half and a set of counting pins....cute cute cute...and best of all Kay F. did an extra one as a gift to me (I don't take the classes, Sara does). So it was a win win for me yet again...and the party goes on.

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