Monday, June 16, 2008

Good God, They are seriously going to drive me nuts.....

A rather nice looking woman just came in and starts instantly telling me how she hasn't done this in years and doesn't think she can do it, but she just loves....yadda yadda yadda...and I was paying very little attention as I'm trying to get pricing stickers done for Renee tomorrow and get inventory in...but I'm answering her questions...while many made no sense to me...for instance..."Is the color they show the color of the background." Huh? She was looking at Lavender & Lace charts and kept telling me it wasn't stamped...I said once, "there is nothing in there but a chart and it is stamped...and she ignored that and said once again, "these aren't stamped" and again, now looking at her like...duh, what the hell are you talking about...and again I said, there is nothing in that package but a chart...there is no fabric at all, just a chart and trust me it is stamped. Then she comes over to the counter to tell me how brilliant an idea it was to put fabric over the backboard and attach the picture on top of that. That was a 5 minute discussion (yes I agree it was genius)...and then I look up and she has one of those roaches in her ear...(the blue tooth things) stitchers I have to you think that looks right? It always look like a bug is crawling out of their ear and in her case her hair or ear. Down the road I swear they are going to find that those things give you cancer. Stop using them all the time, or at all. We've become too dependent on phones, cell and otherwise, but especially cell. When I was growing up the first phone we had was a party line. Many probably don't know what that is, but two families would have the same number. And if you stayed on too long the other person might want to make a call and they would just get on the line and tell you to hang up as they wanted to make a call. I can't understand people who call and stay on a phone. I know kids seem to be under the impression that they have to have it attached to their ear 24/7, but do we all? As many of you already know the cell phone for me is for me to call others if an emergency occurs...and it never does. I seldom answer my phone unless it's my children or the shops. I got rid of my land line (well, that was because Verizon pissed me off for the hundredth time, but I haven't missed it.) Anyway, we need to be less dependent on these things and go back the way it was. Honestly, do you really need your phone in church, and yet we've all had one go off while a sermon is going on. I remember once, Mary called me during church and I opened the phone, said not a word, but let her listen to the minister's sermon...believe me it was the last time she ever called me on Sunday morning...she also hung up when she realized what she was listening to. I forgot I had the damn phone on me. Now I leave it in the car...where it sits for days until one of the girls asks if I've lost it. Then the hunt begins....Wow...a weather system has just arrived, thunder...lightning...and everyone rushing off the boardwalk...and into the store just to get out of the rain. So now I've got wet floors and people just milling around...not a good day for my nerves. I'm fighting to be pleasant...customer service...oh, crap..I'm closing. See you tomorrow...hopefully I'll have an upswing in moods. In the meantime.. have a great evening...great day...and keep those needles moving...which reminds me, I've got to get going on my stuff since I've taken new projects home every night that I've worked....the Shepherd's Bush "Scatter Freedom" is just too cute to leave here. It's jumping ahead in the pile.

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